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Welcome to the new home for Adam's rantings and ravings. This is the #1 Daily Downloaded Podcast in the World. GET IT ON as Adam shares his thoughts on current events, relationships, airport security, specialty pizzas, politics, and anything else he can complain about. Five days a week and completely uncensored, Adam welcomes a wide range of guests to join him in studio for in depth interviews and a front row seat to his unparalleled ranting. Let's not forget Bryan Bishop (Bald Bryan) on sound effects.

Check it out as Adam hangs out with some of his pals like: Larry Miller, David Allen Grier, Dr. Drew Pinksy, Dana Gould, Doug Benson, and many, many more.
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Erik Griffin and Adam discuss how the unconditional love for one’s child begins to wane the moment the child learns to speak. The guys also laugh about a couple of incidents Adam experienced at an open house in Malibu and movie theater, respectively. Adam then talks about a confusing regulation on lumber that he came across over the weekend. The guys also then discuss unusual guys at strip clubs before Chris reports news stories on a breastfeeding mother kicked out of a comedy show and USC canceling their valedictorian and commencement graduation speeches at graduation for safety reasons. Lastly, Jeff and Neal Harmon talk about founding Angel Studios and explain their “Community Video on Demand” model for producing projects. The guys discuss the current state of Hollywood and Adam pitches an idea for their next project. For more with Erik Griffin: ● LIVE DATES: ○ Austin, TX - Comedy Mothership- April 26 to 28 ○ Los Angeles, CA - Laugh Factory for Netflix is a Joke Festival - May 9 ○ Greensboro, NC- The Comedy Zone - June 14 to 15 ● ● PODCASTS: ‘Riffin with Griffin’ and ‘The Golden Hour’ ● TWITTER & INSTAGRAM: @ErikGriffin For more with Angel Studios: ● Visit Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● ● ● ●
Adam talks about his recent show at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville performing alongside Kid Rock. He and Michael Yo then discuss what qualifies as ‘talking shit.’ Adam recalls issues with his publisher after recording his first audiobook before the guys argue over Michael’s reasoning for not wanting to split an Uber with Adam. Next, comedian Preacher Lawson joins the guys and talks about his most recent MMA fight. Preacher also talks about his time on America’s Got Talent and his relationship with Howie Mandel. Chris reports news stories about the OJ Simpson Ford Bronco going up for sale, people suing after being stuck on a Harry Potter theme park ride, John Mellencamp ending a concert due to hecklers, John Wayne Bobbitt losing all of his toes, and Hannah Waddingham confronting a photographer. They also look at Lenny Kravitz working out in leather pants. For more with Michael Yo: ● LIVE DATES: ○ Las Vegas - Every Wednesday at Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club ○ Rochester, NY - Comedy at the Carlson - APR 26 to 27 ○ Los Angeles, CA - NETFLIX IS A JOKE FESTIVAL - May 4th ● ● DOCU-SERIES: Do I Lie? Comedy Tour ○ Six episodes available now on YouTube and Facebook ● SPECIAL: ‘Michael Yo: I Never Thought’ ○ Available for free on Youtube ● PODCAST: ‘Yo Show with Michael Yo’ ● X & INSTAGRAM: @MichaelYo For more with Preacher Lawson: ● STAND-UP SPECIAL: “MY NAME IS PREACHER" ○ Available now on YouTube ● http://PreacherLawson. com ● INSTAGRAM, X, TIK TOK & Facebook: @PreacherLawson Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● or Dial #LAW (#529) ●
#1 ACS #1784 (feat. Jamie Kennedy, Matt Atchity, Gina Grad and Bryan Bishop) Recorded 03-22-2016 – Release Date 03-23-2016 #2 ACS #1665 (feat. Rob Cohen, Phil Rosenthal, David Wild, Gina Grad and Bryan Bishop Recorded 09-22-2015 – Release Date 09-23-2015 #3 ACS #2066 (feat. Jeff Cesario, Dave Dameshek, Gina Grad and Bryan Bishop) Recorded 05-03-2017 – Release Date 05-04-2017 #4 ACS #1005 (feat. Domenick Lombardozzi, Ray Oldhafer, Alison Rosen and Bryan Bishop Recorded – 01-31-2013 - Release Date – 02-01-2013 #5 ACS #2472 (feat. Jo Koy, Chris Horwedel, Gina Grad and Bryan Bishop) Recorded 12-11-2018 – Release Date 12-12-2018 Hosted by Superfan Giovanni Request clips: Subscribe and Watch Clips on YouTube:
Tulsi Gabbard joins Adam for a special 1-on-1 conversation. Tulsi explains why she thinks America should leave the democrat party behind and gives her thoughts on the new demand for conformity. She also chats about the election and how teachers wield their power over politicians. Lastly, Tulsi explains why she thinks Hillary Clinton is dangerous for America. For more with Tulsi Gabbard: ● “For Love of Country: Leave the Democrat Party Behind” is available April 30th wherever you buy books. ● INSTAGRAM & TWITTER: @TulsiGabbard Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● and use code Carolla50 to get 50% off ●
