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Seattle's favorite sports show with Brock Huard and Mike Salk. Featuring The Pete Carroll Show and The K.J. Wright Show during football season, and The Jerry Dipoto Show during baseball season.

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Seahawks have lost 3 in a row and fans emotions are all over the place, mostly calling for Pete's firing on our text line - but who deserves blame? The number of questions around this team all point back to Pete Carroll, according to Salk. Another episode of The Pete Carroll Show.
Brock and Salk discuss the magnitude of the final PAC-12 Championship game. Then, ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit joins us to discuss what he saw from the Seahawks in last night's loss, why he's hesitant to say that they need a change at coordinator, why the officials were so over the top, what he expects from the PAC-12 Championship Game and whether his dog Ben will be meeting Dubs.
Brock and Salk discuss the Seahawks putting together a really good offensive performance only to come up short in the big moments suffer a let down performance from the defense. How significant are the issues on this team? Then, we talk about how much responsibility Pete Carroll bears for the inconsistencies the Seahawks show week to week and Brock answers three football questions in Blue 88.
Yesterday, we talked about what was at stake for multiple members of the Seahawks in the game against the Cowboys. Salk discusses who came through and who didn't. Then, in Need to Know, we break down the Seahawks game, preview the PAC-12 Championship game and discuss the Kraken's shootout loss. Plus, we take your calls.
Brock and Salk play 'Whose Shoes?' with questions on Geno Smith and Shane Waldron, Nick Mullens and Joe Flacco, and Brian Schottenheimer and Dan Quinn. Then, we discuss Chris Petersen's two keys for the Huskies to beat Oregon Friday night and Salk and Justin take us on a Ranked voyage.
Brock & Salk get back into the conversation about who in the Seahawks org has the most on the line before this Cowboys game before being joined by Dave Wyman (Wyman & Bob 2-6pm) from Dallas who will be on the radio broadcast for a game preview. 
Brock & Salk discuss the Cowboys matchup and Salk asks Brock if this could be Geno Smith's biggest (or final) audition for the Seahawks long-term QB job before being joined by Coach Chris Petersen ahead of the Pac-12 Championship, and Brock's Blue 88. 
Could something crazy happen if the Seahawks lose to Dallas? Salk says not immediately, but there are still huge implications for the organization, Geno Smith, Shane Waldron, the rookies who are underperforming, and ultimately - Pete Carroll. We revisit the conversation with Husky football HC Kalen DeBoer.
Brock breaks down some of the viewership numbers for college football and how sad it is that WSU and Oregon St didn't find a home when they had much higher interest than other PAC-12 schools that found new homes. Then, we react to some of what Kalen DeBoer had to say earlier in the show and talk PAC-12 Championship game. Plus, Justin uses Ranked to prepare Brock for his U2 concert at The Sphere in Vegas this weekend.
What is at stake for UW, Michael Penix and Kalen DeBoer Friday night? Brock & Salk share their 5 step plan for how to "fix" the Seahawks? Maura & Justin read Mean Tweets from Brock's Apple Cup broadcast. 
What does is mean to say you are ready for a new QB? Brock & Salk discuss comments made by people who believe the Hawks should be drafting one. UW Head Coach Kalen DeBoer joins the show ahead of the Pac-12 Championship Game vs Oregon before Brock's Blue 88.
Seahawks are dead last in time of possession with teams like Arizona, New England and the Jets. This offense is way too talented to be in that mix. Pete Carroll says it's a night and day difference for Geno this week and didn't downplay the magnitude of this game in his presser yesterday and we revisit the KJ Wright show.
Brock and Salk discuss why the Huskies cannot afford to fall behind early on Friday. Then, Brock says he wants the M's to be more like the Rays in stacking talent but then go above what they do and actually pay to keep those players around. Salk says if you want to be like the Rays, you have to wait five more years. Plus, Brock brings you the top 5 players that will dictate the PAC-12 Championship game in Ranked.
Salk asks KJ how it feels as a player to know your unit doesn't have a clear identity, what it takes to get the rushing attack established, Geno Smith's regression and a rapid fire round of "Stock Up/Down" with a selection of Seahawks players. 
Brock & Salk get into the numbers behind the dominance Oregon has shown since losing to the Huskies and why they're such big favorites heading into the Pac-12 Championship game on Friday before Salk admitting that he agrees with Colin Cowherd regarding Geno Smith's regression. Brock's Blue 88.
Salk opens the show with his piece on about how the narrative of the Seahawks & Russell Wilson could be changing and explains why. Jon Morosi and Jeff Passan link the Mariners to 2 new names on the market and Maura takes us Around the NFL. 
Salk is struggling to understand Geno Smith laying on a table, shirtless, getting treatment during a TNF production meeting. He and Brock discuss how big this next game is if Geno wants to solidify a future here. Then, Brock discusses his weekend calling Oregon Oregon State and the Apple Cup within 24 hrs and Justin and Salk have a sweet Ranked for you.
Brock & Salk discuss some of the body language that they've noticed from Seahawks players on the sidelines before taking calls from Seattle Sports fans who have a lot of questions, blame, and finger-pointing to go around.  
Brock & Salk agree the Seahawks are full of talent, but are they playing up to it on offense OR defense? Either way, it will fall on the coordinator or the quarterback, but why is a Pete Carroll team 26th in rushing yards per game and 30th in rushing attempts? Brock shares stories from calling the Apple Cup before Blue 88. 
Salk opens the show with questions about the Seahawks identity, Geno and Waldron before asking why Pete is so concerned for the second game in a row. Why is he questioning himself twice in two weeks? The Mariners make two confusing moves but Salk is going to reserve judgement until the offseason is over. 
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Tracy w

why can't I see the most recent shows? it's only giving me shows from 2022 and later

Sep 23rd


I loved all the parts of this episode except when Salk talks about not needing a one year qb. SMFH

Dec 2nd

David Davis

Talking Mariners I'm out.

Feb 2nd

Tracy w

The music half way through was awful. it's too bad too the conversation would have been great to hear

Jan 27th

Italian Stallion

waiting for new episodes! whats the deal??

Oct 25th

Matt Wood

No new episode???

Oct 22nd



Jul 9th



Oct 23rd
Reply (1)


Brock, man just do your own show. Salk sucks the fun out of thinking about the points you make. Close to unsubscribing.

Oct 9th
Reply (2)

Alfredo Dominguez

glad to have you back fellas!!!

Oct 2nd

kimberli aller


Sep 19th

Chris Schroeder

excellent radio show from an honest and eclectic crew on sports teams in the PNW and abroad

Nov 3rd
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