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Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and Meta all set to report earnings next week, but which names are primed to deliver the biggest beats? We set the stage for the busiest week of earnings season. Plus Tesla just locked in its best week in nearly a decade. What the Chart Master says you should do with the stock now.
Chevron drawing the ire of lawmakers after announcing a $75b share buyback, but is the anger justified? Plus Tesla shares rallying more than 10% after its earnings report and helping the Nasdaq to close within 4 points of its 200-day moving average. We make sense of the big tech rally and whether it can last.
Shares of Tesla on the move after the company’s latest results. We’re dialed into the conference call to bring you all the details. And we have a few more big data points left before the Fed’s first meeting of the year. What the traders are watching, and what it could all mean for the market.
The tech giant posting strong results from its cloud unit, helping shares jump in the after hours. The traders dig in on the numbers and bring your their calls on the stock. Plus the Nasdaq off to its best start of the year since 2001, but one top strategist says the good times may not last.
Stocks rallied for a second day, with the Nasdaq seeing its best start to the year since 2001. But what does the market rally say to our traders? They each have one word in mind. Plus, retail investors are piling into shares of Tesla. What’s behind their interest, and will the bets pay off?
Fed Governor Christopher Waller suggested he favors a 25bp rate hike at the central bank’s meeting at the end of the month, calming investor fears for more aggressive increases and helping the markets surge at the end of the day. But can the momentum continue? Plus, we’ve got a full slate of earnings on the calendar for next week. How the traders are playing the names ahead of those reports.
Shares of Netflix on the move after the streaming giant posted a big beat on subscriber adds in the latest quarter, but announced Reed Hastings is stepping down as co-CEO. Plus the U.S. is taking “extraordinary measures” after hitting its debt limit. But could the resulting effects counteract what the Fed is doing to tamp down inflation?
Major markets lost momentum in a big way toward the close, with the Nasdaq breaking its longest win streak since November 2021 and the Dow shedding over 600 points. Does today’s action mark the end of the rally we saw to kick off the year? Plus the U.S. is marching toward the deadline for raising its debt limit. Why the milestone is so on the radar for our traders.
High growth is back in vogue in a big way in 2023, but is the rush to risk the trade to be making right now? The traders weigh in on just how sustainable the rally is. Plus Goldman Sachs shares dropping after its latest results. How the one-time bastion of Wall Street seems to be losing its way against rivals like Morgan Stanley.
Banks erased early losses as Q4 earnings season kicked off, but will expectations for a recession put a damper on the markets for the rest of the year? Plus Tesla slashing prices on its EVs and posing a big threat to automakers like GM and Ford, both of which saw sharp pullbacks today. Will the move by Tesla give it the ultimate advantage over its competition?
Major indexes pulled off gains again today as the latest read on inflation showed further signs of moderation. But with Q4 earnings season just over 12 hours away, will company results let the air out of the balloon? Plus Nelson Peltz laid out his gameplan for Disney, should he get a spot on the board. But what would our traders do if they could change one thing about the media and entertainment giant?
Markets rallied again on Wednesday, with the Nasdaq putting in its longest win streak since early September. But will the gains hold if inflation comes in hotter than expected tomorrow? Plus, as China reopens and unleashes millions of potential consumers back into the world, can we see a major boost to the global economy?
Shares of Netflix rose another 4% today, bringing it to its highest close since April. Should you ride the rally, and will it bring the rest of big tech with it? Plus Microsoft reportedly looking to invest in the technology behind the popular ChatGPT app. What that could mean for its efforts to cut into Google’s search dominance.
Markets closed well off their highs to start the week, with the Dow giving up a 300+ point gain to end in the red. The Nasdaq, though, managed to close higher as high-growth names like Tesla and Nvidia posted strong sessions. Will these names lead the market higher? Plus, China stocks have rallied strongly over the last three months, but where do they go from here? The Chart Master has some thoughts.
Stocks rally Friday after a seemingly ‘goldilocks’ jobs report, with consumer-leveraged stocks among the biggest winners. Plus, an exclusive with the EISAI US CEO - which worked with Biogen on the FDA’s approval of its Alzheimer’s treatment that slowed cognitive decline in a clinical trial.
Stocks resumed their downward path on Thursday ahead of the all-important jobs report tomorrow, with growth names getting particularly hard-hit. So where do we go from here, and are there opportunities amid the wreckage. Plus the traders reflect on their wins and misses from last year, and what they learned about how to invest in the new year.
Stocks rode a roller coaster after the release of the latest Fed Minutes showed the central bank is preparing to keep rates high for “some time”. So how should you trade the new era of higher for longer? Plus Wells Fargo Securities’ Mike Mayo’s out with his top picks for bank stocks this year. What he likes and how to trade it.
Apple shares dropped nearly 4% to kick off the new year, closing with a market cap of less than $2 trillion for the first time since March 2021. But now that the breakdown is in, can shares rebound from here? Plus Tesla seeing its worst day since September 2020 after missing delivery estimates for the latest quarter. When will this stock be a buy again?
Stocks closed out the year with another set of losses, locking in the worst 12-month run for markets since the financial crisis. But could we be in for a turnaround in 2023? And one long-time market leader came back to Earth in a big way this year. What’s next for the tech giant, and what could it mean for the broader market?
The “Fast Money” traders reveal their most important charts for the new year. Plus, why Wells Fargo is seeing meaningful opportunities in growth names. And we take a spin in the “Fast Money” time machine for a 1970s-themed trade it or fade it.
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Just a waste of time listening to this show.

