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Author: Sequoia Holmes

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A humorous podcast about the seemingly random, underrepresented interests of different niches of Black people! Episode topics include Paramore, anime, astrology, Tony Hawk, UNO and more. We hope to help Black people feel *scene*... get it? New episodes every other Thursday. Hosted by Sequoia Holmes. Theme song by prod.joelteon. Cover artwork by Pedro Fequiere.
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Cults Ft. Traci Thomas

Cults Ft. Traci Thomas


On this week’s episode, host Sequoia Holmes welcomes guest, writer and The Stacks podcast host, Traci Thomas on the show to talk about Cults! The two get into what trends are cult - y, classic cults, and what it would take to get them sucked into joining a cult. All this & more! Highlights Disney Adults The real story of Jonestown Taylor Swift MAGAWACO The Manson FamilyReligious Cults  Follow Traci Follow Stacks Follow Sequoia Follow BPLP Pod
On this week’s episode, host Sequoia Holmes and guest Tights and Fights co - host, Danielle Radford get into 1995’s Clueless. The two discuss the film’s decades - long influence on pop culture, separating the Dionne from the Stacey Dash, and how dating your step - sibling is definitely weird. All this & more!  Highlights Speaking “Clueless”Teen Rom - ComsPaul RuddClueless FashionBrittany Murphy90s WrestlingDisney Channel Original Movie, Get A Clue  Follow Danielle Follow Tights and Fights Follow Sequoia Follow BPLP Pod
On this week’s episode, host Sequoia Holmes and guest co - host, Comfort Creatures host, Ella McLeod chat about Pet parenting, Exotic pets, how Black folks connect with animals generationally. All this & more! Highlights LA Dogs vs. UK DogsAre Cats Loyal? Exotic / Unusual Pets  Character pets who we know are Black Grieving the death of a pet  Writing your pet turtle into your will Follow Ella Comfort Creatures Sequoia Follow BPLP Pod
On this week’s episode, host Sequoia Holmes sits down with the guests, co - hosts of the BFF: Black, Fat, Femme podcast, Dr. JonPaul Higgins and Jordan Daniels, to discuss the cultural phenomenon that is Reality Television. They analyze classic reality tv show moments from shows like Flava of Love and The Bad Girls Club, rate their favorite shows of today, and discuss how Tiffany “New York'' Pollard walked so these reality tv girlies could run. All this and more! HighlightsFlava of Love Surreal Life Bad Girls Club Love Is BlindRuPaul’s Drag RaceJersey ShoreThe Real WorldThe Real HousewivesI Love New York Charm SchoolThe CircleThe  Biggest Loser The Maury Show The Jerry Springer Show 90 Day FiancéMy 600 lb LifeMob wivesTraitors Follow BFF Follow Dr. JonPaul Follow Jordan Follow Sequoia Follow BPLP Pod
On this week’s episode, host Sequoia Holmes sits down with Anwar White, the Get Your Guy dating coach. The two discuss dating app dos and don’ts, interracial dating, how past traumas can affect relationships in the present, and more!HighlightsOnline Dating Interracial Dating Dating AppsDating Horror Stories Red Flags Healing Trauma Follow Anwar White Follow Sequoia Follow BPLP Pod
On this week’s episode, host Sequoia Holmes sits down with author and The Friendship Expert, Danielle Bayard Jackson. The two dissect friendships, the heartbreak of friendship breakups, Danielle’s new book, and why a girls’ trip to Miami could make or break a bond. All this & more! Pick up a copy of Danielle Bayard Jackson’s new book, Fighting for Our Friendships: The Science and Art of Conflict and Connection in Women's Relationships and join host Sequoia and Danielle at the Reparations Club in Los Angeles May 18th for the book launch event! HighlightsFriendshipsGirls’ TripsFriendship breakups Interracial friendships Co - ed friendships  Friendship misconceptions  Follow Danielle Follow Sequoia Follow BPLP Pod
[NSFW] Ft. Ify Nwadiwe

