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It starts the same way … A seemingly innocent message from someone who appears to be a young woman: ‘Can I tell you a secret?’ But as this six-part investigative podcast explores, people are rarely their true selves online – and one man took it much further. What happened when this cyberstalker wreaked havoc across the internet and ruined people’s lives for over a decade? And why did he do it? Can I Tell You A Secret? is a Guardian podcast series about obsession, fear and the lives we lead online. Coming soon: search wherever you get your podcasts
Guardian journalist Sirin Kale takes us to a small town in the north of England to uncover how one man began a decade of cyberstalking
As the cyberstalker spreads his net wider, anyone could be a target. The fast-changing world of social media creates new opportunities for him to find more victims. Only now, someone is watching him …
Who is Matthew? Journalist Sirin Kale looks for clues about who this cyberstalker really is and why he creates chaos and fear in so many people’s lives
Matthew’s victims come face to face with him as an attempt is made to stop his torment once and for all
Journalist Sirin Kale meets Matthew’s mother to uncover more about his past, and find out what might have motivated him to cyberstalk his victims for so many years
As the years tick by, journalist Sirin Kale speaks to victims and those who know Matthew to ask whether his stalking will ever truly end
Guardian producer Lucy Hough and reporter Matthew Weaver give an update on the outcome of Matthew Hardy’s appeal
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Harriet Morris

clearly antisocial personality disorder, not autism. autistic people cannot socially manipulate in this way.

Oct 28th
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Shelley Pleydell


Oct 17th

Dee ST

JFC Donna is sadly a deluled mother who sees her son as a victim and blames his victims for their misfortunes. I get it, it will be difficult to realise and accept what your son has done and clearly Matthew has had a sh i tbl life. But that doesn't make it ok to blame his victims.

Sep 27th
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Dee ST

Leah sounds like such a strong woman! well done her

Sep 27th

Kieron Finn

Ugh, SBC is not a good talking head. Ask the autistic community about how damaging he is to it

Sep 24th
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