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Hosted by Melissa Lee and a roundtable of top traders, “Fast Money” breaks through the noise of the day, to deliver the actionable news that matters most to investors. Fast Money airs weeknights at 5p ET on CNBC. Visit for additional information.
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The market starting the day with gains, but losing steam fast as geopolitical tensions escalate. Rates also making a big move today, with the 10-year yield hitting its highest level since November. Will the overseas conflict continue to weigh on stocks? Plus Tesla cutting jobs. The EV maker slashing 10% of its global workforce, as shares continue to slide this year. What CEO Elon Musk told employees, and what the layoffs could mean for the company’s future. Fast Money Disclaimer
April has gotten off to a rough start, as stocks drop and rates rise. But can earnings season help boost markets, or will results be the nail in the coffin? Plus Yellow Metal Musings. Gold rallying to another all-time high. What’s driving the surge? And what other commodities could come along for the ride? Fast Money Disclaimer
Shares of Morgan Stanley fell as much as 7.2% after a report that multiple federal agencies are looking into how its wealth management unit vets clients for money laundering risks. What it means for the company as we get ready for bank earnings season. Plus 10-year yields hit a high of 4.6% today, and one top analyst says it could be testing record highs soon. We lay out the case.
Stocks selling off after this morning’s hot CPI print. Could the inflation gauge push The Fed to delay rates into 2025? Plus A Real Estate rough spot. That CPI data sending all things real estate into the red. How commercial property, housing stocks, and the homebuying proxies are all being impacted. Fast Money Disclaimer
Alphabet surging to an all-time high as the tech titan unveils a new AI chip. What it means for the Cloud space, and how it stands up to the competition. Plus… why your power bill doesn’t care about the Fed’s inflation fight. The rise in energy costs and how consumers are paying up no matter which way rates go.
Alphabet rises, while Nvidia stalls out. Is the tide turning in the AI trade? And how should you position yourself in the space. Plus Digging in on the technicals. How Nvidia, Apple, and a payment player is shaping up Fast Money Disclaimer 
Stocks bouncing back after yesterday’s big sell off. But between a hot jobs report, hawkish Fed talk, and even a literal earthquake… is a market rally the normal reaction? Plus even more room to go in energy’s price spike. The pain at the pump, and where energy stocks could be heading next. Fast Money Disclaimer
Stocks reversing course as investors fear it could take the Fed even longer to cut rates. So could a potential delay keep markets from continuing their climb? Plus… is there a small cap comeback on the horizon? The signs starting to emerge, and where you look for leadership in the space. Fast Money Disclaimer
Fed Chair Jerome Powell weighing in on the fight against inflation… as stocks continue their weak start to Q2. So has inflation really gotten under control? Plus Ford picking up as new sales numbers help boost the stock. What the data means for the auto stock… and where consumers are leaning to when picking out some new wheels. Fast Money Disclaimer
Tesla stalling out as EV deliveries fall short of expectations. And even some long-term bulls are losing charge. Could this be the inflection point for the EV maker? Plus U.S.-China tensions in focus. President Biden speaking with Chinese President Xi Jinping on a wide range of topics. What to know from that call, and how TikTok got weaved into the conversation. Fast Money Disclaimer
The second quarter kicking off with a big move higher in rates, gold, and oil… after Fed Chair Powell’s bullish economic comments. So should investors brace for a prolonged pause out of the Fed? Plus Japan’s currency issues. How the drop in the yen could have central bankers intervening. Fast Money Disclaimer
Q1 is in the books, and stocks are heading into Q2 with some major accomplishments. Can the market rally keep raging? And where you should be positioned going into the second quarter. Plus… what it really costs to craft these diabetes drugs. A new study pointing to a $5 price tag for a month’s worth of one blockbuster GLP-1 drug. The dollar dichotemy… and if prices will come down for the public. Fast Money Disclaimer 
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One trend in the fast-food space could be pointing to a cash-strapped consumer. How diners are tightening their belts and the impact on the restaurant stocks. Plus Bitcoin’s next move. Crypto crushing it over the last few months, and with Bitcoin’s halving just a month away, could this space be ready to climb even higher? Fast Money Disclaimer
An under-the-radar inflation read may be pointing to lingering pain. How cocoa prices are getting too sweet this year, and the other commodities inching higher. Plus…Bet on the winners? Or take a chance on some comeback kids? Our Fast Money traders give their picks for the names that could pump your portfolio. Fast Money Disclaimer
Disney’s boardroom battle nearing a head as investors look to the company’s annual shareholder meeting next week. But with shares climbing since Activist investor Nelson Peltz got involved, could a proxy battle boost the media giant even further? Plus China sidelining semis. The country looking to phase out U.S. chips, delivering a blow to some top tech names. What the mainland move could mean for the semi space. Fast Money Disclaimer
Shares of Nike and Lululemon getting stretched, as the retailers both disappoint investors with weak outlooks. So are cracks starting to form in the consumer stocks? Plus Donald Trump’s media merger getting shareholder approval. How the former president could be in for a $3 billion windfall… if shares can reverse their downward spiral. Fast Money Disclaimer
The Department of Justice suing Apple over an iPhone monopoly in a landmark antitrust case. What they’re accusing the tech titan of doing, and the impact this could have on the iphone ecosystem. Plus… Can oil’s rally keep pumping higher? Crude outpacing equities this year,   Fast Money Disclaimer
Major indexes hit all-time highs after Fed Chair Jerome Powell kept rates steady, but reiterated expectations of 3 rate cuts before year’s end. So will markets continue to run higher with lower interest rates on the horizon? Plus Ready for Reddit?. The social media company preparing to go public in its highly anticipated debut. But will investors welcome it with open arms? And will the debut pump some life into the IPO market. Fast Money Disclaimer
Retail M&A is heating up, as a number of companies in the space weigh current and potential deals. What you need to know about all these possible buyouts… and if there’s more dealmaking to be done. Plus cracks in commercial real estate. Why the sector may still be looking for a bottom, and what the credit markets are saying about the space. Fast Money Disclaimer
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Habia Khet


