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The official podcast of American entrepreneur Bedros Keuilian. A show that’s unapologetically unfiltered that will make you think, make you laugh and inspire you to become an even better human.
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With the rise of internet dating apps making you more “connected”, it seems like men have never been more disconnected from finding the RIGHT woman… the PERFECT 10. The truth is 90% of men are focused on the wrong things when it comes to finding the woman of their dreams. (Hint: Your focus shouldn't be on the woman.) In the latest episode of the Bedros Keuilian Show, I explain how you can attract the woman of your dreams without having to travel to another country like those “passport bros” I’ve been hearing about. Look, I may not be a dating coach, but I can guarantee that most men can learn a thing or two from this episode. And if you have a son, you’ll want to teach him this stuff at some point. SIGN UP FOR THE MISOGI CHALLENGE: JOIN MY FREE 6-WEEK CHALLENGE: Transform into a Purpose-Driven Man BECOME BATTLE READY: Build a lean and jacked body in 90 days
In today's episode of The Bedros Keuilian Show, I’m pulling back the curtain on the types of businesses you could start today that have the potential to not only build wealth but also make a significant positive impact on the world. These are businesses that I have started or look for when investing. Whether you're just starting down the path of entrepreneurship or you’ve been down the path before this episode is loaded with nuggets. JOIN MY FREE 6-WEEK CHALLENGE:
In this episode of the Bedros Keuilian Show, I explain how doing this one thing in your life will lead you to become the 2.0 version of yourself faster than ever. The road to developing the 2.0 version of yourself will never be smooth. You will make sacrifices, test relationships and face your fears. If you’ve ever wanted to be a better leader, entrepreneur, partner, or friend or to just be happier then you’ll want to check out this episode. JOIN MY FREE 6-WEEK CHALLENGE
In today's episode of the Bedros Keuilian Show, we dive into the secret of becoming unstoppable and how you can achieve it in your life.  So if you're ready to unlock the 2.0 version of yourself and break through the barriers holding you back, this episode is for you. JOIN MY FREE 6-WEEK CHALLENGE Trulean Supplements Use code "Bedros"
In today's episode of the Bedros Keuilian Show, I'm sharing the 6 things I wish I knew sooner in life. And hey, even if you're in your 30s, 40s, or 50s and think this isn't for you…trust me, there's a valuable nugget in this episode for everyone. They say life's the best teacher, but DAMN! – There are some things I wish I knew sooner. Don't miss out on hearing the sh!t I wish I knew sooner in life, it just might save you from making the same mistakes I did. JOIN MY FREE 6-WEEK CHALLENGE:
In the latest episode of the Bedros Keuilian Show, I reveal the 9 books every man MUST read to unlock their full potential and achieve lasting success. I've read these books countless times, and they've been massively influential at different stages in my life - because I took action and applied what I learned to my life.  So, I've made this special podcast episode to share the ONLY books you need to read to self-improve, become whole and evolve into your higher self. 9 Books Every Man MUST Read: Outwitting The Devil - Way of Man - Wild At Heart - No More Mr. Nice Guy - Extreme Ownership - Man Up - Can’t Hurt Me - Relentless - The Power of Myth -
In this episode of The Bedros Keuilian Show, I explain the patterns that I uncovered years ago that transformed me into a millionaire. These same patterns are what separate the rich and successful from the average person. JOIN MY FREE 6-WEEK CHALLENGE
My mission with the Bedros Keuilian Show has always been to share my hard-earned life lessons with you so that you can learn from my mistakes. All while having tough conversations to spark the positive change we need in today’s society. In this episode, we dive into the lessons that men often learn too late in life. And my hope is by sharing these lessons, we can come together, learn from each other, and make sure these lessons don't come too late for our society. JOIN MY FREE 6-WEEK CHALLENGE:
In today’s episode of the Bedros Keuilian Show, I share 17 pieces of advice that I wish I knew when I was a young buck. These nuggets of wisdom could've saved me years of struggle, reduced anxiety, and put me on a faster track to success. And if I can pass on the wisdom that took me more than a decade to acquire, you'll have a 10 or 20-year head start that I wish I had. JOIN MY FREE 6-WEEK CHALLENGE
In today’s episode of the Bedros Keuilian Show, I explain the essential traits that I believe make men into the kind of man people can look up to and respect.  And how you can use these traits to transform your life, become a true leader, and leave a lasting impact on those around you.
In today's episode of the Bedros Keuilian Show, I break down the 4 high-income skills that everyone needs to learn. These skills will benefit you REGARDLESS of what you do for a living. You’ve seen how quickly things can change in the past few years. If you can master these skills you’ll be able to weather any economic storm and thrive during any economic booms. JOIN MY FREE 6-WEEK CHALLENGE:
In this episode of the Bedros Keuilian Show, I break down why taking the easy road and compromising with your inner b!tch is causing you to settle for less. Leading you down a path to an average life of mediocrity and regret.  And as you know the average man inspires no one. I also show you what you’ll need to do to break through and start living a life that you’ll be proud of when you look back on it in the future.    Look, the actions you take right now matter. So stop compromising on your goals and start realizing that you only get one shot in this life. It’s time to start living a zero-compromise life.    JOIN MY FREE 6-WEEK CHALLENGE:
In this episode of the Bedros Keuilian Show, I explain the 7 things men do to become cautionary tales and ruin their lives and what you can do to avoid them. Look, in my 10+ years of helping high-performing individuals level up their businesses, lives, and purpose I’ve realized these 7 common threads ruin men’s lives. And I share this with you because I don’t want you to take the path of the cautionary tale. JOIN MY FREE 6-WEEK CHALLENGE
Over the past few years, we’ve had mutating viruses, collusions, media suppression, and spy balloons. It’s almost as if we’ve been watching some bad reality TV show with someone or something pulling the strings. Look as someone who came from an oppressive country I feel a sense of duty to tell you this: This someone or something wants you down. They want you sick. They want you docile. They want you unable to think for yourself. In this episode of the Bedros Keuilian Show, I explain why YOU are the biggest threat to this opposition and why we need to wake up as a society before it’s too late.
Life can be tough but it gives you exactly what you’re willing to tolerate. If you tolerate and settle for an average mediocre life, you'll only ever achieve average mediocre results. On this episode of the Bedros Keuilian Show, I discuss why blaming your circumstances, family, and environment is causing you to tolerate average and is holding you back from achieving the life you deserve.
Every morning I start my day with my Millionaire Morning Routine. Regardless if it’s the weekend, weekday, holiday, or travel – my routine never changes. And I’ve realized over the years that if you’re not successful in life, it's probably because your life is not predictable. In this new episode of the Bedros Keuilian show I discuss my morning routine in detail and why having Routines, Rules, and Rituals is key to achieving anything you want in life. Look, I didn’t build my $200 million empire by accident, my success is a by-product of the routine, rules, and rituals that I’ve made.
When I look back at my early seasons as an entrepreneur, I realize that my success has come from developing a strong sense of purpose. In this episode, I share how you can start to develop your purpose and create a millionaire mindset by focusing on 3 specific skills that all millionaires have. The reality is my friends, every successful millionaire I know has created their multimillion-dollar empire by developing and pursuing their purpose. The sooner you can begin to develop your purpose the sooner you’ll not only build an empire but a legacy.
When it comes to entrepreneurship, many traits are vital to your business's success. But there’s one trait that is often misunderstood and overlooked. Leadership. In this latest episode, I explain why no amount of marketing, leads, or sales will ever outperform leadership and how you can start to develop into a high-performing leader.
At 48, I've learned a thing or two about winning & failing in business. Today I want to share 8 hard-earned pieces of wisdom with you, so you don't have to spend years figuring it out on your own. These 8 things have the power to change your life for the better, and I wish I had known them when I was just starting out.
Look when I was young and wild, I was the king of going out with crazy chicks. But here's the thing, I was to fix others because I didn't know how to fix myself. Self-sabotaging any chance I had to become a better version of myself. Make no mistake, we all self-sabotage. It shows up by us trying to fix others, turning to vices, or neglecting our health in an attempt to feel better. In this episode, I discuss the real reason why we all self-sabotage and what you can do to break the cycle.
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Solomon Kotey

