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The official podcast of Agushto Papa.
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In this episode, we talked about FUERZA REGIDA & JUNIOR H dropping an album on the same date, Angel's prediction of JUNIOR H & NATANAEL CANO beef, Ivan Cornejo, and more!
In this episode, we talked about ERICK from CODICIADO coming back to the U.S after 6 and a half years, and calling gout JOP from FUERZA REGIDA!
In this episode, we had guest "OSCAR ORTIZ" tell us how it was like being the younger brother of GERARDO ORTIZ & KEVIN ORTIZ. His fame rapidly growing on tiktok, collars with WILLITO & SHAWTY BAE, new music, and more!
In this episode, CODICIADO makes his comeback after not being able to come to the U.S for 6 and a half years! The band split and he had to start from 0.
In this episode, we talked about PESO PLUMA & TRAVIS SCOTT dropping a song together! Grammy winner producer uploaded on his tikt0k that he was working on a few unreleased songs and you won't believe what we caught!
In this episode, we had guest "JASIEL NUÑEZ" who just signed to PESO PLUMA'S label "DOUBLE P RECORDS." He talked about struggles, not being able to drop music for 2 years, touring with PESO PLUMA, writing LAGUNAS, BIPOLAR, CORAZON FRIO, ROSA PASTEL, and more!
In this episode, we had Interscope signed artist," Xavi" talk about his hit song: La Victima which generated millions of views all over the platforms. He is now dropping a song with DAREYES DE LA SIERRA "Poco a Poco" which he previews on the podcast. Join the Agushto Club for exclusive content + early access to all of our videos.
In this episode, we talked about after everyone Cancelling Yahritza and her brothers for the comments they made about Mexico the president ends up inviting them to perform in Mexico
In the episode, we talk about Jop thinking that Peso and jhayco took down his music video for "Que Onda" , is this beef getting out of control
In this episode, we talk about Yahritza Y Su Esencia comments about Mexico, did they take it to far ???
on this episode we talk about YNG LVCAS saying he made PesoPluma career in Reggatone
on this episode we talked about Estevie doing the song with Pedro Tovar and having the chance to be the opener for Ivan Cornejo
on this episode we talk about marca mp not being able to sell out shows, did they fall off ?
In this episode we talked about Jop signing Omar Ruiz to his label Streetmob, can he make a come back ??????
In this episode, Yahritza Y Su Esencia talk about their come up from Yakima Washington, Tiktok changing their lives, collaborations with IVAN CORNEJO, GRUPO FRONTERA, ANGELA AGUILAR, more!
In this episode, we talked about NATANAEL CANO making his comeback after not dropping any music for a long time. When NATAMONTANA dropped, the first song did not come out which we believe was the best song on the album. There was also a lot of mistakes in the album.
In this episode, we talked about RANCHO HUMILDE & Prajin Music (Peso Pluma's manager) going way back in the music industry. Weeks after Prajin Music uploaded a video with JIMMY HUMILDE, we noticed that they unfollowed each other days after PESO PLUMA & JOP start their beef.
JOP & PESO PLUMA go at it again! But this time, JOP decided a few days ago to drop his single "SABOR FRESA" the same day that PESO PLUMA scheduled his album "GENESIS." The beef continues, but whose song will debut #1? Let us know! Don't forget to rate us 5 stars!
Would you let your children listen to corridos at a young age ? Listen to todays episode and let us know if you think corridos affect a young child. don't forget to rate us 5 stars !
In today's episode, we react to BECKY G's upcoming song which somewhat sounds like ESLABON ARMADO ft. PESO PLUMA's hit song, "ELLA BAILA SOLA." Allegedly PEDRO TOVAR (singer & composer of Ella Baila Sola) commented "Ella baila sola dupe" under a video of becky G previewing her new song." Let us know if you think it sounds like Ella Baila Sola. Don't forget to rate us 5 stars!
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