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Bedtime Stories - Superheroes!

Author: Mrs. Honeybee & Friends

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Superhero Stories read by Captain EJ 💪
Look around - some of our friends you might already know.

Captain EJ has the most powerful voice in the world!
Together with Mr. Honeybee, they defend The Honeybee Neighborhood.

64 Episodes
Fingerprints are being swiped right off the hands of innocent victims! Who is the perpetrator? Thumb through the case file and join Captain EJ on this emergency case with your very own Private Eye to assist.https://EJmissions.comCaptain EJ - over and out.
All it takes is one good thought. One small positive thought in the morning—just one quick, tiny positive thought—can change the whole day. It’s like once you find one positive thing to focus on, you can find another….and then another. Tomorrow, I will think a powerful thought to set the tone and allow success to reverberate through every moment of my day. I hope you will too.
Sally Smith is STUCK once again! This time it's not at the hands of Pinky and Thumb but her own stubborn refusal to look away from her work for even a moment. We rush to Sally's aid and find her stuck in a corner with her eyes and arms crossed, ready to give up. Instead of that, we give her eyes some much needed technological TLC—thanks to Mr. Honeybee's proprietary googly-eyed glasses massagers. We make Sally laugh and, in short order, have to claw her away from her work for some FOCUSED FUN.https://EJmissions.comCaptain EJ - over and out.
It never helps to compare ourselves to others, Honeybee Hero. The only person I compare myself to is the person I was yesterday. And as long as the person I am today is even the tiniest bit better than the person I was yesterday—I’m meeting my own definition of success. And that’s enough…that’s enough.
We have not ONE but TWO Pinky's on our hands—and not our little fingers either! Together, with Mr. Honeybee at Command Center we use our sharp interrogation skills, an iris scanner, and our sticky suits to restore peace in Dormere once again.https://EJmissions.comCaptain EJ - over and out.
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Sonic awaits! Read by CAPTAIN EJ 😊🦸‍♂️ Want more Superhero Stories?🦸‍♂️ Join the Honeybee Library!🦸‍♂️ TO:- Tons of exclusive Superhero Stories- Longer Superhero Stories- No AdvertisementsJoin our Private Podcast & listen with your favorite podcast app! a new story: to Bedtime Stories with Superheros!! These stories are about adventures with ALL of my superhero friends! Read by my superhero friend….CAPTAIN EJ! I hope you enjoy! 😊💖- Love, Mrs. Honeybee____________________🙏 Unlock “The Superhero Secret Stories”🙏 Unlock:💖 Listen to Mrs. Honeybee's Stories💖 Listen: CAPTAIN EJ a message:🦸‍♂️ Who is CAPTAIN EJ?🦸‍♂️ CAPTAIN EJ is a superhero living undercover as Mrs. Honeybee’s next-door neighbor! 🦸‍♂️ CAPTAIN EJ has the powers of a BOOOOOOMING voice and a generous heart! He is very kind, protective, and adventurous! CAPTAIN EJ protects The Honeybee Neighborhood and the city of Philadelphia. He is here for now, but if he gets the call, he may need to disappear at a moment's notice to save the city! CAPTAIN EJ’s superpower is his BOOOMING voice...and if he’s not careful, he could knock a building over!He has learned to have control over his voice...and read bedtime stories.Love, Mrs. Honeybee____________________Bedtime stories, bedtime, sleep, meditation, guided meditation, bedtime story, spiderman, spider, peter parker, mary jane, spider-man, spider, man,
Who is Captain EJ?

Who is Captain EJ?


