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Bitcoin was born out of a system that had crashed in 2008 and left many people wondering how they were going to survive. As they were clamoring for alternatives to the system that had failed them, early adopters like Dan Held started joining together to build communities in places like Silicon Valley. Over ten years later, Dan needs no introduction within the Bitcoin world. He’s built Bitcoin companies. He’s lived through exchanges collapsing, price crashes, acquisitions, and through it all he’s still a believer. Dan joins Mauricio to share how he found himself on a new life path after discovering bitcoin, how he built his businesses and transitioned to a content creator that has nearly a million followers across social media. Learn more about Dan Held at the links Held Report Post - Hodlers are the Revolutionaries podcast episode was produced by Quill .
Venezuela has suffered some of the highest inflation rates in the world under the presidential reigns of Hugo Chavez and Nicolás Maduro. The effects have been catastrophic. After Maduro’s controversial election in 2013, inflation made it nearly impossible for Daniel Di Bartolomeo to run the business he owned with his wife. So when he was introduced to Bitcoin he discovered an alternative path to financial stability, something that was extremely rare in a Venezuelan economy that was in shambles. But after a few successful years, the authorities stumbled on Daniel’s Bitcoin mining operation and the consequences would be life changing. In this special episode Daniel joins his brother Mauricio to reflect on the hardships of living in Venezuela under Chavez and Maduro, and how Bitcoin changed the Di Bartolomeo brothers’ lives in unimaginable ways - culminating in a daring escape from Venezuela that has the makings of a movie script. This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
Financial institutions are dedicating time and research to Bitcoin analysis and this means they are taking the currency more seriously than ever. Why the price fluctuates isn’t an easy question to answer but since 2017, David Puell has been trying to answer it. He is using Bitcoin blockchain data to analyze price fluctuations and market sentiment. He became a pioneer in the emergent field of on-chain analysis and has created a dozen on-chain metrics now used industry-wide. David joins Mauricio to share how he became an on-chain analyst,  some of the current market trends that have his attention and  Bitcoins part in a monetary evolution that will be crucial to emerging markets.To learn more about on-chain analysis visit ​​ This episode was recorded before the recent market events around FTX.SocialTwitter - Invest - podcast episode was produced by Quill.
Tech savvy from a young age, the next Bitcoin generation has only known a  connected world with no physical boundaries. Coming out of Nigeria, Abubakar Nur Khalil, is a rising star. He’s a leading African Bitcoin core contributor, the founder of Qala, and Recursive Capital. In addition he sits on the board of BTrust, an initiative founded by Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z to help promote Bitcoin in the developing world. Abubakar joins Mauricio to share his inspiring story from young HTML coder to BTrust board member. And he also shares his take on why Bitcoin adoption is skyrocketing in Nigeria and why he believes Bitcoin is a big part of a better future for his country, the continent and the globe.NOTE: This episode was recorded before the recent market events around FTX.Learn more about Abubakar Nur Khalil at the links below:SocialTwitter - - Capital - - podcast episode was produced by Quill
After years of searching for something that would give her worklife meaning, Anita Posch discovered that Bitcoin could help people regain control of their money and regain their financial independence. She pivoted her career, wrote a book called Learn Bitcoin, hosts a popular podcast and founded Bitcoin for Fairness, an organization that helps educate people in developing countries about Bitcoin - with a big focus in Africa. Anita joins Mauricio from Zimbabwe to share her story and how she’s trying to improve lives at the grassroots level.Learn more about Anita Posch at the links below.Websites Anitaposch.comBitcoin For FairnessPodcastThe Anita Posch ShowBookLearn BitcoinOther ResourcesBitcoin EkasiThis podcast episode was produced by Quill
Retiring at 33 years old is not the norm and it's even more surprising when accomplished by someone that lived for parts of their childhood without a home. But life can be magical in that, with hard work and dedication, a dream can become reality, like it did for Lyn Alden. An engineer, investor and writer, her research and commentary reaches hundreds of thousands  of people every day. Lyn joins Mauricio Di Bartolomeo to share her inspiring story and how Bitcoin gained an important place in her investment portfolio.Learn more about Lyn Alden at the links below:Website: @LynAldenContact Resources mentioned in the episode:Blog postWhat Being Homeless Taught Me About Money and HappinessPodcastsWhat Bitcoin Did - Peter McCormack Bitcoin Fundamentals - Preston PyshBookAlex Gladstein - Check Your Financial PrivilegeThis podcast episode was produced by Quill
70 years after the United Nations signed the declaration on human rights, over 50% of the world’s population still lives under authoritarian regimes - and 87% of the world does not have access to stable “money”. The reality for many people is that things have gotten worse. But brilliant individuals like Alex Gladstein, The Chief Strategy Officer of the Human Rights Foundation are fighting to bring freedom and rights to the oppressed. Alex joins Mauricio Di Bartolomeo to share his unique story and how Bitcoin can bring financial, and even physical freedom to those who otherwise wouldn’t have it.Learn more about Alex Gladstein at the links below.Website: @gladsteinBooks:The Little Bitcoin BookCheck Your Financial PrivilegeHuman Rights FoundationOslo Freedom ForumThis podcast episode was produced by Quill .
Because of Bitcoin is a new podcast that shares personal stories of how Bitcoin is changing lives for the better. Host Mauricio Di Bartolomeo, the co-founder and CSO of Ledn, is joined each episode by a special guest including Bitcoin groundbreakers, entrepreneurs and human rights advocates, that have unique journeys of their own - bringing practical real-world examples of how bitcoin has made a positive impact in their lives.Because of Bitcoin is coming this fall to wherever you get your podcasts. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode.This podcast episode was produced by Quill
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