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Author: Destaney Wishon and Justin Nuckols

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Better Advertising with BTR Media is a podcast for Amazon sellers & the ecommerce community to share strategies to optimize & scale online brands with Amazon PPC, Amazon DSP, Walmart Connect, Instacart, Target & more. Your hosts, Justin Nuckols & Destaney Wishon, talk with other advertisers, online sellers, & brands dominating their categories on Amazon.
45 Episodes
#044 - This episode features a detailed discussion between Alex Amos, COO of BTR Media, and Bobby Reger, a marketing leader in the space. Hosted by Justin Nuckols, the episode introduces success stories around brands like Natural Dog Company, and their perspectives on current marketing strategies, especially in e-commerce. Bobby has a notable track record in leveraging modern marketing strategies to escalate brand growth dramatically, such as increasing a brand's annual revenue from $3 million to over $35 million.Key Takeaways: Brands need to shoot for a mix of foundational marketing strategies and innovative approaches to maintain competitiveness in the always changing e-commerce landscape.In this episode Bobby and Alex both touch on strategies in building effective teams and fostering leadership that can adapt to rapid changes and growth in the digital marketing space.What does the future of marketing look like? Authenticity and strategic alignment with brand values are two big ones here! It's no longer about just expanding to new channels. Be strategic and authentic. Importance of comprehensive digital strategies, including website optimization, SEO, effective use of Amazon and other e-commerce platforms, and more. Resources: Connect with Bobby - LinkedIn Take a look at DrivingForceDigital.comConnect with Alex - LinkedIn Connect with Justin - LinkedIn Learn more about BTR MediaSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Throwback Episode - Amazon DSP is increasingly becoming a go-to for many brands, and rightly so! With this in mind, we've decided it's the perfect moment to introduce an exclusive Amazon DSP series across all our platforms, starting with a throwback to one of our initial episodes. Tune in to hear Adam Mellott from the BTR Media team share his in-depth knowledge of Amazon DSP. We'll dive into the similarities between Sponsored Display and DSP, highlighting the precise targeting capabilities that elevate DSP above the rest. Discover how small tweaks in utilizing DSP can significantly reduce wasted expenditure for both brands focusing on one-time purchases and those aiming for repeat customers.Go-To Resources: Get Updates on our DSP SeriesSee More ResourcesConnect with Adam on LinkedInConnect with Justin on LinkedInSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#043 (Part Three) - In the final episode of this series, host Justin Knuckles, Adam Mellott, and Brent Wees wrap up their discussion on the transformative power of AI in marketing, stemming from their AI Hackathon experience at the Prosper conference. They share insights into specific AI tools that can revolutionize marketing strategies, emphasizing their utility for beginners and veterans alike in enhancing efficiency and creativity in campaigns.Key Takeaways:The hackathon showcased the role of AI in executing complex marketing tasks rapidly, highlighting tools like Gamma for creating presentations, landing pages, and more with ease.Brent and Adam recommend a variety of AI tools, including GPT-4, CoSchedule for social media management, Canva for design automation, and Revoicer for professional-grade voiceovers, demonstrating the wide applicability of AI in different marketing facets.This conversation underscores the importance of human oversight in AI-generated content, advocating for a balance between leveraging AI for productivity gains and applying human creativity to refine and personalize outputs.They encourage continuous learning and experimentation with AI tools to stay ahead in the marketing field, suggesting building custom GPTs for specific tasks to further streamline workflow.Resources: Connect with Brent on LinkedIn Connect with Adam on LinkedIn Connect with Justin on LinkedIn Learn more about BTR Media www.ideameetplan.comSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#042 (Part Two) - In this episode we continue the exploration of artificial intelligence's transformative impact on marketing with Justin Nuckols. Joined by Brent Wees and Adam Mellott, they go a bit deeper into the practical applications of AI through their experiences at the Prosper conference's AI hackathon. The team outlines the structured challenge of developing a marketing campaign for a new product within an hour, leveraging AI tools like the Gamma App for rapid execution. The conversation sheds light on the broader implications of AI in streamlining marketing tasks, encouraging a blend of automation and human creativity to enhance campaign strategies. Brent and Adam offer practical advice for marketers looking