Captain EJ vs. The Knucklers -- Season 1 -- 10 Episodes -- Listen to Episode 1 on this podcast. Spotify - -
"The Final Showdown" -- Episode 10 -- In this final showdown, you and Captain EJ face off once and for all against your mighty nemeses.... using any means necessary.Brace yourself, it’s going to take all you've got to defeat these foes—but what you and Captain EJ have within you, is more than enough.Discover the true power of your voice with Captain EJ!https://EJmissions.comCaptain EJ - over and out.
"...It Pours" -- Episode 9 -- The storms rage on before our eyes, despite our best-laid plans. The Knucklers' wickedness proved relentless. But—much to our surprise—their brotherly bond was not nearly as strong.While we haven't taken down the clouds that hang heavy over the entire Honeybee Neighborhood, the force of good that flows through all of us has cracked the foundation for the Knucklers.Will their reign of terror be next to crumble?Mr. Honeybee finds himself with a mysterious influence over Thumb Knuckler that comes in handy when one of our most sparkling team members needs just that: helping to keep her head above water in a tricky situation.Given the strength of the storms, and the raging rivers that have formed, Captain EJ had no choice but to use his full vocal strength to astonishing ends. When one problem is temporarily solved, another springs up or rather….floats away.https://EJmissions.comCaptain EJ - over and out.
Captain EJ will read a personalized story to you…using your name! -- Order: 💪💪 Join Captain EJ & Mr. Honeybee in this personalized story to test your BattleBuzz Helmet.Visit Captain EJ’s house as we test out new, cutting edge BattleBuzz Helmet upgrades… and hear your name all throughout this special mission!On our missions we usually call you Hero; because that’s what you are, but for this mission……we’ll be using your REAL name!
"When It Rains..." -- Episode 8 -- We are left to our own devices without Mr. Honeybee's expert guidance, but luckily, our devices—and a little help from our robot friend Roger—are all we need.We become aware of the Knuckler's latest scheme by catching them red-handed in the infrared light of our BattleBuzz helmet scopes. They attempt to get us by surprise, but we have them in our sights—not exactly where we want them; since they’re on our turf, we are still one important step ahead.It seems the tides have turned for one of the Knuckler brothers. Without Mr. Honeybee, we can use all the help we can get…but we are surprised from where that helping hand reaches.https://EJmissions.comCaptain EJ - over and out.
Captain EJ endures a drone attack from the infamous Pinky Knuckler 💪💪 Moment from: Episode 7 -- https://EJmissions.comCaptain EJ - over and out.
"While You Slept" -- Episode 7 -- As Mrs. Honeybee always says; all superheroes need their super-rest, so we let our defenses down for the night. We kick back, relax, and fall asleep on the roof, under a blanket of stars….only to be rudely awaken in the early morning hours by something sinister. We come face-to-face with a technological advancement of epic proportions, that wasn’t made by Mr. Honeybee. Fast-moving clouds pour rain down on us like we've never experienced in the Honeybee Neighborhood before.We tried to radio Mr. Honeybee…and tried again…but our calls go unanswered.https://EJmissions.comCaptain EJ - over and out.
"Power Play" -- Episode 6 -- While the Knucklers slept we crept right under their noses and into their fortress to disable the source of their stolen power.Pinky and Thumb start their night in utter confusion that escalates to blinding rage—well at least for Pinky, who is fixated on us more than ever.Thumb woke up with different words on his heart. The Knuckler brothers are left without devices, sitting in the darkness that surrounds them and their awful deedsWe shouldn't have to worry about them anymore; there's nothing left for them to do to disrupt Dormere. And the Knuckler brothers have never once left their least not yet.https://EJmissions.comCaptain EJ - over and out.
"Shimmering Dormere" -- Episode 5 -- Pinky and Thumb aren't focused on destroying Dormere anymore; instead, they’re set on seeking revenge….against us.Since we know silver is their kryptonite and we have the means to generate as much silver as we need, we follow a shimmering path through this conundrum.During battle, we are out-paced and out-maneuvered by the Knuckler's clever tricks. If we did nothing else, at least we distracted the Knucklers...for now.We’re getting the sense that we may have gotten a little too much of their attention...we've got to stick together.The Knuckler's cunning is a finite resource, but our heroism is not.https://EJmissions.comCaptain EJ - over and out.
"The Elder Knucklers" -- Episode 4 -- In the safety of the Stronghold, you learn the source and the extent of your strength. You will never look at your own two hands the same—knowing, now, the power they contain. You also learn what constitutes full strength for Captain EJ—which is used sparingly in consideration of the great potential for destruction.It's not the powers we have that makes us heroes, but when and how we decide to use them. With the help of Mr. Honeybee and Sally Smith, we figure out a strategy to contain the Knuckler's rampant misuse of their scientific genius. After learning about the incredible work of the elder, Dr. Knucklers, we attempt to contact them on their sabbatical.Perhaps they can stop their sons from afar; or else, we will have to stop them ourselves.https://EJmissions.comCaptain EJ - over and out.
Captain EJ is here to confront Pinky Knuckler...who has been wreaking havoc on the quiet town of Dormere 🙏🙏 Moment from: Episode 3 --https://EJmissions.comCaptain EJ - over and out.
"All In Silver" -- Episode 3 -- In our shining silver armor, we walk straight into a Knuckler ambush…and keep walking.Their long-distance vaporization attempts don’t stand a chance against our suits of silver, which could handle the heat. But, we do hit a bit of a snag…It seems Pinky Knuckler knows more about the silver in our suits than even Mr. Honeybee did—and Mr. Honeybee made them!What is Knuckler International?https://EJmissions.comCaptain EJ - over and out.
"Suiting Up in the Stronghold" -- Episode 2 -- We needed something a bit more powerful to defeat the Knuckler brothers….and that’s what Mr. Honeybee will help us with in this story.After narrowly escaping Pinky and Thumb Knuckler's long-distance vaporization, Mr. Honeybee was waiting for us back at the Command Center. He specially developed suits of silver that were modeled after the extraordinary Saharan Silver Ants—yes, you read correctly: ants. Once suited up and properly concealed, we were outfitted further with electric networked-vehicles—one for each of us. The reflective silver fibers on our latest armor will allow us to confront the Knucklers face-to-face on their turf.https://EJmissions.comCaptain EJ - over and out.
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