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One brother is an Engineer, and the other is a Scientist. Both are hilarious and discuss the latest news, rumors, and developments going on in the Computer Hardware and PC Gaming Space.

Broken Silicon is Brought to you by the Youtube Channel: Moore's Law Is Dead, and its creator Tom.

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254 Episodes
Jon from Asianometry joins to discuss Taiwan’s Earthquake, and the future of semiconductors. [SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with code BROKENSILICON: ] [SPON: Use "brokensilicon“ at CDKeyOffer to get Win 11 Pro for $23: ] 0:00 How did the Earthquake in Taiwan affect Jon? 7:27 Would a new World War benefit Intel? 14:45 Will China invade Taiwan? What weaknesses does TSMC have? 25:05 Is AMD's "underdog mindset" holding back their future? 39:17 Why wouldn't AMD "go for the kill" with a Zen 5 R9 9960X3D? 44:56 Zen 6, Future TSMC nodes, AMD Packaging 50:22 (Lack of) Governmental Funding for Intel, IFS vs TSMC 1:03:35 Are we sleeping on Synopsis? Intel Gaudi 3 Competitive? 1:19:30 Nvidia Blackwell, Vera Rubin, AI Dominance 1:31:25 Is Nvidia really using “chiplets” with B100? 1:43:31 Advice for people who visit Taiwan Check out Jon's YouTube Channel: Last time Jon was on Broken Silicon:,massive%20investment%20in%20solar%20space.
We dissect the latest Zen 5 rumors, analyze Snapdragon X Elite performance, and discuss Windows AI. [SPON: Use "brokensilicon“ at CDKeyOffer to get Win 11 Pro for $23: ] [SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with code BROKENSILICON: ] 00:00 Mustached Tom Scratched his Eye, Fly Over States (Intro Banter) 6:13 Why PS3's CELL did (and didn't) Make Sense (Corrections) 10:27 Intel Foundries' Horrific Losses, Taiwan Earthquake 16:15 AMD could Win a Price War in 2024 23:57 Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite runs BG3 at 30 FPS (Please Clap) 32:57 Zen 5 IPC & Release Date Re-Leaked 44:37 Igor’s Lab leaks Lunar Lake Pictures 56:09 Microsoft Copilot 40 TOPs Requirement Confirmed 1:02:34 Should Windows 12 have an “AI Key”? 1:09:44 Multiple Reports Surface of Devs Doubting XBOX’s Future 1:19:36 Ryzen 5000 XT, PCIe 7.0, DLSS 3.7, XeSS 1.3, Windows 10 EOL (Wrap-up) 1:26:48 Switch 2, PS5 Pro SSD Transfer, 4090D, Thumbnail Advice (Final RM)
A Veteran of Game Developer joins to discuss upcoming releases & Consoles weaknesses! 0:00 Who is our guest? What games has he worked on? 12:48 How has Game Development changed since the 1990s? 16:35 N64 vs PS1 vs PC 23:44 Failures - CELL Processor, XBOX Kinect 30:11 Is "secret sauce" optimization dead due to Multiplatform 36:07 Could better hardware have made XBOX beat the PS5? 44:32 XBOX & PS5 Weaknesses 49:29 PS5 Pro Thoughts 1:03:08 AMD RDNA 4 vs Nvidia Blackwell Significance 1:14:20 GDC Dev Buzz – Layoffs & AI Tools 1:19:33 Are devs optimistic about XBOX at GDC? 1:23:57 Death of Saint’s Row, AAA Economics, Bethesda’s Engine 1:42:25 Helldivers 2 Success - What are the wrong lessons to learn?
We discuss upcoming Nvidia GPU Architectures, Zen 5 Clock Speeds, and PlayStation 5 Pro! [SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with code BROKENSILICON: ] [SPON: Use "brokensilicon“ at CDKeyOffer to get Win 11 Pro for $23: ] 0:00 Weather, Dolly Parton, and Episode 250! (Intro Banter) 6:05 Nvidia Blackwell Announced at GTC 16:54 AI Power Consumption vs Crypto Mining 21:30 Nvidia Vera Rubin Launches quickly after Blackwell! 31:08 PS5 Pro Confirmed, PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Leaked 44:09 AMD Announces FSR 3.1 53:27 Intel i9-14900KS Reviewed & Released 1:01:13 24 Core Arrow Lake Pictured, Launching End of 2024 1:12:52 Tiny Corp. AMD Drama, 7900 GRE Unlocked, MSI Claw (Wrap-Up) 1:19:04 Zen 5 Clock Speeds & Strix Confirmed 1:21:07 Strix Halo, Intel ARC vs Ivy Bridge, Live Service Games (Final RM)