to incorporate AI into their workflows, emphasizing the importance of experimentation and continuous learning to fully harness AI's capabilities.Key Takeaways:The AI hackathon served as a real-world testbed for the rapid development of marketing campaigns, demonstrating AI's potential to significantly speed up the creative process.Brent and Adam highlight the importance of understanding AI tools and their applications in marketing, advocating for hands-on experimentation and utilization of advanced AI functionalities.The discussion underscores the balance between leveraging AI for efficiency and ensuring the human element remains central to marketing efforts, stressing the value of personal touch in the age of automation.Resources:Connect with Brent on LinkedIn Connect with Adam on LinkedIn Connect with Justin on LinkedIn Learn more about BTR Media www.ideameetplan.comSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#041 (Part One) - In this episode of Better Advertising with BTR Media, Justin Nuckols talks about the AI immersive world and how it's changing the way we do business with special guests Brent Wees, RECC and Adam Mellott. They talk about approaches to the integration of AI into professional practice through the lens of their most recent experience: competing in an AI hackathon at the annual Prosper conference. They discuss the outcome of the AI hackathon in this episode—a fresh, interactive model of learning and harnessing the potential AI tools hold. Brent is the founder of Ultimate AI Hackathon, and he talks about how bringing people from the industry into a high-tension environment and having them collaboratively build, brainstorm, and present AI-generated solutions could turn around traditional conference formats to bring about deep learning related to those skills.Key Takeaways:Brent Wees and Adam Mellott—visited the annual international conference in Prosper and participated in the AI Hackathon under hands-on collaborative learning in artificial intelligence.Brent, architect of the Ultimate AI Hackathon, is raising the bar on how educational sessions could be delivered at industry conferences with a focus on interactivity and collaboration.This was a competition that challenges teams to execute an AI strategy within the shortest period and may even increase chances of being identified with the innovation setting. Resources: Connect with Brent on LinkedIn Connect with Adam on LinkedIn Connect with Justin on LinkedIn Learn more about BTR Media www.ideameetplan.comSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#040 - In this episode, Emery Robbins (Sr Account Director & Head of Partnerships) and Destaney Wishon (CEO & Co-Founder) unpack Amazon's advertising and its impact on your spot in the organic search lineup. They're laying it all out, using a real-deal case study to show how BTR Media's approach to picking just the right keywords can make all the difference in your campaigns. This episode is packed with down-to-earth advice on making your brand more noticeable and improving your organic Amazon rank.Some Key Takeaways:Getting to the top of the Amazon charts is all about knowing how your ads and where you pop up in searches play together.Winning the campaign game is mostly about zoning in on those keywords that perform best for your brand.Even if you're not splashing the cash, putting your money on exact match campaigns can help keep you in the bestseller spot.Being smart with your ad budget, knowing when to spend more or cut back based on your organic rank, is crucial for balancing things out.Quick to adapt campaigns mean you can stay ahead of the game, making sure your brand keeps its visibility and place on the shelf.Resources: Connect with Emery on LinkedInConnect with Destaney on LinkedInLearn more about BTR MediaSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#039 - In this episode, Justin Nuckols brings in Jess Jackson (Head of Client Success), who knows all about making clients happy. They get right into what's up with brands trying to stand out in a world where Amazon and Walmart pretty much run the show. They talk about what works for growing a brand today, and they'll let you in on some tips for finding your way through all the noise. Jess points out the rough spots most brands hit, especially with ads, and highlights how crucial it is to have a solid plan that's all about the long haul and keeping communication with your agency clear and straightforward. Then, they switch gears to talk about how to spend your ad budget wisely and chase after the most effective ways to get your brand noticed. This whole conversation gives you a peek behind the curtain at how BTR Media aims to not just meet what clients expect but to tell a brand story that's going to stick around for a good while.Key Takeaways:Brands often struggle with the lack of a clear advertising strategy and disconnected communication with their current agencies. We see this issue quite often.Successful brands are focused on long-term growth, require a personalized advertising approach. This