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Show Notes–Ep. 256: Cults, Child Marriage and ADHD Optimism with Dr. Tamara MC   Dr. Tamara MC is a cult, child marriage, and human trafficking Lived Experience Expert who advocates for girls and women to live free from gender-based violence worldwide. Married off at 12, Tamara has firsthand experience with fundamentalist cults, giving her valuable insight into how these organizations operate. She now uses her experience combined with her PhD in applied linguistics to research and educate others on how language is used to manipulate vulnerable populations.    Join my conversation with the wonderful Dr. Tamara MC to hear about her harrowing story and the bravery it took to leave, how ADHD, autism, OCD, and complex PTSD contributed to both her confinement and her freedom, ways to identify when a community is exhibiting cult-like behavior, and how to find optimism in the face of hopelessness.  Resources: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @ Instagram: @tamaramcphd LinkedIn:
Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I thought the topic of ADHD and gratitude couldn’t be more perfect. Gratitude is so important for every single human to feel good, but for those of us with ADHD, it's crucial. With our dopamine deficiency, we can't get anything if we’re not in positive emotion!    Positive emotion has been shown to increase dopamine, which drives our memory, our behavior, our focus, and our motivation. When we're in positive emotion, we get stuff done, we're happier, and we're more driven, and it all begins with a simple shift in mindset.    Join me for a special solo episode, where I’m sharing some easy and effective ways to change your thoughts from self-doubt to gratitude. Our thoughts have the power to create the lives we want, and I think you’ll be amazed by how different life starts to look when you make positivity a priority. Resources: Tamara Rosier: Vanessa Gorelkin: Denese Marshall:
When Dr. Nanci Smith realized her neurodiverse childrens’ needs weren’t going to be met by the public school system, she knew she had to try a different approach to education. Luckily, Nanci has a background in psychobiology and is motivated by a challenge, so the transition to homeschooling was a no-brainer.    Nanci learned how to support her childrens’ sensory, socio-emotional, and executive functioning needs, and along the way she learned how to support her own unique brain as well. She has since gone on to become certified with the Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERS®) social skills program, is an expert in teaching executive function skills, runs Improv classes for kids on the spectrum, and is training to become an ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider.    Nanci’s belief is that kids do well where they can, and her empathetic approach to education will have you seeing neurodivergence in a whole new way. Resources: Get $15 off classes at Outschool by entering coupon code NORELPODCAST15 at checkout. Promo available until Nov 28, 2024.
For years, Kalin Johnson was operating with a dysregulated nervous system and putting her body through unnecessary stress, and it was only once she started listening to her body’s needs that she realized how much easier things could be. Kalin now combines her personal experience with her professional training as a healthcare provider to help others bridge the gap between mental and physical health. Through her work, she shows high-achieving, neurodivergent, and hypermobile individuals how to “unmask their health” and feel their best. Join me in welcoming Kalin back onto the podcast (you can listen to her first episode here, ) as she shares her knowledge on hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, the ways it impacts ADHD, why so many of us are stuck in fight-or-flight, and how to regulate our nervous systems and get our brains back online so we can start feeling our absolute best.    Resources: Website:  TikTok: @kalinpharmd  Insta: @kalinpharmd
Lisa Lewis’s skill of talking to anyone and everyone has taken her on unexpected adventures around the world, from the Scottish Highlands to the running of the bulls, and now she’s here to talk to us about her ADHD journey. For the last twelve years Lisa has worked as an HR professional who focuses on diversity, equality, and inclusion in the workplace. She received a late diagnosis of ADHD and now attributes her diverse background and success to her neurodiversity. Join my conversation with Lisa to hear her take on disclosing ADHD in the workplace, ways to advocate for your needs without fear of judgment or stigma, why ADHD awareness is so crucial for our success and well-being, and more. Resources: Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: @lisajolewis Photo credit: Sheena Davies Photography
