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And That's Why We Drink

Author: Christine Schiefer, Em Schulz

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Murder and the paranormal finally meet! Grab your wine and milkshakes and join us every Sunday for some chilling ghost stories and downright terrifying true crime stories. The world's a scary place. And that's why we drink!
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Welcome to episode 320, where Christine is mad at Em and Eva and has demanded to address it publicly, even though it was their dream selves who did her wrong. This week Em brings us a topic Christine has been asking for: Ley Lines! Then Christine covers the tragic cold case of Lauren Spierer. And do we need a pair of surveying stilts? ...and that's why we drink! Don't miss us in Ohio next week!
We’ve got episode 319 coming at ya and we’re peeling back the proverbial curtain on Slack channel microphone mishaps and podcaster group chats! First Em brings us a continuation of their last story on crossroads and liminal spaces with the Goddess Hecate, who among so many other cool things is the goddess of ghosts - how are we only just now learning that? Also, Hecate, help! …us with boundaries. Then Christine covers a topic Em requested (and neglected to mention has a personal connection to), the murder of Janet Aboroa. And is anyone’s favorite food mustard? Write in and let Christine’s inner child know… and that’s why we drink!We can’t wait to see you in Ohio! Make sure to get your tickets to our Columbus and Cleveland shows at
It's episode 318 and it's happening, it's happening... We're bringing you some throwback chaotic energy this week so tune in to hear how Christine lost Em's only pair of shoes at the Portland airport and Eva ran their rental car out of gas. Em also covers the topsy-turvy topic of Crossroads (sadly not the Brittney Spears movie circa 2002). Then Christine brings us the tragic and unexpected story of the murder of Molly Watson. And as we always say, "first bag, last bag"... and that's why we drink!Don't forget to join us on our brand new spooky tour, On the Rocks! Get your tickets at
In episode 317 we're checking in to make sure you've taken your mins and supps (vitamins and supplements). If not, join us in a vitaminute! We're also bringing you the creeps with Em's story of the Tallman House in Wisconsin. We never thought we'd hear about haunted bunk beds. Then Christine covers the tragic tale that led to gas station staff using the buddy system, the abduction of Katie Poirier. And are you a top or a bottom, very exclusively in bunk bed terms? ...and that's why we drink!We did it! We're so proud of our new live show, On the Rocks! Join us for the second half of our spring tour at
Listener Stories: Vol. 77