is why working with a full-service agency might not always be the right choice, but this really depends on your brands goals and need for customization.Questions brands should ask potential advertising partners include the customization of strategies, budget allocation, and the frequency of strategic discussions.It is important for the brands to have a clear understanding of their own goals and to confirm that these align with the agency's approach to achieve long-term success together.Resources: Connect with Jess on LinkedInConnect with Justin on LinkedInLearn more about BTR MediaSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#038 - In this episode of "Better Advertising with BTR Media," Justin Nuckols and Nick Amos from the BTR team dive into some of the newer updates with Amazon advertising. They share insights on Amazon DSP and PPC as well as unique strategies used by big brands in the industry. Justin introduces Nick, who talks about his transition from college to becoming an advertising specialist, sharing personal stories and his love for running. They discuss new ad types available on Amazon, like boosted posts and vertical video ads, offering tips for advertisers to leverage these tools for brand growth. Nick's journey from a newcomer to leading accounts at BTR Media illustrates the dynamic and collaborative environment at our company, in which we emphasize continuous learning and client relationship building. The episode explores the benefits of these creative ad types, providing listeners with actionable advice for enhancing brand visibility and sales on platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, Target, and more. Key Takeaways:Boosted Posts: A feature now open to all advertisers, allowing them to leverage high-engagement social-style posts on Amazon into paid ads leading to sales.Account Evolution: Nick Amos's journey from a beginner to an advanced strategist in PPC advertising, emphasizing the value of continuous learning and growth in the ad industry.Vertical Video Ads: A new ad format specified for mobile, offering brands the opportunity to utilize their social content on Amazon, driving users directly to their storefront pages.Team Culture: Emphasis on teamwork and shared objectives as a key element to success in the advertising space, as evidenced by Nick's experience at BTR. Resources:Visit the BTR Media Website Amazon Learning ConsoleConnect with Nick Amos on LinkedInConnect with Justin Nuckols on LinkedIn See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#036 - In this episode of "Better Advertising with Better Media," host, Justin Nuckols dives into the world of measuring Amazon advertising success, with an emphasis on optimizing for target ROAS. However, instead of a sole focus on ROAS, Justin talks about adopting a full-funnel advertising strategy as that breaks down your campaigns into five types: Awareness, Rank, Efficiency, Branded, and Auto.Join Justin as he explains how to allocate budgets into these five key campaign types, and the distinct KPIs relevant to each category. He wraps up the episode by providing strategic allocation percentages for each campaign type, guiding you on how to structure your advertising campaigns on Amazon and more for comprehensive growth.Key Takeaways:A diversified approach to campaign strategy is critical for achieving target ROAS, mirroring successful investment portfolio management.Advertising campaigns should be split into five key types: Awareness, Rank, Efficiency, Branded, and Auto, each serving unique objectives within the advertising funnel.Specific KPIs tailored to different campaign types, such as impression share for Awareness or conversion rate for Rank and Branded campaigns, provide a clearer measure of success as opposed to ROAS alone.Budget allocation across these five campaign types should be strategic and proportional to their relevance and impact on overall performance.Continual optimization, through keyword harvesting in Auto campaigns and proper negation, is essential for maintaining and enhancing the efficiency of advertising investments.Connect with Justin on LinkedInLearn more about BTR Media and our strategiesSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#037 - Matt Kubancik has been selling on Walmart for over a decade, ever since it merged with, and has personally witnessed the evolution of Walmart's e-commerce marketplace. Having seen Walmart's emphasis on bringing name-brands into the retailer and offering an alternative to Amazon Prime, Matt believes Walmart is best-positioned to rival Amazon with current macroeconomics trends. Learn how his team at ⁠Guardian Baseball⁠ has found success with Walmart through developing relationships with their account managers & trial and error.