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Your secrets aren't safe with us

25 Episodes
What A Savage Part 2

What A Savage Part 2


Part 2 of hearing Jacobs story..
What A Savage Part 1

What A Savage Part 1


Jacob finally speaks out about his past and his future and tells his side of his story
Our newest guest, Benji, shares some hilarious stories. He sure is an amazing singer
This episode is all about Katie and her story. She has been through the hardest times in her life, and now she is here to tell you about her new beginnings.
Catching you up on all of our latest tea..
They were they are friends.
Welcome our friend, Gavin, as he talks about coming out and his childhood. This episode goes deep into his life..including his sex life.
Trevon Brown tells us all about his childhood and what he went through growing up. From being bullied to now, he’s come a long way and has an amazing story.
Double The Wrens

Double The Wrens


Justin Wrens speaks out about his life and trauma. The funniest, most vulnerable person you will ever meet
The life of Cheese hearing all of his crazy stories he has to tell and finding out more about him
Clearing the air and letting out the truth… it’s time you know what’s really going on
Relationship Update

Relationship Update


Listen to hear our side of all the juicy drama lately, what happened with Whits relationship and more. Catching you up on everything you need to know
Our next guest of the season, Caden McQuire, speaks out about his past and tells us more about his wild side. Tune in to find out more and learn all about him
This episode we have a special guest, Bry! Listen to find out more about her, her past and everything she’s been through. These questions have never been asked and we got to learn more about our best friend.
Tyler Hearing Tells All

Tyler Hearing Tells All


Starting off season 2 with our first guest, Tyler Hearing. Finding out the truth and going in depth about his life. Wanna know what happened with him and C? Listen to find out more
As the first season comes to an end, thank you all for supporting us. In this episode, we project our advice on different scenarios that our supporters came up with. To end off, we were able to have conversations and surprise our supporters.



FMK, this or that, sing the lyrics, lie detector & lots of funny questions that have never been answered. Get ready for this episode that will make you laugh….A LOT!



Whitney goes in depth about her childhood life and going through very traumatic things. She talks about how she dealt with her dad passing away at a young age and what she went through. How did this happen and why? Listen to know more… grab some tissues this is a very deep episode
Hear more answers to questions that have never been answered and find out the truth. Exposing everything for you to find out who people really are. Get ready… best episode yet!
Answering questions that has kept you all on your toes.. explaining situations that have occurred that get super juicy and in detail. The truth behind it all, you don’t wanna miss this one!
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