Feb 5th

Adam Balogh

its rigged !!!!

Jan 24th
Reply (1)


Just a waste of time listening to this show.

Sep 16th

Anthony Lee

you can return it pissing come with it

Feb 4th

John Reed

You corporate p'sos don't care how many people die.

May 6th

John Reed

Need an alternative to this corporate bias show.

Apr 29th

John Reed

Squawk Pod is another right wing idiocy pos driven show.

Mar 5th

John Reed

Lol turns out Dan is just a corporate dousch.

Jan 29th

John Reed

Tim is so hard to listen to now. Just turned the podcast off and deleted it.

Jun 7th

Happy Trader


May 1st

John Reed

Am done with this stupid corporate show. Every night you're putting Warren down. So you really think it's ok to be a billionaire and support all the laws that make it possible for so few to have so much of the Nation's wealth and the rest of us getting poorer. Fuck you! That's not capitalism its crony capitalism.

Nov 14th
Reply (2)

John Reed

Stop beating up on Warren! You think the stock market will go up forever when the middle class is completely gone?

Nov 6th
Reply (1)

Patrecia Sapulette

it's a nice discussion guys, and it would even better when you speak one at a time, not fighting for a mic LOL.

Aug 18th
Reply (1)


this fuck stopped playing at 5 mins and doest not start afters secveral plau pause clisk wtf is this shit is this app shit or what

Jun 5th

Yu Tang

model S 爆炸

Apr 23rd

Randall Avery

xaw x. aww r. dad. I c

Feb 15th

Matt Erickson

I hear lots of people trying to explain moves.. ups.. lows.. all mostly couch quarterbacks.. BUT.. I propose that historic trends may not have the gravity it had before.. I'm not sure it accounts for this new generation of online traders.. People care less about holding years, months, even weeks.. there is likely a surge of PRN (Profit Right Now'ers as I call them) I'd say it's why even after a company like Amazon or Google announces good quarters, there is a nice rise preceding, but then sell offs after it hits a peak.. People made some dollars and moved on. With trading fees declining. even free trading like Robinhood.. apps on phones. I say it's this new trend that will totally upset old trends.. the effects will increase and can be tracked proportionally with the increase of subscribers to trade companies like Robinhood as well as increases in apps that are used to trade stocks. Matt Erickson Fairbanks, AK.

Feb 6th

Al Hamel

Econ talk

Aug 18th


Too much goddamn Bitcoin. Make a new Bitcoin show and go back to stocks.

Mar 27th
Reply (1)

Matt Raye

United flight attendedant didn't know a barking dog was in the bag?

Mar 15th
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