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This year marks Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, her 70th year as Queen of the United Kingdom. As the world prepares to celebrate an icon, the British royal establishment is working quietly behind the scenes to prepare the stage for Prince Charles to replace his mother and become King. It’s the moment he was destined for – and at 73, he’s been waiting a long time. But as his moment approaches, so does widespread apprehension: Can Prince Charles fill his mother’s shoes? Will the people accept him as king? Is there even a place for monarchy in our modern world? In Born to Rule, NBC’s Keir Simmons talks to journalists and royal insiders who’ve followed Prince Charles for decades to help us understand the man who will be king.
The End of Empire

The End of Empire


This year, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years on the throne. At age 96, the Queen is the longest-reigning monarch in British history, and her eldest son, Prince Charles, has waited longer than any heir presumptive in British history to ascend the throne. Practically no one alive today in the UK can remember a time before the Queen. But as his moment approaches, so does widespread apprehension: Can Prince Charles fill his mother’s shoes? Will the people accept him as king? Is there even a place for monarchy in our modern world?
Prince Charles has long been seen as an eccentric - his passion for gardening and watercolor painting combined with his love of the luxurious royal life has given him the reputation of being out-of-touch with the average person. But Charles might also be considered ahead of his time - a long-time environmentalist who’s been spearheading initiatives for sustainable living for more than 50 years. Many of the prince’s ideas, at first quickly dismissed, have turned out to be prescient. We’re taking a deeper look at this complex man. Did he become Prince Charles because of his upbringing or despite it? And how will the Prince Charles that we have come to know evolve into King Charles when he must meet his destiny.
In 1981, the world watched as Prince Charles married the perfect royal bride: Lady Diana Spencer. Young, beautiful, and stylish, Diana breathed new life into the monarchy. But the fairytale didn’t last long. In the years that followed, Diana and Charles’s troubled marriage and bitter divorce was a constant in the tabloids, and Diana’s death in a car accident in 1997 shook the world. And through it all, Charles gained a reputation as an unfaithful husband to the “people’s princess” as he carried on an affair with friend Camilla Parker Bowles. But today, Camilla — once known as the notorious “other woman” — is poised to become Queen Consort when Charles takes the throne. It’s a reflection of the changes the monarchy has undergone in the aftermath of the Charles and Diana saga… and the fulfillment of Prince Charles’s decades-long quest to have the love of his life accepted by the royal establishment and the British public.CORRECTION (June 8, 2022, 11:55a): In an earlier version of this episode, we stated that no one in Diana’s car survived. We have now corrected the error to state that Diana’s bodyguard survived.
Power & the Palace

Power & the Palace


The royal family is no stranger to controversy — and Prince Charles has often been at the center of the scandal-du-jour. What happens when he takes on the job of maintaining the monarchy’s public image… the one he’s been accused of tarnishing over the years? We’ll take a look at the more recent scandals Charles has had to manage alongside the Queen – from questions about how some of his charities raise money to his brother Prince Andrew’s settlement in a sexual abuse lawsuit, to his son Prince Harry’s departure from the Firm. What other challenges might lie ahead for the future king, and how will he manage them?
The Heir and the Spare

The Heir and the Spare


During her Platinum Jubilee celebration this year, Queen Elizabeth greeted the crowds from the balcony at Buckingham Palace, dressed in bright blue with a cane in hand, at 96 years old… there’s no denying change is coming. On her left: William, Kate, and the kids. On her right: Charles and Camilla. The message was clear — this is the future of the monarchy, with Charles at the helm. In our final episode, we’re taking a look at what’s next for the royal family. From Charles to William to little George, what does a modern monarchy look like? Where do Harry and Meghan fit in? And after 70 years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, is the world ready for King Charles?
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