Tim from Hardware Unboxed joins to analyze PSSR performance and upcoming releases. [SPON: Use "brokensilicon“ at CDKeyOffer to get Win 11 Pro for $23: ] [SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with code BROKENSILICON: ] [SPON: Tell COSWHEEL MLID sent you when you check out the CT20: ] 0:00 Are laptops getting interesting for Tim again? 8:13 Assessing GPU VRAM Longevity in Reviews 16:12 Image Quality & Performance Demands in AAA Games 27:05 DLSS vs FSR in 2024 38:29 RADEON’s Issues Competing w/ Nvidia Features 1:04:59 Analyzing Sony PSSR Image Quality 1:25:59 PS5 Pro & RDNA 4 Ray Tracing 1:47:55 Did Sony make PSSR because FSR failed? 1:58:21 Nvidia Blackwell 2:13:46 AMD Zen 5 vs i9-14900K 2:22:35 Intel Arrow Lake Release Date Leak 2:29:06 The Future of OLED Monitors Last time Tim was on BS: HUB YouTube Channel: MUB YouTube Channel: HUB Podcast Channel: HUB i9-14900KS Review: MLID i9-14900KS Analysis: MLID PSSR Leak: 1080p FSR Analysis: 1080p DLSS Analysis:
We discuss Nvidia Blackwell VRAM, Intel’s upcoming CPUs, and AMD Zen 5… [SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with code BROKENSILICON: ] [SPON: Use "brokensilicon“ at CDKeyOffer to get Win 11 Pro for $23: ] 0:00 Daylight Savings & Interviewing Pat Gelsinger 6:58 RADEON Chill & 2nm Expensive Handhelds (Corrections) 12:18 Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu folds and pays $2.4M to Nintendo 23:04 Nintendo Switch 2 Details Confirmed 37:46 Switch 2 vs XBOX Series S, T239 DLSS Hardware 55:34 Shawn Layden's AAA Budget Concerns 1:01:25 GDDR7 is Officially a JEDEC Standard, and Higher Densities aren't Ready... 1:13:52 Nvidia Accused of Acting “Like a Cartel” 1:21:19 Arrow Lake & Lunar Lake Updates Leaked by MLID 1:25:47 AMD may be Preparing a MASSIVE Zen 5 Launch! 1:34:05 Does the Gaming CPU Crown Matter in 2024? 1:39:26 Intel Coral Rapids Leaked 1:40:33 AIO Cooler Quality, Nvidia tries to kill ZLUDA (Wrap-Up) 1:44:32 Nvidia buying Intel Foundries for an x86 License, Hardware Hype (Final RMs)
@vextakes joins to discuss the legacy of RTX 4000 and RDNA 3, Intel ARL, and future DLSS. [SPON: Directly support MLID when w/ code “FACTORSE47647” at and get 50% OFF your first Factor75 box + Free Wellness Shots for Life!] [SPON: Use "brokensilicon“ at CDKeyOffer to get Win 11 Pro for $23: ] 0:00 What inspired Vex into making YT videos? 8:08 What's driving growth in opinionated tech channels? 20:17 GPU Competition in 2024, and the Legacy of RDNA 3 & Lovelace 28:00 Intel becoming a "Fab First" Company 32:55 RDNA 4 and AMD's Feature Deficit 40:10 DLSS 4 – “Dynamic Frame Generation” could be the Holy Grail 46:34 AMD vs Nvidia Software, Modern Cooler Quality, RX 7900 GRE 59:55 Intel Arrow Lake vs Zen 5 - Can ARL take back mindshare? 1:20:16 Is the PC Gaming Market Healthy in 2024? 1:29:25 Recent PlayStation Layoffs amidst Helldiver 2’s Success 1:41:17 What games have we been playing? Check out Vex on YouTube: RDNA 4 “Not Cancelled” Explanation: Navi 48 Details:
