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Author: Chad Lawson | QCODE

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Helping you calm the mind in a world full of noise.

140 Episodes
In this episode we dive into the art of balancing our cherished memories with the beauty of living in the present. I discuss how our past experiences shape us and share practical tips to help you fully engage with each moment. Join me on a journey of self-discovery, where we learn to appreciate every day, not just as a memory but as a part of our ongoing story. Listen in as we explore making the most of the now while honoring our past as we Calm it Down in 3…2…1.
Ever found solace under a cloudy sky? In this episode of Calm it Down, we delve into the hidden beauty of life's grayer days. Discover how embracing these moments can bring unexpected growth and tranquility. Join me for some reflection into understanding and appreciating the quiet, profound lessons hidden in the clouds. Tune in to uncover the strength in stillness and the wisdom in life's softer shades as we Calm it Down in 3...2...1.
Ever thought you could find some real-life wisdom in Harry Potter? In this episode of 'Calm it Down,' we're getting into just that. It's all about finding your own light, even when things feel kinda dark. I’ll share with you some ways to ‘shed some light’ with ideas like 'Shadow Mapping' and making a 'Gratitude Nightlight' to spot the happy moments hiding in everyday life. So, come hang out, find out how to brighten up your world a bit, and grab some ‘bright’ ideas (pun intended) on riding out the ups and downs as we Calm it Down in 3...2...1.
In this episode, we dive deep into the maze of decision-making. Ever felt stuck at a crossroads or questioned a past choice? Together, we'll navigate through moments of doubt, find strength in every twist and turn, and uncover the beauty in every decision. Join me as I continue the dialogue from a listener's question “What are you to do when you’ve committed your whole life to a passion and you’re no longer passionate about it?”. Well, let's look for some clarity in the chaos of our journeys as we Calm it Down in 3…2…1.
In this episode, I explore the balance between sticking to what's familiar and trying something new. We all face crossroads in life, but I had a listener write in and ask “What are you to do when you’ve committed your whole life to a passion and you’re no longer passionate about it?”, something I think we've all gone through at some point. We try to understand the emotional tugs of change and how to make decisions with clarity with this Part 1 of a 2 part series on Passion vs Persistence. Join me as we delve into life's twists, turns, and the beauty of choice as we Calm it Down in 3...2...1. This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self. 
The Flavor of Humility

The Flavor of Humility


Ever swapped salt for sugar in a recipe? I’m sure you’ve had better moments than these. Join me as we navigate through the lesson of baking a humble cookie. Together, we'll knead through the tender courage it takes to say, “I was wrong,” finding humor and growth in our little oops moments. This episode is an invitation to embrace life’s missteps and bake them into our stories with a pinch of self-amusement.. Tune in, and let's bake up some insights together as we Calm it Down in 3…2…1.
Ever felt life's moving too fast, like you're guzzling down a mug of instant coffee? Today, I chat about this rush we're all in, what’s actually known as "hurry sickness". Join me as I explore some ideas and ponder why we're all glued to….everything. Take a minute to slow down and hear what a good cup of coffee can teach us about soaking in the moment. Let's appreciate the moment of now as we Calm it Down in 3…2…1.
Deflate the Sunday Scaries with this special bonus episode of Calm it Down. Join me as we dive deep into the art of breath work and discover how your breathing patterns can be your personal emotional barometer. I'm SO excited to be using the incredibly soothing accompaniment of my album Breathe: Endel Meditation Edition in this episode. Together, we'll journey to turn each of your 23,000 daily breaths into a moment of mindfulness. Say goodbye to Sunday Scaries and hello to a serene start to your week in this very special bonus episode.
Ever felt like your mind's a bit like a wild garden, with thoughts popping up like unexpected daisies or maybe some stubborn dandelions? In this episode, we're taking a stroll through our mental gardens, figuring out which 'plants' to water and which 'weeds' might just be misunderstood.  We’re celebrating Mental Health Awareness Day. So join me. Dive in, grab your gardening gloves, and let me share some ideas that might just change how you see your inner world. Today, let’s get our hands a little dirty as we Calm it Down in 3…2…1.
Ever feel like you're navigating a maze of emotions without a map? In today's episode, we explore the ultimate guide you didn't know you had: compassion. Believe it or not, it's the emotional GPS you've been searching for, and it's about to make your journey a whole lot smoother. Tune in and let's find our way together as we Calm it Down in 3…2…1. This episode is sponsored by OneSkin & BetterHelp Get 15% off OneSkin with the codeCALMat - To get 10% off your first month
Stitches in Time

