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Winner of The Webby Award, Brown Ambition helps you unapologetically build wealth by saving, investing and making smart career choices — on your own terms! So join personal finance expert and journalist Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche, an award-winning financial educator and author of The New York Times bestseller "Get Good With Money." Published Wednesdays and Fridays.

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This week you can read about Mandi in an article on Grow about how she increased her net worth from 70k to 700k in 5 years (3:00). Its about more than just the numbers though. Listen in this week to hear more about it. Other things we talk about this week include: Friendship Breakups (8:50) The power of expanding your ability instead of your capacity (15:04) And we'll talk a little a about the child tax credit checks people started to get this week (26:25) We'll see you Friday for BA QA! In the meantime, as always, hit us up with your questions @brownambitionpodcast on IG and through email at Check out the links below for more: I grew my net worth from $70,000 to $700,000 in 5 years: Here is my best wealth-building advice The Child Tax Credit Tiffany's Mahogany Books Signing Event Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Happy BA Wednesday! This week Tiffany tells us all about why she's taking a social media break (22:03). And it might not be the reason you think. We'll also talk about The value of normalizing things like IVF (2:05) Why "negotiate like a white man" is AWFUL advice (29:50) What's the next step with a coach or therapist after you've met your goals? (9:20) Stay tuned Friday for the Q and A episode. And check out the link below if you want to apply for some free career coaching with Mandi: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
TIFFANY IS BACK Y’ALL We had a great time with our guest co-hosts and we’re so very grateful. But we missed our Tiff and she’s BACK. We’ll get to hear all about how she spent her time off, and we’ll hear about how Mandi took some time for herself too. As much as we love talking about work, career, and money, you all know we’re big fans of taking time for rest too.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t get to business at all.  Mandi recently decided to strike out on her own entrepreneurial journey, and we’ll talk about why she did that (19:58), and the value of figuring out the work you’re truly meant to do (18:40).  We’ve got some big things on the horizon, and we can’t wait to bring you all along. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We made it y’all. And I can’t thank my guest cohosts enough for joining me and holding my hand through this period of separation. Chris Browning of Popcorn Finance, Berna Anat from Hey Berna, Jamila Souffrant from Journey to launch and lastly Jannesse Torres-Rodriguez from yo Quiero Dinero. I had a blast getting to know y’all better and feel like I've got four new financial besties already..  This reference is strictly for the millennials so Boomers and Gen Z, sorry not sorry. Remember those old episodes of Saved By The Bell where they meet up at The Max and they reminisce about the school year and look longingly at nothing in particular in the distance and then the screen goes all squiggly and you realize it’s one of THOSE episodes….a recap of some of the best moments from the past?  Well here we go Bayside Tigers -- oh I mean BA Fam -- I am about to walk down memory lane and replay some of the most memorable moments from our summer cohost series... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week's guest host is creator and host of the Yo Quiero Dinero podcast, Jannese Torres-Rodriguez! Jannese got tired of her corporate job and decided to side hustle her way to financial independence. And now, with TEN streams of income, she's been able to quit her job and do the things she loves. She's here to share some of her journey with us this week. We'll learn... Why Jannese left her six figure corporate job (9:43) How her time in corporate life prepared her for the very white, very male world of personal finance (14:21) Why getting into therapy was important for her journey (17:41) And as much as we LOVE answering your questions, we decided to take a deep dive into Jannese's TEN income streams instead. Her journey is so inspiring and it's an honor to be able to share it with y'all. Check out the links below for more: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Happy BA Wednesday, this week's special guest co-host is the fabulous Jamila Souffrant from Journey To Launch. It started as a blog initially, chronicling her expedition to reach financial independence. After one year of logging her transformational growth to Financial Independence, the blog piqued the interest of a larger audience which inspired the launch of the podcast of the same name. Jamila talks about: How a breakdown during a 3 hour commute started her journey (5:04) How she was able to leave a 6 figure 9-5 to become an entrepreneur (8:33) Navigating life as an entrepreneur and parent during a pandemic (36:28) And we answer a great listener question about the smartest way to use inheritance money. Check the links below for more: Journey To Launch Jamila Souffrant on IG Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week's guest host is the fantastic financial hype woman Berna Anat. Berna is a producer, speaker and Fin-fluencer (is that a thing?) dedicated to making financial literacy more funny, more accessible, and more Brown for young people everywhere. She's got all kinds of wisdom to share this week like: How she got out from under 50k in debt (23:34) Going from a 9-5 to full time influencer (27:10) She also helps answer some great listener questions about the balance between paying off debt and enjoying your income (36:07), and whether or not you should make your 401k deductions pre-tax (45:27). Berna is on the internet everywhere @HeyBerna, and you can check out her website at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week we're joined by special guest host Chris Browning. Chris is the host of Popcorn Finance, a podcast where he discusses finance in about the time it takes to make a bag of popcorn. He's also the co-host of This is Awkward, where he and his co-host Allison Baggerly help people with their awkward money problems. We dig into some good stuff this week like: After we get past financial survival/protection mode, what are the new rules to follow? What kind of life insurance is best? What happens when you've budgeted my whole income and you still can't find the cash to save or invest? Chris has some big shoes to fill and he did a fantastic job. Enjoy! Check out the links below for more: Popcorn Finance This is Awkward Get Good With Money The 2 Documents Everyone Should Have Before They Die Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Hey BA Fam - Mandra here! We’ve got some incredible guests lined up for you this June while Tiffany is on a much-needed vacation. We’re kicking off the summer cohost series with Chris Browning from the Popcorn Finance podcast next Wednesday June 9th! Chris basically invented the perfect snackable money podcast with his show, which was recently featured on a list of great podcasts from none other than the New York Times. Not too shabby! This week, we’ve got a little something special for you.  We’ve recorded dozens of episodes of this podcast but if we had to choose our favorite episode ever, it could very well be this conversation we had with Christina and Amon of Our Rich Journey. Christina and Amon are former government employees and parents of two who used savvy investing strategies and a whole lot of hustle to retire before age PORTUGAL. Now they help other people pursue FIRE (Financial Independence, Early Retirement) on their YouTube channel, Our Rich Journey.    They get super candid with us on the show, revealing just how much they squirreled away before they determined they had enough in the bank to retire forever.  But beyond the dollars and cents, what left the biggest impression on us had to be the insanely palpable waves of joy they exuded. It was seriously contagious. It sent Tiffany on her own journey to find joy in her business and success and helped me get back in touch with that 22 year old girl I used to be -- the one who turned down a job to travel internationally. She’s someone I didn’t know I was still “allowed” to be in my 30s until I spoke with Christina and Amon. Suddenly, I remembered what all my hard work and passion for saving and investing has been for -- my own ticket not just to wealth but my own version of a truly rich and fulfilled life.  Alright, that’s enough preamble! Here’s our conversation with Christina and Amon.    Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Tiff is, after this episode, taking a much needed and well deserved break. We thought it was important to have a talk about why this is okay and necessary to do. And we have a talk about shifting your mindset away from simply survival, once your financial safety net is set up. You'll also hear: (27:29) - This is the 100th anniversary of The Tulsa Massacre. We have a quick guest appearance to explain what happened, and why it still matters today (40:56) - An important listener question: "how do we deal with inflation?" (50:55) - Is it reckless for a 50 year old single mom to be thinking about a year off from Corporate America? Check out the links below for more: Kevin's Book: Kevin's Instagram: Canadian company Knix Wear raises $53 million while disqualifying investors who questioned CEO's pregnancy: Buckhead restaurant manager responds after claims of racism by Hawks legend Dominique Wilkins: UNC's rejection of Nikole Hannah-Jones and the opacity of academic tenure in America: Buy Nikole Hannah-Jones' book: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In her business, Tiffany calls her team the “Unicorn Squad.” We need to have a talk about