We discuss the latest RADEON & GeForce releases, and upcoming PlayStation & XBOX Hardware. [SPON: Use code “MOORESLAW80” for 80% OFF Combo Cleaner: ] [SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with code BROKENSILICON: ] [SPON: Use "brokensilicon“ at CDKeyOffer to get Win 11 Pro for $23: ] 0:00 Windows 11 Stealth Updated Dan’s PC, Easy to Render Chin (Intro Banter) 5:20 Intel i9-14900KS Greenlit w/ Massive Power Draw 11:12 Intel Reveals their Fab-First Future & Clearwater Forest 23:34 Intel beating TSMC and Forest Excitement 32:09 RX 7900 GRE Launches Globally 47:00 12VHPWR may be mandated for Blackwell, which launches in 2024 51:15 Igor’s Lab Investigation Calls the Future of Nvidia’s 12VHPWR into Question 1:04:52 Nvidia Blackwell Segmentation & Pricing Discussion 1:13:01 New Nvidia App Released in Beta 1:20:06 XBOX Business Updates Discussion 1:32:54 Can the PS5 Pro FORCE Custom DLSS to run in unpatched games? 1:39:35 PS VR2 coming to PC, Lunar Lake lacks HT, RTX 3050 6GB (Wrap-up) 1:49:52 AMD APU Roadmap Recap, Comparing 2024 PC value to 2016 (Final RM),requirements%20of%20high%2Dperformance%20GPUs
Michael from NXGamer & IGN joins to discuss the future of PlayStation, XBOX, AMD, and Nvidia! [SPON: Download Filmora 13 to support MLID! 🖥️: 📲: ] [SPON: Use "brokensilicon“ at CDKeyOffer $16 Win10: ] 0:00 Why Executives tend to overpromise with Game Demos 5:43 Retrospective on Starfield Controversies 16:11 Game Pass Economics & XBOX Business Update 39:43 Can the Game Pass business model be salvaged? 55:51 Will GTA VI have a 60 fps mode on console? 1:06:20 Sony’s DLSS Competitor CONFIRMED by NXGamer 1:24:22 Could the PlayStation 6 be diskless? (But support the PS5 External Drive) 1:34:38 Could the “Vita 2” utilize cutdown PS6 dies? 1:44:08 RTX 5090 vs RDNA 4, XBOX Next Gen Check out NXGamer: Last Episode Michael was on: Alleged PS5 Pro leak w/ NPU:
We leak testimonials from XBOX employees, and discuss RADEON, Nvidia, & PlayStation rumors. [SPON: Support MLID by checking out the COSWHEEL CT20 E-Bike: ] [SPON: Use "brokensilicon“ at CDKeyOffer $16 Win10: ] 00:00 Thoughts on Automotive Leakers, Whiteboard Absence (Intro Banter) 9:17 Ideal Games for Game Pass, Game vs Movie Prices (Corrections) 19:22 RTX 4080 SUPER Final Thoughts 24:30 RX 7700 XT Price Drop Whispers, RX 7900 GRE Pricing 35:21 AMD RDNA 4 & RTX 5090 GDDR7 Confirmation Leak 46:48 RADEON Mindshare, RDNA 4 Ray Tracing, Navi 48 Laptop Adoption 59:14 PS5 Pro Confirmed 1:06:14 PS5 Pro Pricing 1:11:00 PlayStation Handheld in Development 1:22:37 XBOX Chaos Leak - Microsoft screwed Intel 1:31:50 Apple Vision Pro Analysis 1:41:55 Shady USBs, Win11 Super Resolution, RTX 3050 6GB, CableMod Recall (Wrap-Up) 1:52:27 300W 8-Pin, AMD Q4 Earnings, Zen 5 Hype (Final Reader Mail)
Colin Moriarty joins to discuss the state of AAA Gaming, PlayStation, and Next-Gen Consoles. [SPON: Ugreen Nexode Pro 100w Charger 15% OFF: / 160w 15% OFF: / Ugreen Nexode GaN up to 42% OFF: ] [SPON: Use "brokensilicon“ at CDKeyOffer $16 Win10: ] [SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with code BROKENSILICON: ] #Ugreen #UgreenNexodePro 0:00 Review Culture & Fanboys 6:24 Tom's Secret Meeting with AMD Marketing 13:29 Why is Colin Bullish on Console? Will streaming ever replace it? 30:47 The State of AAA Business Models 41:38 Is the gaming industry hitting a downturn? 55:10 The future of XBOX Game Pass & PS+ 1:27:06 PlayStation 5 Pro confirmed by Colin 1:42:47 PS Vita 2 - Sony's "PS6 Series S"? 1:52:46 PlayStation 6 Features – Next Gen AI 2:00:54 How Cocky Could Sony get if XBOX goes 3rd Party? 2:14:18 How could a next gen XBOX succeed?
