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Author: Andrew Schulz's Flagrant with Akaash Singh

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Flagrant is a comedy podcast that delivers unfiltered, unapologetic, and unruly hot takes directly to your dome piece. In an era dictated by political correctness, hosts Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh, along with AlexxMedia and Mark Gagnon, could care less about sensitivities. If it’s funny and flagrant it flies. If you are sensitive this podcast is not for you. But if you miss the days of comedians actually being funny instead of preaching to a choir then welcome to The Flagrancy.
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We got Sam Jay in the building to talk about “You People” on Netflix right now, working with Eddie Murphy, the pressures of being “the man”, and how she stopped cheating. Check her Netflix specials and catch her on tour. INDULGE! 00:00 Samdrew Jayte Joins Us 01:45 Cheating was a phase - Sam’s reformed 03:58 Bust the profile wide open - new calibre 06:50 Cheating + Clean for a year + Sam loves her Fiancee 18:51 Accepting your blessings 22:18 Aren’t Preachers just using God’s bars? 23:26 Who dissed Drake worse? 31:27 Andrew’s and Sam’s Amazing Performance in “You People” 37:01 Capitol riots + Whites don’t care about being White 40:49 A woman attaches her value to a man’s status 44:45 The responsibility of being a man - not understood well 48:38 Advice on being a great boyfriend 51:42 Being a great girlfriend & Pressure of being a man 56:06 Toxicity - masculinity and femininity 01:04:02 Cheating’s real impact 01:08:45 Stepping up + Emotional Risk 01:13:26 Give people the time to react 01:19:49 Everyone texted their girlfriend 01:21:22 The ick is real 01:24:11 Sam too rich to be in a rush 01:27:12 Sam is masc. + bumping into Exes 01:29:32 Atlanta allows Black people to feel free 01:36:37 People ruining the place we want to visit
00:00 Insta etiquette perving + Awful sliding DMs 14:42 Flagrant rizzing each other up 21:11 Dov’s dating AGAIN 27:18 Who is uncooler: Andrew v Mark? 40:15 M&Ms are still too sexy for Conservatives 44:04 Fully grown man dating woman trapped in 8 year old’s body 56:24 Hogwarts Legacy - is it ok to buy? 01:01:05 The Last of Us Episode 2 reaction 01:03:54 Girls at the gyms - trauma responses? 01:19:06 Chrisean & Blueface heading for a tragic ending 01:22:42 Courtroom Perc Pass to Young Thug
Yeerrrrr the boys went to fashion week and came back looking INDULGENT 00:00 Models hitting the runway 01:24 Andrew loves Paris now 05:33 We’re all hypocrites when it comes to Fashion 13:00 Mark isn’t fashionable enough 17:04 Chinese journalist breaks down Covid & Jack Ma disappearance 25:25 KidSuper was the show at Paris Fashion Week 43:20 Jamiel is an LGBTQIA+ ALLY 45:09 Akaash LOVES Las Vegas: guns, shows & not gambling 51:42 Chifftie + Andrew Poo Poo pants stories 01:02:24 Andrew found Adolf & Dov melted 01:09:02 Mark denies eating Andrew’s only almond croissant 01:19:43 Deadeye Alec Baldwin charged 01:31:26 Hilaria Baldwin Spanglish accent strikes again 01:38:59 Shannon Sharpe wants that smoke 01:42:02 Crowder v Shapiro 01:55:42 How about them Cowboys! 02:04:09 UK got the biggest CAKES