When Alice Gendron entered the workforce, she struggled to manage the workload of a nine-to-five job and also stay on top of the endless demands of adulting. When she was diagnosed with ADHD at 29, it all finally made sense.  Alice started making doodles about her ADHD experience, a skill she had been honing since grade school. Before she knew it, her illustrations had grown into the popular online platform ‘The Mini ADHD Coach’, with over half a million Instagram followers and a brand new book of the same name.  Looking at them, it’s easy to see why so many ADHDers are drawn to Alice’s illustrations; her simplistic doodles get right to the heart of what having ADHD feels like in such a sweet and relatable way.  Join our conversation to hear how Alice was able to turn her passion project into a fulfilling career, what she’s learned about leading since becoming an entrepreneur, the cultural shifts around ADHD in France, and so much more. Resources: Instagram: @the_mini_adhd_coach Website :   Youtube: My new book:
Antonia Bowring is a top executive coach who works with founders, C-Suite executives, and leadership teams. One of Antonia’s areas of expertise is helping neurodiverse leaders create the necessary scaffolding to leverage their gifts and maintain their focus.   She is a frequent speaker to companies and groups on topics ranging from mindfulness, ADHD in the workplace, and communication best practices. Her new book, Coach Yourself! Increase Awareness, Change Behavior and Thrive provides practical frameworks for exploring the power of performance coaching to become the best version of yourself.   Join our conversation to hear about Antonia’s unique life-changing experience that led her to an ADHD diagnosis, how she helps her coaching clients move past shame and into confidence, the importance of managing up no matter your position, her thoughts on disclosing ADHD in the workplace, and more.  Resources: Linked in: IG: antonia_abstrategies  TikTok: @antoniabowring963  Website:
Resources: Visit: Tracy Otsuka: Instagram: @tracyotsuka
This is the hardest episode I’ve had to record to date. In truth, I’ve been avoiding it like the plague, which means procrastinating everything so I don’t have to go there, but I knew I had to do it for my beautiful mother.   Since starting this podcast back in 2019, many of you have asked for an episode on grief. Just like my episodes on trauma that took years, I dug my heels in because the words I was telling myself sounded like, “how can you talk about grief when you haven’t experienced it?” Unfortunately, I am now part of this illustrious club that no one wants to be part of.    In this episode I talk about grief and how those of us with ADHD may handle it differently, from time perception challenges to social challenges to how we react in a crisis. But first, I hope it’s okay that I share the story of my incredible mother because hers is a story that I need to tell.    Resources
Show Notes–Ep. 247: Breaking Up with Booze and Living Your Best Life with Amanda Kuda   Amanda Kuda was acutely aware of being different from her peers growing up–the movie Matilda made her feel seen, minus the telekinesis–so when she discovered that alcohol made it easier for her to fit in, it became a regular part of her social life. After an ADHD diagnosis in her early 20’s, Amanda started to take note of what was and wasn’t helpful for managing her symptoms and realized the habit change that benefitted her the most was removing alcohol from her lifestyle.   Now, seven years later, Amanda is an author and holistic life coach who helps other ambitious women stop drinking and start manifesting the lives they want and deserve. She tells me, “What transpired after I stopped drinking alcohol was that my potential, my authenticity, my magic came online at a level that I hadn't before been able to access it.”   Join my insightful conversation with Amanda to hear about how alcohol may be holding you back from your authenticity and all the ways life can open up for you when you take a step back from substances and embrace who you really are.  Resources: Website: Instagram: @amandakuda
