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Sometimes we want vacations, and sometimes, vacations don’t want us! Nicole and Sasheer share their trip to the Bahamas and it was everything BUT relaxing! This trip had everything! Margaritaville to the rescue, dance clubs in hotel lobbies, Jet Ski adventures, Airbnb catfishing, and so much more. You truly have to be sitting down for this one. And, what this trip had the most of all was the audacity!  Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions
Sasheer had a radical experience with mushrooms and now knows the truth behind trees. Nicole will not eat artichokes - forget about it! The ladies are getting their next tattoos soon and brainstorm ink ideas. Nicole remembers the first time she got her first innuendo tattoo and how at the same time she met her soulmate. Lastly, they answer queries on how to handle communication with parents and whether or not to date within your hobby groups. BTW, shout out to Nicole’s assistant Lyndsey for being the GOAT!Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions
Nicole has been watching too many DIY videos, including videos where people make open shelving by removing the doors from their cabinets - it’s overwhelming! Sasheer witnessed the spectacle that is the Blue Man Group and loved it, but she couldn't help but wonder "Where are the blue women?" The ladies are headed to Atlanta and Nicole can’t wait to test drive a vintage Bronco! Lastly, they answer a listener question on how to approach a best friend who may be ghosting you.Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions 
Nicole and Sasheer are stuck in Groundhog Day, Happy New Year! Nicole isn’t vibing with being able to edit texts after sending them, thus reminding Sasheer of an awkward moment in the show Popular. Sasheer and Nicole take on the most intense quiz yet and it’s all about pie, not the math kind. Lastly, your besties answer queries about how to handle conflicts between coworkers, how to navigate romantic relationship ambiguity, and a listener email reminds us all of the amazing pink police cars in Mexico.  Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions
Happy almost new year! To bring in good tidings to 2023, we are releasing another amazing episode of Best Friends from behind the paywall. On another episode of Besting Each Other, Nicole and Sasheer are joined by Casey Wilson + June Diane Raphael! Casey shares a story of June keeping energy high at Casey’s bachelorette party, and June gets teary-eyed remembering how Casey reached out to her their freshman year at NYU. They talk about astrological counseling sessions, similar life occurrences, candy in earthquake kits, strippers at baby showers, and the ambitions friendship can foster. Plus, they both hope that in 20 years they are going on joint family trips and no longer have to work. Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions 645-7003‬
Happy Holidays! Our present to you is this classic episode from behind the paywall! On this week’s episode, best friends Lauren Lapkus and Laura Willcox join Nicole & Sasheer for another round of Besting Each Other. Laura shares their UCB roots, maintaining a long distance friendship, texting vs. calling, and Lauren’s unique eating habits. Then, Lauren joins to explain how kombucha is brewed, tears up discussing how meaningful her and Laura’s friendship is, and goes deep on her new “job” curating The Bachelor clips for instagram. Together in the room, Laura & Lauren talk with Nicole & Sasheer favorite travel memories, dolphins, and silicon vagina models. Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions 645-7003‬
Sasheer went out to see My Chemical Romance and Nicole is NOT OKAY. Nonetheless, they both welcome the return of emo culture. Nicole may have gone out to play with a big dog the night before recording and is now in need of a “hair of the dog.” Speaking of dogs, Nicole and Sasheer investigate Bosco, Veronica’s Insurance practice partner and german shepherd. This leads them down the spiral of lawyers on billboards. And in true holiday spirit, Sasheer gifted Nicole pieces of cake from her favorite, the Madonna Inn! Lastly, they answer listener queries, from sugar baby affirmations to how to communicate with an aggressive friend at game night! Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions
Is Love really blind? Will Nicole buy a boat? Who knows! What we do know is that Sasheer is a party ghost. Her body will make it to the party, but her soul may not. Nicole is not in a category in Sasheer’s party guest list, she is just #1! Meanwhile, Nicole is having a hard time being so cute and quirky, send help! Nicole and Sasheer LOVE reality tv, fake tears, closed-captioned “blowjobs” and all! Nicole reveals great relationship advice as she and Sasheer ponder longevity in relationships. Lastly, They take a quiz to see if they are Introverted, Extroverted, or Ambivert, by planning a Christmas party.  Here is the quiz from this week: or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions
Sasheer will be returning to Hotlanta next year to play a super-secret role in the Agatha Spinoff of WandaVision! Another win in the books is Nicole finally acquiring glorious lasagna from Little Dom’s! Nicole was frightened, worried, and concerned for Sasheer’s safety when Sasheer landed in Atlanta for a few comedy shows, and quickly the scene became the movie Taken in Nicole’s mind. After a few humbling stories, Sasheer may no longer be using caster oil and Nicole might never trust eggs from crafty again! Lastly, they respond to listener questions and answer unique friendship queries. Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions
We are re-releasing a classic episode from behind the paywall! Nicole and Sasheer welcome best friends Liza Treyger and Kara Klenk for another round of Besting Each Other! Hear all about how Liza and Kara met, tiki bar fishbowl drinks, eating until it hurts, Kara’s kind spirit, being Virgos, being too organized, tomatoes that make Nicole weep, match-making green rooms, ordering well, standing up for your friends, and who would be better at Survivor. Check out Liza & Kara's podcast - That's Messed Up: An SVU Podcast - wherever you listen!Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at: (424) 645-7003
