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Children’s books craft the way a young person sees the world, and this view carries on well into adulthood. Daily Show researcher Stephanie O. and CEO, founder, and author of Hey Carter! Books, Dr. Thomishia Booker, sit with Roy Wood Jr. to discuss the importance of positively representing Black boys in children’s literature to help them develop their own sense of self.   Watch the Original Segment: for privacy information.
Virgil Abloh, Zelda Wynn Valdes, and Stephen Burrows are iconic and influential Black designers, but the  fashion industry has had a long history of racism, classism, and nepotism. Host Roy Wood Jr. chats with Daily Show producer, Chelsea Williamson, CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row, Brandice Daniel & Editor in Chief at The Cut, Lindsay Peoples about the influence Black culture has had on fashion and the hurdles of breaking into the industry. They also discuss how Lindsay’s 2018 article, “What’s It Really Like to Be Black and Work in Fashion” opened the door for conversations about racism in the industry.    Watch the original segment: See for privacy information.
Books are being banned from schools and public libraries at alarming rates, and stories from LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC authors are disproportionately being pulled from shelves. How do book bans harm learning and access to information? What do these challenges say about the American educational system? Deborah Caldwell-Stone, Director of the American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom and George M. Johnson, author of the widely challenged book “All Boys Aren’t Blue'' join host Roy Wood Jr. to break down where these book bans are coming from, the political ideology behind them, and how these banned books can help young readers understand complex issues.    More on Banned Books Week:   Get involved: for privacy information.
Beyoncé and Drake released house music albums this year, leaving fans confused by their shift from pop-soul sounds to dance beats. Despite popular belief, house music comes from the the 70s disco era and fostered a safe space for Black and queer folk to feel true liberation. Daily Show producer, Chelsea Williamson, house music great, DJ Derrick Carter, and music scholar and writer, Craig Seymour, join host Roy Wood Jr. to discuss the forgotten origins of house music.   Watch the Original Segment: for privacy information.
From hashtag activism to action offline, Black Twitter has been a vehicle for real change. Host Roy Wood Jr. chats with author of the book, Black AF: The Un-Whitewashed Story of America, Michael Harriot and Professor of Media Studies at Northeastern University, Meredith D. Clark about how Black Twitter has changed the narrative around policing, its influence on elections, how Black Twitter bailed Michael out of jail, and why Roy has a 36-hour tweet rule.   Watch the original segment: See for privacy information.
The number of white Brooklyn residents has increased over the years while Black residents have been displaced. Host Roy Wood Jr. chats with Daily Show segment producer, Jordana Hemingway and urban planner and Pratt Institute professor, Ronald Shiffman to discuss how gentrification directly impacts the displacement of people and culture, the relationship between gentrification and policing, and how people moving into Brooklyn neighborhoods can be part of responsible change.    Watch the original segment: See for privacy information.
The cannabis industry brings in billions of dollars in legal revenue, with Big Cannabis companies leading the charge. However, cannabis offenders remain incarcerated and federal restrictions prevent them from legally benefitting from this thriving industry. BOWL PAC founder, Justin Strekal, and author of Bending the Arc: My Journey From Prison to Politics, Keeda J. Haynes, join host Roy Wood Jr. to discuss the complicated road to federal cannabis legalization.   Watch the Original Segment: for privacy information.
From the One Drop Rule to low essence media stereotypes, America continues to attempt to fit Blackness into a box. This has led to Black folks policing their own Blackness and divisions based on colorism and ethnic backgrounds. Daily Show writer Ashton Womack, and Yaba Blay, author of the book One Drop: Shifting the Lens on Race, join Host Roy Wood Jr. to attempt to define Blackness as an ideology and open up about moments when they didn’t feel “Black enough.”   Watch the Original Segment: for privacy information.
Flight attendants function as first responders in the sky and have to deal with unruly passengers, staff shortages, and flight cancellations. Season 2 of Beyond the Scenes takes flight with host Roy Wood Jr., who chats with Daily Show writer and frequent flier, Kat Radley, and the International President of the Association of Flight Attendants, Sara Nelson. They discuss the drive to unionize Delta flight attendants, how the #MeToo movement impacted the airline industry, and their worst flying experiences.   Watch the Original Segment: See for privacy information.
The Daily Show: Beyond the Scenes is back for season 2. Host Roy Wood Jr. dives further into segments and topics covered on The Daily Show — from racial injustice to gun control to K-pop. Each week, he’s joined by Daily Show writers, producers, correspondents, as well as outside experts to unpack a different topic or segment in a way that's hilarious, nuanced, and compelling. New episodes are available every Tuesday.See for privacy information.
Racism in America