[NSFW] Ft. Ify Nwadiwe


On this week’s episode, host Sequoia Holmes discusses Sex with guest co - host, Maximum Film Podcast host, Comedian, and Thot Dad, Ify Nwadiwe. The two explore sex habits, positions, misconceptions & more! HighlightsK*nks F*tishes Relationships Celebrity Sex ScandalsCelebrity K*nks   Follow Ify Nwadiwe Sequoia Follow BPLP Pod
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On this week’s episode, host Sequoia Holmes dives into the world of country music with guest co - host, award - winning journalist and BPLP fan favorite, Jewel Wicker. The two discuss female country legends, the exclusion of Black people in the genre, and of course, review Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter. VOTE Black People Love Paramore For A Webby!!!  Highlights Tanner Adell Kacey Musgraves The ChicksTaylor SwiftThe BeatlesTina TurnerLady GagaPrinceBeyoncé’s Cowboy Carter ACT IIICountry Music Awards VOTE Black People Love Paramore For A Webby!!! Follow Jewel Wicker Follow Sequoia Follow BPLP Pod VOTE Black People Love Paramore For A Webby!!!
On this week’s episode, host Sequoia Holmes tackles Anime for the second time with the help of guest co - hosts, internet personality Wildlin Pierrevil (@NotWildlin), Writer / Comedian Garrick Bernard, and host of the podcast Shoujo Sundae, Chika Supreme. They get into Anime superlatives, Black caricatures within the medium, the Shoujo and Shonen genres, and more!  HighlightsShoujo VS. ShonenDubbed Vs. SubbedMinstrelsy in Anime  Dragon Ball ZFullMetal Alchemist Sailor MoonShoujo SundaePokemon Follow Wildlin Follow Garrick Bernard Follow Chika Supreme Follow Sequoia Follow BPLP Pod
We get a sneak peek into the Black People Love Paramore bonus content episode with your host, Sequoia Holmes, as the topic! Award - winning journalist and friend of the show, Jewel Wicker, gets deep into Sequoia’s business and our host is not afraid to share. **REMINDER: This teaser is dropping the first week of The MaxFunDrive, so if you enjoy this show and want in on this awesome BOCO, please take a moment to show your support and become a member at Follow Sequoia Follow BPLP Pod
On this week’s episode, host Sequoia Holmes along with guest co - host, Music executive Christine Osazuwa, talk about all things Warped Tour: Music, fashion, teenage shenanigans, and more! **REMINDER: This episode is dropping the first week of The MaxFunDrive, so if you enjoy this show, please take a moment to show your support and become a member at Warped Tour LineupsOverrated or Underrated Warped Tour trends Scene / Emo Fashion Mosh PitsWhen We Were Young Musical Festival ParamoreAll Time Low My Chemical Romance Fall Out Boy Cobra Starship Follow Sequoia Follow BPLP Pod
Is love really blind? In this week’s episode, host Sequoia Holmes recaps the season 6 finale of Netflix’s Love Is Blind with guests co - hosts, Justine Kay and Natasha Scott - Cohosts of the 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose podcast. They talk finale highlights, their unpopular opinions on the season, dissect each couple, discuss racial preferences vs. fetishization in dating and more!HighlightsPrevious Love is Blind seasonsCheating fathersMegan FoxVasectomies Listen to 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose Follow Sequoia Follow BPLP Pod
Are you a lover of true crime? On this week’s episode host Sequoia Holmes and co hosts of the acclaimed true crime podcast, Sistas Who Kill, MaRah and Taz, dive into true crime in pop culture. They recount classic true crime cases like the OJ Simpson Trial and the Scream Murder. They also get into the cases like that of Gypsy-Rose Blanchard, the glamorization of true crime media, and the cautionary tale within the genre. TW// Sensitive and Graphic ContentHighlightsThe Silent Twins Cassie Jo Stoddart/the Scream Murder The People of the State of California v. Orenthal James SimpsonCase of Gypsy-Rose BlanchardCase of Angel Bumpess Case of Daphne WrightFye Fest Listen to Sistas Who Kill Podcast to the Sistas Who Kill Podcast Live Show!  Follow Sequoia Follow BPLP Pod
Prepare to have your reality questioned, as we tackle the Mandela Effect and the bewildering collective memories that seem to unite us in confusion with the hilarious Langston Kerman and David Gborie from the 'My Momma Told Me' podcast.. We debate the plausibility of government manipulations and how minor tweaks in our shared history could lead to significant societal shifts. From the outlandish notion of Plies and Kirk Franklin being the same person to the exclusive Rock Nation brunch, we poke fun at celebrity conspiracy theories and the illustrious Black Illuminati, offering an intriguing peek into the allure of the unknown.Cap off your listening experience with a look at some of the most peculiar conspiracy theories that have caught our attention, like the bizarre tale of Avril Lavigne's supposed replacement. Highlights-Ranking Plausibility of Conspiracy Theories-Moon Landing Allegations and Falsehoods-Mandela Effect and Power Dynamics-The Interdimensional Conspiracy Theory-Plies and Kirk Franklin-Glenn Turman and Aretha Franklin Affair-Favorite Conspiracy Theories-Discussing the Black Illuminati Conspiracy Theory Listen to My Momma Told Me Follow David Follow Langston Follow Sequoia Follow BPLP Pod
