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Bachelor Nation, can we steal you for a second?! The one and only official Bachelor Nation podcast is here! Hosted by “Bachelor In Paradise” Season 7 newlyweds Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt, “Bachelor Happy Hour” takes you behind the scenes with all things Bachelor Nation. Joe and Serena talk to current cast members who reveal first-hand details about what really goes on at the iconic Bachelor Mansion and they’ve got all the inside information about “The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette,” and “Bachelor in Paradise” that you simply won’t hear anywhere else. From chatting with fellow franchise alumni to doling out relationship advice and sharing exclusive material, you’ll find it all on “Bachelor Happy Hour.” Welcome to your new home for all things Bachelor Nation! Be sure to tune-in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, or wherever you listen to podcasts. You won’t want to miss it!
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Leslie sits down with Joe and Serena to talk about her breakup with Gerry and everything that went down at After the Finale Rose. She opens up about how she wishes Gerry would have handled things differently in Costa Rica, why she was so blindsided when he returned to her room the night of the breakup and what she wishes she would have told him when they reunited on stage. Plus, did her talk with Gerry give her the closure she needed? And what exactly did Gerry tell her that made her feel so confident after their night in the Fantasy Suite? Listen now to find out!  Be sure to follow so you never miss an episode.See for privacy information.
Today on Bachelor Happy Hour, the celebrations continue as Joe and Serena chat with Gerry and Theresa about their Golden journey. As they look back on everything that led them to each other, they share never-before-heard details about their iconic first date and reveal the moment they knew they were in love. They also share some exciting details about their upcoming wedding, give advice to future Golden Bachelors and Bachelorettes and chat with Theresa's daughter about her excitement for Gerry and Theresa-themed signature cocktails at the wedding!  Be sure to follow so you never miss an episode.See for privacy information.
Today's Happy Hour is a nonstop celebration with Bachelor Nation's newest couple, Gerry and Theresa! Hot off the incredible season finale of “The Golden Bachelor,” the happy couple chats with Joe and Serena about the differences in finding love the second time around, how Theresa dealt with Gerry's other connection and why they don’t want to wait any longer to officially become husband and wife! Plus, they reveal where they are going to be living, and Gerry discusses his emotional goodbye with Leslie. Be sure to follow so you never miss an episode.See for privacy information.
Today on “Bachelor Happy Hour,” we’re getting to know a few women who might not have romantically connected with Gerry but still managed to steal America’s hearts.  See for privacy information.
Today on “Bachelor Happy Hour,” we’re getting to know a few women who might not have romantically connected with Gerry but still managed to steal America’s hearts.   This is “Her Story,” with Sylvia and Maria.  See for privacy information.
Today on “Bachelor Happy Hour,” Blake Moynes stops by to chat about his summer in “Paradise” and the reunion between him and Katie that still has all of Bachelor Nation talking.   In his discussion with Joe and Serena, Blake dives into his relationship with Jess and explains why at times he felt like they struggled to progress into something more emotionally serious. He also finally gives Joe and Serena the clarity they have so desperately been searching for: Did Blake know that Jess kissed Tyler?!   Plus, Blake recounts all the emotions he felt when his ex-fiancée appeared on the beach and shares why he was convinced she was there to actually date.   Listen now for all this and so much more.  See for privacy information.
The last time Joe and Serena sat down with Rachel Recchia, the “Bachelor in Paradise” teaser had just dropped and she was tight-lipped on everything to come... but now, there is nothing left to hide and Rachel is sharing details about EVERYTHING she experienced this summer in “Paradise” (so far)!   During their conversation, Rachel opens up about how she approached “Bachelor in Paradise” differently from “The Bachelorette” and debates whether her strategies ended up hurting her chances of leaving the beach in love. She also explains why the end of her time with Sean was so frustrating, why she doesn’t regret stopping Brayden from going out with Becca, and why doing a roast at this point in the journey was the worst thing possible for everyone on the beach. Plus, what is to come of her second chance with Jordan V.!? Be sure to follow so you never miss an episode.See for privacy information.