I leak specs for AMD’s X870E Chipsets, Zen 5 delays, and Nvidia & RADEON Sales Data. [SPON: Use "brokensilicon“ at CDKeyOffer $16 Win10: ] [SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with code BROKENSILICON: ] 0:00 Nuh-Vidia Pronunciation, Intro for the 1000th Episode (Intro Banter) 5:13 Ryen R7 8700G & R5 8500G PCIe Lanes (Corrections) 9:43 X870E Details & Zen 5 Delay Leak!!! 27:47 Intel Battlemage Laptop dGPUs Possibly Cancelled 40:33 The State of Intel and its Mindshare 47:50 RTX 4070 Ti SUPER Reviews 51:48 RTX 4070 SUPER, 4070 Ti SUPER, RX 7600 XT Sales Update 1:06:35 Early RTX 4080 SUPER Analysis 1:15:30 RX 7600 XT 16GB Reviewed 1:26:22 AMD Kraken Leak Confirmed, ROG Ally 2, AMD Link Cancelled , MS Layoffs (Wrap-Up) 1:33:50 OLED 4K240Hz Monitors, G-SYNC Pulsar (Final Reader Mails)
Fabio joins to discuss the latest GPU releases, and expectations for RTX 5000 & RDNA 4! [SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with code BROKENSILICON: ] [SPON: Use "brokensilicon“ at CDKeyOffer $16 Win10: ] 0:00 Who is Fabio? Are fake Benchmarking Channels Frustrating? 12:02 RADEON vs Nvidia Drivers over the Past 10 Years 24:34 Nvidia vs RADEON Mindshare in 2024 45:21 RTX 4070 SUPER (bad) Sales, RX 7900 XT Price Drop 59:48 What were the best and worst GPUs this generation? 1:14:12 RTX 4070 Ti SUPER Expectations and Overall SUPER Thoughts 1:27:17 AMD RDNA 4 Expectations 1:41:36 Nvidia RTX 5090 & Blackwell Pricing Expectations 1:48:03 Will GPU prices keep dropping? 1:56:40 Intel Battlemage Expectations – Let’s Turn the Page 2:05:16 Who Innovates the Most? Will RDNA 5 catch up in Ray Tracing? AC YouTube Channel: AC Twitter: AC 4070 vs 7800 XT vs 7900 GRE Comparison: MLID 4070 SUPER Sales Analysis:
We have RTX 4070 SUPER Benchmarks, Intel i9 Leaks, and more to discuss!!! [SPON: Use "brokensilicon“ at CDKeyOffer $16 Win10: ] [SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with code BROKENSILICON: ] 0:00 Minnesota vs Tennessee Winters (Intro Banter) 6:17 PS3 MLAA, Intel Foundry Services, AMD Laptop Support (Corrections) 15:30 RTX 4070 SUPER Analysis 26:13 RTX 4080 SUPER & RTX 4070 Ti SUPER Announced 42:22 How Nvidia plans to push 4070 Ti Sales after SUPER "launches"... 45:34 RX 7600 XT Releases next to BAD Mobile RADEON Sales 58:56 How can AMD afford to give a $329 GPU 16GB of VRAM? 1:00:11 Ryzen 7 8700G Announced, Hawk Point gets Rapid Adoption 1:11:40 AMD Hawk Point Benchmarks vs Meteor Lake Claims 1:18:13 Lunar Lake & Arrow Lake Details (kinda) Announced 1:25:06 Did Intel Arrow Lake once have Hyper-Threading? 1:31:52 Intel i9-14900KS Drama Leak, APO comes to 13th & 12th Gen 1:38:21 4090D, 7800M, 3050 6GB, MSI Claw, ARM Windows Exclusivity (Wrap-Up) 1:49:26 AMD mandating OCuLink, Devs Thoughts on FSR, Vite Vitality (Final RM),coming%20from%20AMD%20and%20Nvidia
A Game Developer joins to discuss PlayStation 5 Pro, XBOX, and CES Announcements. [SPON: Download Royal Match to Support MLID: ] [SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with code BROKENSILICON: ] [SPON: Use "brokensilicon“ at CDKeyOffer for $16 Win10: ] 0:00 Introducing Bryan 5:48 Intel’s CES Keynote and 2024 Laptop CPU Competition 25:45 Lunar Lake AI, Odd Arrow Lake & Battlemage Messaging 30:29 Nvidia & AMD Keynotes and AI Messaging 35:10 How a weaker Intel could solve Nvidia’s CPU Problem 37:28 Ryzen 7 8700G – Should gamers care about the NPU? 44:20 AMD Strix iGPU Performance - Is it a big deal for Devs? 49:53 AMD’s 2 Year Plan to Rehabilitate RADEON’s Brand 54:13 AMD RDNA 4 - Performance Expectations & Ideal Lineup 1:09:59 PlayStation 5 Pro Specifications Analysis 1:30:43 XSS Longevity and the Future of XBOX 1:45:54 RX 7600 XT 16GB – How long will 16GB last? 1:59:50 FSR 3, DLSS, Generative AI 2:13:12 Managing a Future Dominated by AI Previous Bryan Episode: Bryan's Twitter Account: Bryan’s Next Game: Intel’s “Keynote”: Intel Keynote Summary: Intel Open House Replay: AMD Advancing AI PCs: Nvidia CES Special Address: MLID PS5 Pro Rumor Analysis:
