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Black Girl Flow provides a space for the twenty-something-year-old’s that still hasn’t figured out this whole “adulting” thing. Having met in College, Co-hosts Lexy, and Livi come together to have thought-provoking conversations on lifestyle choices, identity and of course love.
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This year marked 5 years of podcasting for Liv and Lex and it is finally coming to an end..... Tune in to hear the life updates and the future of Black Girl Flow.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In this episode, we decode the essence of commitment and its profound connection to abundance. Join us as we navigate the intricate web of dedication, patience, and self-love, unraveling the secrets to fostering a life rich in blessings and fulfillment. From nurturing relationships to pursuing our dreams, we uncover the hidden treasures that await when we dare to commit wholeheartedly to ourselves and our aspirations.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In this episode, we're diving deep into the topic of rejection—whether it's in your career, relationships, or personal goals, we've all been there. Join us as we explore how different cultures navigate rejection and share personal stories of resilience and growth. From dealing with job rejections to navigating heartbreak, rejection is a universal experience that can shake us to our core. But it's also an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Tune in as we discuss strategies for coping with rejection, finding strength in vulnerability, and transforming setbacks into stepping stones toward success. Subscribe now to join the conversation and empower yourself to bounce back stronger than ever before.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Whether it's painting, gardening, or learning a new instrument, hobbies provide a much-needed outlet for creativity and self-expression. Join us as we discuss the importance of making time for your passions, the benefits of exploring new hobbies, and practical tips for integrating more joy into your daily routine.From boosting mental health to fostering a sense of purpose, hobbies have the power to transform our lives from mundane to magical.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In this episode, we explore the common phenomenon known as the Mid-Twenty Something Blues. Join us as we navigate the challenges of feeling lost, burned-out, or uninspired during this pivotal period of life.Whether you're comparing yourself to others or feeling uncertain about your path forward, we've got you covered. Tune in as we share insights and strategies for overcoming the Mid-Twenty Something Blues and finding clarity and purpose in your journey. Subscribe now to join the conversation and empower yourself to navigate the twists and turns of your twenties with confidence. Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In this episode, we delve into the art of networking and share practical tips on leveraging your network to achieve your career aspirations and personal goals.Join us as we explore the do's and don'ts of networking etiquette, from putting yourself out there to asking for help to making a lasting impression by honoring others' time. We focus on the unique challenges and opportunities for Black women in growing their networks, recognizing it as a crucial component of success in both career and lifestyle pursuits.Tune in to gain valuable insights and strategies for building meaningful connections that support your growth and elevate your professional journey. Subscribe now to join the conversation and empower yourself to navigate the world of networking with confidence and authenticity.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
We delve into the concept of 'third spaces'—the social hubs that exist between our homes and workplaces. Coined by sociologist Ray Oldenburg, these spaces serve as vital community-building grounds, fostering connection, conversation, and camaraderie. Join us as we explore why third places are crucial in modern society, the barriers to accessing them, and practical tips for getting connected. From local coffee shops to community centers, we uncover the essence of third spaces and their transformative potential in cultivating collective wellness and joy. Tune in and discover how embracing these spaces can enrich your life and strengthen community bondsAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
We delve into the concept of sacrifice and its profound impact on personal development and success. Join us as we explore the interconnectedness of sacrifice, delay of gratification, and discipline, and its significance in achieving goals and finding purpose. Through personal anecdotes and insightful discussions, we uncover the benefits of sacrificing our own gains for the greater good, leading to greater fulfillment and profound happiness. Tune in to gain valuable insights and learn how embracing sacrifice can transform your journey to success and fulfillment.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In this enlightening episode, we delve into the dynamics of building and fostering communities, drawing from personal experiences and observations. From overcoming challenges to nurturing friendships, we explore the essential elements of successful community building. Tune in as we unpack valuable insights, share practical tips, and offer actionable strategies for cultivating vibrant and supportive communities in your life. Whether you're seeking to deepen existing connections or embark on new friendship journeys, this episode offers invaluable guidance for building and sustaining meaningful relationships.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
