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Join Dr. Chris Motley, Courtney Bursich, and Dr. Josh Axe as they explore nutrition, natural health, fitness and more with renowned special guests in the health and wellness industry on the Ancient Health Podcast. Tune in every Tuesday for new episodes and make sure to subscribe and leave a review!
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Dr. Jill Carnahan shares her personal story of overcoming breast cancer, chron’s disease and mold toxicity. She is a brilliant integrative medicine doctor that helps thousands of people heal not only their physical body, but heal their relationship with themselves (mind and spirit.) Dr. Jill’s raw and honest account of her own challenges in facing a life-threatening illness, living with autoimmunity and mold toxicity, and working in a medical system that has no tolerance for stepping outside the lines, offers a new path of empowerment for taking control of our own health and wellbeing. Other topics discussed on this episode:Keeping up and understanding an anti-inflammatory dietRecognizing trauma recovery; physical, emotional, mentalMold toxicityCancerGut HealthAutoimmune conditionsLyme disease, and moreNew book "Unexpected": @drjillcarnahanFacebook: @DocCarnahanFollow @healthinstitute on Instagram! Join The Health Institute Newsletter!
Dr. Motley explains that all of our cells have frequency and emit light and energy. These frequencies run along meridian channels in the body and can be influenced by various traumas (viral, pathogenic, or inflammatory reactions.) We learn how he uses frequency medicine in practice to evaluate and support energy signaling between organs and tissues of the body.Other topics discussed:-How to measure energy in the body-Homeopathic medicine -Acupuncture and acupressure -Energy wavelengths and infection -Energy interaction between people Follow @healthinstitute on Instagram! Join The Health Institute Newsletter!
Dr. Noah Moos is a doctor of applied kinesiology and doctor of chiropractic. In this episode he teaches us about his unique way of helping people heal (including professional athletes) through targeted laser therapy.Other topics covered include: How to Reset the muscle and brain connectionTherapies for stealth infectionsHow your muscles are connected to your brain and infections.Why your gut and your mouth may be the root cause of your health conditionsBiologic dentistryThe importance of lymphaticsDr. Noah Moos Website www.healthplusaustin.comFollow @drnoahmoos on Instagram! @healthinstitute on Instagram! The Health Institute Newsletter!
Let’s clear up the confusion around nonstick pans and the chemicals that pose a risk to your health.Ever wondered what the labeling of PTFE/PFOA means on the pots and pans you are shopping for?In this episode, we discuss what you should be looking for when it comes to your cookware, what the upsides and drawbacks of various types of cookware are, and the hidden threats that may be lurking in your kitchen.Follow @healthinstitute on Instagram! The Health Institute Newsletter!
Dr. Will Cole joins us in this episode to chat about the emotional and physical connection to your health. His most recent book “Gut Feelings” goes beyond the emotional connection to food and dives deep into the shame we feel that can cause gut inflammation. Dr. Cole coined the term “Shameflammation” which represents the dynamic of the signals sent to your brain that communicate you are overwhelmed, overworked, or overtired. Inflammation can be the cause of chronic health conditions such as autoimmune disorders, depression, IBS, and more.Other topics discussed are:-Concerns with body positivity culture-The damaging effects of alcohol-Chronic stress as the ultimate junk food-Life edits for your wellness routine-Loving foods that love you back-How to initiate parasympathetic activationFollow @drwillcole on Instagram and Tiktok and check out his brand new book "Gut Feelings"Dr. Will Cole Website Podcast: The Art Of Being Well Follow @healthinstitute on Instagram! Join The Health Institute Newsletter!
Dr. Motley describes the signs and symptoms of UTIs, Kidney deficiencies, and Bladder infections. In this episode, we learn the solutions to healing chronic infections and the emotions associated with the kidneys and bladder. Other topics discussed are:What the symptoms of tight hip flexors and knee pain meanWhat it means when you have frequent urination at nightEmotions of the Kidneys and Bladder (fear)The horary cycle of the KidneysSigns of bladder infectionsWhy you could be experiencing hair lossPrevalence of yeast and fungal overgrowthsWhy your Kidneys get tiredEmotional techniques to support Kidney and Bladder health: EFT, neurofeedback, and tappingHow to strengthen the kidneys with herbals (Phyllanthus, Schisandra, dandelion root tea, neem, chrysanthemum)Follow @healthinstitute on Instagram! the Health Institute Newsletter!
