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And That's What You REALLY Missed

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Calling all Gleeks! We’re baaaaack…again.

Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams) and Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina Cohen-Chang) are heading back to William McKinley High School to rewatch all 6 seasons of Glee!

We’re taking you all the way from McKinley High to New York City, from the choir room to Nationals, and from the Super Bowl to a world tour!

We’ll look back on your favorite moments and never before heard stories with a slew of guests including cast, crew, celebrities and you, the fans!

So warm up those vocal chords and tune those ears, because it’s all coming out on And That’s What you REALLY Missed, an iHeartRadio Podcast.
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Gleek Fan Takeover

Gleek Fan Takeover


It goes without saying, but without the fans, there would be no Glee!!  Jenna and Kevin are back talking to some of Glee's biggest fans, like Alexa, who recaps each episode of this podcast on X with her "without context" tweets!  Alexa turns the tables on the duo, wondering if they created backstories for their characters. Jenna reveals that she did! And how it helped her in the audition process with Ryan Murphy. Kevin also dishes which star he wanted to play his dad and why!  Plus, Alexa tells Kevin and Jenna what to expect in the upcoming seasons, including some storylines that the duo can't believe really happened!See for privacy information.
Not many got close to the ruthless, sharp-tongued Sue Sylvester, except Becky Jackson! Lauren Potter joins Jenna and Kevin to discuss her iconic role as Becky, including how she got the role, what it was really like working with Jane Lynch, one of her favorite days on the set involving Cory Monteith, and, of course, Becky and Artie's date at Breadstix!  Plus, Lauren reveals what it was like being appointed to the President's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities, going to the White House, and meeting Michelle Obama!See for privacy information.
Glee Dream Tour

Glee Dream Tour


It's the Glee Dream Tour that never was!  After Season 3, the Glee cast had an actual hiatus! At the time, they were ecstatic about the break, but now they wish they had done another tour.  Welcome to Jenna and Kevin's Workshop, where they build their dream tour! Although they have wildly different ideas, they work together to narrow their dream setlist, including a Cell Block Tango performance, songs from Whitney, Michael, and Rihanna, the guest stars they want, and even the stage layout! Will listeners agree or disagree with their final choices?See for privacy information.
He's back! YouTuber and super Glee fan Mike's Mic joins the podcast to put a bow on Season 3! The content creator gave Jenna and Kevin a rundown of Season 3 before they started re-watching it, and now it's time for the roundup! Did they agree with his pre-notes? The trio talks about their favorite songs from the season and compares them to the fans' top picks, favorite memorable highlights, and a teaser for season 4! Foggy on the details but not the memories, Jenna and Kevin get a sneak peek at what's to come, including the spectacular cameos, most unhinged moments, and what worked and didn't ... leaving them both excited and scared!  The duo also celebrates Mike's Mic's huge milestone! 1 million followers on YouTube!! Plus, he shares details on his newest project, a recap of Lost Season 2! See for privacy information.
Even though the curtain is closing on Season 3, the fun is not over yet! Jenna and Kevin are back with your votes for Season 3’s top five favorite songs, episodes, and couples. There are some surprising rankings, some not-so-surprising winners, and a tie! Let the overview begin! Plus, the thing Kevin thinks there was not enough of in season 3 or all of Glee, for that matter and Jenna reveals she was super sick during an upcoming episode and was allowed to go home, but she refused! She spills all.See for privacy information.
Blaine Anderson himself is on the pod!! And his stories are so good we are back with Part 2! Darren Criss joins Jenna and Kevin to talk about his journey on Glee, including meeting Chris Colfer for the first time and the sweet and funny story of what Darren did to get to know Chris better. He also breaks down the filming of "Somewhere Only We Know," shares his favorite Glee songs, and cringe…he talks about his most unhinged storyline.  Plus, Darren reveals how he really feels now about his time on Glee, his first time hanging out with Dianna and Naya, and a crazy full-circle moment involving Glee and Comic Con you won't want to miss! See for privacy information.
Blaine Anderson himself is on the pod!! Darren Criss joins Jenna and Kevin to talk about his journey getting on Glee, including auditioning for the show's pilot for the role of Finn, what he did differently in his second audition, what it was like joining the hit show, and the shocking revelation that he never saw himself doing musical theater! Yes, the Broadway star reveals he didn't think he was talented enough for that?!  Plus, the duo is amused to learn of Darren's request to Ryan Murphy involving Artie and Santana, the surprising way Darren recorded his first few songs for The Warblers ... a completely different process from the rest of the cast, and the time Darren got Kevin drunk at a karaoke bar and got him to belt out a Broadway show tune!See for privacy information.
It's the Season 3 Finale! Graduation is here, and while it may feel like the end … it's just the beginning of something new! Jenna and Kevin remember many tears behind the scenes, especially during "You Get What You Give." They both admit it felt more like a series finale with major turning points, such as Finn and Rachel breaking up, Rachel heading to N.Y. but not Kurt, Mercedes flying to L.A., and Brittany not graduating … Plus, Gloria Estefan plays Santana's mom, Jenna steals a jacket from the set, and many deleted scenes you didn't see because they had to trim 15 minutes from the show!See for privacy information.
Q&A Time!

