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Author: Olivia Ladd / We Own This Town

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Host Olivia Ladd sits down with Nashville musicians, artists, scenesters and friends to talk about the history behind our favorite cult bands.
15 Episodes
Jordan Victoria (Heaven Honey) chats with host Olivia Ladd about the literary songwriting legacy of Americana trailblazer Lucinda Williams.
Crowded Table: Host Olivia Ladd is joined by journalist Lorie Liebig to discuss the modern accomplishments of Brandi Carlile.
Women in Country Music

Women in Country Music


Host Olivia Ladd presents a conglomeration of data studies, statistics and reporting to help listeners understand the severity of the imbalance Women in Country face.
Devotion: Elena Franklin (Reality Something) joins Olivia to discuss Patti Smith's status as the godmother of punk rock and the legacy of her writing.
Punky Reggae Party: Olivia Jean guests on the podcast to examine the history of prototypical British punk group The Slits, who incorporated world music and feminism into a budding genre and set a precedent for many artists who came after.
Girls to the Front: Beth Cameron (Forget Cassettes, Black Bra) sits down for a deep dive discussion about the work of prolific riot grrl band Bikini Kill and the personal meaning within their songs to women in punk rock.
Dying Star: Alex Fowler (Drama Club, Dream Girl Records) and Olivia tell the story of the quick rise and fall of Joy Division, who laid groundwork for post-punk and goth rock.
What a Trip: John Condit (The Inscape, Lilly Hiatt) and Olivia talk about one of psychedelic's most genre expansive, infamous and maniacally creative bands, The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
The Powers That Be: Nashville journalist John Connor Coulston comes on the podcast to delve into the mystery behind experimental hip-hop/metal group Death Grips.
From the Heart: Collin Fidler and Luke Adamson join Olivia to wax nostalgic and discuss the evolution of one of Americana's most impassioned bands.
Intro To New Wave: Nashville journalist Charlie Zaillian sits down with Olivia to discuss the weaving history of one of UK's finest, mostly unsung, pop bands.
The Modern Day Grateful Dead: Patty Greer hops on Bandsplainer to talk about experimental indie pop pioneers Animal Collective.
Origin Story: Zach Prosser (of Nashville band Z) and Olivia discuss prolific hardcore punk outfit Black Flag by tracing their origins within the SoCal scene, analyzing their political message and examining the zine and art culture surrounding the band.
For the People: Olivia sits down with Taylor Cole (of Tayls and Creature Comfort) to talk about Pulp's journey from experimental rockers to Brit-pop legends.
1: Devo with Todd Campbell

1: Devo with Todd Campbell


De-Evolution Into Tomorrow: Todd Campbell joins Olivia to talk about the history of influential new wave pioneers DEVO, who were way ahead of their time.
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