We delve into the age-old question of what it means to have a purpose in life. Join us as we challenge conventional wisdom, explore the journey of self-discovery, and provide practical insights into how to navigate the complexities of purpose in the modern world. Whether you're feeling lost in your 20s or simply seeking a deeper understanding of your existence, this episode offers invaluable guidance for unlocking your true potential and living a more meaningful life. Tune in now and embark on a journey of self-discovery with us!Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Welcome to the Black Girl Flow Podcast, where we explore the multifaceted experience of anger among Black women. In this episode, we challenge the harmful stereotypes surrounding Black women's anger, delving into its roots in systemic oppression and its impact on personal identity.Drawing from our personal experiences and societal observations, we navigate the complexities of anger as a valid and necessary emotion. We discuss the ways in which Black women's anger is often weaponized against them, perpetuating harmful stereotypes and limiting authentic expression.Through candid conversations and insightful reflections, we invite listeners to reframe their understanding of anger and embrace it as a source of empowerment and liberation. Join us to explore the transformative potential of anger and learn how Black women are reclaiming their voices and identities in a world that often seeks to silence them. Subscribe now to join the conversation and empower yourself to honor the sacredness of anger on your own journey of self-discovery and empowerment.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
 In this episode, we challenge the negative stigma surrounding boredom and uncover its surprising benefits. Studies have shown that embracing moments of stillness can boost creativity, promote self-control, and enhance mental well-being.Join us as we share personal insights and discuss the societal pressure to constantly stay entertained. We delve into the innocence of boredom as a gateway to creativity and self-soothing, highlighting its importance in our fast-paced world. Tune in to discover how embracing boredom can foster a deeper connection to flow and unlock new pathways to personal growth. Subscribe now to learn how to harness the power of boredom for a more fulfilling and intentional life.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
We are back for the 2024 year, with a lineup of incredible topics. We are centering flow in everything we do and putting all the tools into practice. So hang out with us as we catch you up on our lives since the new year and talk about all the ins and out’s that are kicking off our year.  Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
In this special season finale episode, join us for a heartfelt reflection on the journey of 2023—a year filled with highs, lows, and transformative moments. We delve into the tapestry of experiences, celebrating the triumphs, acknowledging the challenges, and exploring the profound growth that shaped the past 12 months.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Join us in candid conversations about the art of resilience and the transformative potential hidden within adversity. From personal stories to actionable insights, this episode guides you through the process of not just overcoming challenges but leveraging them for personal growth and strength.Tune in to discover how embracing discomfort, facing obstacles head-on, and leaning into resistance can be the catalysts for personal triumph and resilience.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
We were recently inspired by a clip from Good Morning America, where Hoda Kotb was talking about the five types of awe. In this episode, we unpack all the wonder around awe and the moments of vastness in the hopes that you all find more moments of awe. It is hard to put into words much more about the conversation so go ahead and tune in to check it out for yourselfAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
We have been chatting with friends recently about all the spaces Black woman have to wear a "mask, so in this episode, we delve into the impact of cultivating like-minded communities and the transformative power of genuine connections. We explore the curiosity surrounding the search for or creation of spaces where authenticity is celebrated. Tune in as we discuss the significance of being true to oneself, the challenges of navigating professional spaces, and the strategies for building communities that foster authenticity and meaningful connections. Subscribe now to join the conversation and explore the journey to unveiling authenticity in both personal and professional spheres.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
Embark on a transformative exploration of the oft-heard mantra, "consistency is key." In this episode, we dive deep into the profound impact that consistency can have on our lives and uncover actionable steps to elevate this crucial element.Drawing from the insights of psychologists who regard consistency as adaptive behavior—enabling us to navigate our environment with success and harmony—we discover a powerful tool for improving our relationships with the world around us. However, the journey to consistency is not without its challenges, often hindered by barriers that we must navigate.Join us as we demystify the concept of consistency and explore how understanding your relationship to routine and behavior is pivotal. Discover the art of marrying small acts of change with discipline, laying the foundation for the birth of true consistency in your life.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
It can be tempting to jump right into a self care and the mindfulness journey without pausing to take inventory of your ego which is an essential key to creating not just a mindfulness practice but rather sustainable lifestyle. So in this episode we talk about our own journey to understanding our ego and how we can activate our highest self.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
As we navigate our 20's one of the major themes is the amount of change that happens. Whether it is career changes, friendships and relationship coming and going, or just your personal development. We hope that this conversation will assist in you evaluating your relationship to change so that as life continues to evolve we are ready for what's next.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
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Carlos Barron

The "Black Girl Flow Podcast" stands out as an essential platform that empowers and celebrates the experiences of black women. Hosted by knowledgeable and charismatic individuals, the podcast delves into a myriad of topics, ranging from culture and identity to social issues and personal development. The insightful conversations provide a space for authentic dialogue, shedding light on perspectives often overlooked in mainstream media. The hosts bring a unique blend of expertise, wit, and relatability, creating a welcoming atmosphere for listeners of all backgrounds.

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