Listener Stories: Vol. 77


Happy March Madness (just our own madness, no basketball)! We're recording on Em's favorite day 2.22 and felt it was only fitting to bring you some synchronicities to match. You all sent us some wild synchronicities involving lions, forever kisses, sober signs, spooky skits and synchronicities gone too far. Are we 4,000 days old? And that's why we drink!We're so proud of our brand new live show, On the Rocks! Join us on the road at
Welcome to episode 316 at Em's Apothecary! We're here to cure what ails ya and bring you some creepy tales this week. First Em takes us on a wild ride through the seven deadly sins. Then Christine covers the also wild tale of Alice and Gerald Uden. And should we just talk about nervous poops? ...and that's why we drink!We can't wait to see you on the road with our brand new On the Rocks tour! Come get creeped out with us!
It's episode 315 and you're invited to become obsessed with opossums like Christine and Eva! Em is also invited but has rejected said invitation. This week Em brings us the story of the Torsåker Witch Trials of Sweden and Christine covers the murder of Connie Dabate. And what is prayer if not a spell... and that's why we drink!It's our first week on tour! We're so excited to bring you our brand new On the Rocks live show - come join us for a creepy, fun time!
It's episode 314, so call Lucy and tell everyone in the fiery place that we're throwing a big bash! We're celebrating our big 6th podcast anniversary with 6 haunted dolls so get your hook noses and creepy smiles ready. Then Christine covers the horrific story of Christa Pike, the youngest woman to be sentenced to death in the U.S. And are we ready for doll Vegas? We think not... and that's why we drink!We love you all so much and can't wait to see you on the road! Come join us for our brand new On the Rocks tour at 
Happy sweet 666, everyone! Get your Big Gulp milkshakes ready because episode 313 marks our darling, creepy podcast's 6th birthday! We could not be more grateful to all you boozers and shakers out there so in honor of the occasion Em brings us a hodgepodge story in a collection of haunted dorm rooms. Then Christine covers the wild story of the murder of Carole Garton. Start taking your supplements now... and that's why we drink!Ps. Check out our Feb. 1st listeners episode for some fun synchronicities!Check out our brand new On the Rocks tour, hitting the road this month! 
Happy FebRuary, folks! We hope everything is still going well this year and you're enjoying February so far, however you celebrate. A mystery is afoot AF in this batch of listener stories. We hear from folks who have stories for another day, cover their own creepy current family true crime and contemplate giving their number to a ghost in Gettysburg. And not to be outdone, we hear from someone whose boyfriend left them for a ghost. All while thoroughly creeping out Em and Christine for all the synchronicities related to episode 313 that we just recorded and comes out this coming week. Are we trauma bonded from a whole different lifetime? ...and that's why we drink!Join us on the road for our brand new On the Rocks tour!!
In episode 312 we're suggesting you chew on Dr. Scholl's shoe inserts at your own risk. But we are recommending a cryptid festival road trip for any who'd like to partake! And we're starting with the topic of Em's story this week, the Van Meter Visitor, or as Christine dubbed them, a time traveling monster with headlamps. Then Christine covers the brutal case of the Connecticut River Valley Killer, an unsolved 70's serial killer we can only hope is identified one day. And shout out to the video that's still up and available on the Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet YouTube of Christine's worst birthday party including a piñata full of beans... and that's why we drink!Don't miss our brand new creepy live show ON THE ROCKS!
Welcome to episode 311 where we're having a very Drew Barrymore moment and we're basking in it! We hope you enjoy our cool and crazed energy today as Em brings us tales of the Tower of London, a spooky call-back to 10 year-old Christine. Then current Christine covers the second part in her two part series on the case that originated Stockholm Syndrome. And are you telling us Lady Grey and Early Grey are married?? ...and that's why we drink!We're hitting the road again next month! Check out our full list of cities for our On the Rocks tour at
It's episode 310 and despite the movie-magic of our recording schedule we actually haven't recorded in a month! Tune in as we catch up on anxiety and nose piercings as well as all things creepy. First Em covers the wild history of the Banshee, who uses she/her pronouns, thank you for normalizing pronouns, Banshee. Then Christine breaks down Stockholm Syndrome for us and brings us part one of the case the term originated from. And get Ireland on the horn, because we've got some questions about spelling (and maybe grapes and cereal as well)... and that's why we drink!We can't wait to see you all on the road! Check out our tour page for show deets and tix!
It's episode 309 and there continue to be no hinges to speak of in the new year! First Em kicks off 2023 with the many UFO encounters of Terrell Copeland in their home state of Virginia. Then Christine covers the tale of Cordelia Botkin, the first murder by mail and a story of people with way too much privilege. And be sure to tune in if you've ever wanted to know how the different alien close encounters relate to sea monkeys of the 90s... and that's why we drink!New year, new live show! Don't miss out on tickets to our brand new "On the Rocks" tour starting next month!
Listener Stories: Vol. 75

