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An important announcement about the show.
We cover a spurt of stories about politicians being horny, starting with of course Lauren Boebert’s broadway handy. Then, have you seen this plane?: the air force loses an F-35 somewhere in South Carolina. Finally, we have a reading series on Mitt Romney’s self-mythologizing retirement announcement that eventually morphs into a rumination on the fate of empires.
The creators of HBO’s Telemarketers discuss the Fraternal Order of Police’s involvement in a billion dollar telemarketing scam. Subscribe today for access to the full episode and all premium episodes!
Forgetful 9/11 to all our listeners. We start today’s show with an examination of the various kinks of American states. Then: Elon aka Mr. Too-Damn-Cap claims to have disabled starlink to scuttle a drone attack in Ukraine; and a chronical of the various humiliations Rudy aka Mr. Too-Damn-9/11 has suffered lately. Finally, a harrowing piece on the private companies attempting to foist metaverse VR into children's education. Link to Karl Stevens’ and Jaime Lee Curtis’ new graphic novel Will plugs at the end of the show:
We’re joined by @ettingermentum to discuss Ron DeSantis’s prodigious dick riding skills, and how he compares unfavorably to America’s other Dick-Rider-In-Chief, LBJ. Subscribe today for access to the full episode and all premium episodes!
We hope everyone had a nice labor day.. Today, we’ve got and episode of rivalries: Musk vs. the ADL, the Schlapps vs. Demonic possession, Men (all) vs. Houseplants, Diarrhea vs. Air Travel, and Techno-Libertarians vs. Mud.
A week late, but we finally get a moment to review the Trump mugshot and the conservative insistence it raises his “street cred”. Subscribe today for access to the full episode and all premium episodes!
Brendan & Noah a.k.a. The Blowback Boys stop by to discuss their new podcast season, covering 40+ years of covert crimes and international disorder flowing through Afghanistan. We discuss the emergence of political Islam, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Safari Club, BCCI, Charlie Wilson’s War, Rambo III and much more. Find all things Blowback & subscribe here: Find Ben Clarkson’s amazing animated trailer, discussed in this episode, here: NYC: Will & Hesse will be hosting a special Movie Mindset 35mm print screening of Howard Hawks’ RIO BRAVO on Saturday, September 2nd at the Roxy Theater! Tix here:
Our live show from Toronto on 8/17. We pitch North American unification, review some Canadian history, and take you on a tour of the various freaks and goofs of Canadian media.
We talk to Alex Press about her reporting on the ongoing WGA & SAG-AFTRA strikes, with additional commentary from some of the striking entertainment workers we met on the picket lines in LA and NYC. Special thanks to the following for speaking to us: Bex Taylor-Klaus Catherine Schetina Jess McKenna John Hodgman Max Calder Read Alex's piece on the strikes in Jacobin here:
We’re joined by Justin Comer and Evan Jones of the Rock Hard Caucus podcast for their on-the-ground report from this year’s Iowa State Fair. Over the course of two days, Justin & Evan endured the brutal heat and hog stench of the Des Moines fairgrounds to see Mike Pence, Francis Suarez, Vivek Ramaswamy, Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, Marianne Williamson, RFK Jr. and more, all live and in the flesh. We get their takes on the Iowa political scene, what candidates can convincingly appear to be regular humans, and which of these freaks are worth paying attention to, if any. Find all things Rock Hard Caucus here: And their Patreon here: CANADA: this is your final chance to get tickets to Toronto on 8/17 and Montreal on 8/19!
The boys discuss how Eric Adams deluge of lies are in fact a zen-like annihilation of self as New York’s Mayor ascends to a higher plane of being. Subscribe today for access to the full episode and all premium episodes!
A chance meeting of Will & Hesse at a screening in NYC brings you a special bonus episode of Movie Mindset. In lieu of covering this summer’s cinematic event of Barbie/Oppenheimer, we discuss two westerns by American movie master Howard Hawks: 1959’s Rio Bravo and 1966’s El Dorado. We examine the essential place of The Western in American consciousness, and how the western is essentially about taking a bath with the homies.
Host of The Adam Friedland Show, Adam Friedland, returns to the show with a real alpha energy, asserting dominance of the podcast space with his new Talk Show Hosting kino. We discuss good food, old friends, work, war, being on the computer and much more. Subscribe to The Adam Friedland Show: CANADA: Toronto is basically sold out, but tickets still available for the Montreal show on Sat. Aug 19.
Matt expounds on the relative weakness of Biden as a candidate, even after further Trump indictments. Subscribe today for access to the full episode and all premium episodes!
David J. Roth returns to break down the MLB’s new pitch clock rule, Shohei Ohtani’s amazing season, and the Mets terribl- no, we’re not doing a baseball ep! We’re getting David’s takes on DeSantis’ amazing fail record & disgusting personal habits, the relative retail political strength of the GOP bench, and our need for a new WPA to put conservatives to work creating Broadway 2. Find more David Roth over at
We discuss Biden’s declining ability to control & name his dogs. Subscribe today for access to the full episode and all premium episodes!
We’re talking normal guy stuff today, from embracing bronze age masculinity from a certain Pervert, to new perversions from a certain modern masculinity advocate. Also on the docket: Israel loses the Times editorial board, and Matt & Felix are held accountable for their deep state ties and banana crimes. CANADA: Toronto is basically sold out, but tickets still available for the Montreal show on Sat. Aug 19.
Chris talks to the creators of The Venture Bros. about their new series-finale movie, and two decades of creating one of the best, funniest & most unique shows on TV. The Venture Bros.: Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart is out on Digital today, 7/21, and coming to Blu-ray on 7/25. This interview was conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strike.
Ancient Israeli artifacts end up stolen at Mar-a-Lago. Subscribe today for access to the full episode and all premium episodes!
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Tucker Flottman