Personally, I can't think of anything scarier than being a live performer, but there's something about the ADHD brain that seems to make us happier when we're running into the fire rather than away from it.    For comedian Blaire Postman, what scared her more than getting up on a stage was the idea of never trying, which is why at 43 she chose to run headfirst into that metaphorical fire and turned her passion for comedy into a full-time career.   Speaking with Blaire, it's easy to see why she was drawn to comedy; with her quick wit and affinity for the silly she can’t help but be funny. Join our conversation to hear more about Blaire’s gutsy leap from lawyer to performer, how her ADHD diagnosis helped her embrace her traits and led to her comedy special “LADY ADHD,” and much more.  Resources: Website: TikTok: @ADHDComedy IG: @PostmanComedy
Stephanie Caldero is a self-made, self-taught interior designer who owns a boutique design firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. Stephanie has always loved interior design starting when she was a child circling items in catalogs and learning from her seamstress grandmother. For years she designed for friends and family on the side while she worked various marketing jobs, until 2021 when she finally turned her side hustle into her main hustle and never looked back. Stephanie knew she had to turn interior design into a career when she realized it was the one thing she could always get lost in for hours, a decision that was only bolstered by her ADHD diagnosis. Stephanie now understands that this level of passion for her work isn’t just important, but crucial in order for her to find sustainable success in a fulfilling career. Stephanie’s story shows us how much easier things can be when we build our careers around our natural motivators and flow states. I hope our conversation inspires you to start thinking about ways to incorporate your own natural motivators into everyday life. Resources: Website: Instagram: @StephanieCalderonInteriors
Perfectionism causes so many of us ADHD women to get in our own way and stops us from reaching our full creative potential for fear of criticism. My guest this episode, Dr. Fiona Peters knows firsthand just how disabling the anxiety-perfectionism spiral can be, which is why she’s so passionate about helping others escape it.  Dr. Peters is a speaker and trainer for schools and is currently touring with her talk entitled "Perfectionism and Anxiety,” with which she helps parents, educators, and ADHDers recognize the true cost of this obsession with perfection. “We really rob the world of the genius that we are because we are so worried about external validation and the fear of criticism that actually we don't start things.” Join our conversation to hear the brilliant Dr. Fiona Peters share her incredible ADHD journey from struggling student to PhD program, why it’s so important to be a last 5% finisher, her tips for navigating the workplace when you have ADHD, and ways to start moving away from the need for external validation and toward a more balanced life that allows you to experiment, to make mistakes, and to find validation from within.  Resources: Instagram: @adhd_life LinkedIn: Website: Facebook:
Sarah McCall is the author of the book, Cecil Gets a Haircut, which she wrote as a tool to help parents, educators, and superintendents of schools work with children with anxiety. Her work both on the pages and in the classrooms helps get the conversation started about ADHD, autism, and mental health, making it easier for students to get the understanding and support they deserve.    Sarah’s life goal is to help children and their adults better understand mental health, but it wasn’t until she went through my “Your ADHD Brain is A-OK!” program that she figured out how to channel her passion into a fulfilling and sustainable career. My program is designed to help ADHD women like Sarah discover who they are and what’s important to them, giving them the foundation and skills to build long-lasting success.    Sarah says, “Now that the doors have opened, these opportunities are abounding. And it's because I'm ready, it's because I'm equipped. I wouldn't be in this position if it wasn't for coming through [the program]. I wouldn't have the skills, tools, and techniques, I wouldn't be believing in myself. I wouldn't even dream that I could make any money at this.”   Join our conversation to hear about Sarah’s ADHD journey, her impactful work in mental health, and how, by getting clear on who she is, she was able to build a wonderful career beyond her wildest dreams.