Ever imagined yourself strutting down the bustling streets of New York City or twirling through the historic avenues of Barcelona as part of the iconic Cheetah Girls? Join us as we take you on a vibrant journey with guest Kalen Allen, exploring the rich tapestry of dance, music, and cultural resonance woven by the Cheetah Girls franchise.As we unravel the Cheetah mystique, we uncover the potent influence of Raven-Symoné and speculate on the untapped potential of the group had she been more deeply integrated. The nostalgia is palpable as we revisit the group's dynamic evolution, from the fierce streets of NYC to the enchanting backdrop of Spain, and even touch on the third film's disconnect without Raven's presence. These sequels weren't just follow-ups; they were a testament to the Cheetah Girls' staying power and their impact on a generation yearning for representation on the Disney Channel stage.Highlights-Black Representation in Media-The Future of the Cheetah Girls-Appreciation for Raven Simone's Impact-Opinions on Solo Albums-Discussion About Songs in a Movie-Fun Facts and Casting Speculation-Opinions on Mean Girls the Musical-Nostalgia for Disney Channel Original Movie Follow Kalen Allen Follow Sequoia Follow BPLP Pod
Ever wonder how the raw emotions of teen angst translate into the music that defines a generation? Award-winning journalist Jewel Wicker joins us to unravel the magic behind the teen heartbreak anthems of Olivia Rodrigo. We take you on a journey through Rodrigo's rise from Disney darling to the voice of youth heartache, examining her growth as an artist and the visceral responses her songs like "vampire" elicit.Prepare to get nostalgic as we swap tales of our own youthful romances and the quintessential drama that came with them. From the charm bracelets and dried roses of past flings to the questionable partner choices that still make us cringe, we explore how these experiences influence our musical tastes today. And yes, we even get into a playful debate, pitting the musical prowess of pop sensations Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift, and Billie Eilish against one another. Who will be the 'drop' in our lineup? Tune in to find out.Highlights-Olivia Rodrigo's Music and Fan Base-Teen Heartbreak and Regret in Dating-Teen Angst and Bad Decisions-Popstars Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish Follow Jewel Follow Sequoia Follow BPLP Pod
Have you ever wondered what your ink says about you, or pondered the delicate dance between tattoos and personal identity? This time around, I sit with Aaron Davis, a standout self-taught artist and a fierce competitor from Ink Master Season 15. From his profound Afro-Americana style to the beats that shape our lives, this episode peels back the skin of the tattoo community. We're marking our journey with a colorful palette of experiences, including Aaron's evolution from a children's book illustrator to a tattoo industry innovator. As he narrates coining the term “Afro-Americana” style, it's evident that pushing beyond the status quo isn't just about art; it's about representation and building a community where Black culture is not just seen but celebrated. Along the way, we exchange tales of the tattoo world's changing attitudes, the demand for respect and inclusivity, and how tattoos have transitioned from taboos to empowering personal declarations. Highlights-Music Preferences and Relationship Impact-Building a Community of Black Artists-Tattoo Perceptions Changing in Black Community-Appreciating and Tattooing Black Skin-Showcasing Afro-American Style and Identity-Chinese and Arabic Tattoos-Opinions on Red Ink Tattoos-Discussion on Mike Tyson's Face Tattoo-Black People and Tattoo Artists' Appreciation Follow Aaron Follow Sequoia Follow BPLP Pod Head to to get 50% off!
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit in the audience of a live daytime talk show taping? Or maybe even entertain the thought of hosting your own talk show one day? This episode of Black People Love Paramore is a riveting journey through the world of daytime talk shows. We're joined by Shar Jossell, a renowned journalist and media personality, who lends her insights on everything from the gender politics at play, to the racial dynamics and how pop culture intersects these spaces. We share our favorite talk show hosts and engage in a spirited debate that might just challenge some of your own opinions.This isn't your average chat about talk shows. We're going off the beaten track, from discussing the chaotic world of The Tyra Banks Show to the LA-New York dichotomy, and we're not shying away from addressing the controversies surrounding some of the industry's big names. We even delve into our own experiences attending live tapings and the importance we place on representation in media. Our conversation also shines a light on some of the overlooked shows and hosts who've left indelible marks on the industry. But that's not all! Get ready to hear about our love for shows hosted by Queens like Latifah, RuPaul, and Tempest Bledsoe. We even take a moment to explore the appeal of daytime talk shows to Black audiences, discussing relatability, diversity, and the impact of social media. We're excited to have you join us on this exciting, nostalgic, and thought-provoking journey. So sit back, relax, and let's talk about talk shows!HighlightsUnrecognized Talk Show HostsJ-Lo and Beyonce's PerformancesComparing Talk Show DynamicsOprah Tickets and Harpo Studio ExperienceCanceled Talk Shows and CelebritiesOpinions on Oprah's Sense of HumorDaytime Talk Shows and Black PeopleFollow Sequoia BPLP Pod Shar



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