⁠Follow Matt on Linkedin⁠ or ⁠Instagram⁠⁠Explore more on Guardian BaseballSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#035 - We're joined by the legendary entrepreneur behind DUDE Wipes, Sean Riley, whom you may recognize from Shark Tank when Sean & his co-founders partnered with Mark Cuban! Today we are looking back at how Sean & friends built a top-category brand off of Amazon using top of funnel marketing, such as ⁠putting "DUDE Wipes" on UFC fighter Tyron Woodley's shorts⁠. Sean details how they utilize DUDE Products' omnichannel presence to attract customers on Amazon & see repeat sales on other channels, balancing risks to differentiate your brand to your target market, and how they double down on winners to grow the product catalog. ⁠Follow Sean Riley on LinkedIn⁠Connect with ⁠Justin⁠ & ⁠Destaney⁠ on LinkedInLearn More About BTR Media Key Takeaways:Authentic and disruptive ideas often arise from outsiders with no prior industry experience; execution and scaling are crucial for success.Guerrilla marketing techniques provide cost-effective, impactful brand exposure and can lead to viral moments.Establishing a brand on Amazon is essential for exposure in the current e-commerce landscape, and subscribe-and-save features can significantly boost customer lifetime value.It is important to continuously evaluate product offerings, double down on what works, and fearlessly cut what doesn't.The future of e-commerce is increasingly brand-focused, with consumers seeking quality and authenticity over sheer quantity.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#034 - In this episode of "Better Advertising with BTR Media", host Justin Nuckols interviews Justin Chen, co-founder of Pickfu, a market research tool that helps sellers and brands gather consumer feedback before investing heavily in product development and advertising. They discuss the importance of testing and iterating on creatives, such as packaging, main images, and videos, to improve click-through rates and overall sales. Chen also shares case studies of brands that have seen significant improvements in revenue by using Pickfu. Tune in to learn how market research can help optimize your advertising strategies. Key Takeaways: PickFu provides quick and private market research through targeted polls, which can significantly influence e-commerce success on platforms like Amazon and Walmart. Market research should be iterative and conducted before committing to product investments to avoid costly mistakes and ensure consumer resonance. PickFu stands out from other research tools by being user-friendly, making market research accessible to all types of users. Video and AI content is increasingly important in e-commerce and advertising, and PickFu is adapting to allow testing of these mediums for better ad performance. Testing creatives and making data-driven decisions with tools like PickFu can lead to immediate ROI and sustainable business growth. Check out PickFu Learn more about BTR Media Follow Justin Nuckols on LinkedIn Follow Justin Chen on LinkedInSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#033 - In this episode, Justin and Destaney reflect on the past year of BetterAMS and discuss the challenges, growth, and opportunities they encountered. They highlight the significant milestones they achieved, such as team growth and the development of a strong company culture. They also discuss the challenges they faced, including defining their ideal client and saying no to certain brands. The conversation then shifts to client topics, with a focus on the prominent trends and topics that emerged in client conversations throughout the year. They discuss the importance of understanding the changing landscape of Amazon advertising and the need to focus on upper-funnel strategies. The episode concludes with a discussion of personal growth and goals for the future, as well as a teaser for the exciting plans and surprises in store for 2024. Key Takeaways: Building a strong team and company culture is essential for scaling and providing excellent service to clients. The Amazon advertising landscape is evolving, with a greater emphasis on upper-funnel strategies and creative development. It is important to define your ideal client and focus on working with brands that align with your expertise and long-term goals. Personal growth and networking are crucial for success as an entrepreneur, and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals can provide support and inspiration. Embracing change and facing fears can lead to personal and professional growth. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#032 - In this episode, Justin Nuckols interviews Michael Kaminsky, a data scientist and founder of Recast. They discuss the importance of measuring the incremental return on marketing spend and how marketing mix modeling can help brands optimize their budget allocation. Michael shares his insights on running experiments to determine the true incrementality of different marketing channels, as well as the challenges of measuring the impact of advertising on platforms like Amazon. They also touch on Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) and the need for more experimentation tools in retail media. Key Takeaways: Marketing mix modeling helps brands measure the incremental return of their marketing spend and