Listener Stories: Vol. 75


Happy New Year!! We're still committed to not making any predictions because of how terribly that's gone in the past (it's a moot pursuit) but we're wishing all you boozers and shakers the absolute best this new year! We're also bringing you some of your own creepy submitted stories - no theme this time around, just general creeps, from a cursed Christmas ornament and a haunted plane to a Watcher House suspect and a celebrity mountain cult. And for February, we're calling everyone who ever sent us an email with the tagline "but that's a story for another day", now is your time! Send us your stories because today is the day! And that's why we drink!And speaking of February... WE'RE GOING BACK ON TOUR!! Be sure to get your tickets at
Happy episode 308! We mean, New Year! We recorded ahead so we don't have any predictions for the new year yet but we're still bringing the creeps this week. First Em tells the folklore of the Dullahan, from the Irish Otherworld. Then Christine brings us murders along the Appalachian trail. And, for now, we are at peace in the Troll Hole... and that's why we drink!Don't miss out on our brand new, spooky live show: On the Rocks! Here's the link to the video Christine mentions:
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Episode 307 is our official holiday episode where Em is bringing us a smorgasbord of creepy Christmas lore with Frau Perchta (Krampus's gal pal), Mari Lwyd, and Hans Trapp (a Christmas Scarecrow). Then Christine covers the brutal and tragic case of the murders of Ed and Minnie Maurin right before their own holiday party. And tune in for Christine's AP Music Theory class confessions... and that's why we drink!We're going back on tour! If you need last minute holiday gift ideas, get that special someone tickets to a show near you!
It's episode 306 and since it's earlier for us than usual and we just saw each other in person, we're a little extra unhinged! But we're here to bring you some holiday season creeps: first Em covers the Mackenzie Poltergeist and Greyfriars Cemetery. Then Christine brings us a very "Nightmare Before Christmas"-esque story with the extremely sad and perplexing Napa Valley Halloween Murders. And are we here to hook up Bumble BFFs who live next to cemeteries? ...and that's why we drink!
Welcome to episode 305, where we're reading the fucking room! This week Em brings us a story we covered on Sinisterhood, the Greenbrier Ghost, the tale of a spirit who helped solve her own murder. Then Christine covers the chilling case of the stalking of Laura Black. If you take away anything from this episode, please let it be that "No" is a full sentence... and that's why we drink!If you or anyone you know is experiencing stalking or would like to learn more, please visit the Stalking Resource Center at
In episode 304, Mommy comes back to get you... Em passes on a family tradition in the form of an out of tune song from traveling moms. Then they bring us the story of a Wisconsin werewolf, the Beast of Bray Road, the absolute last dog you want to cuddle. Then Christine brings us the lukewarm, we mean cold case of Athalia Ponsell Lindsley, who's murderer was pretty obvious to everyone except the people set to solve it. Also, keep an eye out for Christine who just might come to find you in your dreams... and that's why we drink!
Comments (883)


my favorite lines .... "what is a succubus?" "let's crack in to it". you guys make me laugh so hard!!!

Mar 14th
Reply (2)


Thank you for sharing these stories!!!!

Mar 13th


I love hearing anything about the Amityville Haunting.... and OMG just looked up the photo you guys were talking about.. Soooo creepy!!!

Mar 11th

Megan Trevino

It cut from commercial to the middle of Christine's story. So lost.

Mar 1st

Elyse Vanderpost

I always forget why I don’t listen to this podcast because badass women telling these kinds of stories is my jam. But then I have to skip through 30+ minutes of banter that I don’t care to hear and I remember.

Feb 11th
Reply (1)

Tanisha M. Wallis

Banshee and the Stockholms

Feb 1st

Austin J. Sacker

hell yeah! my home town!

Jan 30th


so glad I stumbled across this podcast. I think it will be a new favorite!!

Jan 30th

Ernest James Barron

When Em described banshee as a blue wolf like person in the X men I hink shes thinking of Beast. Banshee is a different person. He has sonic screaming and can fly.

Jan 16th

Amanda Johnson

I visited Clingman's Dome this year! It's beautiful but definitely steeper than it looks.

Jan 5th

Elegy Durge

Why I love Em and Christine.

Jan 4th

Adeline Ornelas

So far best episode , gave me chills. I don't scare easily.

Dec 1st

Adam Piller

I love this podcast so much. I just started listening two days ago and I’m hooked. You two are so much fun! Excited that I have so many episodes to catch up on.

Nov 18th

Lamine Bamba

Good morning

Nov 7th

Lamine Bamba


Nov 7th

Betsy Cromwell

ok, just so you ageist women know, this 63 y.o. loves to go on ghost tours. We're fun & I don't even know how to play mahjong! Love your podcast even if I am a boomer!

Oct 8th

wildspirit 67

Was that a final destination? Was she suppose to die with her mom and she survived so he was after her all that time? Its sad that happened. I hape she can rest in peace

Oct 4th

Roxanne Vignali

I am from the state of Washington. Visiting Forks for Twilight was a disappointment fun but disappointment. But love to hear stories from home.

Oct 3rd

Emily jane


Sep 28th

summer bear


Aug 28th
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