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Join Shumita Basu every weekday morning as she guides you through some of the most fascinating stories in the news — and how the world’s best journalists are covering them.
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Should FEMA recognize extreme heat and wildfire smoke as major disasters? The Los Angeles Times examines the issue. St. Louis Public Radio reports on the reasons for the city’s high rate of unsolved murders. The ‘Inside Out’ movies are hits at the box office and among therapists. NPR explains why. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Yasmeen Khan.
NPR explains why the Supreme Court struck down the Trump-era ban on bump stocks for rifles. And the Wall Street Journal highlights notable cases of the court’s term. Emily Stewart of Business Insider looks at why so many musical acts are pulling back on plans for big concert tours. Ahmed Ali Akbar of the Chicago Tribune explores a wonderland for mango lovers. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Yasmeen Khan.
Elon Musk convinced Tesla investors to back his pay package. USA Today has more. Paris wanted an AC-free Olympics. Visiting nations had other plans. Washington Post climate correspondent Chico Harlan explains. Entertainment-industry disrupter Franklin Leonard, founder of the Black List, joins this week’s Apple News In Conversation to talk about what’s gone wrong in Hollywood — and how to fix it. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Yasmeen Khan.
Some big retailers are lowering prices. New York magazine looks at why. Jess Bravin of the Wall Street Journal explains how the Supreme Court’s strains are intensifying as its term’s end approaches. American cricket found a star. He’s a Silicon Valley tech worker. The Washington Post has the story. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Yasmeen Khan.
Hunter Biden was found guilty of federal gun violations. Matt Viser of the Washington Post explains what the verdict means — and what’s next. Survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting are graduating from high school. ABC News spoke with several. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Yasmeen Khan.
NBC News looks at what the first polls after Trump’s conviction show — and what they don’t. And the Washington Post has more takeaways from the polling. Genocide survivors in Darfur are caught in another brutal battle. The Wall Street Journal reports. The Washington Post looks at the companies that will pay you if it rains on your vacation. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Yasmeen Khan.
USA Today reports on the impact of the end of a program that provided free COVID vaccines. CNN has details from the Israeli operation that rescued four hostages and killed scores of Palestinians. He wanted to learn how to be a better dad, so he asked around. Now he has a national TV show. The Philadelphia Inquirer has the story. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Yasmeen Khan.
A judge ordered former Trump adviser Steve Bannon to surrender by July 1 to serve a four-month prison sentence for contempt of Congress. The Wall Street Journal has more. Reporters Cheyenne Roundtree and Nancy Dillon discuss the years of allegations against Sean “Diddy” Combs on this week’s Apple News In Conversation. NPR examines how Israel’s military investigates itself in cases of possible wrongdoing. Pat Sajak is leaving, but ‘Wheel of Fortune’ will just keep R_LLING AL_NG. CNN has the details.  Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Yasmeen Khan.
Zombie second mortgages are coming to life, threatening thousands of Americans’ homes. NPR tells you what to know. Damage to the Gaza pier was another blow to a troubled U.S. aid mission. The Washington Post’s Dan Lamothe joins to explain the challenges. The Athletic looks at how the NBA Finals matchup between the Celtics and Mavericks will be won. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Yasmeen Khan.
The Wall Street Journal’s Sadie Gurman explains how Attorney General Merrick Garland has handled investigations into Trump, Biden, and Biden’s son Hunter. Reuters reports on how a federal appeals court blocked a grant program for businesses owned by Black women. And The 19th talks to past recipients of the money, who share how it was transformational. Vox takes a look at what your sibling birth order does — and doesn’t — explain about you. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Yasmeen Khan.
The Washington Post’s Dan Diamond explains what we learned from Dr. Fauci’s testimony to Congress on COVID. Shan Li of the Wall Street Journal looks at the future of India, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to win a third term. NPR has seven surprising facts about dreams, why we have them, and what they mean.
The Wall Street Journal explains why Biden’s ceasefire push in Gaza faces tough obstacles. NPR reporter Ximena Bustillo has the story of what’s next after the Trump guilty verdict, including for the jurors. Claudia Sheinbaum was elected Mexico’s first woman president. Washington Post journalist Mary Beth Sheridan has more.