Comedians Brian Regan and Jackie Flynn join Adam for a special podcast in Las Vegas at Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club. The guys chat about coming up with setlists while on tour and using old material on stage. The guys then chat about doing The Tonight Show and Brian tells the story of how he auditioned and performed for Johnny Carson. The guys also share old memories about Rodney Dangerfield and Jerry Seinfeld. For more with Brian Regan and Jackie Flynn: ● “LOUDERMILK" is streaming now on Netflix ● TWITTER: @BrianReganComic ● TWITTER: @JFlynnComedy Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● ● ●
Comedian Jay Mohr joins Adam to talk about Jay’s new movie Sweet Dreams with Johnny Knoxville. Jay talks about struggling with diet and exercise before finally taking the Mounjaro shot. They also talk about OJ Simpson, Kenny Rogers and other iconic men’s beards. Jay invites Adam to watch a Lakers game after he tells him about Eric Yarber and their shared history. They theorize about the sudden increase of piss bottles on the side of the highway as we revisit Bobby Hollander's iconic tape and Shauna Grant's tragic end. Lastly, Joe Praino reports news stories about the backlash Nike faces for the 2024 Paris Olympics uniforms, OJ’s lawyer vowing to keep money from the Goldman’s, and more Menendez Brothers news. For more with Jay Mohr: ● Follow Jay @JayMohr37 on Instagram ● Go see Jay Mohr Live in: ○ Phoenix, AZ - House of Comedy - April 19th-20th ○ Irvine, CA - Irvine Improv - May 3rd-4th ● More Dates at For more with Joe Praino: ● Follow Joe Praino @FixYourLife on Twitter, & @JoePraino on Instagram ● For dates go to Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● ● ● http:/ ●
Orny Adams returns to the show to talk about a recent story where stranded sailors used leaves to write the word “Help” on the beach. The guys then chat about problems within the English language before doing a deep dive into airport terrazzo. They also chat about shoe shines and Adam presents a theory regarding airport workers. Chris reports news stories about O.J. Simpson dying of prostate cancer and a Vietnamese billionaire sentenced to death over the country’s largest financial fraud case ever. Lastly, Jennifer Murphy joins the show to talk about her new film based on her viral video “I Want to be Neenja.” She tells the story of how the song came about and the immense backlash she received. The group also chats about murphy beds. For more with Orny Adams: ● LIVE DATES: ○ Las Vegas, NV - Kimmel’s Comedy Club- April 18 ○ Hollywood, CA - Kookaburra Lounge / Netflix is a Joke Festival - May 4 ● ● PODCAST: ‘What's Wrong With Orny Adams’ ● Hear him Sundays on KFI 640 am in California and syndicated worldwide iHeart radio ● INSTAGRAM, TIKTOK, TWITTER: @OrnyAdams For more with Jennifer Murphy: ● “I Want To Be Neenja! The Movie” is available for purchase on her website and on Vimeo ● INSTAGRAM & TIK TOK: @JenniferMurphyGoGirl Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● or Dial #LAW (#529) ●
#1 ACS #1252 (feat. Mike Lawrence, Alison Rosen and Bryan Bishop) (2014) #2 ACS #595 (feat. Jim Norton, Alison Rosen and Bryan Bishop) (2011) #3 ACS #589 (feat. Lance Henriksen, Alison Rosen and Bryan Bishop) (2011) Hosted by Superfan Giovanni Request clips: Subscribe and Watch Clips on YouTube:
Comedian Daphnique Springs joins the show and talks about her new special and early years of comedy. She also explains how fishing was a big part of her life and contributed to her current work ethic. The gang also chats about funerals, cremation, and potlucks. Chris shares news stories about Dove announcing they won’t use AI women, the Women’s NCAA championship having a higher viewership than the Men’s, Donald Trump ordering milkshakes at Chick-fil-A, a man wrongfully convicted of identity theft and spending over 400 days in prison, NYPD deploying a windshield boot, and a man narrowly dodging a runaway saw blade. Lastly, actress Natasha Henstridge joins the show and talks about sleeping with people who snore. The group also chats about Jean-Claude Van Damme and Natasha’s early modeling career. Lastly, the gang chats to a caller about his job selling timeshares and take a suggestion for Made Up Movie. For more with Daphnique Springs: “Daphnique Springs: Single Female” is available now on YouTube TWITTER & IG: @ IAmDSprings For more with Natasha Henstridge: “Cinderella’s Revenge” is in theaters April 26 INSTAGRAM: @NatashaHenstridge Thank you for supporting our sponsors: & use promo code ADAM
Mary Morgan joins the show and talks about online dating and why the internet is ruining Gen Z. She then shares her issues with women voting and how it has affected the country’s history. Next, Chris reports the news giving updates on Lizzo not quitting music and JK Rowling not being arrested for her controversial tweet. Adam also adds to the Spanish Soccer President kissing scandal and the group talks about country star Morgan Wallen being arrested for throwing a chair off a 6-story building. Lastly, Jermaine Fowler joins the show and talks about filming his latest projects in Australia. The group also chats about botany before nerding out on classic Nicolas Cage movies like The Rock and Con-Air. For more with Jermaine Fowler: ● “Sting” is in theaters nationwide on April 12th For more with Mary Morgan: ● "Pop Culture Crisis” is available on YouTube ● TWITTER & INSTAGRAM: @MaryArchived Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● ●