Author and registered dietitian Maya Feller, shares her unique approach to healing metabolic conditions using a food as medicine approach to wellness.Ever wonder how to cook for the varying health needs of your family?Maya explains how it IS possible to cook for your heritage, individual preferences, and healing requirements.Other topics discussed in this episode include:Treating the person first, before nutritionWhy finding joy in life is critical to well-beingRest vs. sleepMetabolic diseases and the link in nutritionPost dinner walksStrategies for cooking in the homeThe nervous system's connection to digestionHow to establish a culture of wellness in your homeThe incubation of metabolic conditionsMaya Feller’s Maya Feller's Websitewww.mayafellernutrition.comMaya Feller's
The small but mighty gallbladder!This episode with Dr. Motley dives deep into the design of your gallbladder and the functions it carries out. Topics covered in this episode:Dehydration and the connection to bile productionBile and hormonesDebunking the myth that you don’t need your gallbladderWhy you can develop gallstonesThe influence of emotions on your gallbladderParasites and viruses in the gallbladderHow the gallbladder can impact the brain and lymph nodesHow viruses like strep can impact your gallbladder healthHerbs for gallbladder health (Phyllanthus, pectin, lemon juice, goldenthread)
Dr. Tony Ebel takes us into his world of pediatric chiropractic care. His approach addresses the “perfect storm”' where early stress impacts the nervous system of children and the sequence of stressors that lead to a sympathetic dominant state (pre-pregnancy). Dr. Ebel describes why maternal distress and birth trauma are two key pieces left out of the assessment of a child's health and development. We discuss the methodology behind Dr. Ebel’s practice to evaluate and treat children and young adults with complex physical and behavioral conditions and some of the miraculous cases he’s witnessed in practice. Other topics of discussion:Rising rates of autismDelayed motor skillsThe normalization of symptomatology in childrenWhy most practitioners are missing the signs of imbalance in childrenHow HRV can be used to evaluate children’s healthWhy supplements and natural alternatives might not be workingHow to find a good partner in your child’s health journeyExperts in Drug-Free Pediatric Health Care: pxdocs.comBook a call with Dr. Tony's Team: 20% off our NEW Ancient Remedies course & community!
In this episode, Courtney discusses a topic that has been hitting the headlines in recent years, breast implant illness. She talks about the threat that breast implants have to our bodies and the history of breast implants and the FDA’s most recent “black box warning” on these devices. Other topics on this episode: What are the symptoms of BIISilicone vs. SalineHeavy metals found in implantsHow to find a good surgeonFinding support“Killer Breasts: Overcoming Breast Implant Illness” by Diane Kazer“The Naked Truth About Breast Implants” by Dr. Susan KolbExplant Surgeons:
Dr. Amy Shah discusses the role that our microbes play on the health of our brain. She describes that in order to control your mind you have to change your gut. The diversity and health of your gut determines much of your mood, cravings and drives behavior. Other topics discussed in this episode are:-Rising rates of teen depression-Role of serotonin and dopamine-Inflammatory responses and the impact on the brain-Why you may have food sensitivities-The link between low diversification of microbes and poor digestion-Psychobiotics-Chemical signaling and quorum sensing-Butyrate and digestionLearn More about Dr. Amy Amy Shah Instagram: @fastingmd Get 20% off our NEW Ancient Remedies course & community!
Dr. Mike Belkowski talks to us today about the healing effects of red light therapy and infrared light. We learn about the sun's natural infrared healing capacity and why our indoor lifestyle has contributed to our diminished exposure. We discuss the applications of red light therapy and how red light drives energy in the body. If you’ve been on the fence about trying this type of healing therapy you’ll want to give this one a listen! More topics covered in this episode:-Potential of longevity based on genetics -Difference between red and near infrared light-Science of red light Dr. Jack Kruz (infrared researcher)-Are sunglasses harming your health-Near infrared for gut and brain health -Red light and oral health -Frequency of using red light therapy for physical improvements -Light radiance and therapy dose Mike Belkowski IG: @dr.mikebelkowskiRed light report podcast: Dr. Mike BelkowskiGet 20% off our NEW Ancient Remedies course & community!
