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Steel and Shooter are just your everyday guys that begrudgingly fell into the Bravo world only to be entranced by the allure that is Bravo TV. On this show you’ll hear their takes on the hot topics from all things Bravo. A podcast by dudes for everyone!

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Whats up Bro's?! The Phillies just won game 1 of the Wild Card as I'm writing this, and the Bro's are AMPED UP! But I digress... On today's episode we're back in South Carolina with our Southern Charm crew. Tensions are high as Shep and Olivia start to question Austin and Taylor's relationship. New info comes to light when we find out that both Taylor and Austin discusses potentially dating just after the reunion filmed... Craig's store has taken a huge step forward as they signed a deal with Kroeger to sell his merchandise. The only negative is that he no longer will have the freedom to go back and forth to NYC when he wants. Will he and Paige finally decide on a home base? Rod sits down with Austin to let him know that he and Olivia have been hanging out and Austin clearly doesn't love it. But with the potential drama with Taylor, that won't be taking center stage. Then we're back with RHONY and Jessel and Pavit have finally set a date for a staycation to end their sex drought. Meanwhile, Jenna is getting back into the dating pool with a wonderful wingwoman in Brynn. The ladies head to Shooter's favorite, a sound bath, to do some self care. Jessel invites Sai to lunch and it is a very interesting scene. Sai won't give Jessel the time of day and all Jessel is trying to do is apologize if she made it seem as though she was comparing their upbringings. Sai is incredibly rude and dismissive throughout the entire lunch, and the cool girl act is getting old. Will those two be able to move forward, or is this the start of an ongoing feud? All that and more on our midweek episode! Time Stamps: Southern Charm (10:52) RHONY(48:23) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bro's?? We are a little late with our episode, you can blame Steel's brother-in-law for getting married (jk Congrats Chris and Laura). But we are back with a full episode and boy is it a good one. We start out with a little Tom Sandoval talk because everyones least favorite villain announced he is releasing his own podcast... Then we finally get to the finale of OC and it ends as lackluster as we expected. Once again, the ladies pile on Heather in the beginning. Gina and Emily are both stuck on the fact that Heather called them losers (according to Tamra). However, at a lunch with Gina, Heather proves her innocence via a clip from Two T's where Teddi outs Tamra for calling the entire OC cast losers. Jenn and Ryan have a sit down to discuss Tamras comments in Mexico about potentially more cheating losers, and Ryan takes the approach of blaming Jenn for not trusting him and that he's tired of hearing about it. The episode ends with Gina's freak show party, where Heather goes from woman to woman and beats Tamra at her own game. While the crew was applauding Tamra for her "honesty" and "apologetic nature" Heather quickly pokes holes in all of Tamras B.S. by providing actual evidence and by having real conversations with her castmates. When the dust settles, Tamra looks like an idiot, the crew seemingly is on good terms with Heather once again, and thank god this season is over. Then we're off to RHOSLC and it keeps getting better and better. The ladies are still at the Trixie Motel and we have a nice little trust exercise to start the day off. Not before Angie makes her own tee shirt "All Trix No Trust" and continues to be an awkward addition and not doing herself any favors at all. Mary decides she isn't ready to trust the group and sits out, and some viewers are not taking her lack of participation well. Whitney ends up commandeering the trip and plans a Drag Make up competition for the ladies judged by Trixie. Lisa throws an absolute fit and starts crying refusing to do her make up and complaining that she flies in glam everywhere she goes and spends "60k" a year on it. She continues to label drop and talk about material things in front of Monica and Monica has had enough. They have it out on the sprinter van and nobody is safe. When they get to the bar its an all out war. Angie is fighting with Meredith, Whitney is fighting with Meredith, Monica is fighting with Lisa, Heather is on the sidelines and Mary is eating McDonald's. All in all, a great episode and god damn we're glad RHOSLC is back! Time Stamps: Rose & Thorn (6:18) Sandoval's New Podcast (12:19) RHOC (15:54) RHOSLC (42:06) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bros? What a time to be a Philadelphian, Birds are 3-0 and the Phil's just clinched a spot in the playoffs AGAIN. Up first on the docket, we have to address a Taylor Swift- Travis Kelce update. While Steel points out that the alleged Eagles fan has changed her colors quickly, overall the boys are on board for this relationship. Do you think its for the cameras or is love in the air?? Then were back with the crew in Charleston and we get introduced to JT who is not our cup of tea. Rod however seems like a solid dude and we see romance in the air for Olivia. Taylor