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Do you include financial well-being in your wellness plan? If not, today’s episode will inspire you to get started.Financial wellness is critical for women. When we have our own resources and are able to navigate our own finances, we can have healthier families and relationships. Today’s guest, Bola Sokunbi is a certified financial educator and champion of financial wellness for women.Bola is a finance expert, bestselling author, speaker, and founder of Clever Girl Finance, a financial education platform and community for women empowering them to achieve financial wellness and live life on their own terms.Listen to this episode for practical tips on improving financial wellness, how to manage finances with your partner, and how to start investing.We Also Talk About…How Bola saved $100,000 in her early twenties as a single woman.Rewriting your financial story.How to approach money management with your partner.Why financial wellness is critical for women.Initial steps we can take to start investing.What index funds are, and how to invest in them.The power of compound interest, and how compound interest can help build wealth.Resources:Interested in going on a Balanced Black Girl retreat? Take our survey!Visit the Clever Girl Finance website for courses, financial education resources, and community.Check out Bola’s book Choosing to Prosper: Triumphing Over Adversity, Breaking Out of Comfort Zones, Achieving Your Life and Money DreamsClever Girl Finance: Ditch Debt, Save Money and Build Real WealthClever Girl Finance: Learn How Investing Works, Grow Your MoneyClever Girl Finance: The Side Hustle Guide: Build a Successful Side Hustle and Increase Your IncomeSponsor:Open | If you’re looking for a mindful meditation, breath work, and movement app I can’t recommend Open enough. They have a beautifully curated collection of guided meditation, breath work, and movement exercises to support you in your practice. Try Op e n for 30 Days free. Visit and use the code “BALANCED” for 15% off your first order.Going Wild | Add Going Wild with Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant to your podcast lineup. You can listen on Apple Podcasts, NPR One, or your favorite listening ◉ IG: @balancedblackgirlpodcast @balancedles 〆Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out: this podcast at — & Opt-Out:
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all of the messaging around money on social media and in the news? There are countless things vying for your attention and resources, and having a healthy money mindset is more important than ever.In this episode we’re talking to Chioma Njoku, the owner and Chief Mindful Operator at the Mindful Bookkeeper as well as the host of the Cheers to Your Prosperity podcast. Through her work as an accountant and financial coach, she helps coaches, consultants, and small business owners keep more of their hard-earned money without sacrificing the things that make life enjoyable.Listen to this episode to understand the building blocks of having a healthier relationship with money, and to learn how to overcome past financial mistakes.We Also Talk About…Popular messaging around money on social media that can keep us broke.Understanding money mindset.Common mistakes people make when it comes to manifesting money.How the Profit First method can support your personal and business finances.Recession-proofing our businesses and finances.How to overcome being “woke but broke.”Resources (contains affiliate links):Listen to Chioma’s podcast “Cheers to Your Prosperity”Cheers to Your Prosperity Episode 5: How Money Mindset Keeps You BrokeVisit Chioma’s website to learn more about her servicesProfit First by Mike MichalowiczSponsor:Skillshare | Check out the amazing courses and community on Skillshare to launch your next business or fine-tune your new hobby. Visiting for one month ◉ IG: @balancedblackgirlpodcast @balancedles 〆Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out: this podcast at — & Opt-Out:
Have you ever struggled to create and stick to a budget? If so, you aren’t alone. Budgeting, paying off debt, and reaching financial goals can be challenging especially when they aren’t approached the right way. Tune in to learn about the necessary habits to creating a sense of financial wellness, and why directing where your money should go can have a bigger impact than how much you’re bringing in. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
What is your most valuable asset? Chances are, it’s your time. Many people treat time as a scarce resource — something it feels like we never have enough of. But what would happen if we looked at time from a place of abundance? We’re kicking off our Money and Abundance series by exploring the idea of time abundance. Instead of viewing time as a race against the clock, we’re aiming to look at time as a valuable asset that we can allocate, invest, and spend in ways that align with our values. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