Today we got Andrew Santino / Bill Burr / Joe Biden/ Jordan Peterson in the studio to talk about his NEW Netflix special, what he would do if he won the lotto, and why Bobby Lee would get NOTHING. INDULGE! 00:00 - Santino is the king of L.A. + moving to NYC 02:21 - Bad Friends are going on tour + format 06:08 - LA scene is too fragmented + Rogan set the tone 15:20 - Santino wants to change things up 19:55 - Bobby has to put away his hog on tour 22:16 - Finding out girlfriends’ body counts 25:17 - Santino’s incredible Wikifeet score 29:17 - Bobby Lee has a higher score than Schulz 33:50 - Santino’s mum got a BMW + Dad got a gift card 40:01 - Mark thinks Santino is OLD 42:35 - Gay for pay? 47:17 - What’s the dream role? + Santino is a natural redhead 49:42 - Meat Beat Schedule 52:15 - Avatar will always make money + Top Gun in perfect 56:05 - Hollywood doesn’t take Comics seriously 01:00:28 - Biden drops by... 01:01:10 - Santino would say the N word… 01:06:31 - Mr Beast should stick to philanthropy 01:09:16 - Forget your dreams, get a real job 01:14:19 - Santino doesn’t want $100m + Schulz wants financial freedom 01:31:07 - The day Santino quit his job to pursue comedy 01:34:02 - Choosing to do a Netflix special 01:41:02 - “Cheeseburger” Andrew Santino’s new Netflix Special Redid them
00:00 - Andrew is a Renaissance man 06:46 - Jeff Bezos doesn’t want you to buy books 13:52 - “Sacred Flaw” in The Godfather part 1 15:40 - Akaash is awful tech support 17:39 - Andrew loves bulls + NYC embracing PBR 33:23 - Horse-riding is SCARY + Who wins between Bear v Gorilla? 37:20 - National Anthem is lit 39:17 - Catching up with everyone’s weekend 44:09 - Roasting EVERYONE’S fit 49:51 - Is Kim K trying to provoke Ye? 01:01:05 - Ecuadorian dad changes gender for his kids + twisting logic until it breaks 01:10:25 - Jake Paul signing with PGL 01:15:20 - Gervonta Davis really is elite 01:20:55 - Dillon Danis might not fight again 01:27:30 - No-one cares about Prince Harry… including his family 01:31:56 - George Santos is the GOAT liar 01:41:44 - N.W. Indian milky Wedding Tradition 01:47:04 - C. Ronaldo would rewrite Shariah law than marry his GF 01:55:00 - The Matrix hospitalised Andrew Tate? + Manosphere is the reaction to Feminism 02:19:18 - Bowling girl really is a great striker
0:00 - Tory Lanez is in....trouble 6:55 - Tory Lanez hit up Schulzy’s DMs, or did schulz slide first? 11:00 - akaash thinks ALL women’s lives matter 13:55 - is andrew tate’s castle even really a castle? 15:10 - andrew tate got hit with the Romanian RICO 19:17 - Top G needs to start appealing to Top Bs 40:50 - schulz always knew crypto is a ponzi scheme 49:17 - if your dumb friends are making money… it’s a trap 53:48 - schulz is the best landlord EVER 1:07:45 - will andrew tate go to jail? 1:09:46 - SBF’s gf is a worse snitch than tekashi 6ix9ine? 1:17:17 - akaash would be the first to get his cheeks clapped in jail 1:23:54 - would you rather get bopped 10x or bop someone once. 1:29:58 - Cristiano Ronaldo secured the €200m saudi bag 1:49:29 - who spends the holidays with their family?? That’s weird. 2:00:44 - psychic schulzy almost died surfing…AGAIN? 2:07:33 - Costa Rica is the coolest country in central america 2:13:20- schulz’s stomach is the FDA 2:22:27 - mexico is the GOAT 2:25:45 - akaash’s existential crisis: there’s not enough Indians at the st regis 2:34:30 - time with family is the family is the real Christmas present 2:35:51 - dov was rizzed up in Colombia 2:42:20 - tourism should always benefit the locals first
Flagrant BEST Moments 2022

Flagrant BEST Moments 2022


Thank you ALL for a GREAT 2022 - here's a little look back at what kind of Flagrancy we got into this year. See you all in 2023 for even more.
