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A man’s night out mysteriously ended with him dead in a courtyard. Detectives are about to unravel what happened, beginning with the person who called 911.For episode information and photos, please visit
Grudges spawn chaos in the shooting death of a young man. Investigators track down the man spotted in surveillance, but are baffled by the victim’s friend who fled the scene. For episode information and photos, please visit
A man’s body found on the snowy hills of North Carolina leads back to an overseas political assassination.For episode information and photos, please visit
To celebrate AoM’s 100th episode, we wanted to hear from you! Scott and Anna-Sigga answer listeners' questions.For episode information and photos, please visit
No forensic evidence tying them to the crime, and one has an alibi, but two daughters of a police sergeant are the top suspects in a homicide. Detectives unravel a murder conspiracy that tests the bonds of family and love. For episode information and photos, please visit
Two detectives join forces to solve a homicide involving the daughters of a police sergeant.For episode information and photos, please visit 
A mass shooting inside of a bar leaves two dead and a quick arrest of the gunman. But, a disturbing confession and a search of his apparent take the case in a different direction.For episode information and photos, please visit
Myth: Fire destroys everything. In a double homicide-turned-arson case, investigators uncover evidence that turns up the heat on a jealous ex-lover.For episode information and photos, please visit
Never heard of the Dixie Mafia? Miami-Dade police has… Back in the 1970’s, a single murder sent a deadly ripple throughout South Florida. For episode information and photos, please visit
Arson, adultery and a wife under arrest for orchestrating her husband’s murder. Investigators know the puppet master, but who were the puppets?For episode information and photos, please visit
A twisted tale of possible arson, adultery, and the murder of a wealthy commodities trader starts to unravel decades later in a conversation between two sisters.  For episode information and photos, please visit
A mother’s quest to locate the man charged with her daughter’s murder spans countries, and now, years.For episode information and photos, please visit
How do you investigate a homicide when you don’t have a body, a name, or any evidence of a crime except for one person’s word?For episode information and photos, please visit
A mom is murdered with her young girls in the next room. Now a witness, her 6-year-old daughter will walk into court more than once.For episode information and photos, please visit
A pastor’s wife is gunned down in the couple’s driveway. Their relationship, their church and even family, start to intermingle in ways no one expected. For episode information and photos, please visit
A couple seeks seclusion on a quiet, winter night. But away from prying eyes also means no witnesses. A romantic rendezvous becomes a double homicide. And, the investigation’s biggest ally is the weather.For episode information and photos, please visit
 A young man is gunned down soon after the town’s big high school basketball game. An officer plays an unexpected role in untangling the mystery.For episode information and photos, please visit
A brutal crime scene… three lives lost… and forensic evidence in question… Here’s how a short trip to Florida changed a woman’s life forever.For episode information and photos, please visit
Three killings with a mixture of gunshot and stab wounds drive hundreds of detectives to hunt down a serial killer. His home? A creepy abandoned mansion. His trademark? A duffel bag.For episode information and photos, please visit
Two doors — a sliding glass and a closet door — may be the best chances investigators have at finding a killer.For episode information and photos, please visit
Comments (220)

Jason Ramirez

Of course he's guilty he admitted to killing her. You people change a law but you did nothing to help the future. As long as people will drink alcohol people will still be killed. GREAT JOB YOU IDIOTS

Dec 1st

Jason Ramirez

This man had no control of her. she's not as smart as everyone says she is. If she quit her job it's not like she can't get another one nor was she gonna get evicted out of her home. These people are so dramatic

Dec 1st

Jason Ramirez

Why are these people acting like the girl isn't to blame too, If he made her so uncomfortable why did she go to the wedding with him?

Dec 1st


OMG, the “white elephant in the room”??? Really? I’m dying…funniest mixed metaphor I’ve heard in a while!! 🤣🤣🤣

Nov 23rd


"Boo hoo women won't fall for my sleazy lies, poor me I'd better get some guns and go back and kill them all, prove I'm a MAN!" What a vile pathetic excuse for a human. Acts like *he's* a victim bc the people he was trying to kill had the nerve to fight back! 🙄

Oct 18th


Okay Rodney Alcala.

Oct 18th

Andrew Hill

u cut off the ending of story

Oct 7th

Marchel Klawonn

a heavy accent and crying, I can't understand a word...

Sep 17th

Yumna Shamma

This is so heartbreaking He killed three innocent people and he’s a free man now!!!!

Sep 12th

Foo Phizers

"mom,I dreamed i died,,I did mom,I died mom,mom I swear mom" - Krystals mom,aka mom

Sep 9th

Dima Kristya

The last podcast reminded me of a story from

Sep 1st

Kayla Abney

love this show

Aug 28th

Ms.Kevonie R. Muna Guam

Kudos to your team ! This podcast is an emotional , healthy and recreational way to help the victims heal as an individual ! This episode truly shares that story ! Anatomy of Murder , I truly appreciate your excellence .

Aug 24th

Ingeborg van Wezel

wow, how can the DA even propose this deal... unbelievable...

Aug 23rd

Liesl Manone

Fort Worth is the 13th largest city in the nation. We are NOT a suburb of Dallas and never have been.

Aug 21st


A pastor fights with his wife, mostly about the filthy lucre...💸💸💰... add to that his philandering ways, cheating on his wife with multiple women and getting engaged with the girl his son adored? Tracy doesn't sound like a man of God to me!

Aug 16th

Curtis Massey

Did she say "Walmark"?

Aug 9th


How does she figure it was supposed to be her that was supposed to be killed if it involved a scuffle that she wasn’t involved in and was mistaken identity?

Aug 2nd


Didn't he leave DNA on Camille when he assaulted her? Feel like I missed something.....

Jul 28th


What makes someone place such little value on another person's life? All the trauma and loss of life for probably less than $200. Obviously no amount of money equals a person's life but 3 lives for that small amount of money is just beyond my comprehension.

Jul 28th
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