Jessica Liddell is a professional mosaic/mural artist and the owner and founder of Bella Mosaic Art, where she’s been making mosaics professionally since 1997. Before becoming a professional artist Jessica tried pursuing a more practical career in teaching, but after an eye-opening trip to Barcelona, with its exquisite mosaic buildings, she realized that art is where her true passion lies.    When Jessica returned home she dove headfirst into mosaic art, eventually merging her two passions of teaching and art together into one fulfilling career. She’s been able to sustain her business for the last twenty-five plus years because the work is dynamic and ever-changing, which keeps her creative ADHD brain engaged.    Jessica’s story is a great reminder that, for ADHDers, our passions are our greatest motivators, and we have the ability to turn those passions into incredible careers when we have the drive, the hyperfocus, and the self-belief to make it happen. Resources: Website: Instagram: bellamosaic Facebook: bellamosaic
Jessi Kingan left the United States at age 22 for what was meant to be a six-month adventure of traveling and teaching scuba diving around the world. Like so many ADHDers with a plan though, she ended up on a completely different path than she was expecting.    Now almost 13 years later, Jessi lives with her husband and children in Iceland, where she owns and operates a restaurant, hostel, and apartment hotel on the south coast, and she couldn’t be happier. Jessi makes entrepreneurship work for her by leaning into her ADHD strengths and letting others take over in the areas where she struggles, which keeps her work engaging and saves her unnecessary stress.    Join our conversation to hear more about Jessi’s ADHD journey, including the unique experience of going from a freshman in high school to a freshman in college, how she ended up where she is today, what she’s learned about entrepreneurship so far, and much more.  Resources: - restaurant - hostel, apartment hotel and cabins - chocolatier
Growing up, Kathy Joseph was convinced she wasn’t smart because she struggled to memorize facts like everyone else. But as she got older she realized she is smart, she just has to do things her own way.    Kathy leaned into her pattern recognition skills and became a math whiz; she went on to receive four higher education degrees in physics, engineering, and science education and spent 12 years teaching high school physics before ultimately starting her popular YouTube channel, Kathy Loves Physics.    Kathy’s channel is so engaging because she not only uses real human stories to teach science, she also lets her ADHD intensity and curiosity take center stage, which makes her content feel authentic and super fun to watch. Join our conversation to hear more about Kathy’s mission to make science fun again, her personal ADHD journey, how her book "The Lightning Tamers" led her to find success doing what she loves, and much more.    Resources: Website: Youtube: Book:
I have been searching high and low for the perfect specialist to come on the podcast and talk about autism and ADHD, and I think I finally achieved that with this episode’s guest, Dr. Megan Anna Neff.    Dr. Neff is not only a clinical psychologist who specializes in working with neurodivergent adults, but she herself is an autistic ADHDer, giving her an essential understanding of the internal experience. She was officially diagnosed at 37, and since then her work has grown to focus on educating the mental health field on non-stereotypical presentations of autism and ADHD.    During our conversation Dr. Neff shares her expert insights into AuDHD, the overlaps and differences between the two, the challenges and gifts of having both, what alexithymia is and ways it affects emotional regulation, how to talk about autism using neurodivergent-affirming language, and much more.    Resources: Instagram: @neurodivergent_insights 1) My book is now available for pre-order: 2) My podcast is now live, which can be found here:
Anna Daphna is an ADHD and executive function coach, mentor, and psychologist based in London. She started off her career in education with the goal of giving kids a better school experience than she had herself, but eventually she felt called to psychology and pursued a psychology degree. Now, Anna combines her two passions by coaching people with ADHD using holistic and neuroscience-based strategies specifically designed for neurodivergent brains to maximize happiness, confidence and performance. In this episode Anna provides an easy-to-understand overview of how the nervous system works, the basics of polyvagal theory and the Safe and Sound Protocol, why a dysregulated nervous system impacts our ADHD symptoms, and tips for nervous system regulation. We also discuss neuroplasticity, ways to grow your confidence, how to be mindful even if you struggle to sit still, and more. Resources: Website: Instagram: @annadaphnaofficial  Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter:
ADHDers tend to be good at a bunch of different things, but just because we're good at something doesn't necessarily mean it's the right career path for us. In fact, career counselor Shell Mendelson is here to ask us: forget about the things you’re good at, what are the skills you love using?    As a career coach and counselor of 30 plus years, Shell specializes in supporting ADHD adults in building lasting, fully satisfying careers and businesses. She has developed a unique career counseling system based on Richard Bolles’s book What Color is Your Parachute? that involves taking a deep dive into all the aspects of what would make up an ideal job on an individual level.   During our conversation Shell shares her own ADHD backstory before getting into how to identify whether you’re in the wrong job, why building a career foundation based on what excites you is so crucial for ADHD health and happiness, ways to advocate for your specific needs during the hiring process, and much more.    Shell believes in focusing on the skills that bring us joy rather than simply what we excel at, a simple yet important mindset shift that just may have you considering a whole new career path.  Resources: Website: Facebook: Career Coaching with Shell  LinkedIn: Gmail: Tracy’s program:
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