What's up everybody, we're back with a Flagrant OG Aba on the show and we've got a wild one for YOU - INDULGE 00:00 - Qatar securing the World Cup + flexing on ME 09:10 - Middle East is much more racist than you think 12:17 - Aba loves White Women too much to be Muslim 14:01 - How the Burqa was invented 16:40 - Islam is the future + Red Pill bigger than ever 20:01 - Aba - Is comedy hiding real political opinions? 30:37 - Aba never got pum pum after a comedy set 32:46 - I don’t think Aba can dance, yo 34:32 - Patrice O’Neal + Call Her Doggy podcast 37:32 - Different expectations for Black Men 39:10 - GOAT Ugandan Pastor + Dr Umar Johnson 42:18 - Aba delivered justice to a snow bunny 47:33 - BDSM is for weak men 49:00 - Are Americans the biggest cuhcks? 51:39 - No to kink-shaming + real equality 55:13 - Aba’s worst experiences happened with White Women 57:13 - GoFundMe for Big E’s Starlink to Brittany 58:25 - Aba is Muslim all along
What's up people, welcome to our first Flagrant PODUMENTARY. Throughout this episode we will intercut our favorite moments from watching the World Cup in Morocco. Before that, we will discuss the impact of this cup, Messi and Ronaldo's legacy, and why we're all North African. Thank you Jägermeister for making this wild adventure possible. Dima Maghreb!!! TIMECODES 00:00 - World’s greatest athlete has to be a footballer (or Floyd) 09:02 - Messi vs Penaldo 22:31 - iShowSpeed is a Ronaldo fan 24:10 - Landon Donovan gotta shave it + Mark got MAD head 28:35 - PODUMENTARY STARTS: The Moroccan Adventure 36:02 - We went to the Times Square of Marrakech 44:06 - Dov’s soft hands + Mark is a horrendous wingman 52:00 - Dov got hustled in Morocco 01:12:35 - KidSuper drops by… 01:45:17 - Andrew gets scared in the Medina 01:52:04 - What’s the next big adventure? 02:00:04 - Andrew is a born again football fan 02:04:15 - Akaash hates having fun
We're back with some Thursday HEAT - we've got Druski on the show to talk about his upcoming TOUR, his antics with Jack Harlow, ripping his pants at a 21 savage concert, streaming, & much much more. INDULGE 0:30 - Schulz is a journalist 0:45 - Using the Truck Stop Showers for nefarious reasons 1:50 - Druski attracted to bad women 12:10 - is Druski part of the JM 20:30 - how did Jack Harlow and Druski initially meet? 21:00 - Druski's MASSIVE fame 23:00 - how does Druski trust new people? 26:00 - Druski ready to snitch after being robbed 34:00 - Herschel Walker, what's up with him?? 51:00 - worst city to perform in 1:04:10 - BIG Druski tour coming up 1:10:30 - how to get women as a BIG GUY
What's up everybody, we got a fun one today right before the Flagrant guys leave for a quick trip to Morocco for the World Cup! Hear me more about Morocco, Britney Griner, Elon and Chappelle and much much more in this ep of the GREATEST HANG ON THE INTERNET. INDULGE 00:00 - Going to Morocco to watch the Semis 13:30 - Cultural Differences in Morocco 20:56 - Britanny Griner - Russia got the better deal 48:21 - Musk getting booed + Buffet capping 01:18:36 - Twitter files part 2 - shadow banning did happen 01:27:49 - Indonesia banning hook-ups in the jungle? 01:32:31 - Bored Apes Lawsuit 01:37:15 - AI taking over - Lensa & ChatGPT 01:52:42 - World Cup predictions - France, Mbappe being the best
Last week, Liver King was exposed by Derek From More Plates More Dates for doing massive amounts of steroids to maintain his physique, today he's with the boys to explain why he lied, if he will go completely natural, and what the future of Liver King will be... INDULGE! Time Codes coming SOON
Well... He did it again.. Kanye West Made Alex Jones Look Woke. Is this the end for Kanye? Schulz discusses why Art Basel sucks, why Ronaldo should come to the US, and why the Twitter files arent surprising. INDULGE! 00:00 - Jesus isn’t enough for Ye 07:30 - Manosphere love being cucks 24:37 - Dov is a Mid-Value Man 29:44 - Tate is a loss-leader of Islam 33:48 - Art Basel was the worst parts of Miami 57:29 - Child acting is abuse 01:03:53 - Andrew LOVES hanging out with MEN 01:17:05 - What is kismet? 01:18:24 - Ronaldo insane Saudi offer 01:26:23 - Zlatan’s confidence is insane 01:30:17 - World Cup predictions 01:34:38 - Crypto millionaires keep dying 01:40:48 - Hunter Biden Files + Twitter + Owning the internet
