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Syndicated radio star Angela Yee talks sex and relationships with the hottest stars in hip-hop and R&B. Join her and her friends each week as they coax stars into revealing their most intimate from the bedroom. It’s hip-hop like you’ve never heard before.
449 Episodes
Tahiry Jose and Dnay B join the ladies of Lip Service to promote their new podcast  'At This Big Age.' The crew discuss coping with breakups, building the perfect roster, marriage bootcamp and much more. Dnay even opens up about why her husbands cat was the reason they had to go to counseling. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
Artists Cash Cobain and Maiya the Don join the ladies of Lip Service this week and break down a range of topics! Maiya opens up about what she finds corny in men, Cash opens up about being lied to be all women, they discuss proper protocol while dating, and much more. Enjoy! See for privacy information.
Former pornstar/media broadcaster, Lisa Ann, and current adult actress, Kya join the ladies of Lip Service this week. They open up on a range of topics including Lisa Ann providing advice for Kya on how to pivot once finished with porn, Kya speaks on being stripped of her identity, and much more. Lisa even breaks down her favorite gang bangs! Enjoy! See for privacy information.
Singer/songwriter, Sir joins the ladies of Lip Service to promote his latest album 'HEAVY.' Sir opens up about his battles with drug addiction, going to rehab, working through infidelities with his wife, and much more. Sir even breaks down why marriage is so important to him. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
Singer, Marsha Ambrosius joins the ladies of Lip Service this week to promote her new single "One Night Stand." The ladies discuss a range of topics including having sex without kissing, biting during sex, having sex to her own music, and much more. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
Comedians Aida Rodriguez and Akeem Woods join the ladies of Lip Service this week! The crew discuss their experiences at sex parties, their run-ins with Love Bombing, red flags they ignored, and much more. Make sure to pick up Aida's latest memior: "Legitmate Kid," as well as both their tour dates. Enjoy! See for privacy information.
Singer/media personality, Syleena Johnson joins the ladies of Lip Service this week for iHeart's International Women's Day Initiative, 'Women Take the Mic.' Syleena opens up about why she got married the first time, all the obstacles she and her husband overcame during her current marriage, and much more. Syleena discusses her move to Italy to be a mother, and even admits that Marriage Bootcamp was amazing for her relationship. Make sure you stream her latest single, 'Black Balloon' and keep your eye out for her upcoming album! Enjoy!  ALSO join us on Friday, March 8th, 2024 for iHeart's 'Women Take the Mic' initiative on your favorite iHeart station or on!See for privacy information.
Rapper, Tracy T and Soca artist, DJ Cheem join the ladies of Lip Service this week for a 'Battle of the Sexes' episode! The crew discuss sharing location, club etiquette and much more. Tracy T even opens up about that time Usher went to dance on his lady, Kash Doll. Make sure you check out 'Elephant Business,' Tracy's latest project, and keep an ear out for DJ Cheem's new music dropping soon! Enjoy! See for privacy information.
Rapper, Big Boogie joins the ladies of Lip Service this week to promote his upcoming album 'Redrum Wizard.' Big Boogie opens up about why he hates threesomes, why he brought up his mom during sex, and much more. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
On this Valentines Day special, newly engaged couple Chicklet & Maleni join the ladies of Lip Service this week! Chicklet & Maleni open up about going through couples therapy to help with their communication, how Maleni offer's Chicklet her 'pum pum,' how the roles in their relationship are seemingly reversed, and much more. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
Rapper, Benny the Butcher joins the ladies of Lip Service this week to promote his latest album 'Everybody Can't Go.' Benny is an open book and speaks on why he hates his ex, why he decided to marry a second time, his go to move in the bedroom, and much more. Benny even has quite an interesting theory as to why he believes successful black men date white women. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
Comedian Luenell joins the ladies of Lip Service this week for the laughs we all needed. Luenell opens up about her time in jail, why younger guys love her, falling asleep during sex, that time she clogged a toilet at someone's house, and much more. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
Influencer/singer/entrepenuer Ella Bands joins the ladies of Lip Service to promote the start of 'The Impact' on VH1, alongside singer, Jourdin Pauline who's promoting his latest single 'Rockstar' featuring Skillibeng. Ella opens up about her resolved issues with Dream Doll, keeping her sex life spicy with her man A Boogie, and more. Jourdin gets honest and vulnerable about the recent loss of her sister, as well as breaking down the asks from her ex's sexual spectrum. Gigi also has a MAJOR announcement for y'all! Enjoy! See for privacy information.
Rapper/influencer Ashely Marie Burgos & Executive Producer Kim Osorio join the ladies of Lip Service this week to promote 'The Impact NY,' which premieres 1/22/24 at 9p ET on VH1. Ashley speaks about learning she got cheated on 15 minutes before this interview started, not approving of the men her mother (Bernice Burgos) dates, and much more. Ashley even opens up about how her sextape leaking at the young age of 16. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
Hynaken and Esso from 'Bag Fuel' join the ladies of Lip Service to kick off 2024 with a bang! The guys open up about their experiences at Diddy's parties, their bedroom kinks, and much more. Who would've thought golden showers and foot-jobs were so popular...enjoy! See for privacy information.
Actors Malcom Mays and London Brown join the ladies this week to promote the hit show, 'Raising Kanan.' The crew discuss a range of wild topics! Malcolm opens up about the billboard a fan put up asking him to unblock her, London admits how he would handle circling the block with an ex, and much more. Malcolm even admits to banging an ex's mom (kinda, not really)...Enjoy! See for privacy information.
Rapper, Pardison Fontaine joins the ladies of Lip Service to promote his new project 'Sextape.' Pardi opens up about his breakup with Meg Thee Stallion, his new relationship with Jada Kingdom, how he's dealt with the public backlash after Meg dropped 'Cobra', and much more. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
Nigerian singer, Victor Thompson joins the ladies of Lip Service this week to promote his lates album 'Blessed.' Victor breaks down how he got Gunna on the remix to 'This Year (Blessings)', the trials and tribulations of his marriage, having his wife as his manager, and much more. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
Rapper/actress KaMillion, alongside comedian/actress Aida Osman from Rap Sh!t, join the ladies of Lip Service this week and things get WILD! Have you ever tried nasal sex? Well apparently, KaMillion has. The ladies also discuss their experiences dating white men, their new relationships, and much more. On a serious note, KaMillion and Aida open up about instances in which a male figure tried to abuse their power, sexually. See for privacy information.
Rappers, Cleotrapa and Billy B join the ladies of Lip Service this week! They get honest and vulnerable when discussing their dating history, whether they're a woman of their word, and much more. The ladies also give advice on what they DON'T like in the bedroom. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
Comments (59)