optimize their budget allocation. Running experiments can provide valuable insights into the true incrementality of different marketing channels. It is important to isolate variables and measure the impact of specific changes in marketing strategies. Different marketing channels have different dynamics, and the frequency of remeasuring their impact depends on various factors. Retail media platforms like Amazon could benefit from providing more experimentation tools to help brands determine the true ROI of their advertising spend. Follow Michael on LinkedIn Learn more about Recast Recast e-book download page Follow Justin on LinkedIn Learn more about BetterAMS See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#031 - In this episode of the Better Advertising with BetterAMS, host Destaney interviews Jack Lindberg, a LinkedIn influencer and technical expert in the Amazon space who serves as the Director of Analytics at The Mars Agency. Jack shares his journey from being an opera singer to becoming an expert in AMC. (no we are not kidding!) He emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and staying up to date in the ever-changing world of e-commerce. Jack also discusses the challenges and opportunities of using AMC for data analysis and decision-making. He highlights the need for better integration between data producers and data users to ensure that insights lead to actionable strategies. Jack also introduces a new SaaS tool called Noctis that aims to make AMC more accessible and help users generate novel use cases. Key Takeaways: AMC is a powerful tool for data analysis and decision-making in the Amazon advertising space. The biggest challenge with AMC is the disconnect between data producers and data users. AMC can provide valuable insights for measurement, attribution, and audience targeting. Jack is working on a new SaaS tool called Noctis ( to help users generate novel use cases for AMC. The future of AMC lies in user identity resolution, off-Amazon behavior analysis, and shopper profiling. Follow Jack on LinkedIn Learn More About Noctis Follow Destaney on LinkedIn Learn More About BetterAMS See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#030 - Shaun Rachau, founder of Ryno Sports, and Adam Mellot, Senior Ad Strategist at Better AMS, discuss their first year working together to grow Ryno Sports as an online marketplace brand for MLB Players, Inc. merchandise. They highlight the challenges and opportunities of marketing player-specific gear, navigating licensing agreements, and expanding into new marketplaces like Walmart and TikTok Shop. They also discuss the importance of seasonality and collaborations with artists to drive brand awareness and capture niche markets. Looking ahead, they plan to leverage their learnings to further optimize their advertising strategies and explore new licensing opportunities in the sports industry. Key Takeaways: Ryno Sports focuses on player-specific MLB Players, Inc. merchandise, leveraging the licensing rights from MLB Players Association. The company's print-on-demand model allows for quick turnaround and the ability to capitalize on trending players and events. Seasonality plays a significant role in sales, with spikes during the baseball season and major holidays. Collaborations with artists and social media influencers help expand brand awareness and reach new audiences. Expanding into new marketplaces like Walmart and TikTok Shop presents growth opportunities for Ryno Sports. Follow Shaun on LinkedIn Learn More About Ryno Sports Follow Adam on LinkedIn Follow Justin on LinkedInSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#029 - In this special episode of Better Advertising with Better AMS things are about to get really exciting! Your hosts, Destaney Wishon and Justin Nuckols, will be chatting with the awesome Amazonians who brought us the latest cool tools from Amazon’s 2023 unBoxed keynotes. We’ve got Teresa, Ruslana, Kelly, and Jeff here to spill the beans and give us the inside scoop. We’re going to dive deep, ask the burning questions, and get to know all the amazing stuff these experts have been working on. So grab a seat, tune in, and get ready for a fun, friendly conversation filled with fresh insights and fascinating stories from the heart of Amazon’s advertising innovations! Key Takeaways: Sponsored TV: Amazon's new offering aims to democratize TV buying and make it accessible to brands of all sizes. Leveraging Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC): Brands can use AMC to gain insights and measure the success of their advertising campaigns. Customization and Measurement: Brands should use the right mix of advertising tools and strategies to reach their target audience and achieve their business goals. Follow Justin on LinkedIn Follow Destaney on LinkedIn Follow Teresa on LinkedIn Follow Ruslana on LinkedIn Follow Kelly on LinkedIn Follow Jeff on LinkedIn Learn More About BetterAMSSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#028 - In this episode of the Better Advertising with Better AMS