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WAR ROOM with Stephen K. Bannon.
607 Episodes
Episode 2489: The Oligarchs In Charge Vs Working Class Wages 
Episode 2488: This Time It's Different 
WarRoom Battleground EP 225: Big Oil Turns Against Renewable Energy 
Episode 2487: The Lies Of The Elite 
Episode 2486: The Continued Fight For Election Integrity 
Episode 2485: The Plan To Get Back To An America First Policy 
WarRoom Battleground EP 224: Children Under 12 Received mRNA Vaccine 
Episode 2484: Stopping Fraud In Arizona; Desantis Throwsdown Against CRT
Episode 2483: Who Are Benefitting From The War Machine
Episode 2482: The Overreach Of The FBI On Anti-Abortion Activist
WarRoom Battleground EP 223: Newsoms Hold In California; Directed Evolution 
Episode 2481: Taking Down The Weaponization Of Government 
Episode 2480: The Created Crisis' Of The Elite Left
Episode 2479:: Taking Crimea; Change Starts At The Local Level
Episode 2478: Tales From The Darien Gap; The New Hampshire Warm Up 
Episode 2477: Stalingrad In 2023 
WarRoom Battleground EP 222: Revenge Of The Nerd 
Episode 2476: Establishment Takes In The RNC
Episode 2475: Where We Stand With The Real Economy 
Episode 2474: Wagging The Dog In Washington 
Comments (345)


TS 33:10 bias

Feb 2nd

Alex Majewski-Trefall


Jan 26th
Reply (1)

John Mclovin

episodes will not download anymore🤨

Jan 21st


TS 5:00 Debt

Jan 20th


TS 28:20 Children exposed to surgery

Jan 18th

Pam Wyma


Nov 24th

Mike Discenza people are waking up

Nov 17th

Deb Fernandez

Are you on f'ing kidding me??

Nov 13th

Rick Lawson

1 star, show has became the equivalent to Boomer sweats Sean Hannity on Fox. the show went from a maga mega phone to a rnc apologist

Oct 18th


TS 40:45 California’s New Pro-Kidnapping Bill Is Pure Evil — And Here’s Why Republicans MUST Copy It in Every Red State By Revolver News -October 17, 2022

Oct 18th

Scott Hite

Agolf Twitler will watch from his prison cell TV as his puppet master, little man Vlad hangs.

Oct 5th

Rick Lawson

mtg the rights version of AOC.

Sep 20th
Reply (22)

Doc Sarvis

You were charged with two counts of money laundering, three counts of conspiracy and one count of scheming to defraud. Explain to your listeners and donors why you aren't guilty. Produce the receipts for the $15M you took from them that shows it all went to the wall and not to Brian Kolfage or yourself. Kolfage and Andrew Badolato(your co-conspirators) have already pleaded guilty. Trump conviently pardoned you(wich is in itself an admission of guilt...oops). How are they guilty and you are not? Why do you think the laws shouldn't apply to you? When will you be giving these rubes their money back and explaining you built zero feet of wall? Will you finally shower in prison?

Sep 9th

Doc Sarvis

Which of you culty fucks is excited to learn that Bannon defrauded you when he lied and said he would "build the wall" that Trump hadn't built and Mexico hadn't paid for?? You sent him money for a wall and he put it in his pocket even though he promised he wouldn't. Nothing will make you leave your death cult con job I guess.

Sep 8th

Gina Michalak

I think regular people like myself are fed up with the Lefty talking heads that speak in these condescending tones and all that comes out of their mouths are lies, slanders, unintelligent jargon. We are so done with it. Hoping to send a strong message in November showing how done we actually are.

Aug 31st

Todd Taylor

More government is rarely a good answer

Aug 24th


12:00 Fauci Oucie Jingle

Aug 24th

Kevin H. Roberts

Finally they fixed it! I was trying to learn a new app but will stick with Castbox if they aren't censoring Bannon.

Aug 12th

Darlene Walker

I haven't seen an update for this podcast in 5days. what's going on?

Aug 11th
Reply (2)

tracey jones

anyone not getting the updates on bannon's war room since episode 2057??

Aug 10th
Reply (8)
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