Nicole is surprised that a lot of Kmarts didn’t survive the times and how Target usurped Kmart. Regardless, Sasheer and Nicole absolutely love Target! Nicole saw 25 year olds dressed older than her and realized they could be her mom. Sasheer is making a new tradition to make her inner child happy by throwing a Holiday Beverage Party. Nicole and Sasheer want secondhand stores to know that they have good taste, take their stuff! They wrap things up by answering listener questions and helping friends solve points of contention and friends left out of wedding invites. Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions
Some days go really well and some not so much. On a day where Nicole would’ve found comfort in lasagna, there was none available. Meanwhile, Sasheer learned how to swim this year and finally surfed for the first time ever. As best friends going through different ebbs and flows, they can at least both agree that cooking is weird. Nicole just started meal prepping and absolutely hates it, while Sasheer does not own a microwave. They take a quiz about what Thanksgiving feast they should eat to discover the absolute best thing about themselves, and producer Kimmie shares some delicious Midwest recipes! Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions
Sasheer is melancholy about the abandonment of mashed potatoes at Sweet Chick, but at least she is a Delta Diamond Diva! Nicole would like to go on a date with Ed Bastian, become his Sky Baby, and soar all around the world! Both Sasheer and Nicole agree that they wouldn’t travel back in time, but Jordan would to prevent the Titanic wreck. They wrap things up by answering listener questions and handing out solid friendship advice about giving and expecting. Check out our engineer Jordan Duffy! & Instagram: @JordanKDuffy Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions
Sasheer proposes Nicole to D.A.R.E. to not have B.A.D. cigarettes. Nicole is on the hunt for an inexpensive thrusting type thing, perhaps a sex doll AI? Although Nicole is afraid of AI, she can be swayed! They take a quiz about what delicious and full of autumn spice treats they are, review the queries, and receive friendly reminders highlighting some memories from not TOO long ago. Here is the quiz from this week: Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:nicoleandsasheer@gmail.com424-645-7003
Nicole has questions for Farm Rio: she loves them, but what is her true ordering size? Sasheer watched Dahmer and both she and Nicole agreed - yikes! However, they do like Joe and are excited for YOU. They take a quiz about what their eyes say about them, and lastly answer some questions with their natural -born leader abilities. Here is the quiz from this week: Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with yourfriendship questions at:nicoleandsasheer@gmail.com424-645-7003
This week Nicole and Sasheer have a ghoulishly groovy time with friends Betsy Sodaro and Mano Agapion! Betsy answers her favorite things about the spooky season and how Mano loves to push her at the creepy monsters when they visit scary mazes and trails! Mano gives us the chills with a spooky tale from his supernatural experience while visiting Greece! Was it a dream or was it real? All will be revealed on how spookily these friends all know one another!  Check out Earwolf Presents: 2 Spooky 2 Handle  - Thursdays at 11pm.  Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:nicoleandsasheer@gmail.com424-645-7003
Nicole and Sasheer are Mejores Amigas! They discuss what they wish they had learned in school, Green Day’s Good Riddance, Nicole’s high school performances, their supportive parents, “Weird Wilhelmina,” show choir hair, and black face. They take a quiz to find out what kind of car they are (Nicole’s dreams come true!), and answer a listener questions on do friends let friends eat Chick-Fil-A. Plus, we hear from Nicole’s sister Katherine!Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions 645-7003‬
News alert! Sasheer took a swim class, and Nicole is thrilled! This week, Nicole and Sasheer discuss why it’s hard for Sasheer to tread water, Nicole liking amusement parks now, why some planes don’t have tvs, and why Nicole’s assistant is so wonderful (great job Lyndsey!). They take a quiz to see if they are a Girl, Ghoul, or God, and answer listener questions about standing up for yourselves, and how would they describe each other’s laughs.  Here is the quiz - Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:nicoleandsasheer@gmail.com424-645-7003
We almost missed some of the E’s! This week, Nicole and Sasheer discuss bra sizes, that Nicole is a real bird girl, getting some vinery, backyard wildlife, wild things Nicole has seen on Hoarders, all the hot goss from the Creative Arts Emmys and the after party, where to thrift the good stuff, how could they miss Gaga, and round french fries from Mama’s Shelter. They wrap things up by answering listener questions about how to talk to your negative friend, and do you let friendships go when they are making unhealthy decisions.  Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:nicoleandsasheer@gmail.com424-645-7003
HELLO HI HI HI THERE! This week Nicole and Sasheer talk about adult things like working on your air conditioner or washing machine, and what even is freon? Then they talk about adult things, like foot fetishes and couples who film themselves sexy for Instagram. We cover scary theme parks, how outhouses work, how GRAND the Grand Canyon is, and what kind of dinosaur everyone is in We’re Back.  They wrap things up by answering listener questions about risking a friendship to find love, and should you go to a wedding of a bad friend instead of a Lizzo concert? Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:nicoleandsasheer@gmail.com424-645-7003
Comments (39)