is now working for a mixed drink company and attempting to sell Day Chaser to Leva after quitting her job to follow Shep around... The main focus of this episode is Austen's relationship with Taylor. Clearly JT is in love with Taylor and uses every opportunity with Shep present to bring up how weird Austen and Taylors relationship is. He highlights that Taylor slept at Austen's house and it becomes quite clear that JT is in love with her. Shep "trusts" Austen but after the 10th comment from JT things get a little murky bro... The group takes notice as well as Craig points out that its inappropriate and Madison says she thinks Austen's in love with her... Then were off to RHONY and back to the phone drama. While we still agree this was a dumb prank, Erin's response is way too much claiming this to be the most attacked she's ever felt in her life... Meanwhile Ubah simply cannot let it go and we get our first clunker episode of the season. The entire episode is focused around this and it leads to all of the ladies joining forces against Erin and comes to a head in the hot tub in an uncomfortable scene in which Erin gets ambushed and fully ganged up on. However... as the ladies are pointing out time and time again in which Erin has talked some shit, its pretty clear that Erin is a shit-stirrer. Up til this point she really hasn't gotten much shit in return so while a lot of this is warranted, the approach was way too much. Ubah and Erin eventually are able to squash everything. Oh yeah, Jessel keeps lists on her phone of everyone and how she should've responded to them and Brynn continues her pursuit of Jenna Lyons... This episode is brought to you by Hello Fresh. For 50% off your first order and 15% off for the next two months, go to and use code 50BravBros! Time Stamps: Swift Kelce Update (3:00) Power Rankings (9:00) Southern Charm (11:57) RHONY (55:45) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bro's? We start the episode off with Shooter's new segment of current events and were talking Kelce+Swift. Then its off to RHOC where the ladies are finishing up their trip to Mexico. Jenn and Ryan are still a hot button issue as the ladies can't seem to think of anything else interesting to talk about. Meanwhile, Heather has become the punching bag of the group. While Heather does have her flaws, we see the group pick her apart for every little thing and its getting old in a hurry. All it looks like to us is that everyone is jealous of Heather and her wealth. The group visits a Shaman where intentions seem to be peace, love and understanding but when we get to dinner that all goes out the window. Heather is in the crosshairs again when Tamra forces drama on her with stupid allegations of things Heather has said and Tamra continues to be unwatchable. Heather leaves the table and hints at potentially being done with the show altogether due to the other women's treatment of her. Then we're back with the Salt Lake crew at the Trixie Motel. The rest of the group arrives to find Whitney and her unexpected guest Angie. Meredith does not care for it at all and instead of trying to not bring attention to herself, Angie decides she's gonna be defensive and rude to Meredith. To get ready for dinner, the group decides to go shopping and pick out outfits for one another. Whitney turns into a scientist getting married, Lisa looks like she's headed to Coachella and Angie dresses herself... They head to Carey Grants old house which is now a five star restaurant and Lisa gets upset about her clothing for the affair and mentions once again about the loss of her $60k ring. At dinner they play the most boring game of "interesting facts about yourself" followed up with a horrible idea, Warm and Fuzzy/ Cold and Prickly which sets the stage immediately for disaster. Heather doesn't trust Angie, Monica is sick of hearing about Lisa's ring and wants her to be more aware and Angie tops it all off with a toast to the Greek word meaning fake. Meredith has an all time blow up and gives us the gift of You Can Leave! Before sharing with Lisa that she may have some dirt on Angie's husband. Is that true? Or is this a pattern with Meredith like she did with Lisa last season..? This episode is brought to you by Rocket Money. Stop paying for unused subscriptions and manage your money the easy way with Rocket Money! Go to to download the app for free! This episode is sponsored by Manscaped. Say goodbye to cuts and nicks and start grooming with ease. Whether its for you or a loved one, the Lawnmower 4.0 is the best trimmer for all your bodily needs and no more cuts! For 20% off and Free Shipping go to and use code BravBros! Time Stamps: Current Events w/ Shooter (2:23) Rose and Thorn (5:40) RHOC (9:16) RHOSLC (44:01) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Whats up Bros?! We are back with Southern Charm this week, but first we discuss the recent news out of the OC. Shannon Beador got a DUI and we have some thoughts. Shooter and Steel have slightly differing opinions on the matter but at the end of the day, the important thing is thank god nobody got hurt. Then we're back in Charleston with our charming crew. Craig and Paige are in the same exact spot in their relationship as Craig seems ready to take all the next steps and Paige seems to not be