Racism in America


Get ready for the best moments about our favorite topic…racism! Beyond the Scenes host Roy Wood Jr. first chats with former Daily Show producer, CJ Hunt, to discuss white Boston natives’ disconnect with the racism in their city. Next, Roy’s back with CJ and leading scholar, Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw, to talk about the fate of critical race theory. Roy then chats with Daily Show writer, Randall Otis, and ACLU president, Deborah Archer, about the racism built into city bus routes and the dangers that come with driving while Black. To conclude, Roy ends on a hopeful note with Daily Show correspondent, Dulcé Sloan, and Daily Show writer, Josh Johnson, as the three discuss a positive future with less Karens.   New episodes of Beyond the Scenes return August 9, wherever podcasts are available.See for privacy information.
We’re taking a look back at some of the best guest experts on Beyond the Scenes, from members of Congress to medical professions, even professional singer/songwriters. First, Roy sits down with Congresswoman Jackie Speier to discuss the Pink Tax and the challenges of being a female consumer. He’s also joined by doctor of nursing, Dr. Christopher Friese to discuss how nurses are managing during the pandemic. Lastly, Roy chats with Singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc about the rise of music streaming and how it’s leaving artists shortchanged.   New episodes of Beyond the Scenes return August 9, wherever podcasts are available.See for privacy information.
Let’s take a look at episodes this season that highlight Black representation in movies and television. Host Roy Wood Jr. sits with Daily Show writer, Josh Johnson, and JumpStart Comics creator, Robb Armstrong, to discuss how the first Black Peanuts cartoon character, Franklin, brightened the lives of young Black children. Next, Daily Show writer, Ashton Womack, filmmaker, Tananarive Due, author and screenwriter, Steven Barnes, and author and educator, Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman, join Roy to talk about their favorite Black Horror movies and the evolutionary roles Black actors played within this genre. Roy wraps this recap up with Daily Show producer, Chelsea Williamson, and creator and showrunner of Amazon’s Harlem, Tracy Oliver, as they highlight the importance of portraying vulnerable moments Black women experience to remind the world that a Black woman’s strength does not equal invincibility.  New episodes of Beyond the Scenes return August 9, wherever podcasts are available.See for privacy information.
What is it like deep inside the MAGAverse? Host Roy Wood Jr. revisits his conversation with Jordan Klepper and segment director Ian Berger as they recount their wild experiences at Trump rallies. Later, he’s joined by correspondent Desi Lydic, senior producer Matt Negrin, and CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy to discuss the Daily Show digital segment “Desi Lydic Foxsplains” and the role journalists play in covering a divided America. Finally, Jordan Klepper returns with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, and they break down their observations around the January 6 insurrection and the future of American democracy.    New episodes of Beyond the Scenes return August 9, wherever podcasts are available.See for privacy information.
In the premiere episode of their new podcast, Hold Up, Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan and Daily Show writer Josh Johnson debate the merits of two pillars of hip-hop: conscious rap and club bangers. Kendrick Lamar or Drake? J. Cole or Future? Movement music or ratchet beats? Dulcé and Josh leave no stone unturned.   Listen to Hold Up, available wherever you get your podcasts: for privacy information.
From the recording studio to the White House, Women have played an important role in shaping history. We take a look back at some of Roy’s favorite Beyond the Scenes moments from Season 1 that celebrate female trailblazers. Roy is joined by CNN contributor Kate Andersen Brower and producer Jeff Gussow to discuss the historical impact of America’s first ladies. Next, he chats with Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan and producer Chelsea Williamson about how female rappers made a name for themselves in a male-dominated industry. And finally, he’s joined by Daily Show correspondent Desi Lydic and writer Kat Radley to discuss how female pleasure on screen has evolved over the years to be more sex positive. New episodes of Beyond the Scenes return August 9, wherever podcasts are available.See for privacy information.
On this special episode of Beyond the Scenes, Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan and writer Josh Johnson join Roy Wood Jr. to talk about their new podcast, Hold Up! The two discuss the relatively inconsequential topics they plan to debate, beginning with the one that started it all: the merits of Crime Mob’s 2004 hit, “Knuck If You Buck.”   Listen to Hold Up wherever you get your podcasts: for privacy information.
Over the past year, near-total abortion bans have been instituted across America, including in Texas and Oklahoma. In December 2021, Beyond the Scenes host Roy Wood Jr. sat down with Texas-based OB/GYN and abortion provider, Dr. Ghazaleh Moayedi, to discuss Texas’s new policies. In light of the Supreme Court leak that threatens Roe v. Wade, Dr. Moayedi rejoins Roy and executive director and founder of We Testify, Renee Bracey Sherman, to discuss where abortion rights are headed, how Texans and Oklahomans are already living without the protections of Roe v. Wade, and why voting isn’t the most effective solution for supporting abortion rights.   To support Renee Bracey Sherman’s work with We Testify, consider donating:   More on abortion bans from Beyond the Scenes: for privacy information.
There’s been a number of pieces of anti-trans legislation introduced around the country, with more than 300 bills proposed this year. In this episode, host Roy Wood Jr. sits down with ACLU Deputy Director for Transgender Justice, Chase Strangio, and author of “The Present Age” newsletter, Parker Molloy, to discuss the motivation behind these bills and how the attacks from conservatives have evolved from bathroom bans to women’s sports and now to gender-affirming care. Parker and Chase also discuss their own experiences, challenges, and joys of being trans in America.    Watch the original segment: for privacy information.
In light of recent mass shootings in America, we revisit a piece we did on how Switzerland is able to have so many guns per capita, but no mass shootings. Host Roy Wood Jr. sits down with correspondent Michael Kosta, field producer Stacey Angeles, and their producer from Switzerland, Pierre-Adrian Irlé to discuss how the country’s approach to military service and common sense laws have created a safe gun culture.     Watch the original segments: for privacy information.
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Enrico Seebach

do you go to West Palm Beach and complain you can't afford that area too? Noody forced you to sell. Move to a socialist country

Aug 30th


America is sick especially the majority white ppl.

Aug 19th

Enrico Seebach

is there a show where black people aren't the victim? I love you guys but wow it's exhausting

Aug 17th

Enrico Seebach

Electricians are far more male dominated, as are many other professions

Jun 12th

Enrico Seebach

the man literally said he used to enjoy going to see white people die in horror films and then complained that white people enjoyed seeing black people die in horror films, within the same podcast. as a white man married to a black woman I love the show but you got to watch hypocrisy wherever you are in life

May 2nd


This was such a great, thought provoking conversation. I really enjoyed listening to it.

Oct 2nd


I love seeing Jordan Klepper coaxing the MAGA crowd into evaluating their beliefs for just one moment. Sometimes you can see the doubt creep onto their faces, but unfortunately they have sunk so much time and energy into the cult that they can't imagine leaving it, no matter how bad it gets.

Oct 2nd
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