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Author: All Lawyers Are Bad

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An infrequent podcast series about the American legal system, brought to you by Andy, Tarik, Tim, and Charles. ALAB aims to tell engaging stories about lawyers, legal cases, legal issues, or the legal profession more generally, with a focus on the outrageous, excessive, and/or absurd.
32 Episodes
In the third installment of the Alex Jones Miniseries, Andy, Tim, Charles, and Tarik take their first dive into the muck being raked by, and in turn raking, Alex Jones.
In the second installment of the Alex Jones Miniseries, Andy, Tim, Charles, and Tarik discuss the horrific December 14, 2012 shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School and its immediate aftermath. Voiceover work by Libby Kasch Music by David Shaw Art by Travis Bye
Andy, Charles, Tim and Tarik kick off a spate of piping hot new ALAB Series episodes with a zesty discussion about frosty iced creams and the frozen legal wasteland America's Mayor now calls home. Enjoy!
In the first installment of the Alex Jones Miniseries, Andy, Charles, and Tarik explore how Alex became Alex, and how the nation became a little Alex too. All Music by David Shaw For more information, join our friends over at Knowledge Fight
In perhaps the cruelest of his many attention-seeking stunts, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis defies the will of Florida's citizens, who voted overwhelmingly to restore voting rights to their neighbors with prior felony convictions. Andy, Charles, Tim, and Tarik explore the derailing of a 150-year-long project to correct a lasting injustice.
Episode 27: COACH!

Episode 27: COACH!


Finally released from their months-long imprisonment for contempt of court, Andy and Tarik face down their most dangerous foe yet: Edward "Coach" Weinhaus.
Andy, Charles, Tarik, and Tim explore the hilarious meltdown of the Ozy Media empire, and discover a cautionary tale about corporate governance.
Michael, Tim, Tarik, and newest ALAB-er Charles discuss the expansive sanctions order issued by a Michigan court against the intellectual architects of the so-called "Kraken" lawsuits that sought to invalidate the official results of the 2020 US Presidential election.
In the second and final part of their review of the U.S. government's unprecedented persecution of the Holy Land Foundation, Andy, Tarik and Tim -- again joined by podcast friend Rhiannon of -- analyze the two criminal trials that led to virtual life sentences for most of HLF's principals.
Just days after the 9/11 attacks, a scrambling Bush administration -- using tools gifted it by the Clinton administration's triangulated response to the Oklahoma City bombing -- needed to seem tough on terror. It set its sights on the Holy Land Foundation, then America's largest Muslim charity. Andy and Tim, joined by our good friend Rhiannon of, chronicle the first of several brutal moves that would eventually topple the charity and land several of its leaders in prison.
Andy, Michael, Tarik, and Tim reflect on the 2007 Oscar-nominated film Michael Clayton. While the movie has been hailed as a masterwork of the legal thriller genre, how true to life is its portrait of the evil corporate lawyer?
Andy, Michael, Tim, and Tarik discuss "race norming" and related statistical shenanigans being used in courts today -- most famously in the NFL's concussion class action settlement -- to disadvantage women and people of color, a facially indefensible practice that somehow goes virtually unchallenged.
In a companion piece to their episode on the plot to assassinate the governor of Michigan, Andy, Tarik, and Tim arrive three weeks late with their ill-informed, and in places ill-considered, takes on the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot and its fallout.
Episode 19: Gerontocracy

Episode 19: Gerontocracy


Andy, Tarik, and Tim are joined by guest Leo to discuss the crisis of aging, Alzheimer's, and dementia on the state and federal bench, an issue looming larger at all levels of government, and for which the judiciary is entirely and perhaps uniquely unprepared.
With the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the ascension of Amy Coney Barrett, a 6-3 right-wing majority appears locked in at the Supreme Court potentially for decades. To comfort grieving progressives, Andy, Tarik, and Tim take you on a mind journey to an alternate Earth where Hillary won and a plucky Dartmouth lad named Neal Katyal achieved his greatest dream: Supreme Court Justice Neal Katyal.
In their jumbo 17th episode, Andy, Tarik, and Tim review the disturbing case of the Wolverine Watchmen and their arrest for the planned kidnapping and/or arrest of Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. They review the details of the case and then ponder the larger issues, including whether the plotters’ stated goals of founding a new society based on the Bill of Rights passes Constitutional muster, and whether under OLC precedent it’s okay to drone strike the persons responsible for radicalizing these men.
In the second part of their study of the greatest lawyer to ever live, Alan Dershowitz, Andy, Tarik, and Tim delve deeper into the master's central art: the smear campaign. His scorched earth tactics and relentless smear jobs spare no one's reputation, perhaps not even his own.
In what is worst in the human soul can be found the most powerful tools of a lawyer's toolkit. Thus do Andy, Tarik, and Tim begin their studies at the feet of the Greatest Lawyer of All Time: Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz. Part one examines the free speech warrior's years-long and ultimately successful campaign to destroy an academic who dared to publicly embarrass him.
Episode 14: Epstein's Bank

Episode 14: Epstein's Bank


Andy, Michael, Tarik, and Tim teach you how to run an effective Anti-Money Laundering operation, by exploring all the myriad ways that Deutsche Bank failed to do so, breaking the rules again and again in its stunning relationship with pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein.
Michael, Tarik, and Tim explore the "Omegaverse" and find, among its other natural treasures, a nefarious tale of a plundering capitalist hell-bent on using the derricks of the law and courts to extract this magical land's value, to the exclusion of the communities that have tilled its soil for years.
Comments (9)

Bruce Landow

looking forward to part 2

Oct 27th

Edmund Smith

The world is going to hell, but at least these guys make it funny

Oct 2nd

Daniel E

once I had the podcast on while taking a nap and it switched episodes while i slept so i woke up to this..

Jun 23rd


At this point ALAB is the greatest podcast on my feed, to be honest. I never liked law but my mind has been absolutely blown to bits after literally every single episode.

Mar 8th

Yasmine C

This is hilarious. These guys were not master criminals! They were buffoons.

Nov 13th

Yasmine C

My new favorite podcast!

Nov 9th


"all had the same type of relationship with Jeffrey that I do" - those 2 Nobel Prize winners should sue him for slander

Aug 31st

very cool guy that is also normal


Aug 25th

Bae Guevara

The host threatened to kill my dog.

Sep 20th