podcast, host Destaney Wishon interviews Bryan Porter, co-founder of Simple Modern. They discuss the importance of building a brand on Amazon, the evolution of Simple Modern's brand strategy, and the role of advertising in their growth. Bryan shares insights on how they have honed in on their brand angle, the value of high-quality content in product listings, and the impact of packaging on the customer experience. He also discusses the transition from a tactical approach to advertising to a more long-term, strategic mindset. Brian highlights the importance of balancing short-term profitability with long-term brand building and the role of advertising in achieving organic rankings. He shares his experiences with different types of Amazon advertising, including branded, competitor, and generic keywords, and the value of influencer marketing. Bryan also discusses their plans to expand into higher-end retail channels and the challenges of balancing leadership and industry expertise. Key Takeaways: Building a brand on Amazon is essential for long-term success and differentiation from competitors. High-quality content, including imagery and packaging, helps to create a positive customer experience and build trust in the brand. Balancing short-term profitability with long-term brand building is crucial for sustainable growth. Different types of Amazon advertising, such as branded, competitor, and generic keywords, have varying levels of impact and value. Influencer marketing can be a powerful tool for driving sales and increasing brand awareness. Expanding into higher-end retail channels requires a focus on product differentiation and pricing strategies. Balancing leadership and industry expertise is a challenge that requires building a strong team and leveraging individual strengths. Check out Simple Modern's newest product (Voyager Tumbler with 360° Lid) Follow Bryan on LinkedIn Follow Destaney on LinkedIn Simple Modern Website See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#027 - Josh Leon is an advertising specialist and partner at Panther Vision, an outdoor gear and lighting brand. He has extensive experience in marketing and has successfully launched products on both Amazon and Kickstarter. In this episode, Justin Nuckols interviews Josh Leon from Panther Vision about their experience with crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Josh shares how they started on Amazon before venturing into Kickstarter and how the platform has helped them develop their brand identity and unique products. He discusses the importance of storytelling and connecting with the target audience on Kickstarter, as well as the benefits of receiving feedback and refining products before launching on Amazon. Josh also highlights the growing popularity of Kickstarter and the opportunities it offers for brands to test new ideas and expand their reach. Key Takeaways: Kickstarter allows brands to connect with their target audience and develop a unique brand identity. The platform provides an opportunity to receive feedback and refine products before launching on Amazon. Kickstarter is a growing space with a lively community and offers untapped opportunities for entrepreneurs. Crowdfunding on Kickstarter can help brands test new ideas and push the boundaries of their products. Follow Josh on LinkedIn ⁠Follow Justin on LinkedIn⁠ Learn More About Panther Vision ⁠Learn More About BetterAMS⁠ See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
#026 - Gabriel Cáceros joins host Justin Nuckols to discuss the international side of ad management on Amazon. They focus on the differences between advertising on Amazon in the US and in countries like Mexico. Gabriel explains that Amazon Mexico is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces and highlights the unique advertising strategies and opportunities available in these international markets. He emphasizes that while the conversion rates may be lower in international marketplaces, the CPCs (cost per click) are significantly cheaper, making it a favorable environment for advertisers. Gabriel also discusses the importance of brand awareness campaigns and the effectiveness of ad types like sponsored display and sponsored brands video in driving brand recognition and sales. Key Takeaways: International marketplaces like Amazon Mexico offer cheaper CPCs compared to the US, making it a cost-effective advertising opportunity. Conversion rates may be lower in international marketplaces, but the lower CPCs can still result in a good return on ad spend (ROAS). Brand loyalty is strong in international marketplaces, with consumers often searching for specific brands rather than generic product keywords. Sponsored display and sponsored brands video are effective ad types for generating brand awareness and capturing customer attention in international markets. Follow Gabriel on LinkedIn Follow Justin on LinkedIn Learn More About BetterAMS BetterAMS YouTube Channel See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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