Understanding stomach Qi and how it relates to infection, inflammation and diseased states. How food, toxins, viruses and stress create and perpetuate symptoms of gut irritation. Learn the herbs and nutrients that support the gut lining and Fulvic and Humic minerals and their role in gut repair. Health Inst website link: Health Inst instagram: Healing Leaky gut program: Get 20% off our NEW Ancient Remedies course & community!
Ari Whitten is an energy researcher and pioneer. In this episode, he describes the mechanisms of energy production and how various factors like sleep, viral load, circadian patterns, and nutrition, all impact the cell’s innate response to produce energy. Ari shares what supplements, vitamins, and herbals are his favorites for supporting healthy and balanced energy, and how to learn more by connecting with his resources. 3:36 Ari’s history with EBV and personal journey 9:55 Cell danger response15:35 What causes the energy production in your cells to shut down23:10 Gut-mitochondrial axis24:45 Caffeine and its impact on energy levels27:43 Neurotransmitters and caffeine 36:08 Light and nutritional inputs for circadian rhythms 39:20 Melatonin and mitochondrial damage52:36 Ellagic Acid from phytonutrients 56:10 Rhodiola Rosea for fatigue57:09 Hormesis59:24 Athletic performance and Astaxanthin1:06:40 Supplement review Get 20% off our NEW Ancient Remedies course & community!
Did you know you have four seasons in your female menstrual cycle?Each week your hormones transition into a different season that requires an individual approach to your nutrition, movement and lifestyle. Learn how to eat for your metabolism and nourish your body to optimize your metabolism.Get 20% off our NEW Ancient Remedies course & community!
We sit down with Jason Prall to chat about longevity in various cultures around the world, childhood trauma and how it can affect us, using trauma as a catalyst for growth, finding alignment in life with right energy around you, figuring out the deeper truths of you are and what you want to do, the importance of healing yourself from outside sicknesses to live a healthy long life from a purpose perspective, and tapping into your purpose and potential.Get 20% off our NEW Ancient Remedies course & community!
Evan H. Hirsch, MD, (also known as the EnergyMD) is a world-renowned Energy expert, best-selling author, and professional speaker.He is the creator of the EnergyMD Method, the science-backed and clinically proven 4-step process to increase energy naturally. Through his best-selling book, podcast, and international online telehealth programs that can be accessed from everywhere, he has helped thousands of people around the world increase their energy and happiness.
20% OFF EATPLUCK WITH CODE "ANCIENTHEALTH" OR "HEALTHINSTITUTE" AT CHECKOUT We sit down with professional chef James Barry to discuss the nutrients and vitamins in organ meat and why we should consume them, myths and misconceptions around safety of organ meat, sourcing organ meats, his freeze-dried organ powder company Pluck and how it can turn kids from picky eaters into adventurous eaters, how to ease organ meats into your diet, and organ meats as prenatals.US wellness meats @chefjamesbarry:
THERASAGE AFFILIATE CODE "HEALTHINSTITUTE" FOR 10% OFF Besner, founder of Therasage, shares the therapeutic benefits of red light and infrared saunas. You will learn what to expect when using a sauna, how infrared changes the way you detox and how everyone can benefit from this technology.
Emily Morrow, FNTP, is a blood chemistry expert that breaks down what routine lab work means for your health. She describes the difference between conventional ranges and optimal ranges as well as what markers you should consider running. She demystifies the misconceptions of Vitamin D, Iron, and cholesterol markers and unpacks hidden root causes of liver enzyme imbalances.
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Chandra Richards

this is such great information!! I found Dr Moos super knowledgeable and fun to listen to.

Oct 20th

Anna Banana

It would be helpful if Dr Bhatia could address the negative Google reviews stating exorbitant costs and the Dr not responding to patients in a timely manner.

Oct 10th

Michelle Barbieri Bailey

great episode! sharing with others.

Jun 29th

Discernment Queen

A little more volume please. Thanks!👍🏽

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Kimberly Gray

so interesting to know how many things the tonque can tell about our health

Feb 3rd

Ray S

I'm so excited the Dr. Axe Show is live again!

Jan 14th
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Love this podcast!! so informative and makes the drive to work less boring!

Jan 11th
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