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Brooke and Jeffrey: Second Date Update
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Brooke and Jeffrey: Second Date Update

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Ghosted after a first date? We call the person who isn't calling you find out the real reason why and get you a Second Date. Low success rate...high entertainment for the rest of us.
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A surprise during a date made one woman get up and leave immediately. Is it the most ridiculous reason to not call someone back ever?See for privacy information.
A weird relationship scandal is what brought the couple on the phone together during one of our segments months ago... but they're back now to let us know what has happened ever since they last appeared on our show!See for privacy information.
What if after the BEST date of your life, that same person completely ghosts you? One of our listeners just said that happened to him with no explanation, so he's come to us to get answers in a brand new Second Date!See for privacy information.
One of our listeners wandered into an unlocked front door before his date started and what he saw on the other side threw his entire night for a loop!See for privacy information.
One of our listeners says he's figured out a way to make sure NO DATE ever turns boring or dull… You'll hear his genius dating strategy that earned him the nickname "High Effort Andre" in a brand new Second Date Update!See for privacy information.
One of our listeners is worried he’s not getting a call back because he was TOO CHEAP. Is being a penny pincher smart or a bad look? See for privacy information.
The spot where the couple on the phone today decided to take their date night SHOCKED us initially but it might actually be one the best hangouts we’ve heard all year!See for privacy information.
If someone messed up your coffee order, would you politely let them know or go scorched-earth instead? It happened to one of our listeners and their response got the attention of the entire room!See for privacy information.
One of our listeners got maybe, the worst possible response to an unsolicited text message… EVER!See for privacy information.
One of our listeners met a wealthy, attractive man who gave her one of the best nights ever, but she’s skeptical that it was TOO GOOD to be true, we’re on the case in another Second Date!See for privacy information.
One of our listeners claims he was having a great date with a beautiful woman… Until it was ruined by a group of 13-year olds!See for privacy information.
The listener on the phone today says she felt a SOULMATE bond immediately with her date… and their connection all started with a stack of Legos. Hear how it happened in the podcast!See for privacy information.
One of our listeners contacted us saying he risked one of his closest friendships in order to KISS someone he’s been pining after for a long time. Was it worth it? See for privacy information.
We're adding a little extra content to help you get over the Sunday Scaries! The couple on the phone today called us a while back when their friends tried stopping them from dating.... But, they did it anyways and are back with UPDATES!See for privacy information.
The couple in today’s Second Date had a perfectly normal time DURING their date, but it something that happened RIGHT AFTER that changed everything.See for privacy information.
One of our listeners says he got his inspiration for his dating “MOVE” by watching a video online and gathering the courage to try it himself. Hear what it was in a brand new Second Date podcast!See for privacy information.
Out of every Second Date we’ve done this year, TODAY’S might be the most MEMORABLE of the bunch.See for privacy information.
One of our listeners said he changed ONE THING on his dating profile that instantly changed the game for him. He wishes he’d done this years ago and you can hear what it is in a new Second Date podcast!See for privacy information.
One of our listeners thinks he’s found the perfect, ZERO-FAIL, first date location and he wants to share his magical spot in a Second Date podcast!See for privacy information.
How long would you wait for a first date to show up before bailing? The listener in today’s Second Date waited 60 minutes for them to show their face and you’ll be shocked at what happened once she finally arrived!See for privacy information.
Comments (28)

anne kendziora

This Lady was trash. The guy was being a gentleman the whole time.

Nov 14th

LaRey T

I hope this was one of the interns because ew. she can't communicate, wanted him to read her mind. I'm tired of women like this.

Feb 10th

brandi krob

need more

Oct 1st

Kevin Parke

really yall a rerun?

Jul 3rd
Reply (1)

Justin Brown

Why did they stop uploading new episodes?

Dec 10th

Avis Bryant


Sep 8th

Li'le Bear

What's with the reruns?!

Aug 28th


What the f was this episode? Normally I'm quite happy to suspend my disbelief cause these are entertaining as hell, but that was not possible for this episode. whoever wrote this needs to chill.

Apr 30th
Reply (1)

Kendra Cagle

OMG he dodged a bullet!! Jeanine sounds a little psychotic! lol 😂

Feb 9th


I'm from London. This guy is putting on an accent.

Dec 10th
Reply (1)

brandi krob

was I the only one who noticed he was lying it all happened in a week then started staying checks come in every month..... ha

Oct 13th

ApReal Batista

This was sooooooo funny!!!!!!

Sep 13th

Li'le Bear

More reruns!! There has to be more emails than this! 😩

Jul 12th

ApReal Batista

Buncha haters on here. Brooke and jubal crack me up

Jul 2nd

Jose Gusano

love your show... you guys will go national... neigh .. global.

Jun 24th

Viva La Vida

Sex positivity, Brooke and Jubal. Didnt know you were so vanilla.

Jun 11th

Krista Isaacson

This guy has the same voice as like 10 other episodes...pretty distinct voice

May 2nd
Reply (3)

Redd R


Feb 27th

Turtle Laviada

this show is so fake

Feb 27th
Reply (1)

Steve Polychron

this is a horrible example of what happens when Stoners mate with Jocks

Jan 9th
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