On “The Golden Bachelor,” it’s the week all of Bachelor Nation has been waiting for — FANTASY SUITES! As Joe and Serena break down every moment from the season’s most anticipated episode so far, they dive into an unexpected “morning after” with Leslie, a major shift with Theresa, and, of course, their questions over how Gerry’s journey is going to end.   And where do we even begin with “Bachelor in Paradise”?! With the arrival of Jordan V. to the reunion between Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes over two years in the making, this episode had no shortage of moments to discuss, and Joe and Serena make sure to hit them all.   LISTEN NOW!  See for privacy information.
“Bachelor Happy Hour” is LIVE from “The Golden Bachelor: Women Tell All”!  In a round of post-show interviews with Joan, Faith, Ellen, Sandra, Susan, Natascha, and of course Gerry, Joe and Serena follow up on all the biggest moments from the night with the people who lived them firsthand. Listen now! See for privacy information.
Today on “Bachelor Happy Hour,” Joe and Serena chat with the greatest Canadian import to hit the beach since Serena herself, Sam P.! Sam P. has been an incredible narrator during her time in “Paradise,” and in her discussion with Joe and Serena, no topic is too taboo to touch. She shares her unfiltered thoughts on the many love triangles in “Paradise,” explains why she was totally in favor of Kat making moves on John Henry, and so much more. Plus, Sam P. speaks on her connection with Peter, sharing why they hit it off so quickly and where she sees it going from here. Be sure to follow so you never miss an episode.See for privacy information.
After last night’s “Golden Bachelor”/“Bachelor in Paradise” double-header, there is SO much to discuss!   The first ever “Golden Bachelor: Women Tell All” was truly an episode not to be missed. Joe and Serena are heavily in their feels as they discuss moments like Joan’s hot seat, Ellen’s surprise visit from Roberta’s daughter, and, of course, Faith and Gerry’s emotional reunion. Plus, OMG, the bloopers. Then in “Paradise,” chaos has officially taken over. Joe and Serena share their thoughts on Olivia and Kat’s confrontation, where they think Aaron B. and Eliza’s relationship is headed, a Rose Ceremony that left them with more questions than answers, and so much more.   Follow now so you never miss an episode.See for privacy information.
Kat has seen your comments and heard your thoughts, so today on “Bachelor Happy Hour,” “Bachelor in Paradise’s” most talked-about beachgoer sits down with Joe and Serena to discuss it all.   Throughout the interview, Kat looks back on everything that has gone down in “Paradise” so far and shares her side of the story (not at max volume). She reveals what kinds of conversations she and Brayden had about their future those first few days in “Paradise,” why Tanner going on a date with Davia was especially hurtful, and why she didn’t feel bad pursuing John Henry while he was still involved with Olivia.   She also responds to viewers labeling her a hypocrite, acknowledges that her ego sometimes gets the best of her, explains why she’s grateful to have girlfriends who check her when she needs it, and so much more. Listen now! See for privacy information.
Today on “Bachelor Happy Hour,” Jess brings her sparkle to the pod and answers some tough questions about everything that has gone down in “Paradise” so far. In her conversation with Joe and Serena, Jess discusses why she wasn’t upset with Kat for going on a date with Tanner, what she thought about Sean shooting his last-minute shot with her, and why her connection with Blake was a pleasant, but unexpected, surprise. She also reveals her immediate reaction to Blake going on a date with Genevie and explains why she felt guilty kissing Tyler while Blake was gone. Plus, where do she and Blake go from here?   Listen now to find out!  See for privacy information.
Today on “Bachelor Happy Hour,” Joe and Serena break down the most dramatic moments from last night’s episodes of “The Golden Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise.” The Golden Bachelor has brought a new dynamic to Hometowns week, and Joe and Serena have a ton of thoughts. They discuss the differences Hometowns revealed in Gerry’s relationships with each of the three women, how bringing the grandchildren in changes things, and, of course, that cliffhanger that no one saw coming.   Then in “Paradise,” things are as wild and chaotic ever. Joe and Serena share their take on Kat’s “homie hopping,” the confusion over what is happening with Jess and Blake, and whether they think Aaron B. really has anything to be worried about with Charity making a visit to the beach.   Be sure to follow so you never miss an episode.See for privacy information.
Today on “Bachelor Happy Hour,” Sandra is in the hot seat and giving new meaning to the phrase “75 years young”! In her discussion with Joe and Serena, Sandra reveals her first impressions of Gerry, who from the house she was closest with, and why a little drama was inevitable. Plus, she explains how she and her daughter decided it would be okay for Sandra to miss her daughter’s wedding if needed and why she’s so nervous to see the blooper reel at the upcoming “Women Tell All.” Be sure to follow so you never miss an episode.See for privacy information.
Tanner Has No Regrets

