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Picture this, it’s a beautiful day in Southern California, you’re walking down Main Street USA, the smell of churros in the air, your favorite childhood songs are playing in the background, and in the distance you can even see the beautiful skyline of planet Batuu, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, and the frosty peaks of Matterhorn Mountain. Sounds pretty magical right? We LOVE Disney over here on BTIKP, but some stupid internet trolls just LOVE to hate on anyone who loves Disney as an adult. But, WHY?? Why does the internet get so heated when an adult likes Disney? This makes us want to scream louder than when we’re being whipped around on Space Mountain. So we had to call in an expert on this one. This week we are joined by Disney superfan, and our favorite uncle, John Stamos, to chat about his love of Disney, his Disney memorabilia collection, and why people should have mercy with Disney adults. So put on your best pair of Mickey ears, because we’re taking you on a ride to The Happiest Place on Earth!  See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
We’d be lying if we said we didn’t LOVE Instagram. Hell, maybe we’re even a little addicted to it, but can Instagram make us greedy? Can seeing tropical vacations, big new houses, and beautiful weddings leave us with extreme FOMO and envy? This week we’re speaking to therapist, Nedra Glover Tawwab, to break down the psychological effects Instagram has on us. She shares her best tips on how to battle the FOMO and build some healthy boundaries with the platform. We’re not telling you to deactivate your account any time soon, but if you follow us 😉 we’ve got some tips and tricks to make sure your late night IG scrolling isn’t hurting your mental health! So give this episode a “like,” and we’ll help you deal with those pressures of Instagram perfection. Please support us by supporting for our sponsors.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Are you tired of constantly swiping left on Bumble? There seems to be a surplus of dating apps, but why is it still so difficult to connect with someone online? We hear all these online dating success stories, but why hasn’t it quite clicked for us yet? Luckily this week, we are joined by dating coach and relationship expert Damona Hoffman who shares her insider tips and tricks for how to find the perfect match online. Plus we hear some hilarious online dating confessions that may make you count your lucky stars, regardless of your relationship status. Seriously, there are clown costumes involved. We can’t make this stuff up. So grab your phone and swipe right on this ep baby! Oh and make sure to invite us to the wedding when our tips help you meet your future love! Please support us by supporting for our sponsors.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Why is it that when a movie or a TV show is based on a true story, all the sudden we become that much more interested in whatever we’re watching? Is it the IRL drama? Or is it the gag that we can’t believe real people do crazy shit like stealing airplanes or drugging the men of Wall Street and taking all their money? This week we’re talking to journalist Jessica Pressler, who wrote both “The Hustlers at Scores” (HHHHHHEYYYYY) and “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People”. She gives us an inside look at how these stories came to be, the relationships she has with the subjects of her stories, and what actually happened in those Rikers prison visits she had with Anna. If you loved “Hustlers” and “Inventing Anna” (and I know you did loves!) then this is the episode for you! Please support us by supporting our sponsors.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Day trading, hedge funds, and bear markets, oh my! These words might sound scary to some, but WTF do they actually mean? Everyday we hear about the stock market. What to buy, what to sell, prices are going up, prices are going down, but do most people actually know what all this means? The stock market pretty much controls our whole economy, but so few people truly know how to utilize it to make money for themselves. But don’t worry loves, Keke is on the case! This week we are joined by financial advisor and powerhouse Suze Orman who breaks down everything there is to know about the stock market AND how to make some serious money by investing. We are talking about potentially making millions of dollars by the time you retire, so you literally can’t afford to skip this episode! Please support us by support us by supporting our sponsors.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
You know we love to role-play on the big screen, and hell we’d even say we are pretty damn good at it, but what about bringing the world of pretend into the bed? We love living out fantasies and adding some spice to our sex life, but how far is TOO far when it comes to role-play? This week, we are joined by sex therapist Dr. Emily Jamea, who gives us some sex ed about incorporating role-play into the bedroom. She walks us through how to get started with role-play, the surprising benefits it can have on your life, and how to push past the awkwardness of it all. She gives more than just a tip in this one loves, so you won’t want to miss it. We have a feeling after this episode, you’ll be adding a few new costumes to your amazon cart… and yes, we know Halloween isn’t for another 7 months. 😉Please support us by support us by supporting our sponsors.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
