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Join Shumita Basu every weekday morning as she guides you through some of the most fascinating stories in the news — and how the world’s best journalists are covering them.
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Twenty years after America’s first same-sex marriages, data shows the effects of the practice on marriage as a whole have been largely positive. The Wall Street Journal looks at the research. Bloomberg reports a new law that would mean big changes to the way we fly. Are tacos and burritos sandwiches? An Indiana judge weighed in on this spicy debate and said yes. The Washington Post has the story. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Yasmeen Khan.
A Reuters investigation found that when Trump criticizes trial judges, his supporters respond with posts urging violence. The Wall Street Journal looks at how coverage of the war in Gaza on Israeli television is very different than what the rest of the world see. A geologist believes she’s solved the mystery of the landscape behind the ‘Mona Lisa.’ The Times of London has the story. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Yasmeen Khan.
CNN speaks with Israeli whistleblowers who describe brutal conditions at a shadowy detention facility for Palestinians. Vermont lawmakers passed a bill that would allow the state to go after big oil companies for compensation over damage wrought by climate change. Vermont Public Radio reports. A miniature poodle named Sage won the top prize at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Fox Sports has video of the moment. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Yasmeen Khan.
Doctors and nurses at one of the last functioning hospitals in Rafah tell NPR that months of Israeli military operations and border closures have devastated their ability to care for patients. Wired looks at why some states are banning lab-grown meat. Bloomberg Businessweek describes how Caitlin Clark and other star rookies are part of a plan to transform the WNBA. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Yasmeen Khan.
Politico reporter Josh Gerstein explains why Trump’s political fate likely won’t be decided by the courts. Atomic veterans are on the verge of losing federal benefits. NPR reports on how Congress hasn't helped. Many insomniacs swear by dull narrators who put them to sleep, whether on purpose or not. The Wall Street Journal examines the phenomenon. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Yasmeen Khan.
Biden’s “red line” in Gaza is an invasion of Rafah. What will that mean if Israel follows through with the attack? The Guardian’s Julian Borger examines the conundrum.  The Guardian also reports on devastating flooding in Kenya. And Reuters has dramatic images of the severe flooding in southern Brazil. Paco de Leon, a personal-finance expert, shares tips for becoming your own boss on this week’s episode of Apple News In Conversation. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Mark Garrison. 
After years in a Syrian ISIS camp, a 10-person American family is back in the U.S. NPR has the details. Some senior care homes in the United States are refusing to pick up fallen residents, instead dialing 911. Todd C. Frankel of the Washington Post joins to talk about the problem. The “world’s largest” vacuum to suck climate pollution out of the air just opened. CNN explains how it works. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Mark Garrison. 
TikTok and its owners filed a legal challenge over a recent U.S. law that would ban the app if it doesn’t find a buyer in a year. NPR has the story. NPR also examines claims that the ban could be “an extinction-level event” for the creator economy. Columbia canceled its universitywide commencement ceremony after weeks of protests on campus. NBC News reports.  ESPN explains how WNBA plans to fund chartered flights could be a game changer for players.  Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Mark Garrison. 
Politico asks student journalists what’s really happening on college campuses. Inside the encampments and crackdowns that shook American politics. A report for New York magazine by the staff of the Columbia Daily Spectator. David Nakamura of the Washington Post explains the obscure N.Y. election law at the heart of Trump’s hush-money trial.  Apple News looks at some of the most important work done by this year’s Pulitzer Prize winners. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Mark Garrison.
The Washington Post reports on Hamas’s attack on a Gaza border crossing and on the status of ceasefire talks. In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Olympian and WNBA star Brittney Griner reflects on her freedom from Russian prison. Wall Street Journal columnist Clare Ansberry explains why millions of American kids are doing the adult work of providing care for family. Madonna’s free concert at Brazil's Copacabana beach was her largest ever, drawing 1.6 million fans. Reuters has images from the show. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Mark Garrison.
Washington Post reporter Greg Miller talks about an investigation into an assassination plot on American soil, and what it reveals about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government in India. NPR has the story of how some faculty members are defending student protesters, in actions and in words. For the first time, an orangutan was seen treating his wounds with a medicinal plant. NBC News explains why scientists are so excited by the discovery. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Gideon Resnick.
Vox explains what student demonstrators against the war in Gaza are calling on their universities to do. Nabih Bulos, the Middle East bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times, shares his reporting on a medical facility in Qatar that’s treating child amputees from Gaza. The New Yorker spent time with a secret society of writers and artists that’s trying to rethink how we pay attention in an age of infinite distraction. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Gideon Resnick.
Donald Trump sits down with Time reporter Eric Cortellessa for exclusive interviews about what a second term could look like if he wins. There’s also a transcript and fact-check of the conversations. Wired explains why millions of Americans could lose internet access today. Every vote counts for the GOP in the House — which is why the enthusiasm of some Republican lawmakers for activities such as skydiving is causing jitters in Washington. The Wall Street Journal reports. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Gideon Resnick.
Politico reporter Ben Feuerherd explains what happened in Donald Trump’s criminal trial in New York last week — and what to expect from this week in court. PBS NewsHour reports on how Israelis marked the Passover holiday, amid conflict, loss and trauma. ESPN looks back at the long, complicated friendship between Donte DiVincenzo, Jalen Brunson, and Josh Hart, former Villanova teammates who now play together on the New York Knicks. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Gideon Resnick.
An expert writes in the Washington Post about America’s grim history of using troops against student protesters. And a Post analysis looks back at how the public felt about campus protests against the Vietnam War at the time. New federal flying rules require more price transparency and for airlines to provide full cash refunds when flights are canceled or significantly changed. NPR spoke to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg about the changes. The Athletic looks back at the storied career of Candace Parker, who is retiring from the WNBA. Nike is expected to alter MLB uniforms by 2025 after months of complaints, according to a union memo obtained by The Athletic. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Gideon Resnick.
A New York court’s reversal of Harvey Weinstein’s rape conviction dealt a blow to a long effort to hold the former Hollywood producer accountable. The Wall Street Journal explains what it means. The federal government passed new nursing-home staffing rules. Most facilities don’t have enough personnel to meet them. Jordan Rau from KFF Health News tells us more. Emily Oster, an economist and parenting expert, talks about how to make America a better place to raise kids on this week’s episode of Apple News In Conversation. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Gideon Resnick.
NBC reporter Lawrence Hurley explains how Donald Trump could win at the Supreme Court even if his broad immunity argument is rejected. Finding matched donors for bone-marrow transplants has always been a major challenge. A repurposed drug has solved that problem. Sarah Zhang from The Atlantic has the details. The Athletic looks into how name, image, and likeness payments in college football are affecting the NFL draft.  Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Gideon Resnick. 
The FTC finalized a rule banning most employers from using noncompete clauses. CNN has more. The Supreme Court is hearing a pair of cases about emergency abortions. It’s the court’s first chance to weigh in on the state laws restricting abortion that have gone into effect since it overturned Roe v. Wade. USA Today reporter Maureen Groppe explains the stakes. The Washington Post looks at how Columbia University’s campus protests in April 1968 were also marked by mass arrests. The Los Angeles Times visits a project in South Korea where, inspired by reality television, Buddhist monks serve as matchmakers. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Gideon Resnick.
NBC News takes a look at how Gaza protests are playing out at colleges across America. A provision that would ban TikTok — or force a sale — landed in a foreign-aid bill for Ukraine and Israel that is expected to pass the Senate today. NPR explains what to know about the possible ban. Wall Street Journal reporter Jim Carlton details efforts in California to stop a coastal train route from falling into Pacific. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Gideon Resnick.
Judge Juan Merchan, who’s presiding over Donald Trump’s New York criminal trial, has already ruled against him. USA Today journalist Bart Jansen explains how Merchan works. Wall Street Journal reporter Liz Essley Whyte tells us why drug shortages in America have reached a record high. Something weird is happening with Caesar salads. The Atlantic takes a look. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Gideon Resnick.
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Jan 18th

