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Author: Scott Becker

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Discussions about private equity and business with Scott Becker
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In this episode, Scott shares the idea of “hacking” away at ignorance and the importance of always being open to learning and bettering yourself.
This episode discusses stories of note to follow this weekend.
In this episode, Scott shares five thoughts on JP Morgan Chase and CEO Jamie Dimon.
In this episode, Scott shares some interesting thoughts on James Patterson, the famous novelist and bestselling author.
In this episode Scott Becker discusses the following stories: Jobless Claims up. Walgreens Boots Alliance is down 54% year to date. CVS Health is down 22% year to date. UnitedHealth Group is up 9% year to date. Tesla is now flat year to date after being down at one time more than 35%.
In this episode, Scott shares 10 stories to watch.
In this episode, Scott Becker interviews Amber Walsh, Partner at McGuireWoods LLP, about the evolving deal environment in 2024. They discuss the increase in broken deals, extended hold periods, and the cautious approach of buyers in the current high-cost capital market, offering insights into the private equity landscape and future trends.
In this episode Scott Becker discusses the following stories: The Nasdaq dropped 2.7% yesterday. The 1 year treasury yield is at 4.86%. Domino’s dropped nearly 12% yesterday. Five Below, the retailer no one goes to, dropped 25% yesterday. Snap Inc. sank nearly 10% yesterday. The market is set for a small rebound today. It’s now […]
In this episode, Scott Becker interviews Holly Buckley, Chair of Healthcare at McGuireWoods. Holly shares her insights on effective leadership, the importance of communication and strategic planning, and current trends in healthcare and private equity, including increased interest in healthcare IT, pharma services, and life sciences.
In this episode, Scott Becker compares BlackRock and Blackstone, discusses the top three public PE funds, and critiques rent control policies. He also reviews the current standings of the five largest companies by market cap, highlighting significant market movements and trends.
In this episode, Scott Becker highlights eight key points about Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s meteoric rise. From Amazon’s humble beginnings as an online bookstore to becoming a $2 trillion market cap giant, Becker delves into Bezos’ innovative business philosophy and the strategic decisions that fueled Amazon’s success.
In this episode, Scott Becker interviews Greg Moerschel, Managing Partner at BPOC. They discuss BPOC’s strategic focus on lower middle-market healthcare investments, current industry trends, and valuable advice for emerging leaders and founders in the healthcare sector.
In this episode, Scott Becker covers 13 key stories, including Apple’s surge to a record market cap, United Health Group’s financial impact from a cyber attack, and the latest trends in private equity with insights on BlackRock, Blackstone, KKR, and Apollo Global Management. Tune in for a comprehensive update on market movements, company performances, and […]
In this episode, Scott Becker interviews Richard Kes, Partner at RSM. They discuss key economic indicators impacting private equity, the outlook for interest rates, and the increasing focus on bolt-on acquisitions to drive growth in the middle market.
In this episode of the Becker Private Equity and Business Podcast, Scott Becker discusses significant market trends, including the latest on Bitcoin, Goldman Sachs’ earnings, and the fluctuating positions of tech giants like Apple and Microsoft. He also covers noteworthy stories from Burberry, Macy’s, and the political landscape, offering insights into how these developments could […]
In this episode, Scott Becker delves into five key concerns in the private equity sector, including declining asset valuations, the need for core value creation, interconnectedness with private debt, rising regulatory and investor anxiety, and tactics to delay financial reckoning. Based on insights from Bloomberg and industry leaders, this episode provides a comprehensive overview of […]
In today’s episode, Scott Becker discusses the latest developments in the EV market, focusing on Tesla, Rivian, and Lucid Motors. He highlights Lucid’s reliance on Saudi investment, Rivian’s scaling issues, and Tesla’s resilience despite market fluctuations. Tune in for an insightful analysis of these three major players in the electric vehicle industry.
In this episode, Scott Becker covers 13 key stories, including the market’s volatile rebound, contrasting inflation reports, and challenges in private equity asset valuations. He also highlights a Bloomberg article on private equity, an upcoming healthcare panel by JPMorgan Chase, Tesla and Lucid’s market movements, and a notable interview with Amber Walsh on women in […]
In this episode, Scott Becker speaks with Amber Walsh of McGuireWoods LLP about the latest Preqin report on women in private equity, highlighting incremental progress and ongoing challenges. They also discuss current trends in healthcare private equity deals, including regulatory considerations and the thoughtful structuring of investments.
In this episode, Scott Becker speaks with Geoffrey Cockrell, Partner at McGuireWoods LLP, about the current downturn in healthcare provider deals, challenges in private equity, and the headwinds impacting the industry. Cockrell provides insights into balance sheet problems, regulatory pressures, and the importance of strategic healthcare investments.
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