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Author: Alex Wagner, MSNBC

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Alex Wagner brings an enormous breadth of reporting experience to her new show, where she’ll cover news of the day, politics, and the cultural trends shaping our country and ourselves, leaving viewers with a better understanding of what’s happening in the world.
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Plus, James Comey: Trump is coming for the FBI, DOJ
Plus, Butker commencement speech spotlights religious war on women's freedom, even Taylor Swift
Plus, Trump sycophants parroting attacks on justice system risk further provoking MAGA extremists
Plus, 'Utterly humiliating': Trump sycophants in matching suits audition for Trump outside trial
Plus, 'They're tricking themselves!': Republicans contort election strategy around Trump's Big Lie
Plus, Trump's notorious micromanaging comes back to bite him in criminal trial testimony
Plus, Faceplant!: MTG suffers scorn of fellow Republicans as move to push out Johnson fails
Plus, Trump judge postpones documents case 'indefinitely' but new legal calendar could backfire on Trump
Plus, How Trump's sex scandal secrets were exposed and spilled into public awareness
Plus, 'Cattle call': Trump faces limited options as VP hopefuls gather at Mar-a-Lago
Plus, Imperial presidency: Trump lays out plan to enlist military in deporting millions
Plus, NYPD officers in full riot gear descend on Columbia University campus to clear protesters
Plus, Trump presidential immunity case exposes conservative Supreme Court's true colors
Plus, Right-wing media feedback loop leaves Trump with warped understanding of his legal situation
Plus, 'Incarceration is an option': Trump appears to want the judge to throw him in jail
Plus, 'It's not our job': Democrats getting sick of saving Johnson from GOP dysfunction
Plus, Embattled Mike Johnson kept in check by conservative House 'FART' team 
Plus, GOP makes clumsy effort to superimpose anti-woke political games onto campus antisemitism debate
Plus, With impeachment dud, House Republicans fail to produce political stunt Trump needs
Plus, A very bad week for know-nothing Kari Lake
Comments (24)

william rankeillor

I can't believe that this show has actually become less substantial over time. You would think that with Maddow's production team behind her, that Wagner would eventually be producing a similar quality of product, but she isn't, and maybe she can't. It feels like I'm tuned to Fox; she makes the same three points every night, she's willfully detached from the class reality, and she speaks over people who disagree with her. Laziness. This program makes me angry every time I listen nowadays.

Apr 11th


Really disappointed on the take on the war happening in Palestine here. I expected more from this show.

Jan 25th

Anthony Kelsick

Interesting irony, the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan was the first major project (a renovation) undertaken by Donald Trump. It's now considered to be 'ground zero' of the country's immigration crisis.

Dec 25th

Rich B

15.00 ish F-Bomb! 💥 😂

Nov 3rd

Rich B

I still don't understand why they don't just lock the gangster up and make him REALLY want to expedite the process. This is the way I would deal with it and why I should not be able to.

Sep 16th

Rich B

Holy shit! I kinda agree with f¥ș@ing Nixon! 🧐

Sep 13th

Michael Butcher

We have all wondered what they wear under those robes, and as long as they are going to be aloft the judgemental pedestal, we're gonna look, no matter how disgusted we might be by it.

Jun 22nd
Reply (1)

Lisa Santana


Jun 21st

Gloria Ponto

I love her reporting but I sure wish she would let the guests speak. don't interuot them so much. they are there because we want to hear their opinion.

May 3rd
Reply (1)

Ed Potter

Can we take this as Garland keeping these cases compartmented? Whatever the outcome, I don't get the feeling there is corrupt intent and the political consequences will be short-lived once Jack Smith starts prosecuting those behind the Jan 6th insurrection and Trump's theft of ts/sci documents. The question of the folders with missing contents, what he did them, and who he gave access to the lot of the documents still need answers.

Jan 13th

L DCook

In a busy day, I have to prioritise my podcasts... Please add more info on episode plus guest names. I like Alex, but only so much time!

Jan 13th

Rich B

Did they play the first 12 minutes twice or am I going nuts? 🤪

Dec 24th
Reply (1)

Rich B

So they're going to charge the maniac with "incompetent homicide". Why shouldn't they sentence him to an incompetent execution?

Oct 29th

Bard Groupie

Here is a very visible opportunity to see the difference between Trump and Biden as far as rescuing Puerto Rico. The mess from the previous hurricane is still there. I suspect no paper towel tossing as the main event this time. Tonight I would imagine much of the island is in dire straits.

Sep 20th

Bard Groupie

Younger American voting men should keep in mind how much it costs to raise a child. Older ones too. If a child is not in their plans yet then they need to vote.

Sep 14th

Rich B

3:30, Monumentous? I think that isn't a word. Momentous is a word, as is monumental. This is not the first time I've heard it. Two countries separated by a common language🇬🇧

Aug 25th


Show is good, but the sound is hard to listen to. It's very echo-y & sharp/shrill. Will put me off long term.

Aug 22nd

Glen LeBarr

love the new show

Aug 18th

Salman Ramezani

Use a tiny room to record voice not a big hall . it's rly bad to hear 😔

Aug 18th
Reply (2)
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