Flagrant had to bring on Ari Shaffir to discuss his new special on YouTube, his thoughts on Kanye, his trip around the world and much much more. 00:00 - Ari - Free Kanye 08:29 - Losing My Religion - Hallowe’en was banned 11:50 - Tour of SE Asia - bandits, bus buddies and brothels 43:20 - Shaffir’s special - promoting, fact-checking and future 54:57 - Spiked drinks, Boomers, Ayahuasca - insignificance makes you cherish everything 01:17:06 - Sephardis v Ashkenazis 01:28:56 - Ari’s new hour 01:33:32 - Balenciaga’s new CP advert
What's up people! Happy Thanksgiving! We had Neal Brennan on the show to talk about falling in love, his latest Netflix Special 'Blocks' and how DMT wrecked him. INDULGE! 00:00 - Trump v Biden - Neal thinks Biden wins 06:59 - Bottom tops, Oing noises 13:05 - Neal insults the studio 15:38 - Neal's DMs are different 19:39 - Falling in love - Neal does have feelings 27:53 - "Blocks" - jokes on divorces, retention & Schulz's help 34:25 - Neal doesn't want to risk having kids 45:12 - Correct techniques, blind musicians and bombing 54:28 - "Destroying" in stadiums - Fluffy, Rock, Hart 01:05:01 - Elevating specials - use all tools you can 01:09:17 - World Cup takes - Indian Neal Brennan joins in 01:16:43 - DMT & Ayahuasca - "my brain was drowning"
Whats good people, last year we had Pomp on when crypto was peaking, and now we gotta have him on that it's falling. We answer what is FTX, why did it collapse, and why doesn't Andrew tip. INDULGE! TIMECODES 00:00 - Pompliano in the house 01:54 - Pomp explains FTX, Alameda and SBF 17:49 - Did CZ want to destroy FTX? 26:58 - Is this 2008/Madoff all over again? 42:48 - Pompliano ain't leaving 52:05 - Bitcoin - early days, stability and future 01:01:05 - Tax loopholes and owning our wives 01:13:18 - Pomp interviewd SBF before 01:19:35 - Speculating on what got Larry David to do FTX ad 01:23:12 - Does Pomp want Crypto regulation? 01:27:17 - Biggest moments that made Bitcoin pop 01:38:01 - Andrew doesn't tip + Pomp can't afford Sweetgreens 01:44:12 - Alexx tips low for Xmas + Akaash lying about his 01:48:11 - Andrew's wife is a savage when it comes to tipping 01:52:44 - Trying to get Pomp to buy a Bitcoin, live!
Whats good people, we had to get Dr. Huberman (neuroscientist and researcher at Stanford University) to explain Schulzy's fetish, the benefits of NoFap, and which drugs are useful therapy. INDULGE! 00:00 - Why Andrew Schulz loves feet? 19:00 - NoFap rewiring the brain 23:59 - What we want v what we think we want 28:40 - Huberman is packing 31:20 - Kindness is the most attractive quality 42:04 - Sunlight - sets mood, focus and sleep at night 47:32 - Sleep is king - substance will impact your rest 58:14 - Let your brains develop before touching substances 01:03:17 - shrooms - effective treatment for trauma 01:08:42 - Mormons love drug therapy 01:11:25 - K therapy 01:15:35 - Gigachads don't mouth breathe 01:23:31 - Dance evolved into language 01:31:51 - Why is story so powerful? Politicians, lawyers, comedians. 01:48:36 - Peptides - everyone's gonna get swole 02:02:46 - Everyday tips for every body to use
OG family Israel “Stylebender” Adesayana is BACK on Flagrant for his FIRST post UFC 281 interview timecodes soon! Check out Izzy at:
DJ Akademiks Came through the studio to talk Lil Baby, Andrew Tate, Regina, Reginae Carter, Kanye West, & Tekashi 6ix9ine. THIS EPISODE IS SPICY. INDULGE
What up people, the greatest tech reviewer of all time Marques Brownlee Reviews Elon Musk, builds his dream iPhone, and talks about the future of Artificial Intelligence & Dall-e 2. INDULGE! Time codes 00:00 - Tech Window In the building! 06:00 - Emma Chamberlain Interview at the Met Gala 21:00 - Mark Zuckerbergs Metaverse 31:45 - Getting girls in college?! 40:16 - Is Tik Tok Manipulating us? 51:00 - Getting cash for reviews? 1:07:28 - The MKBHD iPhone collab? 1:22:00 - Elon Musk is the greatest tech pioneer 1:25:55 - Steve Jobs vs Tim Cook 1:33:00 - artificial intelligence & Dall-e 2
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