With a nip slip during the Super Bowl, a face slap during the Oscars, and spitgate at the Venice Film Festival, there is no shortage of celebrity scandals. We’re fascinated by every detail of these stories, but what actually happens behind the scenes after someone in the spotlight F’s up? Do politicians call up their publicists each time they make a mistake and hope they can get them out of their sticky situations (Looking at you Bill Clinton), or is everything calculated behind the scenes to distract us from even bigger scandals? On this week’s episode we are talking to Hollywood Fixer and the real life Olivia Pope from Scandal, Judy Smith, who gives us the tea on what REALLY goes down when celebs slip up. In this day and age, no one is safe from scandal so come get your fix people (see what we did there?), because Judy has got you covered!Please support us by supporting our sponsors.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Grab your number 2 pencils, glittery eyeshadow and your fave crop top because we are going back to high school! This week, we are joined by Clueless Writer/Director Amy Heckerling to talk all about the high school experience. Has high school changed since Cher was rollin’ with the homies on our screens 28 years ago, or is it the same, just with more drugs and glitter? Plus we talk about our own time in high school, what high school stereotypes we fit, and a fun round of Quickies with Keke. Take some notes, because everything in this episode will be mentioned on your final exam. As if!Please support us by supporting our sponsors.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
What happens after we die? Are we welcomed to heaven by a beautiful choir and angels sitting on clouds playing tiny harps? Are we reincarnated into a tree? Or do we just get a feeling of peace as we float into nothingness? In this week’s episode we are joined by The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, to get some answers on life’s biggest mystery and discuss all of our thoughts on the afterlife. Plus we tell the tales of our past lives and share some real life spookie ookie ghost stories. And if that wasn’t enough for y'all, what if we told you someone visited us from the beyond? A podcast with an actual ghost as a guest? Only on Baby, This is Keke Palmer!Please support us by supporting our sponsors.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Buckle up kids, because this week we are going on a TRIP. But no need to pack your bags, because this trip is psychedelic. OH YES, you read that correctly. This week we are joined by New York Times bestselling author Michael Pollan who enlightens us as we go foraging for some intel on mushrooms, acid, MDMA, ayahuasca and all the psychedelics mother nature has to offer. We share our own funny experiences with mushrooms, the future of psychedelics (Doctors could be prescribing them soon!), the safety of mushrooms (No, cordyceps won’t turn you into a zombie) and why there’s really no such thing as a “bad trip.” So hurry up, because we are literally going down the rabbit hole to Wonderland this week, and you don’t want to be late!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
The world is filled with some scary shit, UFO spy balloons keep popping up in our neighborhoods, we’re on the brink of World War 3, and Doomsday seems to be right around the corner. So why the hell do we CHOOSE to be scared over and over again when real life is scary enough? Think about it, horror movies, true crime podcasts, roller coasters, the list is endless for ways we LOVE to be scared, but why do we put ourselves through this? This week I am joined by my good friend and Oscar winner, Jordan Peele, who definitely knows a thing or two about scaring audiences. We get into our biggest fears, why we love the horror genre, and what he has cooking next, which I’m sure none of us will be able to say Nope to (see what I did there?). Maybe listen to this episode during the daytime with your lights on because baby, it’s about to get Spooky Ookie!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
You ever see those couples who have been together for decades and wonder “How do they do it?” Living “happily ever after” seems like something that’s only in Disney movies, but some couples have figured it out, and we want the answers! On this week’s episode we are talking to Terry Crews about his marriage and how he has kept it going strong for 30+ years, despite it almost crumbling down because of his porn addiction. We also chat about the special kind of love that is Black Love, and why the world needs to talk more about it. Grab some tissues, because we are shedding some truths and tears today loves! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
