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Take a trip around the world with CBC Radio's As It Happens. Hear from the people at the centre of the stories of the day — from the urgent to the utterly strange.
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Chinese balloon analyst, Journalist murder investigation, Police victims mothers, Fiona jerseys, Frozen pizza discontinued and more
Uyghur refugee motion, Ukrainian peewee team, U.K. fish brain, Virginia coach plays, B.C. RCMP charges, Ontario car theft deterrent and more.
Tyre Nichols funeral, Pilot shortage, Radioactive capsule found, Westminster bed, Biden document search, Ticketmaster: Coldplay tickets and more.
Ukraine mines: Human Rights Watch, BBC cuts Arabic services, Woke breakfast, Bird charity banned, Pakistan mosque bombing, University of Toronto UFO and more.
B.C. decriminalization, Hazel McCallion hockey, OK Go lawsuit, Kondo not tidy, U.K. radar crowdsourcing, Yazidi/Syria repatriation critics and more.
Tyre Nichols bodycam video, Yellowknife nurse obit, Joan Didion papers, Russia: Meduza outlawed, Winnipeg Holocaust survivor siblings, Tasmania rewilding emus and more.
COVID misinformation report, Guinea worm disease eradication, Islamophobia special representative, Leamington giant egg, Winnipeg folk song, Moose fence rescue and more.
Lebanon blast charges, Interest rate critic, Indian feather collector, German tanks, Afghanistan: Mahbouba Seraj, Philadelphia train runner and more
Ticketmaster ex-CEO, Estonia Ukraine ambassador, Oscar nomination short, Florida 'Stop WOKE' Act professor, Fukushima Pacific Islands and more.
California shooting: Local politician, Syria detainees, Alabama prescription donor, Egypt crocodile mummies, Newfoundland and Labrador luggage lost, 'My Humps' pooping unicorn and more.
Nova Scotia ER doctors, Indigenous hockey cards, Peter Doig painting, Alabama landfill fire, Montreal road construction, Yoguana and more
Jacinda Ardern: Former chief of staff, Davos ultra rich tax, Abandoned fish sauce plant, Ukraine: Equipment wish list, Smithsonian Bell recording, Massachusetts high school lights and more
UK nurse strike, Mexico corruption case, UK pet duck, Carbon offset investigation, Vancouver Folk Fest folds, Echidna study and more.
Canadian dies in Ukraine, Afghan MPs out, Saskatchewan grandparents scam, Mammoth bone rush, Canadian soldier remains, Scottish trans rights and more
Mursal Nabizada killing, "The Queen of Basketball' arena name, Mafia boss arrested, Yukihiro Takahashi obituary, Ontario surgery clinic, Kodai Senga pitcher and more.
Star Blanket search, "This Is Fine" cartoon, Artificial tongue chocolate, Irish giant skeleton, Jeff Beck obituary, Puck ice and more.
Toronto real estate fraud, Airline committee: NDP, California drought, Ontario nurse search, British Columbia silky goats, Chimp birth and more.
California storms: tents, C-SPAN cameras, Hassan Al-Kontar, Don't flush Bailey's, Bolsonaro in Florida, Artemis yeast and more.
Anita Anand, Ukraine latest, Russell Banks obituary, Taliban NGO talks, Memory wizard, CES wonders and more
Brazil protests, F-35 purchase, Noma closing, Football health, Ice Age writing, Clue characters and more.
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Justin Ward

CBC falsifies and spreads misinformation. Don't take anything reported as fact. Frankly, they're a disgusting outlet and should be disbanded.

Dec 22nd



Nov 28th



Nov 28th


I work in daily staffing for one of the biggest healthcare systems in the Minneapolis and metro area. What the nurse said about shifts, expectations, too many hours, back to back nights and days, it's supposed to be 2 full days between, it's all 100% true. I worked in hospital nursing at the beginning of the pandemic and transferred to doing clinical staffing. Same situation. However, the staffing part should not be seen as the fault of staffers, we are exhausted and getting burnt out as well. We sometimes have about half of the staff we need. So many have left, staff out due to COVID, early retirement you name it we are short. We are often put in the situation of having to ask staff to work overtime, extra days, a few extra hours, come in early, stay late... We are experiencing fatigue also, unwanted overtime, missing vacations (I'm supposed on vacation but will work today to get caught up) so I can't imagine how are staff are feeling.

Sep 14th
Reply (1)

David Schaefer

why do people use profanity. wtf how can you ask such a brain dead question.

Aug 18th

David Schaefer

how dare cbc ask stupid questions of African nations about global warming when they are trying to supply Europe with natural gas and prosper. first world countries are the ones that have caused global warming. white privilege idiots.

Mar 25th

D big G studios

Roger the botanist is the funnest man alive.

Oct 29th

Christine Watts

So this interviewer is loudly proclaiming her anti-Israel bias! Hamas is using civilians as human shields & then blaming Israel when those civilians, whom they endangered, are hurt or killed. HAMAS IS CAUSING THIS!

May 19th

Janice Ackroyd


Jul 7th

Bob the Conqueror of Mornings

With regards to the boy's OD, CBC really wanted to run down the police actions. I suggest if anyone has questions they read the report of the IIO rather than listen to the CBC's usual bias

Dec 11th


To say someone of a different creed cannot use your culture's music is the same as saying white people can't play the blues, or rap, or that black people can't sing country music. This person's views are intolerant.

May 19th

Greg Garland

where is Jeff Douglas???

Feb 26th

Greg Garland

another episode without Jeff. I LOVE Carol but dang I miss Jeff.

Feb 9th

Greg Garland

I honestly don't like listening when Jeff isn't there. I still do and all but it's seriously not the same without him.

Feb 8th

Ryan Howanyk

I like cheese

Jan 3rd

Sidney Graham


Aug 16th


The reason we have a deer problem in Wisconsin is due to a lack of natural predators such as bears, bobcat, wolves, and cougar. #don'tkillthebears

Aug 13th

Pierre Hawkins


Jul 14th

Georges Valade

this is poor journalism, unprofessional.

Jun 3rd
Reply (4)

Tristan Matthews

This is not the episode as in the description.

Mar 1st
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