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Flagrant had to bring on Ari Shaffir to discuss his new special on YouTube, his thoughts on Kanye, his trip around the world and much much more. 00:00 - Ari - Free Kanye 08:29 - Losing My Religion - Hallowe’en was banned 11:50 - Tour of SE Asia - bandits, bus buddies and brothels 43:20 - Shaffir’s special - promoting, fact-checking and future 54:57 - Spiked drinks, Boomers, Ayahuasca - insignificance makes you cherish everything 01:17:06 - Sephardis v Ashkenazis 01:28:56 - Ari’s new hour 01:33:32 - Balenciaga’s new CP advert
What's up people! Happy Thanksgiving! We had Neal Brennan on the show to talk about falling in love, his latest Netflix Special 'Blocks' and how DMT wrecked him. INDULGE! 00:00 - Trump v Biden - Neal thinks Biden wins 06:59 - Bottom tops, Oing noises 13:05 - Neal insults the studio 15:38 - Neal's DMs are different 19:39 - Falling in love - Neal does have feelings 27:53 - "Blocks" - jokes on divorces, retention & Schulz's help 34:25 - Neal doesn't want to risk having kids 45:12 - Correct techniques, blind musicians and bombing 54:28 - "Destroying" in stadiums - Fluffy, Rock, Hart 01:05:01 - Elevating specials - use all tools you can 01:09:17 - World Cup takes - Indian Neal Brennan joins in 01:16:43 - DMT & Ayahuasca - "my brain was drowning"
Whats good people, last year we had Pomp on when crypto was peaking, and now we gotta have him on that it's falling. We answer what is FTX, why did it collapse, and why doesn't Andrew tip. INDULGE! TIMECODES 00:00 - Pompliano in the house 01:54 - Pomp explains FTX, Alameda and SBF 17:49 - Did CZ want to destroy FTX? 26:58 - Is this 2008/Madoff all over again? 42:48 - Pompliano ain't leaving 52:05 - Bitcoin - early days, stability and future 01:01:05 - Tax loopholes and owning our wives 01:13:18 - Pomp interviewd SBF before 01:19:35 - Speculating on what got Larry David to do FTX ad 01:23:12 - Does Pomp want Crypto regulation? 01:27:17 - Biggest moments that made Bitcoin pop 01:38:01 - Andrew doesn't tip + Pomp can't afford Sweetgreens 01:44:12 - Alexx tips low for Xmas + Akaash lying about his 01:48:11 - Andrew's wife is a savage when it comes to tipping 01:52:44 - Trying to get Pomp to buy a Bitcoin, live!
Whats good people, we had to get Dr. Huberman (neuroscientist and researcher at Stanford University) to explain Schulzy's fetish, the benefits of NoFap, and which drugs are useful therapy. INDULGE! 00:00 - Why Andrew Schulz loves feet? 19:00 - NoFap rewiring the brain 23:59 - What we want v what we think we want 28:40 - Huberman is packing 31:20 - Kindness is the most attractive quality 42:04 - Sunlight - sets mood, focus and sleep at night 47:32 - Sleep is king - substance will impact your rest 58:14 - Let your brains develop before touching substances 01:03:17 - shrooms - effective treatment for trauma 01:08:42 - Mormons love drug therapy 01:11:25 - K therapy 01:15:35 - Gigachads don't mouth breathe 01:23:31 - Dance evolved into language 01:31:51 - Why is story so powerful? Politicians, lawyers, comedians. 01:48:36 - Peptides - everyone's gonna get swole 02:02:46 - Everyday tips for every body to use
OG family Israel “Stylebender” Adesayana is BACK on Flagrant for his FIRST post UFC 281 interview timecodes soon! Check out Izzy at:
DJ Akademiks Came through the studio to talk Lil Baby, Andrew Tate, Regina, Reginae Carter, Kanye West, & Tekashi 6ix9ine. THIS EPISODE IS SPICY. INDULGE
What up people, the greatest tech reviewer of all time Marques Brownlee Reviews Elon Musk, builds his dream iPhone, and talks about the future of Artificial Intelligence & Dall-e 2. INDULGE! Time codes 00:00 - Tech Window In the building! 06:00 - Emma Chamberlain Interview at the Met Gala 21:00 - Mark Zuckerbergs Metaverse 31:45 - Getting girls in college?! 40:16 - Is Tik Tok Manipulating us? 51:00 - Getting cash for reviews? 1:07:28 - The MKBHD iPhone collab? 1:22:00 - Elon Musk is the greatest tech pioneer 1:25:55 - Steve Jobs vs Tim Cook 1:33:00 - artificial intelligence & Dall-e 2
00:00 - Kanye Reaction - Adidas, Lex and possible redemption? 38:43 - Brittney Griner ain't getting out 44:24 - Mississippi Day Care scaring Kids 51:00 - Crying meeting Messi? Soccer reporters are soft 53:38 - What counts as natural + define romance 59:30 - Brutal Blind Dating from The Cut + Mark Spinning 01:14:16 - James Gunn in charge of DC Universe
aaand we're back, sorry for being late but never the less... INDULGE 😈 00:00 - Andrew reacting to Kanye, Candace and Comments 21:20 - Not See's celebrating in LA 23:44 - Celebrating at Six Flags on Mushrooms 35:52 - Mark is a lousy friend 40:26 - House of the Dragons - pregnancies ain't hard 59:13 - H3H3 getting suspended from YouTube 01:06:55 - NYC Subway ain't that dangerous for NYers 01:09:07 - Alec Baldwin really is deluded 01:13:34 - Asian Subway Lady r*cist meltdown + NYC is crazy 01:26:09 - UFC 280 breakdown - shoulder pops, backpacks and Islam 01:33:18 - Jake Paul fight predictions v Anderson Silva 01:37:24 - Biden proves a deep state + Presidential candidates