We discuss the products that will make 2024 one of the biggest years in Gaming Hardware! [SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with code BROKENSILICON: ] [SPON: Use "brokensilicon“ at CDKeyOffer $16 Win10: ] 0:00 Favorite Subject of 2023 12:15 Threadripper OC Fuse Warranty Concerns (Corrections) 15:57 Will CES 2023 be a repeat of 2022? How much does MTL need to be improved? 28:10 What would make Hawk Point impress (or disappoint) us? 37:12 Challenges selling a “Console” APU, Intel’s Tile Problem, RX 7950M 47:08 How good does Arrow Lake need to be? 57:30 Zen 5 Strategy - Should AMD only launch the R9 8950X until X3D is ready? 1:13:14 Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite, Sierra forest, Granite Rapids 1:24:55 Nvidia RTX 5000 Blackwell Pricing, AMD RDNA 4 Strategy 1:38:31 What are we most excited for in 2024?
Dawid joins to discuss 2023 & 2024 Hardware! [SPON: Support MLID w/ the Salad App: ] [SPON: Go to my partner to get premium wireless for as low as $15 a month - Buy 3 Months, Get 3 Months Free through 1/1/24!] [SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with code BROKENSILICON: ] (Recorded 12/21/23) 0:00 How are RADEON sales? What's the worst product of 2023? 10:55 RTX 4080 SUPER Pricing - Has Nvidia learned the limits of milking? 25:53 AMD vs NVIDIA Software Features 39:57 What would make RDNA 4 Succeed? 52:20 Ryzen 8000G APUs on Desktop 1:00:22 8GB of VRAM in 2023, From Mining to AI Booms 1:14:50 When will RTX 4090 Prices return to normal? 1:19:22 Intel ARC 1:27:31 7800X3D Dominating Sales - Has DIY rejected E-Cores? 1:40:57 Intel’s Future, Blackwell Segmentation 1:55:44 Favorite Products from 2023 Last Dawid Episode: First Dawid Episode: Dawid A380 Video:
We leak Nvidia SUPER supply details, internal issues at Intel, and discuss the latest news! [SPON: Join Xsolla Metasites demo here: and shape the future!] [SPON: Use "brokensilicon“ at CDKeyOffer $16 Win10: ] [SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with code BROKENSILICON: ] #christmas #windows11 #cdkeyoffer 0:00 Dan's Recovery, Traveling North for Christmas (Intro Banter) 4:54 Realistic RDNA 4 Performance (Corrections) 10:59 Nvidia 40 SUPER Release Dates & Supply Whispers 19:11 Intel Emerald Rapids Launches, and it seems good! 26:19 MI300X & MI300A Revealed at AI Show 34:30 AMD Hawk Point Revealed, Zen 5 Strix Teased 44:08 Meteor Lake Released with Limited Early Reviews 56:05 Remember that Desktop MTL was Cancelled 1:01:15 Why MTL's specific issues are worrisome for Intel's Future 1:15:55 Is Intel's 4 the issue? Will Hawk Point get any better Reviews? 1:22:48 PlayStation 5 Pro Rumored to Launch 2024 1:31:25 Why 16GB of GDDR6 & Zen 2 could make sense 1:42:29 GTA VI Announced!!! 1:49:38 XSX $399, TLOU Factions Cancelled, E3 Cancelled (Wrap-Up) 2:02:17 Game Awards, Nvidia + AMD Frame Gen, Next Gen Features (Final RM) [SPON: Get $25 OFF at Microcenter when you submit your Build: ]