Q&A Time!


Before season 3 comes to a close, it's time for a Q&A!   Jenna and Kevin are back answering your most burning Glee questions, including the questions they are so tired of answering! The duo also reveals that they were each other's first on-screen kiss, but you might not know that they made out many times off-set, too!! They kiss and tell! Plus, Kevin talks about attending Elton John's Oscar Party and hanging out with Amber Riley and Chris Colfer but not being able to keep up with them, meeting legendary drag queens Shangela and Sasha Colby, and what they feel about getting ready to experience season 4 and all its crazy storylines!=See for privacy information.
It's happening! The New Directions win at Nationals!Jenna and Kevin remember having to film an alternative ending where they didn't win to throw off any potential spoilers, the return of Whoopi, Lindsay Lohan's debut, and the scene where the cast was surprised, and their genuine reactions made the cut! Plus, Kevin's kernel dilemma, the popcorn scene that made him feel ill and why he couldn't look at Naya, Jenna's surprise sparkling cider shower, and a fun insider scoop about the Celion Dion song selection!See for privacy information.
Unsung Hero John Lock

Unsung Hero John Lock


John Lock was in the choir room as much as the entire Glee cast! The Music Producer and New Directions drummer joins Jenna and Kevin with some fun Glee scoop, including how he got the gig after one email, being a 19-year-old on a hit show, why the band members were not allowed to speak or sing, and admitting he never got sheet music before an episode! Plus, John talks about DJing at Jenna's wedding and Naya Rivera's infamous Snixxmas Christmas parties … and the cast member who split his pants on the dance floor!See for privacy information.
It's Tina's turn to shine! Jenna and Kevin are back to talk about Tina's big episode! The one where she falls into a fountain (she did her own stunts) and wakes up as Rachel! It's Glee's version of Freaky Friday! Jenna shares how she felt when she got the Tina-centric script, what made her nervous, how she nailed Lea's mannerisms, how the cast felt playing each other, and Kevin and Naya's special request revealed!See for privacy information.
TikTok star and host Jake Shane joins Jenna and Kevin to talk about his favorite show, GLEE, but not before freaking out a bit!  Could Jake be the "Queen Gleek" of them all? He tells the duo that he's loved the show since he was a little kid and how he's still not over being grounded and missing the live tour. The trio also discusses their favorite Glee numbers, including a shocking pick, and now that he's older and re-watching the show for the fourth time, what he really thinks of some of the plot lines!  Plus, Jake talks about how he went from a theater kid to TikTok fame, why he started his podcast, and his own Glee fanfic involving his dream Taylor Swift Tribute! See for privacy information.
Grab your boutonnieres because we're going back to Prom!  Jenna and Kevin have loads of behind-the-scenes scoop on this Dino-mite episode, including the lengths production went through to make this a 'Rexcellent' Prom! Find out how Ryan Murphy himself helped out with the design!  Plus, Kevin and Jenna reveal why they had the most fun performing during prom episodes, the Prom look that had the duo cracking up, and Jenna's nieces are now Gleeks, and they have a special request for their Auntie!!See for privacy information.
The Glee kids could sing, but where did their confi-dance come from?  Glee's Co-choreographer, Brooke Lipton, is back with Jenna and Kevin to talk about why "Bad" is her least favorite number, the challenges of shooting in season 6, learning routines for the Glee arena tour in a couple of days, and which actor she crowns the most improved dancer!  Plus, Brooke answers fan questions! See for privacy information.
