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Ask Us Anything

Ask Us Anything


The first "Ask Us Anything” episode!  Kevin and Jenna answer fan questions and address the current rumors of past on-set drama and reveal what really happened behind the scenes! Plus, find out what they have to say about some of the guest stars...and Q&A with the Snixxmas contest winner which includes, hardest songs, favorite storylines and so much more! See for privacy information.
Find out what about this episode Kevin and Jenna described as “cringe” and left Kevin feeling queasy. But despite those feelings there were admittedly some heartfelt moments to fill the void. And, some tea is spilled as to why Kevin was pulled from performing a certain song!See for privacy information.
800 songs in 6 years. That’s what Tim Davis accomplished as the vocal arranger on Glee! Find out how he did it, what the day to day was like behind-the-scenes, which song took him 27 hours to do... and what he’s currently doing with Jane Lynch!See for privacy information.
Wheels Up! (S.1 E.9)

Wheels Up! (S.1 E.9)


You know it was a good episode when watching the recap brings all the same feels! As difficult as the performances were, there was plenty to keep their spirits up (not to mention to dish about.) And not to be missed…this episode included Jenna and Kevin’s first kiss! Awkward…(but not really)!See for privacy information.
Kevin and Jenna break out the director’s chair for one of television's most successful and honored directors, Paris Barclay! Paris was at the helm for 9 episodes of Glee and has got plenty to dish! Not only on Glee but from some of his other high profile projects that included Elizabeth Taylor, LL Cool J and the Netflix hit show Dahmer!  Quiet on the set! We’re rolling…See for privacy information.
Kevin and Jenna recap the Mash-Up episode including the truth behind the slushies and why things suddenly got very real. Plus a ‘Friends’ comparison, a piece of Glee history and find out what a music superstar said to a cast member after seeing them perform their song.See for privacy information.
The Secret’s Out

The Secret’s Out


We unlock the vault with the Queen Supremes from RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race!  Brooke Lynn Hytes, Monét X Change and Jujubee reunite with Jenna and Kevin.  Find out what came first, the Glee or the Drag…plus all the details on Jenna’s secret within the secret!  There’s a lot to share and lucky for us, this group is ready to sing!See for privacy information.
From having to change the title of the episode to breaking the fourth wall to Baby-Gate, this episode had it all.  Jenna and Kevin discuss why they think this was one of the funniest and politically incorrect episodes of the season.  Plus, they reveal the secret to Mr. Schue’s curly hair and if “Ride With Me” performance was really unscripted!See for privacy information.
Howard Bambooooo is here!  Kent Avenido joins Jenna and Kevin and shares how Howard Bamboo was not the role he auditioned for, what it was like meeting Glee special guest (and “angel sent from heaven”) Josh Groban and how one fan on Twitter honors his character in a very special “Sheets-N-Things” way! See for privacy information.
It’s the most wonderful time of the year as Jenna and Kevin are joined by Darren Criss singing your favorite holiday songs.  Plus they share their favorite holiday traditions, food, music and memories from “Glee!” See for privacy information.
The Snixxmas Special

The Snixxmas Special


Jenna and Kevin are coming to you LIVE from the iHeart Theater for this very special Snixxmas episode in loving memory of Naya Rivera to benefit the Alexandria House. Don’t miss this holiday episode filled with special guests, games, fireside chats with the cast and crew of “Glee,” performances and more as they keep the Snixxmas spirit alive!See for privacy information.
Jenna and Kevin discuss the first ever Glee boys vs. girls mash-up!  They weigh in on who had the better mash-up and how Jenna still has not recovered physically from this episode. Plus, for the first time they start to realize the effects of the show growing in popularity as the cast travels to perform the National Anthem at the 2009 World Series! See for privacy information.
Everybody has someone in their lives who they look at and think, “if it weren't for them I wouldn’t be here.” Generally that person is different for everyone, except when it comes to the cast of Glee…then that person is casting director Robert Ulrich! Robert joins Jenna and Kevin to dish on how they whittled 50 thousand auditioners to 30, share never-before-heard stories from those auditions and what roles were the hardest to cast.  It's a behind-the-scenes from before there were scenes.See for privacy information.
This episode had it all…Kristin Chenoweth as the show’s first guest star, the first performance with all 12 cast members and it set the groundwork for the next 6 seasons. Perfection right?!  Well, apparently there was a lot more than met the eye. Kevin and Jenna take us down the roads of “The Rhodes Not Taken.” See for privacy information.
Kevin and Jenna are joined by their friend and the winner of The Masked Singer, Amber Riley. Amber takes Kevin and Jenna behind the scenes of the show. 
 Plus, she reveals the fallout from a famous scene from Glee and gives details on the alternate Glee intro that never aired.See for privacy information.
And That’s What You REALLY Missed - The SNIXXMAS Special Tickets here: And That’s What You REALLY Missed - The SNIXXMAS Special – Mandolin Box Office While this episode was certainly time to shine for some, there was some serious BTS drama going on that Kevin and Jenna are ready to let us know about. Including; Beyoncé induced anxiety, an Australian dust storm and how a red spider almost derailed a scene. See for privacy information.
And That’s What You REALLY Missed - The SNIXXMAS Special Tickets here: And That’s What You REALLY Missed - The SNIXXMAS Special – Mandolin Box Office If things seemed calm surrounding Heather and her storylines, then you missed a lot! From having to re-audition for Beyoncé, to being confronted by Naya Rivera, to having an IBS attack on the way to set (and rolling with it!)…Brittany S. Pierce a whirlwind. But with all the stress, there was a lot of fun too and Heather is here to reveal everything you REALLY missed with Kevin and Jenna!See for privacy information.
And That’s What You REALLY Missed - The SNIXXMAS Special Tickets here: And That’s What You REALLY Missed - The SNIXXMAS Special – Mandolin Box Office While the Acafellas were being born (and disbanding) the phenomenon that was Glee was continuing its meteoric rise.  Kevin and Jenna explain the warm welcome and wild experience they had while in Australia for the airing of this episode (which may or may not have entailed a hangover hike.)  Find out who was star struck meeting Josh Groban, some never shared before casting tales and how episode 3 broke barriers for network TV.See for privacy information.
And That’s What You REALLY Missed - The SNIXXMAS Special Tickets here: And That’s What You REALLY Missed - The SNIXXMAS Special – Mandolin Box Office Long before Kendra was helping her sister Terri fake her pregnancy, Jennifer Aspen was on the brink of Glee-dom. Jennifer joins Kevin and Jenna as she shares the story of being turned down from the show and how she ultimately, literally became Kendra. Plus does Glee fame make you a cool parent? And Jennifer's big regret from the show. See for privacy information.
And That’s What You REALLY Missed - The SNIXXMAS Special Tickets here: And That’s What You REALLY Missed - The SNIXXMAS Special – Mandolin Box Office Sure we all remember the assembly, the Cheerios’ ulterior motives, Rachel and Finn growing closer, not to mention Mr. Schue’s after hours job and who could forget the truth about Terri’s pregnancy but…what don’t we know about all of this?! Well you’re about to find out, including…the “Push-It” performance (and who grew closer with each other due to its…nature)…Kevin’s favorite moment of the episode…and what made Jenna cry in the rewatch. Plus was Terri’s character based on someone? All that plus… Kevin calls one of the cast to set the record straight. If time travel isn’t possible…this recap is the closest thing to it!See for privacy information.
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Trilly Fly

do you ever talk about Mark on this show? has anyone reached out to you about the upcoming g three part series on ID?

Jan 7th

Ethan Caleb-Johnson

happy it's back but it's soooooooo quiet

Oct 31st
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