on the same page... (no pun intended). Shep gets home from a trip around the world as he is working on getting over his relationship with Taylor. Meanwhile, Taylor and Olivia have gotten very close over their break-ups. Madison shows off her new beautiful family, and we here at the BravBro's couldn't be happier for her and Hudson as it seems like Brett is genuinely a good dude. Things heat up at the wedding after-party when Taylor lets emotions get the best of her and she goes after Craig for his role in covering up Shep's shenanigans. While Taylor has every right to feel scorned, Craig isn't the one that cheated on you. The cherry on top of the entire episode is Austen's awkward interactions with Madison and Brett, but it appears as though Austen is going to take center stage with Taylor as rumors are swirling about the two of them... Then were back in ANGWILLA which we now know how to pronounce finally. The ladies continue to try and get to the bottom of Jessel's backstory and Erin and Sai speculate that maybe Jessel is overplaying the difficult upbringing a little in order to relate to Brynn and Sai. We're not here to say Jessel had it easy but in comparison to what we heard from the other two women, it does seem as though she may be reaching a little bit. The episode centers around a "prank war" via Ubah and Erin and ends with one of the dumber pranks and altercations we've seen on Bravo. A phone was taken, which is a dumb prank, and it escalates to the point of Erin and Ubah screaming at each other the next day. But love may be in the air as Brynn attempts to woo Jenna and we are here for it. While we don't actually think they'll be getting together, its amazing to see Jenna have some fun, joke around and come out of her shell a bit more. So buckle up Bro's we got lots to discuss! -- This episode is brought to you by Manscaped. Look good, feel good, play good. Words we live by here at the BravBro's. Help your man feel his best with the new Lawnmower 4.0, no more nicks or cuts when getting your business in order down there. Just a clean shave and that confidence you've been waiting for. Go to and use code bravbros20 at checkout to receive 20% off plus free shipping! -- This episode is sponsored by Rocket Money. Don't let unused subscriptions drain your wallet anymore! Go to to download the app for free. Cancel unwanted subscriptions and manage your money better! Time Stamps: Shannon's DUI (8:40) Southern Charm (18:18) RHONY (1:00:25) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bro's?! First things first. Go Birds. Eagles are 2-0. (I'm typing this after we recorded) But back to business, up first we are back with the Orange County Crew and the ladies are still on their girls trip. Vicki makes a surprise appearance and we see the Tres Amigas back together again. Tamra and Jenn end up getting into it again over the Ryan situation. It appears Tamra has been digging around a little for some dirt on Ryan. Or according to her, the dirt was given to her without asking... Emily and Heather are still not getting along as Emily points out some hypocritical moments. Meanwhile, Heather thinks that she's held to a higher standard than the rest of the group leading to a bit of a distance between the two. Shannon finally opens up ever so slightly about John and it doesn't sound great. And Tamra and Jenn have it out with one another at lunch as Jenn has finally reached her breaking point with Tamras nonsense. Then we're out in Salt Lake City where they are all heading out to Palm Springs (even though Angie K wasn't invited). Monica takes center stage in this episode as we get to learn more about her and her backstory. Her recent divorce has her financial status much different than it used to be, and she opens up about her insecurities with the other women in the group. Meredith and Lisa finally go on that walk together and it looks as though they may actually have found a way forward. Both women apologize for their part in the friendship falling apart and its refreshing to potentially see them make up. Heather and Whitney are on the make up train as well but their conversation doesn't instill nearly as much confidence as Lisa and Mer. At a double date, Whitney lets Angie K know about the trip to Palm Springs and it turns out Angie was not invited. Instead of not going, Whitney invites her as her plus one... Time Stamps: RHOC (12:50) RHOSLC (32:21) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bros?! It is victory Wednesday as the Birds start the season 1-0 and the Bro's are amped up. On this episode, we talk a little about the man who tried to run in a hamster wheel across the Atlantic before diving into what we're all here for. We get back to RHONY where the ladies are in Anguilla (no we still don't know the proper pronunciation). The group gets into it at dinner when Jessel brings up the Brynn and Abe flirting situation. Erin and Brynn have it out after Brynn apologizes for calling the party boring but doesn't address her behavior towards Abe. While Erin doesn't think it was malicious, she also feels she is owed an apology. Then the tables are turned towards Jenna and the coach vs business class debacle. The root of the groups frustration comes to light when its made clear that the problem is not with her leaving