Interesting, you're such a good story teller. I had the whole story playing in head like a movie scene 😂. Love this episode...

Mar 31st

Kyle Kia

I can agree that these tips are positive and accurate. Just annoying to always hear examples of "stop playing video games" and "turn off notifications." What about content creators that create content around video games or other media? Or just having balance in your life in general. A person can still have success in life and have a balance of rest and pleasure. Obviously you have to make sacrifices and have seasons of being aggresive but no one can go forever on non stop work and grind and discipline.

Dec 3rd
Reply (1)

David Ma

Absolutely loved this episode! Thanks for being a mentor to millions, Pete! 😉

Oct 22nd
Reply (1)

Charmaine Steenkamp

This is just awesome to hear. Such truth! As hard as it is to hear, it's exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks guys!

Jun 20th

Rosalean Batool

Love the fact you used the comparison between war and entrepreneurship. It really is like going to battle and fighting every single day until your last breath

May 25th

Rosalean Batool

Gosh I LOVED LOVED this episode! I used to hate strategizing but now I love it because it brings in money! I made £3k in one month from the 5x5 grid. Thanks guys

May 25th

Rosalean Batool

I deffo believe there are parts of you that didn't feel loveable, but you've found fulfilment. So happy for you. Thank you for this episode!

May 25th

Charmaine Steenkamp

Thank you

May 24th


Great episode!

Jan 12th

Adam Smith

That was amazing!! Thankyou!!

Nov 11th


great listen, really inspiring!

Oct 18th

Radim Höfer


Aug 16th

michael rizk

awesome podcast Craig and Bedros!!! Great job 🙌👊

Apr 20th

RJ Padua

Killer... Never peak

Apr 9th
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