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Burn Fat With Your Brain with Maggie Sterling

Author: Maggie Sterling

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The Burn Fat With Your Brain podcast is your go-to resource for weight loss mindset and all-around life advice. Through this podcast, you will hear Maggie and Ryan discuss the ups and downs of losing weight, how to manage the things your brain tells you that aren't aligned with your goals, and downright honestly regarding the most difficult aspects of losing weight. Maggie's coaching program Vibe Club teaches women how to lose and sustain their goal weight for the rest of their lives. Learn more at
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Today we're talking about the top 3 rules if you want to both have food freedom and lose weight.  Free Course: Diet Rehab Join Vibe Club
We all deal with frustration at some point on a weight loss journey... it's unavoidable. How you deal with that frustration can have a huge impact on your results. Frustration often leads us to do silly things. Join us today as we talk about what usually causes frustration and the best way to deal with it.  Diet Rehab Mini Course Join Vibe Club  
I recently was asked how I became someone who works out every day... and I don't think I have ever talked about this on the podcast, so here we go! This week I am talking about how I started working out, what that looked like, and how I became someone who consistently works out every week without having a second thought about it.  Join Vibe Club  
You get better at what you practice. Have you ever thought about being intentional with the things you're practicing? Do you want to get better at restriction? Calorie coutning? Negative self talk? This weeks episode I talk all about being intention with the things we want to get better at, and having a more long-term vision in terms of what we're doing right now. Join Vibe Club
"Change your thoughts change your life"... we've all heard it before, but it's not that simple. Most of us don't even know the thoughts that we need to change, because we believe they are facts. Today Maggie is talking about the many ways we sabotage or weight loss with our thinking alone and how we can begin to notice it so we can change it. Join Vibe Club
Having an over-desire for food can make losing weight more difficult. There are a few reasons you might have an over-desire for food. Today we talk about what may be causing an over-desire for food and how to reduce your over-desire.... and of course, why you should! Join Vibe Club
I haven't discussed the scale in a while, so today we're revisting scale drama. It's important to get a grasp on how the scale might be effecting you mentally so it's not having a big impact on what youre doing day to day. Listen in as I discuss how often you should weigh and how to get a handle on what you think about that pesky little box on the floor flashing a number at you.    Join Vibe Club
This week Ryan is back and we're talking about self-accountability. It's really important to distinguish the difference between support and accountability, and really making sure that we aren't using outside sources as a crutch in order to do the things we want to do.  Join Vibe Club
One of the most common questions I get is... How do I stay on track while at restaurants, getting drinks with friends, and while on vacation? I don't think that your "weight loss plan" should look different from how you live your life. In fact, if it is, I think you may be due for a rude awakening when you try to maintain your progress.  This week I discuss why being able to enjoy your life while losing weight is so important, and why you should learn how to enjoy events, parties and friends while losing weight.   Join vibe club
Yesterday was "National Quitters Day"— the day where most people give on their new years resolutions. If that is you, or you just feel like what you commited to is feeling a but unsustainable, this episode is for you. I go over two question to ask yourself in order to evaluate if what youre doing is working or not, and what to do moving forward if what you're doing is definitely not working.  Join Vibe Club
In this episode, we discuss the idea that true weight loss begins with self-acceptance. Many people believe that the key to weight loss is simply eating less and exercising more, but this narrow view ignores the underlying emotional and psychological factors that contribute to weight gain. We explore the concept of treating ourselves with kindness and compassion when it comes to our bodies and our weight. We discuss the importance of developing a healthy relationship with food, rather than viewing food as a source of comfort or punishment. We also talk about the benefits of mindfulness and self-compassion in weight loss efforts, and how to move away from a focus on perfection and self-criticism and towards a more positive, accepting attitude towards oneself. To join Vibe Club....
Welcome to Episode 165 of Burn Fat With Your Brain! In this episode, I'll be sharing the one simple method that helped me get to the bottom my weight loss plateaus and make progress again. For a long time, I found myself stuck at the same weight despite trying various diet and exercise changes. I was starting to think I'd never make any more progress. But then, I stumbled upon a new approach to weight loss that finally helped me break through those plateaus. In this episode, I'll discuss: The mistakes I made while trying to lose weight that kept me stuck How this new method helps you problem solve How it helped me make progress again How it makes weight loss significantly more simple. I hope this episode offers some useful insights if you're currently struggling with weight loss plateaus and provides some new ideas for moving forward. Thanks for listening!   To Join Vibe Club...
New Years Weight Loss resolutions can create some problems. They can cause us to only focus on the outcome, which usually drives us to do things we don't want to do forever in order to acheive the outcome, and this is why we usually quit by the end of January. It's a vicioius cycle. In this episode we talk about what to do instead, to make sure 2023 is a successful year for you.    join Vibe Club
We're talking about identity and beliefs this week, and how they can effect your potential. When we believe things like "that would never work for me", then of course that will be true for you. Just because you have never done it in the past doesn't mean its impossible. Just because in the past, any time you allow yourself sugar or carbs you overeat them, doesn't mean that always has to be the case. But ill tell you what— as long as you keep believing its impossible, you'll never be successful around overeating those tasty foods. The first step is challenging your beliefs so you can open those doors for yourself. Join Vibe Club
This last week we discovered maggies transformation photos and videos were stolen and being used without permission on weight loss gummy Ads. It's that time of year when the weight loss products are everywhere, and claim to be THE solution to all your weight loss problems. This got us thinking about the money we spend on supposed shortcuts, and what you should do instead so you're not wasting any more money.  Join Vibe Club
Food cravings are something everyone deals with. When losing weight, they pop up more often. Getting good at handle these cravings, or "urges" as we like to call them, will help us stick to our plan more often. Developing this skill is necessary for losing weight.  join Vibe Club
This week we talk about using progress as underlying motivation. It feels great to feel like things are working, but what about when it doesn't feel that way, but they are?    Joine Vibe Club
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This week we try to answer as many questions as possible as quickly as possible. Enjoy! Join Vibe Club and use code blackfriday for $50 off the signup fee.
"How do I become more consistent?" Probably one of the most common questions I get. While I understand where you're coming from, I think a more helpful quesiton is— "How can I make this easier?" This one shift will make it easier to become more consistent. Join us today as we dive deeper into this topic.  Join Vibe Club
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Denial Brown

Thank you for this podcast, it's very helpful as always. Now, in order to get your results, it is enough to plan your walk. Also, how do you feel about products like in this review -

Jan 21st

Morgan Redden

I absolutely looooove these Pod Casts!!! Please keep them coming, Maggie and Ryan 😊

Jan 9th
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I recently discovered you on Instagram and let me tell, you are such a motivation. I'm new to keto. I decided to start mainly for mental health reasons. I've dealt with eating disorders previously, but on keto I don't feel like I'm missing out. I don't have the necessity to go back to junk food. so far I am down 30 pounds and I'm aiming for 60 more in the long run. thank you for being so real and honest about your journey.

Nov 21st
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