Have you ever wondered how your menstrual cycle affects your work, relationships, and overall balance in your life? In our final rewind episode of the summer, our guest is Berrion Berry. Berrion is a Menstrual Health Educator, Integrative Health Practitioner and the founder of Optimize Your Flo. Part of her mission is to teach menstruating individuals how to master their menstrual cycles one period at a time. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
Do you struggle with setting healthy boundaries with family and friends? How do you navigate challenging situations? In today’s rewind episode we’re talking to boundaries expert Nedra Glover Tawwab. Nedra is diving deep into the importance of setting and maintaining healthy boundaries and how to navigate shifting your boundaries as we move through this new normal. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
A simple walk can be an incredible tool for healing. In this week’s rewind episode, I’m resharing one of our most popular episodes all about the incredible mental, physical, and emotional benefits of walking. Tune in to not only be inspired to move your body, but also to learn how to explore that *why* and define the intentions that serve your goals and desires. And remember, tag us if you go on that walk. Let's create a #BalancedBlackGirlWalks movement. 👟 Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
Instead of overloading ourselves with endless goals, to-do lists, and self-help, let’s look at what it really takes to use our time wisely and live as our most authentic selves. In this rewind episode we’ll be reflecting on what our soul actually yearns for and how to make space to simply *be.* Get ready for lots of reframes, pivots, and thoughtful invitations on becoming who we are becoming. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
In today’s episode, I’m talking about habits related to your well-being. I've really been reflecting on some of the habits that have kept me going and also things that I think promote longevity for all of us. The ways that we can continue to pour in and take care as we continue to navigate these challenging situations that we're all facing. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
Today’s rewind episode is all about approaching discipline in a new way. Tune in to hear why discipline is about reframing your mindset and being intentional about your daily habits. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
In today's rewind episode, we're really going to talk about the necessary tools needed to truly heal ourselves and healing in a very practical sense. Yasmine discusses how we can break the cycle of negative self-talk and empower ourselves. And we also dive into discernment, boundaries, looking after ourselves. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
What if I told you there was a tool that can help boost your sense of overall well-being, improve your mood, improve your memory, heighten creativity and help you manage stress? In this rewind episode, I'm talking about journaling. Journaling is important because it helps you capture a moment in time, and gives you the opportunity to reflect on what’s happening in your life in real-time as well as reflect on the past. Journaling can help you heal from past trauma, be an emotion regulator, and help you call in what you want your future to look like. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
This rewind episode features an important conversation about sexual and reproductive health with Dr. Sara Flowers, Vice President of Education of PPFA. An advocate for evidence-informed practice and emotional intelligence in sex education, Sara’s research focuses on fidelity and adaptation of sex education curricula, dismantling sexual and reproductive health disparities, serving youth of color, and strengthening reproductive health access. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
Have you ever struggled to truly feel rested no matter how much sleep or downtime you get? If so, this episode is for you. With so much happening in the world, it can be natural to have a “tired but wired” feeling when we’re constantly on alert. This episode explores what rest is on a physiological level, and shares techniques we can use to start feeling more rested to support our healing. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
Nature is not a nice to have, it really is a must-have for physical health and longevity. Studies show that being in nature reduces feelings of isolation and promotes calm. For this episode, we are joined by Toyin Ajayi, the founder of Outdoorsy Black Women, which is a community for Black women to connect, celebrate, and open our minds to an outdoorsy lifestyle. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
For many of us, hurt oftentimes happens in relationship to other people. Therefore, healing needs to happen in community as well. In this solo episode, I’m examining why being in community is such a significant, effective healing modality, why we don’t need to be perfectly healed to be loved, and ways we can cultivate healing in our immediate and broader communities. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