Feeling sick to my stomach right now. This dude basically fixed my cynical nihilistic worldview with his deep passion for justice. Bless up for cushbomb

Sep 23rd

Venice Lockjaw

what a inane conversation. this is what people donate money on patreon for?

Aug 1st

Will Shogren

It's 2023 and I had managed to forget Paul Ryan exists.

Mar 11th


You guys want to suck tRumps cock or what?

Jan 24th

Tiger Cat Jones

One look at Matt and Mercedes and you know who wears the pants and the peg in GOP family.

Jan 24th


Great show until the nauseating mouth smacking.

Aug 11th


This episode needed Black representation. Especially when discussing 'decolonization' and what it means to be radical for Black Americans. Acts of self-preservation for Black people are political. I wished this ep would have gone deeper into Black political ideology and how militas, like Black Hammer, are taking popular ideologies and gaining traction.

Aug 3rd


Of course if you are always determined to be normal you get to stay with the corporate dems and continually move right to stay normal.

Aug 2nd
Reply (2)


31:20 This is pure gold

Jun 17th

Rhizome 68

Matt sounds drunk

Apr 1st

Chris C

starting out strong by telling a crypto bro to kill himself. you have to respect it

Mar 15th

Will Shogren

Let's send Rubio over to confront Putin now.

Mar 15th


So does the new dumb ass hate sex lol?

Feb 11th


Felix, go on Rogan.

Feb 5th

Dylan Skrah


Dec 27th

Trudy Lovato

When is the next Hinge points episode coming out? I loved episode 1.

Dec 19th

Sarah Kusumastuti

c ok o oззщ щщщщщщщсщсзнсзгсггш гг

Dec 17th


Holy fuck this guest needs to shut the fuck up oh my fucking god I've lost my will to live after listening to his incessant and repetitive circular monologuing with that horrible horrible accent. he spends 10 minutes straight just reiterating over and over and over again how he doesn't know the answer to a particular question... a question which is literally just a hypothetical that has no real significance. fucking fuck me man jesus christ

Dec 15th

Hector Soler

you are so wrong first if you bought bitcoin went it started if you bought. .10 cent's $100 you own a thousand coins it 100 you would have turn a 100 to 65,000,000.00 bit coin is like the IBM of new cripto and alt coins

Oct 17th



Oct 10th
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