00:00 - The Roast of Kanye 01:55 - Breaking down Kanye’s comments 54:07 - BTS enlists in South Korean army 56:35 - Bear going after climber 01:03:10 - House Of Dragon recap 01:12:42 - UFC 280 preview - BIG fights 01:17:19 - Dan Snyder is a wild boy 01:22:03 - Andrew and Snoop Dogg are doing a movie! 01:28:12 - James Corden gets banned from Restaurant 01:34:26 - Nancy Pelosi Rap is flames
Danny Brown is a wild boy & came through to tell us some of his WILDEST stories - show him some love andcheck out his pod after this one, you won't be disappointed! 00:00 Cheating takes too much effort 03:14 Top 1% of OF are special 05:28 It’s all Too $hort’s fault 07:12 Jail saved Danny + Registry was lit 21:27 Terrible dealer 22:21 The Ultimate “Revenge” Story 27:34 CIA targeted Danny 32:35 Captain Black Planet loves White Women 35:19 Danny girl’s saved his life 38:12 Dr Umar Johnson is the GOAT 40:08 Favourite musician + impact of LL Cool J 45:14 How Music career started 48:13 Detroit hated him at first 52:54 Fashionista because of his father 55:30 Eminem being an inspiration 01:03:36 SXSW + Austin made Danny 01:08:50 Addiction Struggles 01:11:49 Danny is NOT afraid of death
Bobby Kelly talks about his OG Flagrancy days of doing stand up with the legends, his weightloss journey, and some crazy stories of past roommates. INDULGE
Ramy Youssef from the hit Hulu show "Ramy" is here to educate Andrew Schulz on Christian Muslims, smashing your cousin, and who REALLY built the Egyptian pyramids. INDULGE! 00:00 - Ramy - Andrew’s new, favorite show 01:46 - Ramy Mexican Golden Doodle 04:30 - Don’t eat Egyptian salad 05:52 - Palestine + Cousin-loving 09:05 - Diversity + Mahershala Ali, Bella Hadid… 11:09 - Mia Khalifa isn't Muslim? 13:40 - Pyramids are the greatest 25:28 - New Ramy special taping in the new year 28:44 - We need Puerto Rican shows 29:40 - Repping your set + Negative feedback 34:41 - Impact of representation 39:08 - Feet cleaning + Burning Man’s impact 42:49 - Experiences with psychedelics 44:17 - 20 year old on a Nickelodeon show 49:34 - Serving others will settle everything 55:21 - Arabic swearwords
00:00 - Fifa, + Shane awkwardness 07:40 - Gillie and Keeves 22:41 - Exclusive sketch from Gillie and Keeves 36:00 - Giving Francis Ellis a second chance 39:19 - Bud Lights turn up 54:42 - Kensington is worse than Skidrow 01:05:14 - Shane doesn’t drink before a show… sometimes 01:13:50 - Shane being friends with Nate Diaz + gambling 01:28:49 - Shane hates compliments
Happy Thursday flagrant family, LETS GET IT! INDULGE! 00:00 - Salesman calls Neighbor the n-word?! 08:54 - Weekend Sports Predictions 20:53 - Post Malone Breaks ribs :( 24:50 - Body Challenge - Schulz Vs Dov 28:34 - Most influential: Beyonce v Cristiano Ronaldo 39:35 - Taylor Swift rejecting the Super Bowl 43:41 - Rihanna is that guy 47:18 - The Try Guys Ned Fulmer and Boston Celtics Ime Udoka
