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Steel and Shooter are just your everyday guys that begrudgingly fell into the Bravo world only to be entranced by the allure that is Bravo TV. On this show you’ll hear their takes on the hot topics from all things Bravo. A podcast by dudes for everyone!

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What's up Bros? On today's episode were back with RHONJ. Its game time as we get ready for Dolores' yearly softball game. Marge and Fuda have taken even more issue with Fessler talking to Teresa and 'playing both sides'. We get crocodile tears from Fuda because Fessler sat down with Teresa? While what we're seeing is a Fessler that is acting like an adult and not playing foot soldier in Marge or Fuda's weak game... Joe and Melissa drop Antonia off at college. Jen Aydin tries to bring Danielle into the drama via Lina (hairdresser) who apparently got cold shouldered and kicked out of the VIP at a party hosted by Tre, Jen and Dolores on behalf of Danielle. Melissa asks Jen Aydin to have a sit down to finally talk some things out. Marge and Jackie get into it before the game and Jackie confidently states that she's done taking Marge's crap. Overall, we're seeing a lot of people get in trouble for talking to other people. It's hard to have a successful show when the entire cast has limitations on who they are 'allowed to interact with'.... Introducing BravBros Members! Offering exclusive access, bonus episodes, monthly Q&A zoom and more! Use the link below to join! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What Would Jesse Soloman Do, Bros?!? We are coming close to the end of summer and things are heating up. Ciara and West are still undecided as to what their future is after the awkward conversation at the horse riding date. Jesse Soloman celebrates 5 years cancer free (hell yeah Jesse). Carl and Kyle have a sit down about what his role at Loverboy would be. When he discusses it with Lindsay, her questions about the topic leads to frustrations... These two cannot communicate with one another... West throws a Doomsday party for the end of the summer bash. Meanwhile, Danielle launches the Donne app after years of development. Cameras pick back up in a week to see the conclusion of Lindsay and Carl... Was she blindsided? Do you have a side? Or is this a couple that simply never should have been together...? Introducing BravBros Members! Offering exclusive access, bonus episodes, monthly Q&A zoom and more! Use the link below to join! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bros? We're back with The Valley and what has been a great season of TV. In this episode we're still in Big Bear. Jax tells Michelle about the rumors he heard and she goes straight to Jesse to have a discussion... Throughout the episode we get Jax berating Brittany about drinking and feeling sick, despite not being drunk... It was honestly a little rough to watch the duration of the episode as we watched him yell at her over and over again and not one castmate got involved. The boys break down outside and have a good cry but Jesse also begins to go in on Danny and Nia's marriage which doesn't make ANY sense given the circumstances. Zack gets petty with some of the better shade we've seen from anyone. The boys have another heart to heart on the boat during a fishing trip about marriages and it's a tough scene to watch considering the state of two of the four marriages on the boat, but Jesse feel the need once again to start talking smack against Nia and Danny's marriage... Jax puts his foot in his mouth, shocker. But this show does not disappoint... Introducing BravBros Members! Offering exclusive access, bonus episodes, monthly Q&A zoom and more! Use the link below to join! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bros? Part 2 of the VPR reunion did not disappoint. The extended Jo segment wasn't totally necessary but all in all, it was entertaining for the most part. Lala continues to go after Ariana and Katie (unsuccessfully). We dive deeper into the relationship between Jo and Schwartz. We also get to watch in real time as Schwartz gaslights the hell out of her. They have very contradicting recounts of what their relationship/situationship/friendship was/is... James and Ally are still doing well and Hippie has settled into the home nicely. Katie hooked up with Max a second time it seems... But the overall focus of this episode, once again, is Lala's vendetta. She argues that Ariana's boundaries with Sandoval made no sense while defending hers with Randal. While they may be different scenarios due to the details, what remains true is friends respect other friends boundaries even if they don't fully understand them (as Ariana herself pointed out) The only one supporting Lala seemingly is the other thirstiest one on the show, Scheana. It appears that those two are so afraid to lose their paycheck they're going above and beyond to stay relevant... Fireworks pop off at the end when James and Sandoval get into it... All that and much more in this VPR Reunion pt 2 Recap! Introducing BravBros Members! Offering exclusive access, bonus episodes, monthly Q&A zoom and more! Use the link below to join! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's Up Bros??? We're down the Jersey Shore with the RHONJ crew and things are heating up. Joe Gorga has a birthday party and he attempts to extend an 'olive branch' by inviting Jen Aydin and Bill via Bill. Fuda is beginning to get fed up with Fessler being neutral and is starting to accuse her of playing both sides. Marge is doing her best to drum up as much drama with Fessler as well and it all goes back to the convo the Fessler had with Teresa on the couch last week. Danielle is still staying in the middle but even in a confessional we can hear her leaning towards the Fuda's side of things. Gabriella gets ready to go off to college and Teresa and co. are in their feels. The episode caps off with a lot of drama between Marge, Fessler, Fuda and Jackie because Fuda and Marge think Fessler is being shady. Have producers simply replaced Melissa and Joe with the Fuda's to go after Teresa? Introducing BravBros Members! Offering exclusive access, bonus episodes, monthly Q&A zoom and more! Use the link below to join! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bros?? We're back with Summer House and this show is just firing on all cylinders. What a season thus far. In this episode, Lindsay attempts to smooth things over with Carl after he jumped down her throat for simply asking questions about Loverboy. This conversation doesn't go well either and she ends up stranded in the Hamptons with her luggage. West and Ciara finally have a difficult conversation and are quite clearly not on the same page (thanks to West...). Kyle and Amanda are still at odds after Kyle crushed her hopes and dreams in one fell swoop. Although he offers an apology, is it actually genuine? Paige and Ciara step up for Amanda and let Kyle know EXACTLY how they feel as they stand by and watch Kyle compromise on absolutely nothing. Its the Kyle show all the time and Paige gives him the read of the century. This has been a stellar season of TV and we still have more to go! Introducing BravBros Members! Offering exclusive access, bonus episodes, monthly Q&A zoom and more! Use the link below to join! Time Stamps: Intro: 0-7:15 Harrison Butker (sucks): 7:16-12:13 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bros? This week on The Valley we're seeing some different sides to the group... Zack is upset about being excluded from the Big Bear trip and meanwhile while the group is venting about it, Simon (Janet's spy) is live texting her a minute to minute update... Janet call's Zack to 'clear the air' but ends up gaslighting Zack instead and acting as though being on the trip is a privilege and he should act as such. Janet is beginning to implant herself as the groups #1 gossiper and pot stirrer... Doute and Luke meet with a couples counselor. Jesse returns from his ayahuasca therapy and seems changed. For about 2 minutes. His true colors show when he gets to Big Bear and play fights Danny and Michelle and then gets pissed off that Danny is upset about it... The bombshell of the episode comes at the end when Jax confronts Michelle about the alleged cheating rumors and she ends up simply confirming them. This show rocks. Introducing BravBros Members! Offering exclusive access, bonus episodes, monthly Q&A zoom and more! Use the link below to join! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bros?! It's reunion season once more and we are with the VPR Crew. In part 1 we discuss last years reunion and the Rachel of it all. Most of the cast agrees they don't regret anything from last years reunion, especially given how Rachel has gone on a podcast/ press tour, filed a lawsuit against Ariana, talked about the show and bashed everyone on it. We go over Brock's relationship with his kids in Australia, the cast agrees he's a great father to Summer Moon but some questions still remain about his relationship with his first children. James and Ally come up and the scrutiny they received after starting their relationship post engagement, but meanwhile Ariana and Dan were championed. I think we all know why those two situations are different but James feels a certain way about it nonetheless. The main focus of this episode is Lala is trying to drive a wedge between Katie and Ariana. Bringing up potentially damning conversations had behind the scenes between her and Ariana. We've heard inklings of a huge fallout amongst the cast members so we see the seeds being planted in this first part. All in all not a bad reunion and definitely looking forward to the 2nd OR 3rd part... One of them will probably be a dud as 3 part reunions tend to have one blah episode, but the other one is going to definitely deliver. Introducing BravBros Members! Offering exclusive access, bonus episodes, monthly Q&A zoom and more! Use the link below to join! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bros? It Jersey time once again and in todays episode, Danielle is getting Valentina new headshots as she preps her to become a star. Meanwhile, both families are getting ready to send their daughters off to college. What's highlighted relentlessly in this episode, each family (the Gorgas and the Rules) talks at length about how amazing their individual families are. It has now become a competition of who's inherited family is better than the others. Fessler continues to play Switzerland but is open to having conversations and relationships with Teresa. Her allegiance seems to be to Marge Jr. but her having a relationship with Teresa is causing some issues for Fuda. At pickle ball, Fuda draws a firm Line in the sand against Teresa and her camp. Rachel has apparently swapped roles with Melissa this year as it has quickly become Fuda's vs. Teresa. It ends at a celebration of life event for Nate who had previously had a cyst removed from his brain and although things go well, this is where we see tension between Rachel and Fessler when Fessler goes off to clear the air with Teresa. Whose side are you on? are you enjoying this season or is it a re-run of all the same BS we've watched for years at this point? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bros? We are back with Summer House and lets just say... the dudes in the house had a rough showing. And that's putting it lightly. We get the conclusion of the conversation between Lindsay and Carl and it still is apparent that Carl is holding back. Even more apparent when he goes to Kyle and frames the conversation in a much different light than the convo we watched. Jesse is nervous because he found another lump just a week before he's supposed to go in for his 5 year cancer screening. Carl and Lindsay have another conversation about Carl's career prospects and Lindsay is very supportive during the convo but just has some questions regarding whether Loverboy is the right fit. Seems perfectly logical to us considering the tension that it caused in Kyle and Carl's relationship previously... Carl spins it as though she is unsupportive and always questioning him. She goes as far to say "can I take something off your plate for you" to help ease his stress. It was a difficult conversation to watch and Lindsay gets upset and rightfully so. Ciara and Jesse clear the air about the trash bag comment. We end the episode with a horrendous showing from Kyle when Amanda brings up the prospect of pursuing her own thing. Despite supporting Kyle and Loverboy for YEARS, Kyle shuts down all of Amanda's hopes and dreams saying that his stuff is more important. He even calls her aspirations a 'passion project'. As previously stated, this was a terrible showing for the boys. We will see how the rest of this season transpires but as of right now we are firmly Team Ladies in the Summer House. Introducing BravBros Members! Offering exclusive access, bonus episodes, monthly Q&A zoom and more! Use the link below to join! Time Stamps: Intro: 0-4:17 Summer House: 4:18 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bro's? We have a very special recap today of Martha's Vineyard featuring the one and only Preston Mitchum. In this episode, we talk to Preston about what his time on the show has been like, the transition from normal life to reality stardom and what his experience has been with it all. Preston discusses his work as an attorney as well as his advocacy and work for civil rights regarding both the black and the LGBTQIA+ community. Then we recap last week's Martha's Vineyard episode where we get Preston's take on Mariah and Phil, as well as the drama escalating between Summer and the rest of the house. This was an incredible interview and we really got to learn a lot about Preston beyond the show, and let me just say, what an interesting and amazing guy. This was an absolute blast and we hope you guys enjoy it! All that and more on todays episode! Introducing BravBros Members! Offering exclusive access, bonus episodes, monthly Q&A zoom and more! Use the link below to join! Time Stamps Intro: 0-1:30 Preston Interview: 1:30-34:00 SH:MV recap: 34:01 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bros? Its Valley time! In this episode, the group has decided to ice out Doute for bringing all the chaos. However, we find out that the root of the Michelle cheating rumor actually came from Jax... Janet is taking center stage as being anti-Doute, but as we're starting to see more and more, she moves very similarly to Doute when it comes to rumors and gossip. The only difference is she doesn't blow up the whole party when she gets flustered. Jax and Brittany continue to show signs of a strained marriage and its becoming more and more evident why they are currently separated. Jesse continues to attempt to fix his marriage (too little too late) and honestly, Michelle doesn't really seem to care. Danny and Nia continue to be our beacon of light and we must protect them at all costs. Doute is relaunching/ rebranding James Mae, her t-shirt company and Zack jumps in to help out, despite the rest of the crew being soured on Doute. When Janet and Jason plan a group baby moon to Big Bear, the only ones not on the invite list are Doute, Luke and surprisingly Zack. While Luke and Doute seem irritated by this, Zack is visibly upset as he feels like an outsider since everyone moved to the Valley. This season is still delivering and never thought wed see the day that The Valley is drastically better than Vanderpump Rules. Introducing BravBros Members! Offering exclusive access, bonus episodes, monthly Q&A zoom and more! Use the link below to join! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bro's? The VPR season has come to an end.. And what a finale. From over-production to forced interactions this was an interesting episode to say the least. Scheana sees her conversation with Sandoval the night prior as a big breakthrough. She has once again "seen his mask slip a little" and felt the need to bring that up to Ariana. We saw it slip when he called you the other woman a week ago... But she continues to bring it to Ariana's attention. Why does she need Ariana's approval so bad..? Or is she just looking for recognition that she's hurt too? Brock argues that Sandoval is a better friend than Ariana. Not sure why he feels the need to get involved every single chance he gets, but here we are. The episode ends at Kyle Chan's party where chaos ensues. After her 'Apples' performance, Ariana goes to congratulate Scheana. Scheana brings up the friendship with Sandoval... Again. While Ariana doesn't condone it, she reassures Scheana that they'll always be friends. Enter Sandoval and all hell breaks loose. All that and more! Introducing BravBros Members! Offering exclusive access, bonus episodes, monthly Q&A zoom and more! Use the link below to join! Time Stamps Intro: (0-2:42) BravBros Members! (2:43- 6:31) VPR (6:32) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's Up Bros? We are back with Summer House and things are starting to take a turn. We've known it was coming but we are starting to see the end of Carl and Lindsay's relationship. Carl comes back from his parents and does not share all of the details of Lou and Sharon's comments with Lindsay... We check in with Paige and Craig and it seems like its getting closer to a point where they may have to make some tough decisions. Will they make it all the way? West opens up about still texting with other women despite his situationship with Ciara. But is he in the wrong there or is It fair game because they're not exclusive. The episode ends with a very tough conversation between Lindsay and Carl where Carl comes clean about the convo with his parents. There's a lot of layers to this relationship and a lot of differing opinions. Whose side are you on??? Time Stamps: Intro (0-1:25) Introducing BravBros Members! (1:25-4:30) Summer House (4:30) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bro's? Here is part 2 of our live show featuring Candiace Dillard, Chris Basset and Ryan Bailey. In this segment we talk with Candiace about what she's been up to, and what it's like now the RHOP is in her rearview mirror. She talks about what she gained from being on the Housewives, where her singing career is at currently and where it's headed. (spoiler alert: she's crushing it). We talk some Summer House Marthas Vineyard, as its currently Candace's favorite show. We break down how we're all feeling about it in hopes to raise awareness and bring MORE VIEWERS! And then Candiace and Chris answer the audience questions so that youse can learn even more about them! All that and more!!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bros?! It is that time of year again, its RHONJ season. Now before we get into it let's just say we were both a little apprehensive about this season. But in this episode, we start out with our usual check-ins and we have Gabriela and Antonia headed off to college. Meanwhile, Fuda is helping organize a surprise party for Jen Fessler. Even going so far as to invite Teresa and Jen Aydin despite still not being on good terms with either of them. Dolores and Paulie are still doing well, although it seems that Paul not being officially divorced yet is starting to become a sticking point between the two of them. Luis reaches out to John Fuda to clear the air before Fessler's party, but Fuda tells Luis they can speak at the party... At the party itself, Luis ends up having a 'meeting in Florida' and cannot attend. You can tell tensions are still high in the group as Terese and Jen start speaking about 'social media' drama regarding John Fuda and a double sided... something. However all of this social media talk from Jen and Tre is problematic considering they've been caught red handed leaking info to content creators... Paulie and John get into an argument over Luis quickly followed by Tre and the Fuda's getting into it... All signs are pointing to another repeat of the RHONJ formula that we've been stuck with for multiple seasons. Can they figure out a different way forward? Or is history doomed to repeat itself..... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bros? As promised, here is the audio from our live show! This is part one and part two will be released tomorrow. First and foremost, what a night. Ryan was incredible and so were Candiace and Chris (they'll be on tomorrows episode). But back to business, in this episode we touch on both The Valley and Summer House. In Summer House we focus in on the relationships in the house. From Ciara and West, all the way to Lindsay and Carl as well as the state of the show overall. Then it's off to The Valley. Jesse and Michelle are clearly both not great, but who is in the wrong here? Jax and Brittany are seemingly separated today, but what was the last straw? Is there more to the cheating rumors? All that and more with our fav, Ryan Bailey! #GUYSNIGHT! Time Stamps Intro: (0-4:04) Rose and Thorn: (4:05) Create your own BravBro: (9:26) Summer House: (19:03) The Valley: (43:30) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bros??? It is Game Day for the Bros, we have our live show tonight and we are so pumped. You know what else has us pumped? The Valley, this show is over performing in a way that we never expected. In this episode, Jesse and Michelle have had it with Doute. They blame her for attacking their family and trying to tear them apart (despite having zero self awareness that they seem to have done that to themselves). Janet gets more and more involved in the gossip as she claims to want to be removed from it, but even Jason calls her out saying she's the queen of gossip at this point. Jason and Jax have a sit down with Luke to call out Doute's behavior towards the rest of the group. Luke, although still defensive of his girlfriend, ends up having a tough convo with Doute to try to get her to see that she doesn't need to get mixed up in the drama all the time. Jax and Brittany attempt to have a romantic get away that ends with a rough conversation about what their future plans are together. Nia continues to open up about her postpartum journey and how the depression won't seem to let up, and big props to her for being so open and vulnerable on screen as she uses her support system to try to navigate it all. All in all, this show is great. And we did not expect to be saying that. Time Stamps: Intro (0-5:40) Valley Recap (5:41) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's up Bros?! First things first, our live show is tomorrow so if you haven't gotten a ticket yet... GO TO THE LINK IN OUR INSTAGRAM AND GET YOUR TICKET NOW!!! Now onto business. We watched Summer House Martha's Vineyard and this. show. is. good. In this episode, its couples weekend. We get to meet some significant others including Natalie... Amirs other half. Summer let's us in on some of the things she's been dealing with regarding her Nana and surgery, as well as some pent up emotions throughout the summer that seem to be building up. Mariah and Phil make a return to the house as Jordan is planning her Freaknik party. Natalie struggles to fit in with the rest of the house but not before putting Amir down in front of the cocktail party. Things escalate at the Freaknik when Summer seems to get overwhelmed over a game of never have I ever, and then takes an issue with multiple people in the house. its apparent that she is overwhelmed with what she's been dealing with and because she doesn't seem to have that confidant in the house this summer, she finally blows up. All in all, this episode, season and show are great, so if youre not watching... WHY ARE YOU NOT WATCHING?!? Intro- (0-4:32) SHMV- (4:33) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What is up Bros? We are 2 days away from our show in DC and we can't wait. But first, we got some VPR. We just found out that VPR is officially PAUSED moving forward... But in this episode the gang heads to San Francisco for Kyle Chan's event. We get an update on Something About Her and we learn little bit more about Penny. Scheana and Sandoval clear the air and become friends again despite the many times Sandoval has been rude to her. Lala has her 33rd birthday party, where Scheana and Lala discuss the group being able to move forward with Sandoval. In front of Ariana. Again. We get to meet Dan finally and he and Ariana do seem very happy together. When the crew gets to San Francisco, Sandoval and Schwartz agree to move in together, which im sure won't go horribly wrong. Brock attempts to have a heart to heart with Ariana about forgiveness which was laughable, and Ariana gives him one of the best breakdowns of the situation we've heard all season. Shut up Brock. Schwartz and Katie continue to show chemistry but despite some efforts for a one night stand, it appears they will remain just friends. Scheana and Sandoval have ANOTHER heart to heart about Dan, Ariana and she asks him if he can take accountability... Again... At least this time Sandoval actually apologizes in his confessional. But this season has been a bit of a drag. Its repetitive and just flat out boring... Can the pause fix the show? or is it time for VPR to go. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Duncan Carter

This podcast is pretty insufferable.

Apr 22nd

Chantelle Stx

Absolutely disagree with you about Katie n Scheena. Sheena has been horrible to her, which Sheena admits in her own podcast. Katie does not look worse the only one that does in this situation is Tom Schwartz, and feel like you guys are backing his behavior. really think this is a man , woman difference.

Mar 25th
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