Luis Gutierrez

Nicole was drunk this episode and it was never addressed lol

Nov 12th

Dana Pellegrino

I normally don't like the Besting Each Other episodes that much, but this one was really good!

Oct 21st

emily brasel

ok, so I'm just listening now but had to comment to say my 6 year old daughter refers to the show nailed it as let's watch the show with lizzo lol.

Sep 28th

Dana Pellegrino

This one time some years back, I really wanted a bagel, and I saw some mold on the cream cheese, so I just thought, "Oh, let me see if the other end is okay since it's unopened on that side" and it looked fine so I ate it. Was throwing it up not even 10 minutes later 😅 Nicole's bagel story reminded me of that

Jul 1st

Dana Pellegrino

I also got bald eagle 😅

Jun 1st

Dana Pellegrino

for the longest time I thought the property brothers were gay and i felt really betrayed when I found out they weren't 😅

May 15th

Dana Pellegrino

I think that quiz was broken. I also got New Bohemian and didn't pick any of the same answers as Nicole and Sasheer 😅

Apr 19th

Alex Quinn

Omg I got chills when Lavar told the story of his wife’s pregnancy 💜❤️

Nov 19th

Brian Fields

the poll link isn't working as of release

Oct 20th

Dana Pellegrino

My best friend is plus-sized and we always take turns going to each other's stores. While she's in hers, I'll walk around and look at other stuff like accessories and jewelry, I'll help her pick stuff out, or I'll take selfies of us while she's shopping and trying stuff on. When she comes with me to my stores she just hangs by my side and she's content doing that. It's 100% possible to make it work! If you're with someone you enjoy spending time with it isn't a hassle at all and is still quality time spent with a friend.

Sep 30th

Dana Pellegrino

this was so jarring to listen to with my name being Dana 😂

Sep 15th

Dana Pellegrino

there's also the OceanHero search engine that helps save the ocean ☺️

Aug 23rd

Dakota Harris

legit, got rid of ceaser dressing this afternoon... spooky

Apr 22nd

Greg Moore

Nicole's reaction to the nail story is 100% appropriate.

Feb 4th

Eris Pursley

omg this episode was exactly what i needed today- to lose my mind laughing over a drive by souping.

Jun 24th

Kim Murray

Listening to this episode for the second time and it is still golden!

Jun 9th

samantha chong

everything was invented in china

May 28th

Dana Pellegrino

wait, what??? 😂 I'm white and use a rag in the shower and a few times a week I use a loofa, and I scrub my whole body. I didn't know other white people didn't do that.

Apr 15th

Greg Moore

This seems to be edited out of order.

Jan 22nd

Eris Pursley

omg I used to love chat n chew! also, if you feel free now at 33, just wake until 40, it's AMAZING! truly few fucks given! #bestfriends

Jan 16th
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