Brandon Tatum joins the show and talks about his history in law enforcement and what it was like for him to pull people over. Brandon suggests people take ride-alongs with cops to understand their process and hopefully end certain assumptions about law enforcement’s protocol. The guys also chat about actress Jennifer Lewis comparing Trump to Hitler, The Rock regretting endorsing Biden, a downtown LA restaurant charging a security fee, Tiger Woods abstaining from sex for The Masters, and Seattle public schools ending their gifted programs. Next, Adam performs at the National Automobile Museum in Reno. He is joined by Jay Leno and the guys talk about Paul Newman’s final appearance on The Tonight Show. Jay also talks about his motorcycle collection and shares his knowledge on some automotive history. Lastly, Nell Newman and James Cox join Adam on stage. Nell talks about the history of Newman’s Own. Next, James talks about the first time he met Nell and being gifted Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona, which became the highest priced wristwatch ever sold at auction. For more with Brandon Tatum: ● Subscribe to “The Officer Tatum” on YouTube or listen to his show wherever podcasts are available ● Twitter and Instagram: @TheOfficerTatum For more with National Automobile Museum in Reno: ● Check out the Paul Newman Collection now! ○ Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● ● ●, enter code: Adam
Mike Glazer joins the show and the guys chat about a new California bill allowing employees to ignore their bosses’ calls and messages during non-work hours. The guys also discuss pizza toppings and Mike chats about winning the gold medal as a roller hockey goalie for Team USA. The guys also do the final round of March Madness Madness. Chris reports news stories about a $30m LA heist, the Oakland A’s opting to play in Sacramento until the Las Vegas stadium is built, and an actress’ dog being shot by an Instacart delivery man. For more with Mike Glazer: ● His special, “Life Rules,” is available now on YouTube ● PODCAST: “Life Rules! The Show” ● TWITTER & IG: @glazerboohoohoo Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● or Dial #LAW (#529) ●
#1 ACS #266 (feat. Jason Mayhem Miller) (2010) #2 ACS #443 (feat. Huey Lewis, Jason Mayhem Miller, Jessica Golden and Bryan Bishop) (2010) #3 ACS #478 (feat. Jay Glazer and Bobby Slayton) (2011) Hosted by Superfan Giovanni Request clips: Subscribe and Watch Clips on YouTube:
Sage Steele joins the show and talks about her 2021 Biden interview which she says was scripted and disallowed follow up questions. The gang also addresses her viral mixup of Dana White and Joe Rogan and gives some background to her and Dana’s relationship. The group also recaps her initial appearance on Jay Cutler’s podcast which put her in the spotlight for disagreeing with ESPN’s vaccine mandates. Adam also gets Sage’s take on the Spanish soccer chief who was fired after the World Cup celebration. Chris reports the news on the city of Mineeapolis settling with a witness to the George Floyd murder before Adam complains about another news report he saw on TV. Next, Jason “Mayhem” Miller joins and recounts his start into MMA and how he has turned his life around. The guys also talk about the problem with the prison system before the guys give their side on the last time they interacted. Jason also talks about going to rehab before the guys chat about UFC. For more with Sage Steele: ● PODCAST: “The Sage Steele Show” ● TWITTER & INSTAGRAM: @SageSteele For more with Jason “Mayhem” Miller: ● TWITTER & INSTAGRAM: @MayhemMiller Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● ● This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp
Dave Dameshek returns and the guys laugh about the various ways people walk their dogs before looking at a car movie list featuring some of Adam’s movies. Adam also shares a funny sign he saw on a coffee table before the guys welcome Deaf Frat Guy to the program. The gang plays a round of JV or All Balls before Adam finishes off the Irate 8 of March Madness Madness. Next, Chris reports the news on New York inmates suing because they aren’t allowed to see the lunar eclipse, Shakira facing backlash for criticizing the Barbie movie, and a conjoined twin marrying. Lastly, Carlo Mendez joins to talk about his new film and his sister, Eva Mendes. He comments on her relationship with Ryan Gosling and the group talks about fatherhood and working out. For more with Dave Dameshek: ● Subscribe to this podcasts: ○ Minus Three (w/ Kevin Hench) ○ Extra Points (w/ Sarah Tiana) For more with DFG: ● VENMO: Josh [dash] Gardner [dash] 101 ● TWITTER: @DeafFratGuy For more with Carlo Mendez: ● ‘Demise’ is available now on digital and video on demand ● TWITTER: @Carlo Mendez ● INSTAGRAM: @CMendez 78 Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● ● ● Get the Viator App Today!