Sep 16th

Anthony Lee

you can return it pissing come with it

Feb 4th

John Reed

You corporate p'sos don't care how many people die.

May 6th

John Reed

Need an alternative to this corporate bias show.

Apr 29th

John Reed

Squawk Pod is another right wing idiocy pos driven show.

Mar 5th

John Reed

Lol turns out Dan is just a corporate dousch.

Jan 29th

John Reed

Tim is so hard to listen to now. Just turned the podcast off and deleted it.

Jun 7th

Happy Trader


May 1st

John Reed

Am done with this stupid corporate show. Every night you're putting Warren down. So you really think it's ok to be a billionaire and support all the laws that make it possible for so few to have so much of the Nation's wealth and the rest of us getting poorer. Fuck you! That's not capitalism its crony capitalism.

Nov 14th
Reply (1)

John Reed

Stop beating up on Warren! You think the stock market will go up forever when the middle class is completely gone?

Nov 6th
Reply (1)

Patrecia Sapulette

it's a nice discussion guys, and it would even better when you speak one at a time, not fighting for a mic LOL.

Aug 18th
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this fuck stopped playing at 5 mins and doest not start afters secveral plau pause clisk wtf is this shit is this app shit or what

Jun 5th

Yu Tang

model S 爆炸

Apr 23rd

Randall Avery

xaw x. aww r. dad. I c

Feb 15th

Matt Erickson

I hear lots of people trying to explain moves.. ups.. lows.. all mostly couch quarterbacks.. BUT.. I propose that historic trends may not have the gravity it had before.. I'm not sure it accounts for this new generation of online traders.. People care less about holding years, months, even weeks.. there is likely a surge of PRN (Profit Right Now'ers as I call them) I'd say it's why even after a company like Amazon or Google announces good quarters, there is a nice rise preceding, but then sell offs after it hits a peak.. People made some dollars and moved on. With trading fees declining. even free trading like Robinhood.. apps on phones. I say it's this new trend that will totally upset old trends.. the effects will increase and can be tracked proportionally with the increase of subscribers to trade companies like Robinhood as well as increases in apps that are used to trade stocks. Matt Erickson Fairbanks, AK.

Feb 6th

Al Hamel

Econ talk

Aug 18th


Too much goddamn Bitcoin. Make a new Bitcoin show and go back to stocks.

Mar 27th
Reply (1)

Matt Raye

United flight attendedant didn't know a barking dog was in the bag?

Mar 15th

iTunes User

I enjoy Word on the Street when it is available. Although the show is on CNBC five days a week there seems to be an inconsistency about making it available for download.

Aug 30th

iTunes User

I like the FTF, but was dissappointed that they don't have the whole show. I found that FAST MONEY MACHINE podcast does a complete recap of the show and tracks there stock picks.

Aug 30th
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