Carlos Barron

"Apple News Today" is an exceptional podcast that delivers a daily dose of news and analysis, curated by the tech giant Apple. Hosted by a team of seasoned journalists, the podcast provides a comprehensive overview of the top stories, ensuring that listeners stay informed about the latest developments across various domains. What sets it apart is its ability to distill complex news into digestible segments, making it accessible for a broad audience. The seamless integration with Apple's ecosystem adds value, allowing users to seamlessly transition from the podcast to further explore stories on Apple News. The thoughtful curation, insightful commentary, and the podcast's commitment to unbiased reporting make it a reliable source for staying updated in today's fast-paced world.

Nov 16th

Aakash Amanat

"Apple News Today" is a fantastic podcast that brings the latest news and stories to the listeners in a convenient and engaging format. As an expert in the field of news and journalism, I must commend Apple for their commitment to delivering high-quality, well-curated content to their users. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from politics and technology to entertainment and health, ensuring that there is something for everyone. What sets "Apple News Today" apart is its unique blend of professional journalism and the convenience of a podcast format. The hosts and reporters do an excellent job of delivering the news in a concise and informative manner, keeping the audience up-to-date on the most important events of the day.

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Mohammad Ali Raziqi

this is amazing

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Thank,s 🚩

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Thank you for bringing your best to work every single day.

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Bummer, all of your episodes have white noise.

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