Dannelle LaTrice

If a man is worth it, the prettiest chick will do whatever it takes to please him. Packman is 1 burger away from cardiac arrest, so I'm sure the only nasty girls that'll fuck with him is ugly. He looks like he sweats hotdogs water and ketchup..

Jul 26th

Fit Foodie

Women on top thats the best position, the skys the limit lol 😆 🤷🏾‍♂️

Mar 15th

Lucky P

these women are annoying

Dec 10th

Keisha Earl.

Thanks! This was very helpful information.

Apr 30th

Linda Washington-Jones

great episode

Mar 11th

Linda Washington-Jones

why are they so aggressive we just having fun why come if you don't wanna kick it and share

Feb 19th
Reply (1)

Tiviea White

I didn't like that comment from Mo saying "oh well their parents shouldn't have had them" when speaking about her son wanting to pay for the class dress down day. I think it's awesome he felt that way and realize not everyone is as fortunate as him. Raise humble kids that are aware and kind! Just my opinion don't come for me.

Jan 22nd

Santos Mendez

this o.d.b wantabe is a lame

Nov 26th
Reply (4)

Murugi Lynn

out here laughing on public transportation

Oct 21st

javan bryan

legends.. lol

Sep 25th

Marissa Candace

I'm sorry but straight up chewing into the mic. I couldn't finish the episode. I'm sure it was a good one.

Sep 21st

Beautifully Mo3

Love this show but I'm not licking no ass lol

Sep 20th

Edward H Hoard, III

Jason Lee is full of shxt. all these lies to make yourself appear Grand

Sep 13th

Ken Tigg Valentine

these dudes are horrible at telling stories, to extra.

Sep 4th
Reply (1)

JeReL Hall

Appreshiate dis one agan. Love Big TrouB. SuperB individual.

Jul 20th

Eazaleo Banditgang

turned off episode is boring as shit

Jun 18th

Ken Tigg Valentine

had to stop around 5:38 to much man bashing. this is the first time lip service made me feel annoyed, all of a sudden they just started getting on my nerves.

Jun 17th

Jah Yute Morgan

42:47 wax drop

Jun 5th

Fatimah King

great episode. Love you yee😘

May 15th

A. Monteiro


Mar 5th
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