early on business class, the issue is that she never opens up about what's really going on. We finally see Jenna tap into her emotions as she shares about her childhood and the difficulties of growing up with a mother with Aspergers. At breakfast the next day, Sai tells us more about her backstory and her mothers battle with alcoholism before Jessel tells us about her backstory... Or her uncles backstory would be a more accurate description... Tensions flare again when Erin questions Brynn's story about freezing her eggs... Then were back with ATL one last time for part 2 of the reunion. We hear more from Courtney (I don't know why) as she speaks out on Ralph's behalf. Drew stresses the lack of information that both the group and Courtney have on their marriage and stresses that Courtney needs to keep her kids out of it. Then we get Ralph on the stage as we watch the performance of the year. He comes out cool, calm and collected in his best efforts to gaslight Drew and paint her out to be the bad guy. These two go back in forth for the majority of the episode and we're left wondering 1) What really happened 2) Why does this moron get a platform to defend himself when we've watched him be a terrible husband/ person all season and 3) Are he and Courtney hooking up?? Time Stamps: RHONY (11:40) RHOA (36:36) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bro's?! Football season is upon us so the boys are getting geared up for the Eagles opener. But that doesn't mean we didn't have time to get our Bravo on. We start out this week with RHOC where Heather is launching the HD Network. While she tried to explain the technology, it sounds a whole lot like YouTube, or Instagram, or any social media video platform. But Emily has an issue with Heather because of a little interaction she had. Heather tells Emily that Shannon was talking smack about Emily, but when Emily asks what was said, Heather says she can't tell her because its in the Vault... News gets out about the sale of Heather and Terry's home and the group is upset because they feel as though Heather should have told them about it. The tensions are high and it appears that Emily isn't the only one that has an issue with Heather. Then we are back to RHOSLC for what was an extremely refreshing season premier and a good reminder of why this show was once great. Lisa Barlow is doing her thing at Sundance and we learn that her son Jack has volunteered to go on a mission for the next two years. We're introduced to a new housewife, Monica, who we come to find out was one of the witnesses against Jen Shah. While working as her assistant Jen tried to drag her into her scheme and Monica blew the whistle on her to her cousin in the secret service. Heather is on fresh start kick and with the success of her book, her second location for her store and with the purchase of a new house, will this be a return to form for Heather? Either way, we are graced with Mary Cosby's presence once again and her lack of a filter and dry humor is a breath of fresh air. Tensions are still present between Meredith and Lisa but they at least plan to have a conversation about it. However, Meredith has a problem with an interview Whitney did, because she called the Meredith, Seth bath scene creepy... Which it was. But it was a great start to the new season and these Bro's are excited! Time Stamps: RHOC (14:13) RHOSLC (42:03) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bros? It was Steel's birthday yesterday (happy birthday me) so this episode is a little later than usual, but we are headed to Anguilla with the ladies of RHONY. Up first though, we talk some news. Erika Jayne's show is selling tickets for $7.00 a seat, RHOSLC is back and Courtney (Ralph's "cousin") used to live in Tampa... Jenna is headed down on her first girls trip a couple days earlier than the crew to build up a base tan. As she's shared with us she is a insecure about her genetic disorder and how her skin looks as a result. Although she let's it slip to Erin that she also feels some type of way about flying coach... The general consensus amongst the group (and us bros)is that she just needs to be honest about her reasoning. The little lies don't make a whole lot of sense. We get a check in with Brynn and her brother Daris, and we continue to get a peek into Brynn's psyche. She explains that due to her difficult upbringing it keeps her from being able to take the final step in her relationships and actually get married. The crew makes it to their destination but tensions are high as Erin has let it slip to the rest of the group that an underlying reason for Jenna's early arrival is her not wanting to fly coach. Then its off to ATL for the first part of the reunion. And it was great. Sheree defends her actions throughout the season and the ladies all agree, while she is the peacekeeper, she is definitely the bone collector as well. Kandi and Drew are at odds as Andy highlights the shade that Drew threw towards Kandi, Todd and The Pass after commenting she's only doing "Lifetime and Above"... The drama, although entertaining, is clearly building towards the Ralph, Courtney and Drew saga. While we do get some little snippets here and there about what we can expect next week, we're still waiting for some answers. Courtney defends