Stitches in Time


Ever paused to think of your life as a tapestry? Those intricate designs, each thread telling a part of a grander story? In today's episode, I invite you to delve into the art of weaving your own life's tapestry, intertwining memories from the past, moments from the present, and dreams of the future. Along the way, I'll share insights on navigating those tricky knots and choosing threads that truly reflect your essence. Join me as we thread through this thing called life in 3...2...1.
The Sound of Stillness

The Sound of Stillness


You know that silence just before an orchestra's first note? In this episode, 'The Sound of Stillness’ we explore the amazing power of silence in our noisy world.  Imagine your thoughts as a symphony, each one playing its part in the grand composition of your life. Listen in to discover how to become the maestro of your own inner orchestra and why silence could be your most captivating performance yet. Let’s hear the silence as we Calm it Down in 3…2…1.
Have you ever tossed a pebble into a calm pond and watched the ripples? It's fascinating, isn't it!? In this episode of 'Calm it Down', we dive into how our everyday actions create waves, just like that pebble. Join me as we explore the simple moments that shape the world around us and the lasting impact we can have. Tune in and discover the power of your ripple as we Calm it Down in 3...2...1.
Ready to get colorful with your feelings? Think of your emotions as a palette, filled with blues of sadness, reds of passion, and every hue in between. Listen in as we dig into how to mix and balance these colors to paint a picture of a life truly felt. Get your brushes ready; we're about to create an emotional masterpiece as we Calm it Down in 3...2...1. This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp.
Some nights you just lay there asking yourself "did I do the right thing today? Did I turn right when perhaps I should have turned left? The mind spinning the spiral of questions of should haves. But today, I'm going to share with you something that has guided from day one and will do so for the rest of life; your gut. That intuition, that inner voice giving you the road map one step at a time. Sometimes we doubt the turns and that's okay. Detours eventually get us where we need to be; when we're supposed to. Listen in as we pull out the compass of our intuition and follow our gut to where it takes us. And yes, sometimes that means following it to some chocolate chip cookies ;) This episode is sponsored brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self.
Sure, sure, you’ve heard the Rolling Stones’ “You Can't Always Get What You Want”?, since you were knee-high but do you KNOW the story behind it!? Who would have thought we would tackle the subject of depression with Mick Jagger as our inspiration?! Join me as we break down what depression really is and what we can do about it. Listen in as you may “just get what you need.” (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)
Have you ever wondered which creature truly symbolizes the spirit of a “breakthrough”? Imagine an animal, which seems to be trapped, though patient while still determined to kick free and begin a new, vibrant existence. As it unfolds, we're left spellbound, witnessing a scene that's both poignant and powerful. This isn't your typical nature story; it's a reflection of our shared battles and victories. Listen in as I explore this inspiring tale and the parallels it draws to our own lives. Get ready to be moved. Let's find our breakthrough together as we Calm it Down in 3...2...1.
Imagine if we had a switch that could instantly ease our nerves. We could flip it whenever we felt anxious or stressed, and breathe a sigh of relief as calmness washed over us. Of course, such a thing is only a fantasy. But that doesn't mean we can't find ways to calm ourselves in the moment. Sometimes, all it takes is a deep breath. Listen in as we learn you have everything you need with you RIGHT NOW to calm the mind and aid in easing your anxiety. Watch this, we can do it together. Let's Calm it Down in 3...2...1.
Everyone should know the warning signs when our bodies are telling us we're under too much stress but what to do about it is rarely taught. Which means it’s usually swept under the rug and never mentioned. Why is that? We know how to cook 3-4 meals, make 2-3 cocktails even but when it comes to stress or anxiety we panic, completely shut down and just hope it never comes back....but it always does. Today, you're going to learn 2 very important life-lessons to pull out when the stress is pulling you down. Listen in, it's easier than you thought and more powerful than you'd ever imagined.
"I'm worthless.", said the fish. "I can't even climb a tree. The squirrel can. Look at him." We're each uniquely, and beautifully, different. And while we each have traits/talents that are ours, what happens when we strip those 'things' away. Who are we at our core? Listen in to this archived summer episode as we learn the importance of Self Worth in 3...2...1.
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