Donald Trump is the first former U.S. president to be convicted of a crime, after a jury found him guilty on all 34 counts in his New York criminal trial. The New Yorker’s Susan Glasser and Politico’s Erica Orden join the show to break down what comes next for Trump — and American democracy. Biden is giving Ukraine permission to carry out limited strikes within Russia using U.S.-provided weapons. CNN reports. Campaigns for Mexico’s elections are taking place amid deadly cartel violence. Mary Beth Sheridan has the story for the Washington Post. The NBA Finals are now set. The Athletic has a preview. Bruhat Soma won the Scripps National Spelling Bee. NPR explains how he spelled 29 out of 30 words correctly in the event’s second-ever spell-off, in which competitors have 90 seconds to spell as many words given to them as possible. And be sure to check out Apple News In Conversation. Guest host Sam Sanders talks with science-fiction writer Blake Crouch about his book Dark Matter, which has been adapted for the screen for Apple TV+. The show explores the multiverse, and what happens if you choose a different path. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Yasmeen Khan.
Ben Samuels from Haaretz compares Trump’s recent comments on Israel to those from Biden. NPR explains how groups that register voters are feeling besieged by new state laws. The Los Angeles Times goes inside the rise of human composting. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Gideon Resnick.
It’s not just guilty or not guilty. Politico looks at all the possible outcomes of the Trump trial. Washington Post journalist Dana Hedgpeth on the in-depth investigation of abuse against Native American children. The Wall Street Journal looks at what new research tells us about the damage anger does to our bodies over time. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Gideon Resnick.
Biden is getting no credit for the current economic boom in America. Annie Lowrey explores why in The Atlantic. Washington Post reporter Mary Beth Sheridan investigates how Mexico’s cartels infiltrated the tortilla business. CNN looks at the hurdles for air travelers during what’s expected to be a busy summer. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Gideon Resnick.
New York Magazine writer Zak Cheney-Rice describes how in Atlanta, the George Floyd demonstrators are being prosecuted as gang members. And the activists of today could be next. Research shows that lowering speed limits can make city streets much safer. Vox journalist Marin Cogan explains. Other countries have better sunscreens. NPR explains why we can’t get them in the U.S. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Gideon Resnick.
Justin Jouvenal from the Washington Post explains why calls are growing for Justice Alito to recuse himself from January 6 and 2020 election cases. TV and film writers in Hollywood are struggling to find work in the entertainment industry amid a downturn in production. Los Angeles Times reporter Stacy Perman has the story. Coins left at airport security reignite debate on getting rid of them. Read more in Fast Company. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Gideon Resnick.
An increasing number of actors are accusing AI companies of re-creating their voices without permission. CNN has the story of a new lawsuit. NPR Ukraine bureau chief Joanna Kakissis explains Russia’s recent gains in Ukraine. And NPR also reports on how Zelenskyy’s popularity has waned as the war goes on. The Washington Post looks at new research on how cockroaches took over the world. Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Gideon Resnick.
Prosecutors rested their case in Trump’s criminal trial in New York. CNN has details. Red Lobster has filed for bankruptcy protection. The Wall Street Journal looks at what went wrong. USA Today reports on how the portals connecting New York and Dublin have reopened after the video livestream was shut down due to “inappropriate behavior.” Today’s episode was guest-hosted by Gideon Resnick.
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"Apple News Today" is an exceptional podcast that delivers a daily dose of news and analysis, curated by the tech giant Apple. Hosted by a team of seasoned journalists, the podcast provides a comprehensive overview of the top stories, ensuring that listeners stay informed about the latest developments across various domains. What sets it apart is its ability to distill complex news into digestible segments, making it accessible for a broad audience. The seamless integration with Apple's ecosystem adds value, allowing users to seamlessly transition from the podcast to further explore stories on Apple News. The thoughtful curation, insightful commentary, and the podcast's commitment to unbiased reporting make it a reliable source for staying updated in today's fast-paced world.

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"Apple News Today" is a fantastic podcast that brings the latest news and stories to the listeners in a convenient and engaging format. As an expert in the field of news and journalism, I must commend Apple for their commitment to delivering high-quality, well-curated content to their users. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from politics and technology to entertainment and health, ensuring that there is something for everyone. What sets "Apple News Today" apart is its unique blend of professional journalism and the convenience of a podcast format. The hosts and reporters do an excellent job of delivering the news in a concise and informative manner, keeping the audience up-to-date on the most important events of the day.

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this is amazing

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