how we create a “Unicorn Culture.” The old ways of doing work are dying and we say let them die. You want to talk a meeting while you’re out on a walk, why not? We had a great talk this week about how to value your employees as people instead of money generating machines. Then we’re on to your questions, this week we’ll talk about: (28:15) Is there really a housing bubble happening right now?  36:22) Paying off my debt has lowered my credit score, how can I start to recover it? And this week we’re also giving a big Brown Boost to Mandi’s new website Check out the links below for more: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Happy BA Wednesday! This week we're bringing you another interview from an amazing and inspirational couple, Sean and Michelle Clark from Double Dutch Aerobics. We'll hear from them about: How their business was impacted by the pandemic (9:40) How their community came through for them in their time of need (36:04) How they’re coming back stronger after surviving the pandemic (39:45) The value of multiple income streams in helping survive the pandemic (44:47) Learn more about the amazing work Sean and Michelle are doing at Also check out our small business boosts: Kier Gaines: Starwalker Industries: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
BA Fam, this week we're super excited to bring you another great interview. One of our financial favs Helen Ngo is back to talk to us about how we plan finances for our kids. We'll talk about: The difference between tactics and strategy when planning for your kids financial future (21:50) Why is college the first (and sometimes only) thing we think about when planning for our kids' financial future? (24:40) A few alternatives to the ever popular (and overhyped?) 529 plan (32:40) When is the right time to start? (41:41) Check out the links below for more: Investopedia's Complete Guide to 529 Plans What Is a Roth IRA? How Do UTMA Accounts Work? Capital Benchmark Partners The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors Fee Only Network XY Planning Network Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ep 263 - Dreams Are Free

Ep 263 - Dreams Are Free


Happy BA Wednesday! Let's talk about mindset. It's not the solution for everything, but it can make SUCH a difference in your life. This week we cover: Why dreaming big and working big aren't the same thing (11:32) An activity you can use to dream big and shift your mindset (19:50) What Sesame Street can teach us about mindset (28:37) What's the mindset difference between a millionaire and a billionaire (35:05) Then we'll get to your questions about debt versus savings (42:55) and how to find a competent and trustworthy financial advisor 49:50). Come hang out with us April 28th with The 19th* at 1pm Eastern. They've invited us to go live with them to answer questions about managing finances in a pandemic. You can send in questions here, and register to join us here. We'll see you there! Don't forget you can call/text us your questions for Brown Ambition at 844-858-8080. And as always you can DM us on Insta @brownambitionpodcast or email us at Check out the links below for more: The Get Good With Money Toolkit The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors Fee Only Network XY Planning Network Matt McGorry Post on Patrisse Cullors Numberblocks Alphablocks This 12-year-old prodigy is heading off to college. She aspires to be a NASA scientist Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
There are so many emotions this week, especially with the guilty verdict(s!) in the George Floyd murder trial. We want you to know that we recorded this episode Monday, a day before the verdict was reached. Our hearts go out to Floyd's family and to all the supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement who fought for justice in Floyd's name. He will not be forgotten. There is still much work to be done. Here's how you can help: Call 202-499-6085 and ask your representatives in Congress to support The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act Register to vote Donate to causes that support social justice and racial equality We are sending virtual hugs to everyone and hoping you are taking care of yourselves. Here's a little preview of what we cover on today's show: Tiff's newest wisdom from Dr. Greene (5:27) Should you take advantage of your employer's Employee Stock Purchase Plan? (19:50) And where's best to park your home downpayment savings (26:35) Don't forget you can call/text your questions to: 844-858-8080 And if your question is longer or more complicated, you can still hit us up on IG @brownambition podcast or email Save your spot! On Thursday 4/29 at 12 p.m. CT/1 p.m. ET Tiffany and I will be live in conversation with The 19th, a nonprofit newsroom amplifying the voices of women, people of color and LGBTQ+ citizens. Sign up here, Check out the links below for more: Employee Stock Purchase Plans You can and should still buy Tiffany's book if you haven't! Economist who says