The greatest YouTube Creator of All Time MrBeast joins us in the studio today to discuss his new girlfriend, turning down $1 billion dollars, and why he wants to run for president. INDULGE! 00:00 - Start 02:35 - MrBeast humble flexes his riches 07:02 - Does More wealth make you lazier?! 08:03 - MrBeast's first video 10:52 - MrBeast's final video idea 15:44 - Elon Musk’s Twitter offer for MrBeast 21:35 - MrBeasts stalkers 31:27 - MrBeast's girlfriend 41:13 - Schulz reviews MrBeast Burger 46:16 - Schulz YouTube advice for MrBeast 47:22 - Was the buried alive video faked 54:58 - Beast’s foreign language dubbed channels 01:01:44 - YouTube is BETTER THAN Movies and Music 01:03:13 - MrBeast 2032 Presidential Run 01:08:45 - Uploading, delegating to his "clone" 01:14:44 - Power of storytelling for retention 01:19:32 - Old media not understanding power of YouTube 01:25:13 - MrBeast's old crew + making successful videos 01:29:46 - Thumbnails + old videos as examples 01:31:27 - Video that MrBeast thought would do well and flopped 01:34:01 - Andrew will be in a MrBeast video 01:40:52 - MrBeast slaps Andrew + growing with audience 01:44:25 - Most famous celeb in MrBeast's phone + power of influence 02:00:56 - Obsession - Food pantries, early YouTube & being an outsider 02:16:08 - First YouTube billionaires next year 02:19:43 - People not knowing MrBeast is an exciting opportunity for him 02:23:27 - Squid Game video breakdown 02:43:16 - Success of dubbing + employing experts + KNOWLEDGE 02:55:10 - MrBeast offered $1 BILLION for EVERYTHING 02:59:11 - Animations + future projects + storytelling 03:04:29 - Most emotional reaction + helping others + online hate 03:14:56 - how MrBeast met his girlfriend 03:25:04 - Alexander the Great inspiring MrBeast's domination 03:28:38 - "Hi me in 5 years " - Videos for your future self 03:31:20 - Feeling like an outsider + fitting in + levelling up
Bryan Callen on Meeting Brendan Schaub, Reading with Ben Askren, and The Fall of Will Smith! by
00:00 - Start 01:19 - Fenerbahçe v Galatasaray? 04:13 - Birthers coming for Hasan next? 05:22 - Turkish history - love, sweat and young boys 10:22 - Turks are Furries 11:48 - Heritage not Hate 14:54 - Abraham Lincoln loved his beard 21:15 - Turkish bottoms can’t have all the fun 24:44 - The Queen, sell-out Scots and Americans 28:55 - Princess Diana and the British Empire 39:48 - Hasan coup d’etated Andrew Tate? 46:06 - Balancing wealth with socialist principles 49:33 - Who tips the worst at Flagrant? Guess in the comments 01:00:14 - Pay the IRS 01:06:22 - Hasan loves streaming - combatting narratives 01:20:36 - How Elon Musk really makes his money 01:27:00 - Great Resignation, quiet quitting and unions 01:36:14 - Balancing principles with working with Amazon 01:44:27 - Is Hasan a Chinese agent? 01:50:56 - Nancy Pelosi knows how to use a whip
Jo Koy's Mom is WHITE!