The Glee kids could sing, but how did they get those moves?  Glee's Co-Choreographer, Brooke Lipton, joins Jenna and Kevin to reveal how they got the cast to bust a move! From dancing boot camp to rehearsals, to taking us inside the creative process, why a platform had to be built on stage for Brooke, and breaking down some of their biggest dance numbers, like the one in the pool where they couldn't touch the bottom!  Plus, Kevin shares a story about running into Brooke years before Glee when she was dancing for Britney Spears! See for privacy information.
Jenna and Kevin are back to unpack a packed episode that features Whoopi Goldberg's debut, the return of Nene, and NYADA auditions! Kurt and Rachel try different approaches. One plays it safe, one takes a risk, and one ends up choking on stage!!  The duo can relate to the on-screen pain and relive their own 'fails,' including Kevin's super embarrassing (he still cringes) audition for "Spring Awakening," which leads Jenna to give a great inside look at the real world of musical theater auditions, including why you should take a risk with your song choice and the importance of building your book. Plus, Jenna talks about the song and scene they recorded that never made air, as well as behind-the-scenes details of the "Shake It Out" performance, including a special moment she will never forget! See for privacy information.
Glee Powerhouse Amber Riley

Glee Powerhouse Amber Riley


The one and only Mercedes Jones herself is on the pod! Amber Riley joins Jenna and Kevin for a laugh-out-loud good time, full of behind-the-scenes scoops, including dropping a major bomb ... Mercedes was supposed to lose her virginity to Sam on the show! Say what?!! She shares why that ended up not happening, why she walked off the set during the MJ Tribute episode, and an inside look at how some of her iconic riffs on the show came to be. Plus, what Amber really thinks about "Samcedes," a hilarious story on how "Game of Thrones" almost killed her voice, and scoop on her new movie "Single Black Female 2: Simone's Revenge" premiering Saturday, 3/2 at 8/7c on Lifetime!See for privacy information.
The Glee Club is "so emotional" over the loss of Whitney Houston and getting ready to say goodbye to their high school years, so leave it to Mr. Schue to assign a project.  That's right, it's an electrifying tribute to the legendary Whitney Houston, and it starts strong with the opening performance of "How Will I Know" … a goose-bump-inducing number which leads Kevin and Jenna to wonder why Amber didn't get any solos this episode.  Plus, the song Kevin hated doing at the time, the scoop on the scene added to perhaps squash off-camera rumors, and the song they only had minutes to learn before shooting, so they hid the lyrics behind Jenna's back. Literally! See for privacy information.
WRITEUP: Was there anyone more unique than Unique on Glee?  Powerhouse performer and Tony Award-winning actor Alex Newell joins Jenna and Kevin to talk (and laugh) about their time on Glee and the Glee Project, but right off the bat ... Kevin gets called out by Alex for something he said more than a decade ago! You won't believe what was allegedly said! Alex also reveals the challenging conditions they faced shooting The Glee Project on a campsite, what it was like to join Glee while still in high school, and so many hilarious behind-the-scenes stories that leave Kevin and Jenna literally gasping for air!See for privacy information.
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