Ralph and Drew reads her (rightfully so) about coming after her kids in the final scenes of the last episode. Hopefully next week is as entertaining with some more info on what we all want to know. Did Drew and Latoya kiss? Is she with Ty Young? What the hell is going on with Courtney and Ralph? All that and more on todays episode!!! Time Stamps: Bravo Weekly News (4:50) RHONY recap (12:55) RHOA reunion recap (40:03) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Whats up Bros?! We have a jam packed episode for you today as we wrap up this season (and possibly the last season with this cast) of RHOA! Before we get there, we have to discuss the news of Lindsey and Carl calling off the engagement. Rumor has it that Carl is the one that called things off. Then its off to Atlanta. Ralph and Drew have reached a breaking point as we finally get into the details of what's not working in their relationship. Ralph has moved out of the bedroom and when he finally returns to marriage counseling he claims he made the move to "better himself" and to "make Drew more comfortable". This entire episode was all evidence that Ralph is a manipulative, gaslighting and extraordinarily selfish and at times it is genuinely painful to watch. Kandi is throwing a wrap party for The Pass and we see Allison confront Courtney over the "bitch" issue. Which is really confusing because as seen in the video, Courtney says "this bitch" and points at Sanya. Regardless of who was called a bitch... who cares? It ends with Drew and Ralph filing for divorce as rumors begin to spread of an alleged relationship between Drew and former WNBA player Ty Young. The final check in of the season is a heartwrenching scene with Sanya as she explains the details of her pregnancy and the miscarriage. Which in sharing with us showed tremendous strength and courage. We end on a happy note as her and Ross are pregnant again! Then we're back in Orange County where Shannon is continuing a very bizarre warpath. She claims to not have any recollection of seemingly anything she's ever said. She plays the victim and acts as though the whole group is conspiring against her and John and talking behind their back, when she is the one offering up the information. Jenn still has her reservations about moving forward with Ryan in their relationship as she's concerned his past behavior may show up again. He replies with he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. And "those boobies". Because he's a child and a moron. The episode ends at the pumpkin patch when Gina calls out Shannon for bringing up Child Protective Services in regards to Gina's DUI. Shannon definitely crossed a line but then acts as though she would never say such a thing. Meanwhile Tamra proves once again she's a horrible friend when she tells the group she doesn't remember Shannon saying anything about CPS... Even though she talked to Jenn at the dinner table about Gina's DUI while Shannon was talking about CPS. Buckle up Bro's. Time Stamps: Rose and Thorn: (3:01) Bravo News of the Week: (8:12) RHOA: (18:23) RHOC: (1:00:58) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bro's?! This week we are joined by our fellow Philadelphian Kate Casey of Reality Life with Kate Casey to discuss all things Real Housewives. She fills us in on some great Sports Doc recommendations in the beginning before we dive into the state of Orange County. We discuss whether or not the friendships seem genuine and can this show continue with how it's currently going? Then we're on to RHONY and Kate is fresh off of an interview with Jessel (which airs Thursday, make sure you tune in) and we finally get to get deeper into Jessel's story. She opens up to her mom about IVF and her difficult journey with conceiving the twins. It's nice to hear her finally soften up and be vulnerable and her strength is admirable in sharing this difficult journey with fertility. Meanwhile, Erin has had it with Sai and Brynn in the aftermath of her party. However when confronted, Sai doesn't care and everyone in the group writes off Brynn's flirting as "that's just Brynn". One, Sai needs to either bring her own bagged lunches or stop complaining about food everywhere because its getting old quick. Two, just because Brynn is a known flirt, does not mean that her behavior with Abe was appropriate. Instead of the two women apologizing for clearly being rude, the emphasis is placed on Erin for being "too sensitive". The show is getting better and better and we think Bravo is doing a great job in bringing in the new era of Real Housewives. All that and a whole lot more on todays episode! Time Stamps: State of RHOC (7:55) State of RHONY (15:00) RHONY Full Recap (26:20) This episode is brought to you by Hello Fresh! Americas #1 Meal Kit. Stop going to the grocery store and buying a bunch of random things. Get fresh, ready to use ingredients delivered directly to your door with easy to follow (and very delicious) recipes! Go to and use code 50BravBros for 50% off your order PLUS free shipping! This episode is sponsored by Rocket Money. Cancel unwanted subscriptions and track your spending all in one easy to use place! Go to today! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bro's? Steel's down Wildwood for the weekend and Shooter's gearing up for vacay so the boys are in good spirits. Up first we get back to Atlanta and filming for The Pass is in full swing. Sheree is throwing a sip and see for Mecca and as her own reveal party as a Glamma. Drew and Kandi continue to have issues with Courtney and questions whether she called Drew a bitch. Ralph continues to suck as the tension between Drew and him seem to be at an all time high. Oh, and Sheree finds out that her ex husband Bob has an adult daughter that she never knew about. Then we're back to OC where for the second episode in a row, we enjoyed it. Don't call it a comeback... but we continue to see issues stemming from Shannon and her relationship with John. While she claims to not want to talk about it and puts the blame on everyone else... every woman in the group references drunk phone calls they received from Shannon in regards to her relationship. It boils over to the point that Heather, Emily and Gina all refuse to attend her Fiesta. Meanwhile, Shannon discusses how she saved Gina from her DUI and kept GIna's kids from being given to Child Protective Services. For someone that doesn't want to be talked about thats sure a weird comment to make. Heather gets a shwanky apartment in LA as she prepares to spend more time in Hollywood. Emily reaches a breaking point with Shannon and calls her Jekyll and Hyde which couldn't be more fitting in our opinion. She continues to play the victim while she seems to be the root of the problem. All that and more on todays episode! Time Stamps: Rose & Thorn (4:00) RHOA (14:30) RHOC (36:50) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bro's?! We bid farewell to what was a delightful first season of Crappie Lake. Sonja and Luann are putting on the town talent show, Benton Follies, and it's a beautiful send off for the ladies. The show was heartwarming even though Steel is a tough critic. The overall sentiment of this episode is that not only did Sonja and Luann have a huge impact on the town, the town left its mark on them as well. The people of Benton are sad to see our RHONY OG's leave and we the viewers were sad to see the show come to an end. It was a perfect ending to a great season. Then we're back in NYC and Erin is getting ready to "renew" her vows, but it's actually the first time her and Abe are saying vows. Unfortunately Ubah has covid so she isn't going to make it to the party, but we find out that Jenna has broken up with her girlfriend of a year and a half. Although according to her it may have been an on and off scenario. Jessel and Pavit are discussing whether or not to send the twins to private pre-school (to the sum of $62,000.00) and aren't seeing eye to eye. Jessel and Erin have both agreed to move forward in their relationship and start over with a clean slate. At the party, Brynn goes overboard when flirting with Abe and we see the ladies get in trouble when they decide to talk during the 45 minutes of speeches. At the end of the episode we see Sai leave early so that she can go next door to NoBu because the food at Erin's party just won't cut it... Time Stamps: Crappie Lake (10:27) RHONY (23:21) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bro's? We joined forces with our favorite platinum blonde, Zack Peter, to break down the third part of Bethenny's interview. We talk about the alleged abuse from James Kennedy, the dog situation of this whole thing and whether or not Bethenny had Raquel's best interest at heart (she didn't). Raquel continues to lean on the fact that she her whole cast made so much money off of this while her name and her brand were dragged through the mud. While this is true, she seems to forget why her name and brand were dragged through the mud. On the other side of this, Bethenny is not only ill prepared, she does not do Rachel any favors. Instead of diving into therapy and hearing about how Rachel has improved herself and what kind of work she's been doing to become a better person, Bethenny steers her into a victim narrative and an attempt to paint the Bravo network as a horrible toxic place that is at the root of this whole scandal. Bethenny used her platform and Rachel as her sacrificial lamb to push her own narrative instead of showing concern for Rachel and doing her best to help her to move forward. All that and more with our main bro Zack! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bro's? In honor of Steel's (my) 5 year sobriety date, we're changing things up a little bit. In this special episode I share my story with you. Where I came from, how I got there, and how I ended up where I am today. My story is difficult to tell. It brings up a lot of memories that I've dealt with over the past few years and stirs up a lot of emotions for me. But it's important for me to share these things. I had a very hard time being open and vulnerable when I was younger. I saw myself as the go to person for other people. I would help them deal with their issues while disregarding or not even acknowledging my own. Problems don't just go away and gradually over time they built up behind me without me being aware of it. Eventually my world came crashing down. I went from a professional baseball player, to a professional coach, to having cirrhosis of the liver at 27 years old and potentially not making it out of the hospital alive. This episode is not to garner sympathy, it's more for me and for myself to continue to be open and honest and vulnerable as I struggled to do for so many years. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or addiction, if you're afraid to ask for help, I know how scary it is. But I promise you there is a better life on the other side. If you need someone to talk to please reach out to me. I'll happily talk to any one of you struggling. Thank you all for everything you've given me, I don't take one second on this planet for granted. I love you all. Here's to many more years. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bro's? We take a break from our regularly scheduled recap to bring you our full breakdown of Bethenny's interview with Raquel aka Rachel. It seems as though these two are trying to one up Howie and Sandoval with worst interview of the year. A wildly unprepared Bethenny attempts to interview Raquel with zero background on the show or the characters. Along the way, Raquel (Rachel) begins to lean into playing the victim in this thing and its absolutely bizarre. Bethenny is doing her best the entire time to intentionally steer the conversation in that direction and it's clear that she came into this with an agenda. On top of that, while we hear Bethenny "leading the charge" on compensation for reality stars, we find out that Raquel did not get paid for this appearance on the podcast. Go figure. Raquel dives into her time in therapy and how she feels about this group now. She tells us that her friendship with Ariana was exaggerated and the two were only acquaintances and then questions her best friend Scheana's and the role she played after Rachel and James called off the engagement. The topic of money comes up repeatedly as Rachel feels as though she is owed more for her role in Scandoval and questions how the rest of the group gets to cash in on it but she doesn't. The topic of the video on Scumdoval's phone comes up and I think were all in agreement, that is not ok. Sandoval deserves WAYYYY more shit than he is getting not only for the recording without consent, showing that video to people, and just for his overall role in Scandoval. Its named after him for gods sake. Bethenny really fumbled this interview and not only is it apparent that she didn't prep at all (literally uses google mid interview for an extended period of time) her lack of overall VPR knowledge makes removes any and all credibility from this interview. That being said, Shooter had a blast listening and Steel almost had an aneurysm. All that and more on a very lively episode of BravBro's! Time Stamps: Part 1 (4:31) Part 2 (41:37) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bro's?! We kick off tonights episode with a little RHOSLC talk as we get closer to the return of the ladies of Salt Lake. Will Mary Cosby save the franchise? Or is the absence of Jen Shah the nail in the coffin for the show? Then we're off to Crappie Lake where Sonja and Luann are planning Christmas in July. We get a great cameo from Paula Abdul herself as they plan the Talent Show for the big finale. Then we're in New York where this new cast is really showing promise. Brynn continues to dive into her past as she shares some tragic details about her upbringing only making her story that more inspiring. Jessel and Erin have beef as neither one can see eye to eye (or apologize... Jessel) but the group comes together for an event as Jessel's except for Jenna. AKA Jenna LIE-ons according to Brynn. The drama is starting to brew and meanwhile the ladies are still able to hang out in a group and have fun while avoiding some of the annoying tropes that we've gotten used to (i.e. massive overblown fights and overproduced nonsense) All that and more on today's episode! Time Stamps: Power Rankings (5:14) RHOSLC (9:40) Crappie Lake (14:11) RHONY (25:05) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bro's Before we start, this is a trigger warning as this episode features a discussion about sexual assault featured on the Below Deck Down Under episode. If you do not wish to hear that and would like to skip ahead, the conversation begins at 2:48 and ends at 9:45. For those that saw on this past weeks episode, Luke sexually assaulted Margot in what was one of the more difficult and emotional scenes we've ever witnessed. Aesha was amazing and acted quickly avoiding potentially a much worse situation. Captain Jason made very swift and justified decisions in removing Luke from the boat and then firing both him and Laura for her outrageous remarks in an attempt to justify Luke in some way. This was a difficult scene to watch but we felt it is an important one to discuss. After that we are back in Atlanta and Kandi is throwing a party in honor of Bedroom Kandi. But before we get there, Sanya and Shari are still in a weird place as Sanya is learning to respect her sisters boundaries. We get the return of Cynthia Bailey who Kandi seems the most comfortable with out of the entire group. The whole episode then centers around Drew and the potential kiss between her and Latoya. Marlo talks smack about Drew to Ralph at the party and Ralph doesn't say a word, and we get some conflicting responses about whether or not Drew and Latoya did in fact make out. In