Jo Koy's Mom is WHITE!


00:00 - Jo Koy and Fluffy sells the most tickets 01:58 - Netflix didn’t want Jo Koy either - “Too specific” 10:27 - Jo was the first comic Akaash ever saw in LA 16:10 - Jo Koy sells TICKETS - f*** your algorithm 18:31 - Jo is single now 24:36 - Jo going to perform in a volcano 31:15 “Live at the Los Angeles Forum” is his best one 33:10 - Everyone’s trajectory - talent is rewarded 37:09 - Matteo Lane and love for other comics 47:42 - If not stand-up then it would be directing 58:56 - Andrew is Filipino 01:03:34 - Jo’s motorcycle accident 01:10:04 - Jo is a hustler - Comic View, Showtime and Def Jam 01:33:00 - Jo reps LA, comedy start in Las Vegas 01:40:06 - Jo might have quit Comedy in 2015 01:41:40 - “You’re the only one that’s gonna sell yourself” 01:43:11 - Steven Spielberg is a massive fan 01:46:00 - What our mothers went through for us to be here 01:58:50 - Jo Koy’s impact 02:04:19 - Immigrants can only do certain jobs 02:13:49 - Performing in the Philippines
Whats up people! Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino from Bad Friends came by the pod to have maybe the most insane hour we've ever seen. Strap in and INDULGE! 00:00 - Intro 00:52 - Khalyla is moving out 01:58 - Marrying Rich 05:25 - Bobby Lee bombing 06:45 - Bobby exposing Akaash 09:27 - Bobby sober for 7 months… maybe 24:04 - Bobby would be hard if grew up hard 34:39 - Bobby and Akaash are the funny ethnic sidekicks? 41:00 - Santino is a phenomenal actor… 54:29 - Mark Gagnon can SING 01:00:00 - Bobby Lee can sing… Akaash catches a stray 01:15:28 - Harder performing in front of family 01:28:41 - Happy Birthday, Bobby
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Erik Wooldridge

Promoting dates super annoying but I understand. It's totally fine to be serious when you have a serious guest. It feels forced so much of the time.

Nov 18th

WhyYouMad IsOnlyGame

ak speak the truth

Nov 9th

Tom Smart


Nov 1st

Dan Fraser

Andrew destroyed this guy

Sep 25th

Reef Weston

Hasan Pikers a batch

Sep 22nd

Jesus Orozco

weird vibes 🤔

Aug 13th


sold his special twice good for you Andrew good for you

Jul 22nd


you guys need to look more into the whole AOC cat calling moment. there is a lot more going on there.

Jul 21st
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The more I listen the more I realize they aren't funny.

Jul 13th

Clay Overton

I cant download any episodes from this podcast only stream. shadowban?

Jul 13th

Rob Moore

why can't i download these anymore? i work in a machine shop and don't have wifi on the floor. This is garbage.

Jul 8th

Jesus Orozco

mark had th ik all wrong 😆 im 32 and i feel disconnected already and im ok with it fun times coming can i still call myself a bean? because i am.

Jul 1st

RedZedHead TV

another broken download @castbox #Castbox

Jun 24th


Downloads have automatically failed ever since Flagrant went to a new format

Jun 18th

RedZedHead TV

the download is broken, castbox

Jun 16th


everyone hates Brendan cause of exactly this dudes so out of touch with reality dude acta like the only reason anyone can dislike him is cause of their own life constant lies from this dude

May 5th

Grimm Jim

boo Brendan. not funny. no talent. boring.

May 3rd
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Wes Ortiz

sounds like the original King in the sting !!

Apr 21st

Daniel Stout

Joel Osteen doesn't have a church. He just preaches for Lakewood Church, which has a board an everything. And he preaches for free, taking no salary from the church. He made all his money from book sales, and he even used some of that money to help Lakewood Church buy their stadium. And before you condemn him for profiting off the Word of God with his book sales, consider this. He didn't even want to be a preacher. He did it as a favor to the church the weekend after their pastor died. The congregation and the board recognized genius when they saw him preach and it was them who demanded he write his 1st book. The measure of a man is what his friends say about him. Joel spends all his free time traveling the country preaching God's love and never once asks for money but you dog him as a charlatan while praising rappers who buy islands to party. Hypocrites quit spreading false information about a man of God and do your damn research and you'd see Joel is on the level. Peace

Apr 9th

Alireza Alavi


Apr 9th
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