Radio legend Phil Hendrie joins the show and talks about his new documentary which features Bill Hader, Dana Gould, and Judd Apatow. Adam recaps his weekend in Reno and tells a story about the record-setting Paul Newman Rolex. The guys also chat about auctions, unicycles, and skateboarders. Next, comedian Ben Gleib and Adam complain about not being able to pet service dogs. Adam finally begins the first rounds of March Madness Madness and rants about cherry tomatoes and George Gascon. Chris reports news stories on California paying fast food workers $20/hr, J.K. Rowling daring Scotland to arrest her, and Lizzo posting a message saying she quits. For more with Phil Hendrie: ● “Hendrie” is available to rent/own on all digital HD internet, cable, and satellite platforms worldwide ● PODCAST: ‘The World of Phil Hendrie’ ● ● TWITTER: @RealPhilHendrie For more with Ben Gleib: ● Los Angeles, CA - NETFLIX IS A JOKE FESTIVAL at Hotel Cafe - May 9 ● ‘The Mad King’ is available on YouTube ● TWITTER: @BenGleib ● Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● ●
Comedian Alex Edelman talks about his upcoming HBO Special and his decision to use a headset microphone. He also talks about his brother who is an Olympic bobsledder before the guys chat about some mentors of Alex- including Jerry Seinfeld and Billy Crystal. Chris reports news stories about Sage Steele confusing Dana White for Joe Rogan, Shohei Ohtani firing his interpreter, Bethenny Frankel being sucker-punched, and Donald Trump cheating at golf. Next, Mark Geragos calls in to give his take on the Diddy investigation as well as the Fani Willis case. Lastly, Dr. Dravon James joins to talk about victimhood, the Wire, and the Francis Scott Key bridge collapse. For more with Alex Edelman: ● ‘Alex Edelman: Just for Us’ debuts SATURDAY, APRIL 6 on HBO and will be available to stream on Max ● follow on Instagram @AlexEdelman ● For more with Mark Geragos: ● ‘Reasonable Doubt’ is available on YouTube or wherever podcasts are available For more with Dr. Dravon James: ● ‘Every Day Peace’ is available on Apple Podcasts and http://MindBodySpirit.FM ● INSTAGRAM: @EveryDayPeace ● FACEBOOK: @ EveryDayPeaceWithDrDravonJames ● Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● or Dial #LAW (#529) ●
#1 ACS #665 (feat. Josh Gardner, Dave Koechner and Dana Gould) (2011) #2 ACS #132 (feat. Bobcat Goldthwait) (2009) #3 ACS #142 (feat. Teresa Strasser, Bald Bryan and Chris Collinsworth) (2009) Hosted by Superfan Giovanni Request clips: Subscribe and Watch Clips on YouTube:
Mike O’Malley and Lenny Clarke join to talk about their NBC series “Extended Family.” Lenny shares some great memories from the Boston comedy scene and the guys compare various drug scenarios including some personal stories. Lenny also talks about getting involved with the mob. Chris reports news stories about Trump suggesting that Prince Harry could be deported, a man convicted of extorting karaoke bars, and a woman attempting to poison her husband via sandwich. The guys also talk about the Diddy investigation. Lastly, Riki Rachtman joins for a trip down Loveline memory lane. They share stories of working together and interacting with various bands including Pennywise and Suicidal Tendencies. Adam also recalls auditioning for Loveline. Riki then shares his humbling career path and Adam commends him for his drive and work ethic. For more with Mike O’Malley & Lenny Clarke: ● Season 1 of ‘Extended Family’ is streaming on and Peacock For more with Riki Rachtman: ● PODCAST: “Riki Rachtman's Cathouse Hollywood Podcast” ○ Available wherever you listen to podcasts. ● TWITTER & INSTAGRAM: @RikiRachtman Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● The Jordan Harbinger Show - Available everywhere you listen to podcasts ● & use promo code ADAM ●, use code: ACE ●
Comedian Rene Vaca expresses his love for the San Fernando Valley. He and Adam compare various supermarkets and Rene talks about manifesting his career and life goals. Next, Rene talks about his father currently serving a 40-year prison sentence. Next, Chris reports news stories about a Baltimore bridge collapsing after a ship collision, a new NFL kickoff rule, an awards gala canceled because Elon Musk was a recipient, a squatting crisis, and Florida banning social media for kids. Lastly, author and political strategist Bradley Tusk joins the show and talks about the idea of flying cars. The guys also talk about Kara Swisher and Bradley gives insights into the motives of politicians. Adam and Bradley also take a deep dive into current politics, tech, and entertainment. For more with Rene Vaca: ● LIVE DATES: ○ Sacramento, CA - PUNCH LINE SACRAMENTO - April 11-13 ○ Philadelphia, PA - PUNCH LINE PHILLY - April 16-17 ○ New Brunswick, NJ - STRESS FACTORY - April 18 ● More dates visit ● INSTAGRAM & TWITTER: @ReneVacaComedy For more with Bradley Tusk: ● ‘Obvious in Hindsight’ is available wherever you find books ● Find Bradley on Substack and LinkedIn Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● The Jordan Harbinger Show - Available everywhere you listen to podcasts ● ●, use code: ACE
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Curtis Massey

