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3 Cops Talk - Rebuilding Community Trust

Author: Chris Sherwin

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Welcome to 3 Cops Talk. On this podcast, three active-duty police officers discuss behind the scenes stories and real-life accounts of what it's like to be a cop. Every episode, You'll get an inside look at the challenges and dangers they face on a daily basis, as well as the triumphs and inspirational moments that make it all worth it. If you want to understand more about the men and women who put their lives on the line for us every day, and what they are dong to mend the relationship between civilians and police, then this is the show for you!

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Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!On this episode, we take the time to honor and reflect upon Scott’s safe and successful retirement from law enforcement. For nearly 24 years, he set his own course largely based upon his uncanny ability to relate to almost everyone he met. Officer Down Memorial Page for Officer Jamieson Ritter of the Cleveland (OH) Division of Police: 3copstalk@gmail.comWebsite: ...
Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!If America’s 248th birthday has brought us anything, it has been themuch needed exposure and accountability of the bad executive leadership within some of our most important institutions- one’s that often impact the quality of our lives, and in some cases, even our safety and survivability. On this episode, we discuss a couple of the current examples of poor executive leadership that have directly touched us as citizens and police officer...
Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!During her tenure as Cook County’s (IL) top cop, States Attorney Kim Foxx has often left many cops and crime victims frustrated with the impossibility of career criminals ever facing a felony charge. Ironically, that same standard doesn’t seem to apply when the States Attorney herself becomes the victim of lawlessness. So if you’re looking for a big gulp of some carbonated street justice, pour out a little time for your homies ...
Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!We talk with retired Deputy Sheriff, wife and mother, Meagan McCarthy, about the circumstances that gave rise to her police advocacy work in California. Meagan’s survival story epitomizes the horrible impact of the continued scapegoating and dehumanization of police officers in a state where many of its politicians are struggling to protect their failed policies of criminal justice reform. Throughout all of this, Meagan ...
Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!With Scott formally announcing his retirement from our original agency and after decades of serving together, we take this opportunity to discuss what retirement has brought us, so far. As usual, we talk about a bunch of things; The expectations that we had of retirement and how some of it actually turned outSome of our good, bad and humorous experiences throughout this processOur hopes of doing it again somedayWith one chapter ...
Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!Ideally, with a government of the people, for the people and by the people, we should all be held to the same standards of behavior, oath and accountability, regardless of title or standing.This past week has yet again shown Americans that our adherence to that philosophy is really not based upon the rule of law but upon our double standard of how we may personally view the felonious behavior (or person) in question. As police office...
Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!Talk to most cops and they’ll tell of the ancient superstition that a full moon will be a guarantee for an active shift. Although we’re not completely sure of that urban legend, we definitely know of the lunar impact on the tides. So on this episode, Chris and Shaun discuss what they feel may be some of the changing tides of common sense when it comes to the criminal justice process. So check it out, to see what these tide...
Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!A rite of passage for most cops is the harsh realization of the finality and omnipresence of death. And although the dead can no longer speak with us, there are some professionals whose work is solely dedicated to giving them the chance to make one final statement. So on this episode, we're joined by our good friend, Deputy Coroner Jason Crose.We discuss the role of the coroner and medical examiner, how they work with us in law enforcemen...
Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!The title of this episode is an obvious homage to our favorite television series, the iconic Seinfeld. We feel that it’s a show that can truly help you survive law enforcement, with its self-depreciating humor, satirical take on current events and the idea that everyone should consider themselves fair game to comedic teasing. However, we do actually talk about things on this show- including Jerry Seinfeld’s recent Duke Universit...
Bored of Education