racism costs the U.S. $16 trillion explains the math Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We got a New York Times best seller, fam! Get Good With Money is on a whole bunch of best seller lists and we couldn't be more proud. This week we spend some time talking about what it means for Tiff (1:22), what it takes to actually get on a best seller list (9:20), and maybe most importantly, what Tiff plans to do for REST (16:45). And after our amazing interview last week, we're back to answering your questions, like: I over contributed to my 401k, can I pull some of that money out to pay down some debt? (25:22) My career and family life are getting really hard to juggle, should I take a different job? (34:40) Don't forget you can text/call with your questions at 844-858-8080 (try to keep your messages under 1 minute please!) But you can always hit us up the old fashioned way too, on Insta @brownambitionpodcast or via email at Check out the links below for more: Hardship Withdrawal vs 401(k) Loan: What's The Difference? The Butter Bar Skin Care How Credit Card Balance Transfers Work Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Happy BA Wednesday, fam! It’s book release week for Tiff, and we’re talking all about the concept of financial wholeness (12:55). Mandi even took the quiz, and we’ll discuss her results.  We’d love to see you take it too. Head to and take the Financial Wholeness Quiz, then share your results on IG and tag us with the hashtag #ggwmoney. Other topics this week include: Should you worry about identity theft with a custodial brokerage account? (49:17) Should you drain your savings to pay off debt? (even if its a birthday present you totally deserve!) (53:05) A hard break for Georgia’s new voting restrictions (1:00:13) A boot for an IG account we love (1:02:30) It was so fun hearing from you all this week! Call and text us your questions for next week at 844-858-8080. Check out the links below for more: Buy Tiffany's book - Get Good with Money VisionPoet Shopping for a New Car? Use the 20/4/10 Rule Policy Genius Select Quote Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Before we do anything else, we want to let you know we're standing in solidarity our AAPI community in Atlanta and all of the US after the tragedy that happened there last week. This epidemic of violence against our AAPI siblings has to stop. Check this link to see how you can help. Other things happening this week: Chris Hogan, of DR fame resigns after failing to live up to their "righteous living" policy (17:35) Kylie Jenner asks people to crowdfund for her makeup artist's brain surgery (20:23) And then, of course, your questions! The woman whose mortgage question had us STUMPED (30:52) A listener wrote in to share a major debt win (37:24) I gave a lower salary range than I should have for a prospective job, should I go back with a higher number? (41:25) Don't forget we have a new way for you to send your questions, call or text: 844-858-8080 Check out the links below for more: Order Tiffany's Book Phroogal Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Have you ever heard of hypergamy? Wikipedia defines it as "the act or practice of a person marrying a spouse of higher caste or social status than themselves." Plenty of women today are actually following hypergamy in their relationships. Tiff fell down a YouTube rabbit hole and she's got questions...(3:18) Other highlights: Stimmys are coming! What should we be doing with them? (31:58) How do students and dependents get their checks? (33:53) Whether you should open a UGMA account for your child (35:49) What the child tax credit in the stimulus bill is all about (42:32) Check out the links below for more: Order Tiffany's Book Get Good With Money Summit Vote for Tiff in the NAACP Image Awards School of Affluence Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It's BA Wednesday and we got the royal tea for you this week. We talk about: Oprah's exit interview with Megan Markle and Prince Harry (1:41) Tiffany's (virtual) White House visit (22:39) Some news on more stimulus checks (26:24) Shouts out to the ladies for International Women's Day (31:16) A listener question about being asked to do more and more work without being paid more (40:54) Speaking of questions, we have a new way for you to connect with us so you can ask us your questions. You can now call and leave us a voicemail at 844-858-8080. We can't WAIT to hear from you! We've got a brown break for some racist security guard and some Brown Boosts for Ava DuVernay and for Tiff being nominated for an NAACP IMAGE AWARD (WHAT?) Check out these links for more: Pre-order Tiffany's book Video of Tiffany's (virtual) White House Visit What’s in the Stimulus Bill? A Guide to Where the $1.9 Trillion Is Going Amanda Gorman, inaugural poet, 'tailed' by security guard on her walk home Array Crew: A resource to find Black and Brown filmmaking talent Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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