Man, Mr. Chris Hansen is always a great guest. Even without Kyle Dunnigan 😉

Mar 26th

philip koekemoer

somebody tell Adam ant artica is a continent , no subs underneath it

Mar 21st

Bryan Hobbs

hate the excelerated intro

Mar 8th

Matt Mcclernon

love the show but just not as good without bald and gina

Feb 20th

Hardly Young

This has to be one of the best episodes ever to grace the archives ...OMG You hosting the amazing Godfrey ....instant classic Thanks Adam

Feb 18th

Michael Reeder


Feb 8th

malutty malu

💚CLICK HERE Full HD>720p>1080p>4K💚WATCH>ᗪOᗯᑎᒪOᗩᗪ>LINK> 👉

Feb 4th

Carl Berendt

Adam and Harland: love it when you guys get together it's comedy squared

Feb 1st

Bryan Poerio

more ed!!!

Jan 24th

philip koekemoer

equity, same outcome equality, same opportunities

Jan 18th

Joe Tyler

Jeff leach is not very smart

Nov 30th
Reply (1)

Curtis Massey

I want Ace to see a UFO. He's so neutral-minded that if it were something from this earth, he'd be able to explain it, and vice versa.

Nov 15th

Curtis Massey

Man that Fitzdog section is always awesome to hear. Their ideas on monetization before they made any money. That's stuff is golden. I'm so glad they were both able to find a way making a living with their pod.

Nov 12th

Curtis Massey

Oh man, Pete's always a great guest.

Nov 9th

Curtis Massey

Man that was an awesome interview with Xzibit! I love getting a peek into the lives of these cool people out there.

Nov 8th

Curtis Massey

Man, Cedric is the epitome of cool. Super cool and super funny, he seems like a great guy. This was yet another great episode of my Favorite pod. Thanks Ace and Chris.

Nov 6th

Curtis Massey

Man, every time I hear Sharon Osborne speak I am more and more impressed. What a fascinating Lady.

Oct 16th

Andrew Evan

wait are worried about being called "conspiracy theorists" for talking about politics and sports? Both of those have been proven to be staged. grow up boomers

Sep 2nd

Dominick Walker

Had to confirm how Maga Adam became. Sad. go back to girl's jumping on trampolines. that's more your wheelhouse

Sep 1st

Curtis Massey

Man, I remember the last time Phil Hendrie was on the show and it was really great then too. He's an awesome guest. I love hearing Adam talk to these iconic radio guys. They have so much in common. Always great stuff.

Aug 31st
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