Tanner Has No Regrets


Today on “Bachelor Happy Hour,” Joe and Serena chat with Tanner, the man at the center of the latest love triangle in “Paradise”! In their discussion, Tanner doesn’t hold back as he reveals the expectations he and Kat set about being exclusive on the beach, how he felt learning that Davia had no intentions of getting to know any other guys, and whether there was anything Kat could have done to stop him from going on the date, even though it was her birthday.   Plus, Tanner reveals how it felt to learn that Davia had spoken to Kat before he got the chance to and whether he thinks he did anything wrong by asking Kat out in the first place.  See for privacy information.
After last night’s episodes of “The Golden Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise,” the emotions across Bachelor Nation are at an all-time high, and Joe and Serena are ready to discuss it all.  On “The Golden Bachelor,” Gerry made his toughest eliminations yet, and Joe and Serena did not see it coming. They also discuss their enjoyment in seeing a new side of Faith, a subtle moment of shade from Leslie, and why Gerry was right not to give out a rose during the group date. Plus, is “You’re my girl” the Golden version of “I love you”?  Then, things are as wild as ever in “Paradise,” and Joe and Serena are fully invested in it all. As they break down last night’s episode of “Bachelor in Paradise,” they discuss how things would have been different if Davia had come down the night of the Rose Ceremony instead of Sam P., why Brayden might actually be a great match for Rachel, and why, if anyone was to have a birthday in “Paradise,” they are SO excited it’s Kat.   Be sure to follow so you never miss an episode. See for privacy information.
Today on “Bachelor Happy Hour,” Joe and Serena chat with Susan about her “Golden Bachelor” journey so far. In their discussion, Susan dishes the dirt and reveals her family’s reaction to her iconic 6 inches line from Night 1, what she wishes everyone got to see from the Talent Show date, and, of course, how she feels about all of the Kris Jenner comparisons. Plus, Susan discusses how strongly she felt about her connection with Gerry going into the final week before Hometowns and what it was like being in the house without the rest of her ASKN crew. Listen now!  See for privacy information.
Sean’s Cruel Summer

Sean’s Cruel Summer


Today on “Bachelor Happy Hour,” Joe and Serena chat with Sean about that dramatic night in “Paradise” and so much more. Sean, or “Hot Sean” as Serena and Joe refer to him, doesn’t hold back as he explains what he thought the status of his and Rachel’s relationship was, why he wanted to make a last-chance move with Jess, and why he was so surprised that Brayden, of all people, was the one to tell Rachel what he was saying about their connection. Then Sean offers his take on the multiple love triangles forming in “Paradise” and — most importantly — defends his status as a true and loyal Swiftie. Be sure to follow so you never miss an episode.See for privacy information.
There is so much to discuss after last night’s “Golden Bachelor”/“Bachelor in Paradise” double-header and Joe and Serena are breaking it all down.   It’s the week we’ve all been waiting for on “Golden”: PICKLEBALL TIME!   And while things were definitely intense on the court, the drama off the court between Kathy and Theresa is really what has Joe and Serena talking. Plus, they discuss the demise of ASKN, Sandra missing her daughter’s wedding, and Leslie and Gerry’s steamy one-on-one! Then in “Paradise,” the love triangles are forming! Joe and Serena share their thoughts on Eliza’s shocking decision to go out with John B., Sean’s last chance attempt with Jess, the undeniable chemistry between Brayden and Rachel, and so much more.   Follow now so you never miss an episode.See for privacy information.
Comments (109)

Karen Mason

Thanks for the spoiler on your Title! Got the notification on my phone about your podcast before watching.