A Gaming AI Dev joins to discuss what hardware you’ll need to power next gen games! [SPON: Use ''brokensilicon30'' for $30 OFF $500+ Flexispot Orders: ] [SPON: “brokensilicon” at CDKeyOffer Black Friday: ] [SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with code BROKENSILICON: ] #blackfriday #windows11 0:00 Getting to know our guest, how to get into AI 5:15 What is Pygmalion building to change gaming? 11:31 The Next 2D - 3D Moment for Gaming could be Neural Engine AI 20:44 AMD Hawk Point and the Importance of TOPs in APUs 27:30 Intel Meteor Lake’s NPU – Does it matter if it’s weaker than AMD? 33:03 AMD vs Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite X 40:45 Intel's AVX-512 & NPU Adoption Problem with AI... 53:01 Predicting how soon we'll get Next Gen AI in Games 1:00:45 Can the PS5 run Next Gen AI? …what about the XSS? 1:16:26 How might the PlayStation 6 do AI? 1:27:19 AMD’s Advancing AI Event & ROCm, Nvidia’s AI Advantage 1:50:20 Intel AI – Are they behind? Will RDNA 4 be big for AI? 2:03:19 Will future APUs be as strong as H100? When will the AI bubble pop? 2:15:22 Will AI hurt Gaming long term? 2:33:14 AI Ethics and AI's impact on Artists $400 RX 6800: Main Domain ( is not them): Discord with Active Devs: AI engine github: Guest’s github (very new): Main github for the project: Their hugging face, where actual models are stored: Bryan Heemskerk AI Episode:
We leak Meteor Lake's Efficiency Curve & iGPU Performance & discuss Nvidia's fishy financials... [SPON: “brokensilicon” at CDKeyOffer Black Friday: ] [SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with code BROKENSILICON: ] #blackfriday #windows11 0:00 Dan's Sick, Christmas Mail, Jessie's Tricks, Wendy’s Scared (Intro Banter) 10:20 AMD vs Intel Laptop Efficiency (Corrections) 14:03 AMD Zen 4 Threadripper Reviewed & Released 31:18 Intel Meteor Lake Power Curve & iGPU Performance Leak 42:41 Intel Clearwater Forest doesn't Raise Core Counts 47:55 Zen 6 32 Core Chiplets, EPYC-E, and Venice SP8 Leaked! 1:00:54 Zen 6 is most likely coming to AM5! 1:09:51 Nvidia's AI Laundering... 1:15:55 Nvidia Rubin, XBOX Sales, Lenovo Sues Asus, GTA 6 (Wrap-Up) 1:25:12 Chiplet Efficiency, "RDNA Dense", Intel R&D Spending (Final Reader Mail)
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maaan! no time stamps?

Dec 26th

Hugo Stiglitz

what half life 2 did these dudes play? 60 hours? lol I thought I was losing it so I checked on howlongtobeat and it said 13. Alyx and HL1 were 12. so no, alyx isn't half the length of a full half life by any stretch of the imagination and I'm usually slow player but I know damn well it didn't take no 30-60 hours even my first time

Jun 9th


You guys are becoming raging Sony fanboys. Your show is devolving into nonstop shots at Xbox. Is 1080p really an issue on the UI when you should be spending less than 10 seconds on it if it's actually efficient. On top of that, most people can't even tell. If you didn't tell them they wouldn't even notice because you know most people can't tell the difference in resolutions in general. It's turning into Fox News Channel with Sony fanboys talking points as every topic. Please get back to just doing down the middle information instead of this Sony Defense Force BS.

Nov 11th
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"Innocent " is a pure Sony shill. He pretends to never have heard of anything Microsoft uses to disprove his opinions. Sadly he openly admits to not knowing to start his videos but still comes to conclusions that distort the facts. He is everything wrong with the dissemination of information today.

Sep 10th

Ben Govett

listening to you guys while milking my cows. you are correct on the use of magnets in the cows

Dec 3rd
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