Bored of Education


Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!Scott’s continuing education in police leadership has taken him back on the road but it has also presented the team an opportunity to express their frustrations with certain aspects of the current status of education in the United States. Email: 3copstalk@gmail.comWebsite: https://www.3copstalk.comYoutube: 3 Cops Talk | FacebookInstagram:
Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!In the last two decades, the United States has seen a rapid expansion of legislation regarding firearms ownership and possession under the second amendment, particularly at the state level. For almost everyone engaged in this never ending debate, this has created a hodgepodge of often misquoted terms, statistics and misinformation regarding American’s rights to bear arms. To help provide some clarity in all of this, we’re again joine...
Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!Today we’re joined by retired Albuquerque Police Officer, Daniel Carr.Since retirement, Daniel has remained committed to helping the law enforcement profession. After obtaining a law degree, he has also developed the Police Law News, which covers some of the most pressing issues facing law enforcement. 3copstalk@gmail.comWebsite: https://www.3copstalk.comYoutube:
Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!With the recent mass migration from urban centers in the United States, there are many politicians using this as an opportunity to herald the recent drop in violent crime and homicides in cities across America. Unfortunately, the unaddressed crime and anti-police sentiment that caused some of this urban flight and the subsequent "improved" crime statistics, doesn’t mean that this level of lawlessness has just disappeared. On this ep...
Ketchup on a Hotdog

Ketchup on a Hotdog


Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!To put it simply, this episode is a discussion of yet another typically tragic and deadly event for the city of Chicago, involving its police, citizens, political leadership and the mainstream media. The good people of Chicago should take heed and reject the standard political response to these types of incidents, much like the one condiment they universally disdain on their beloved hotdogs. Email: 3copstalk@gmail.comWebsite: ht...
Watching the Watchers

Watching the Watchers


Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!This week, Chris presents the relatively new phenomenon of the self-proclaimed, First Amendment auditors from the realm of social media. In their standard fashion, your hosts discuss some of the tactics and goals of these individuals and provide some thoughts on how cops should attempt to handle these subjects while on the job.Know your Constitutional Amendments: 3copstalk@...
Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!Similar to many police agencies in the United States, the Pittsburgh Police Department is facing significant staffing shortages, which has stretched the agency thin. In response to this, their Chief has taken some data-driven steps in hopes of addressing this issue. And with these steps, some are now complaining about the diminished capabilities of the police department. Well, we’re all getting the police that we deserve.&...
Choose Wisely

Choose Wisely


Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!On this episode, Scott and Shaun discuss a 2023 study published by WalletHub in an article titled, "The Best & Worst States to be a Police Officer." If you're someone considering a career in state or local law enforcement, already on the job and are looking to make a change, or you just want to know how your cops may stack-up on job satisfaction, this is a great episode for you. Link to the article and interactive study:https:/...
Soldiers in the Subway

Soldiers in the Subway


Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!On this episode, Chris and Shaun provide their thoughts on the New York Governor's decision to the introduce National Guard troops as a deterrent to the increasing crime on the New York City Subway System. They also provide an update on the murder trial of Chicago Police Officer Ella French and the irony of some of the tactics of the criminal defense. Email: 3copstalk@gmail.comWebsite: https://www.3copstalk.comYoutube: ht...
Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!When discussing intelligence gathering and crime analysis with the average street cop, you will likely get a variety of impressions, not only in its purpose but also in its overall effectiveness. To help clear the air on some of this, we’re joined by an experienced Crime Analyst, Liz Buccola, to discuss some aspects of this work and how it’s becoming more of an effective tool in solving crime at the street level. And despite be...
Let us know what you think of this episode with a text!This is a great episode for anyone working within the field of Law Enforcement, since many of us will eventually want (or need) to work outside this unique profession. If you don’t necessarily know the best way to translate your skills and experience to the civilian job market, our guests, Kim Triplett Kolerich & Kristina Kolerich of Sheepdog Resume are here to help guide you through the process. Check out their website: https://...
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Sai Lakewolf


Dec 16th

Arthur McArthur

I’m confused. These cops seem to defend the systemic murder of unarmed people of color by racist police. Yet they also claim that all cops AREN’T bastards. Curious.

Dec 15th


i really enjoy it

Dec 13th

Carol Sykes

thank you for the support of mental ill

Dec 8th