Dec 1st

Julia Terry

'Karen' - isms of any kind are as bad as racism. Please don't promote the use of this name to imply a term, even if suggesting that all not Karen's are this way . Very unkind, tacky and essentially reverse racism. Call racism for what it is: racism, not Karen.

Jan 23rd

Alexander Huang

Bachelor Happy Hour is such a great Podcast! I love their episode with Tom Higgenson from April 2020. They discuss his time with the Plain White T's and his rise to stardom. He started his own label, Humans Were Here in 2017 and a new solo career, Million Miler.

Mar 23rd

Stephanie Hellemeyer

This podcast gives you the rundown of what is happening in the show from two former contestants. On episode 43 they chat with Tom Higgenson, who started Humans Were Here. He has signed many amazing artists including Fairview, a dream pop duo.

Mar 19th


beccas voice crack thing is so fucking annoying

Mar 16th


shit was crazy last night! poor Matt.

Mar 16th

Julia Prole Terry

please know that not everybody that makes negative comments to Rachel are racist or are mean. I think like everyone else you talk to there is room for growth and realization of one's weaknesses. It often seems like she can dish it out but she can't take it, or if she does take it she takes it in a racist way. I have been happy to avoid it the last two weeks and be able to listen to Becca alone, who is a lot more positive and kind.

Mar 11th

Brandi Higgins

I just want to know if Rachel Lindsay is proud of herself for ruining the franchise and relationships? Nobody owes YOU an apology or an explanation of IG pics from 3 years ago! I can't wait til her contract is up. Not that it matters because the damage is already done! Time for her to ruin another show

Feb 25th

jennifer moore

super boring season overall.

Feb 17th

Kory Stuart

All due respect, make a concerted effort to like stop like saying like like really

Jan 16th

Chelsea Jepson

It is truly unfortunate the negative feedback is the loudest. Many people enjoy you both for your opinions. I know I do! Please, never feel the need to censor yourselves. You'll always have at least one fan 🙋🏻‍♀️

Jan 15th

Luanne Caron

I think I enjoy these recap podcasts more than the actual show 😆

Nov 25th

Serena Hostetter

Love the podcast, but I didn’t love the way Spencer talked about quarantine and covid precautions...

Nov 18th

Ann Kavanagh

Clare says she didn't disrespect anyone???? she is full of herself.

Oct 28th

Sue w

It's so hard to listen to this show when the sound quality needs to be addressed. Beccas mic was good Rachels was muffled.

Sep 28th

Sue w

Sounds quality needs to be addressed with this show... Beccas mic was great Rachels was very muffled as well as the guest

Sep 28th

Sue w

Sounds quality on Beccas mic was great Rachels Mic was very muffled as well as jillians

Sep 28th

Kaylee Arnold

This podcast was amazing. I shared it on Facebook and told people to listen because I dont think the fight for equality ever stops. it makes me sad and sick to my stomach to know we live in a world where people don't care about people if color. It's time for a change. Just because George Flyod's death is over and people have stopped talking we still need to fight

Aug 24th

Balanced libra

Great podcast Rachel! I look forward to listening to you every week. I love your opinions. You are the best from the Bachelor Franchise. Keep being you.❤

Jul 1st

Bonnie White

this has gone to far. I do not see anything wrong with what garett said in his post. Becca you are worried about ur career. so are you telling me we should not support the police because of 1 or 2 or even 10 bad cops? let me say this. more white people are shot by blacks. I feel like no matter what we do it will not ever be enough. taking down statue's must give someone a job because they are a certain color to be fair? why? look how many hard working people lost everything including lives from this but nobody is saying a thing about it. to me I think all lives matter. in that it is not all lives matter but black. wake up you can not change history. black people feel they are owed something from the past we do not have white tv channels, white colleges etc. I'm glad but for the love of God. all lives matter! stop with the damn color of skin shit please. what happened is HORRIBLE and he should be killed the same way. the world has come together over this and has tried t

Jun 18th
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