RHOC its a doppleganger party and the whole crew is dressing as one another. The ladies of the group all seem to be concerned about Shannon and Johns relationship but claim that Shannon is the one that came to them with the issues. Heather is leading the charge as she continues to bring it up amongst the other ladies in the group. Meanwhile, Emily seems genuinely concerned about Shannon and also a little upset because Shannon doesn't reciprocate when it comes to sharing in their friendship. Overall there seems to be issues in her relationship and the group as a whole seems to be tense as Tamra continues to push buttons and Heather seems to be fed up. Time Stamps: Below Deck Down Under (2:48)(trigger warning SA) RHOA (22:29) RHOC (45:46) This episode is brought to you by Rocket Money. How many subscriptions have you forgot about signing up for? Do you know the Rocket Money user saved an average of $750 per year? Track your money and get rid of unwanted subscriptions. Go to Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bro's?! To get things started on todays episode, we return to Crappie Lake to see how Sonja and Lu are doing. Between the talent show, the playground, the dog shelter and the hot tub at the hotel, these women are putting their money (and time) where their mouth is and getting things done around town. The shows still delightful to watch as this week we see them prep the town for the Variety Show. Sonja is enjoying the process while Luann is using her "expertise" to be a little bit pushy... Overall this show is the best. We will watch every single episode. Then its on to RHONY for what we agreed was the best episode yet. We are getting into the back story's of our cast members week by week and this week Brynn took center stage in what is both a fascinating and uplifting story of where she came from to where she is now. Growing up in Indiana, Brynn let's us know that she is biracial. Having been adopted by her mom's mom who was white, and navigating being biracial in a predominantly white Indiana town was not easy as she tells us. But through a hair salon Brynn was able to connect to her heritage and with black culture overall. It's an extremely interesting story and one that was not easy to tell so hats off to Brynn for speaking up and sharing it with us the audience. We also get a little more on both Ubah and Erin, as we learn that Ubah has lost her mom, her number one confidant, as she tries to make a decision regarding the future of Ubah Hot (we need this hot sauce). Erin tell us about her parents and her real estate background. Jessel and Pavit have a tough discussion and we see Jenna Lyons stir the pot... All that and more on our mid-week episode! Time Stamps: Crappie Lake (13:40) RHONY (24:17) This episode is brought to you by Rocket Money. Never lose track of your subscriptions again. With Rocket Money, find, cancel and manage YOUR subscriptions today with Rocket Money. Go to! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Welcome back Bro's! This week we dive into RHOA as the season is nearing the end. But first we have some news to cover, RHONY Legacy is all systems go as Bravo announces they have pushed it up due to the issues surrounding Brandi Glanville... Lenny Hochstein is one of the worst humans on TV with a stupid proposal while wearing the corniest shoes on the market. In Atlanta, the ladies are on the last day of their Portugal trip and it has been less than healing. Drew is still attempting to defend herself against the alleged make out between her and Latoya. Marlo and Monyetta are part of the film crew now as they filmed Drew on the side talking smack about Latoya. Things between Kenya and Courtney are continuing to heat up but Courtney seems justified in her actions. Oh, and by a miracle apparently, Kenya is still able to walk after that terrible, terrible fall... All is saved by a sound bath except that only keeps the peace for all of an hour before things escalate again. Then we're back with RHONY and we're beginning to see some drama amongst the group. Jenna left the party early to go stay in her own Hampton house and that didn't sit well with the other ladies. Then, Jessel insults both Jenna and Erin because of her inability to read the room. She complains about every single thing in Erin's home after talking trash all night about Jenna's lingerie gift. The girls get a workout in and Brynn and Ubah are quite taken by the trainer. We get to learn more about Sai's past and what she's had to overcome to get to where she is today. Brynn feels that there is a double standard and that she was dragged for missing dinner but Jenna got off the hook relatively easily. Overall we are enjoying this reboot and ask our listeners who aren't watching to at least give it a shot! Time Stamps: Bravo News (6:23) Rose and Thorn (16:37) RHOA (22:58) RHONY (45:45) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Chantelle Stx

Absolutely disagree with you about Katie n Scheena. Sheena has been horrible to her, which Sheena admits in her own podcast. Katie does not look worse the only one that does in this situation is Tom Schwartz, and feel like you guys are backing his behavior. really think this is a man , woman difference.

Mar 25th
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