Emotional healing is probably one of the most challenging forms of healing. In order to attend to who we are as fully formed adults, it is imperative that we understand our inner child to aid in our healing journey. Our guest Dr. Peace Amadi explains neuroplasticity and what affects our ability to change, what it means to heal, and how we can incorporate joy into our healing process. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
The digestive system is incredibly complex, and our gut health can influence several functions in the body and can be linked to many other ailments. That’s why when we look at healing from the inside out, healing our gut is a critical part of the conversation. We’re talking to Dr. Asia Muhammed, an expert in the field of gut health and digestion. Dr. Asia values the power of lifestyle modifications to achieve optimal health. She uses evidence-based, science-based medicine to provide individualized attention to those in her practice. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
Welcome to our new series, Modalities of Healing. In this series, we’ll be exploring what it means to heal from the inside out and emphasizing healing as a source of joy. Our first conversation will leave you feeling incredibly supported in your healing journey, and ready to implement a few new practices shared by our amazing guest, Ashley Curtis. Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
This week we’re continuing our exploration of the intersection of wellness and creativity. According to research, creative expression can support feelings of motivation and overall well-being. However, many people have aversions to creativity due to bias, perfectionism, and fear of failure or not creating a perfect result.To wrap up our series on New Life and Creativity we’re talking to our guest Cristina Martinez about how she’s found healing through creativity, and how creativity has influenced her career and relationships.Cristina Martinez is a contemporary visual artist based in Seattle, Washington. Her career started in fashion school before she explored self-expression through painting. Cristina’s work is rooted in telling the often-overlooked stories of Black and Brown people, encouraging them to water themselves to bloom and grow in this journey called life.This conversation inspires us all to tap into our creativity for healing, and a deeper connection to our loved ones and ourselves.We Also Talk About…How our relationship with creativity can evolve over time.Ways to draw inspiration when you need it most.The ups and downs of having a creative career.How Cristina supports her kids’ creativity.The ways creativity can help us bloom, and what it means to bloom.How collaboration and community can foster creativity.Resources:Follow Cristina on Instagram @sew_trillPurchase Cristina’s work from her website June and MarsCheck out Cristina’s collection at NordstromResearch Article: Everyday Creative Activity As A Path to FlourishingDownload our Wellness Rituals Workbook to find your daily inspirationSponsor:Almond Cow | With Almond Cow, you can have mess-free homemade non-dairy milk with the press of a button. Visit and use the code BALANCED for $25 off your order.Plum Deluxe | Plum Deluxe offers premium tea blends that are the perfect addition to your self-care routine. Visit and use the code BALANCED for 12% off your first ◉ IG: @balancedblackgirlpodcast @balancedles 〆Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out: this podcast at — & Opt-Out:
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coco amondi

this episode made my ,love ,looove!

Oct 27th


unfortunately can't hear her at all.

Mar 25th

Megan Kidwell

thank you so much for sharing this. it felt like she really knew me. i really needed to hear this

Feb 11th
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Sonile Jere

such a calming episode

Oct 25th

Marissa Candace

I can't listen through the podcast. 😭😭😭 you go so hard on your Ss bb 😂😂

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love it

Jun 21st

Bahar Khayami

It was so pleasant to listen to you dear goddess 🙏🏾🍃

Jun 11th


I love listening to this podcast and have found so many products and information that I probably would not have found if not for this podcast. I also enjoyes this podcast and the information that was given but its the first time I felt the host was either preoccupied, tired or just had other things on her mind. It was a little weird at times during paused moments. This guest had lots of energy and positive information. Maybe it was just an off day, we all have those.

Mar 10th

Kandis Draw

well said.

Jul 16th
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bookaddict 4real

Hey I agree mindset is everything! I love the transparency in the conversation😍

May 17th

Krystal M.

Amazing episode!

May 1st

lester alfred

This Podcast is as Awesome as the other Balanced Black Girl Podcast! Truly a Great Blessing!

Oct 29th

lester alfred

Awesome, I mean totally Awesome!

Oct 20th
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