What makes a good friend? Is it enough to just be dependable? Or do you need someone who always tells you like it is, even if it’s hard to hear? You know we all need that friend who tells us the boy we’re crying over ain’t worth it! On this week’s episode, we are joined by the cast of “Harlem” (Meagan Good, Jerrie Johnson, Grace Byers and Shoniqua Shandai) to chat all about friendships. We get into their IRL relationships, friend break ups and stories of when we’ve all been a shitty friend. So listen to this episode with your BFF, and then go binge watch season 2 of Harlem. We know you’ll both love it!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Did you know both of Keke’s parents are twins AND she has twin siblings?! And if that wasn’t enough, Keke’s favorite show of all time is Sister, Sister, so you know we HAD to do a twin episode! This week we are joined by the one and only Tamera Mowry to chat all about being a twin, the lasting impact of Sister, Sister, and the tea on the reboot! We go deep on how she deals with always being compared to Tia, what it was like growing up as a twin in Hollywood, and our favorite…how she feels about Doja Cat naming her boobs Tia and Tamera. We laugh, we tear up, we reminisce, we entertain, because baby, that’s how we do it on Baby, This is Keke Palmer.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
How the hell do you merge two families without losing your damn mind? Mother-in-laws always seem to be causing some sort of drama, and no matter how hard you try to play it cool, things can get MESSY. This week we’re joined by Lauren London to talk about her new movie,You People, tricky family dynamics and how to navigate your in-laws. And if merging two families wasn’t hard enough, try mixing two very different cultures at the same time! Tune in for some crazy ass in-law stories and some advice you can use for your own family. We are spillin the tea on our family drama this week, so trust us, you’re gonna want to hear this one!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
It’s the episode you’ve been waiting for since Keke’s big announcement on SNL! Keke is joined by her partner Darius and her mom Sharon to share EVERYTHING about her pregnancy. From the story of how she found out she was pregnant (spoiler alert -  someone else found out first!), to the baby’s gender and future fashion sense, to some truly fun potential baby names. Then, Keke chats with TikTok famous Dr. Ali, who answers ALL of her pregnancy related questions. Like, why can’t we eat deli meat? Which pregnancy sex positions are best? How does PCOS affect pregnancy? And, is baby pee actually good for your skin? Oh yes, we go there! So baby, whether you’re having a baby or not, you do NOT want to miss this one! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Have you ever struggled with your identity? Questioning who you are, not knowing who you want to be or getting all caught up in what people think of you? It can be EXHAUSTING! On this week’s episode we are getting INTO identity with Jaleel White AKA Steve Urkel, and finding out what it’s like for him to have his existence tied to someone he isn’t. We are peeling back ALL the layers on this one, so let’s roll!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
There is nothing like that feeling you get from watching a classic sitcom. You know the feeling right? When you’ve laughed your ass off AND learned some valuable life lessons, all within 30 minutes. Only a good sitcom could do that. So why did they go away?? In today’s episode we’re going down the rabbit hole on classic sitcoms to find out what happened to them. We’re joined by Quinta Brunson, creator and star of “Abbott Elementary.” We get into her love of sitcoms, the shows that inspired her, and some insider secrets on how she’s trying to bring the sitcom back. Plus, we reveal some unpopular opinions on recent TV comedies, and you might be surprised to find out which fan favorite show we don’t love. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
We are back for week two and BABY, we are just getting started! We all know how good it feels when you find what you love, but what if you find it before you find yourself? This week we’re going down the rabbit hole on child actors and what my life would have been like if I wasn’t a performer. We’re joined by Kenan Thompson, SNL great and “All That” legend. We go in on how being a child actor affected him as an adult, his journey from “All That” to “Kenan & Kel” to SNL, and the challenges and criticism he faced along the way. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Welcome to the first episode of Baby, This is Keke Palmer. You know we’re gonna get into it! This week we’re going down the rabbit hole on OnlyFans, talking the good, the bad, and the surprising. We’re joined by Blac Chyna, OnlyFans’ top earner and pop culture icon. Blac Chyna gets into her life as a stripper, the realness of her reality shows, and if she actually made $240 million on OnlyFans last year. Let’s gooooo!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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