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Hosted by Eddie and Sally McRae, Choose Strong is about choosing strength over fear in every situation in life. Strong Mind, Strong Body, Strong Love. Each episode is filled with candid insight, raw and relatable stories and interviews. As a pro athlete, wife, mother, and biz owner, Sally seeks to encourage others to live a strong and courageous life and uses her running as a metaphor for life. The show covers a variety of life focused topics including running, total wellness, mindset, parenting, life balance, the impact of social media, and staying motivated while working toward goals. Support this podcast:
38 Episodes
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Western States, Wild Goals, & Marathons are just a few of the topics covered in this episode. Sally also breaks down your questions and shares some insight about her journey to becoming a professional athlete. You'll smile and belly laugh while listening to this episode- as always we hope you just imagine yourself sitting at the table with Eddie and Sally as they banter and share hilarious stories in between the encouraging stuff. Please take a moment and give a 5 star rating (and a review if you have time), every download and rating matters! If you would like to support Eddie and Sally's podcast, YouTube documentaries, and creative content, we ask that you consider downloading SALLY'S STRENGTH APP THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE...KEEP CHOOSING STRONG IN ALL YOU DO! --- Support this podcast:
Interested in running a 200 mile race? Listen as Eddie and Sally break down four 200 mile races and what it was like to experience them both from a runner and crew standpoint. This informative podcast will help you better understand the 200+ mile events; the overall investment (time and money), aid stations, rules, terrain, experience and so much more. We highly recommend you pass this podcast onto anyone you know who is considering running the 200 mile distance. In this episode, Eddie and Sally discuss the Grand Slam of 200s which includes the following races: COCODONA 250 TAHOE 200 BIGFOOT 200 MOAB 240 Note this is the FIRST in a TWO PART SERIES about the 200s. In Episode #38 Sally will be putting on her coach's hat and guiding you in how to successfully train and run a 200 mile race (fitness, training, gear, sleep strategies, pacing, and more!) As always we want to thank you for supporting Eddie and Sally's work! Please consider downloading the SALLY MCRAE STRENGTH APP as another way to show your support! --- Support this podcast:
Mojo, Music, and Making Goals- Eddie and Sally sit down with a pot of coffee, a plate of cookies and YOU! Don't miss this colorful, heartfelt, and comical episode about training, life and goal chasing; we guarantee you'll be encouraged. Consider supporting Eddie and Sally's work by downloading the SALLY MCRAE STRENGTH APP or by purchasing Sally's book: CHOOSE STRONG. We want to thank you for being a part of the Choose Strong community! You can join our online community on Facebook and give Eddie and Sally a follow on the following outlets: Sally McRae Instagram Sally McRae on YouTube Choose Strong on Instagram Choose Strong on YouTube COROS WATCH DISCOUNT CODE: SALLY (this will get you a free accessory when you purchase a watch!) If you have a free moment, please write a review on Spotify! Every rating and review is valuable to the team and we appreciate the time you take to make one. --- Support this podcast:
Marathon training, McDonald's and Motorcycles are just a few of the topics covered in this 90 minute banter between Eddie and Sally. Whether you're on your long run, driving in the car or snuggling into the couch with a cup of coffee, Eddie and Sally invite you to the table for some hearty laughs and down to earth conversation. As mentioned in the podcast, Eddie and Sally's mailing address: (PLEASE PROVIDE PAID POSTAGE IF YOU WANT ANYTHING MAILED BACK TO YOU.) 6771 Warner Ave. P.O. Box 2051 Huntington Beach, CA 92647 PROVIDE PAID POSTAGE IF YOU EXPECT ANYTHING TO BE MAILED BACK TO YOU. To support Eddie and Sally's work, please consider downloading the SALLY MCRAE STRENGTH APP where you will find stand alone workouts, running programs and hybrid strength and running programs for every level of fitness. As always, thank you for being here and thank you for being a part of the strongest community around! Keep Choosing Strong in ALL that you do! --- Support this podcast:
#33 How to Keep Going

#33 How to Keep Going


Listen as Eddie and Sally answer one of the most common life questions, "How do I keep going when it hurts?" Raw, relatable, and deeply insightful, everyone will benefit from this episode and we strongly encourage you to share it with your family and loved ones. +Intro- light and fun per usual, Eddie and Sally banter a bit before diving in +Sally's most asked question "How do you keep going?" +Pain in Life vs. Pain in a Race +Sally's stories: personal setbacks in races, lessons learned +Coaching Hat: Sally guides athletes through discomfort and mental roadblocks and gives real-life coaching and crewing examples that have brought athletes success +Powerful words, mantras and encouragement for the listener We ask you support Eddie and Sally's work by downloading Sally's Strength App! The goal is to put out encouraging, helpful, and REAL content into the world and by downloading the app you help big time, so thank you in advance if you are already in the app! Follow the CHOOSE STRONG PODCAST on Instagram and YouTube ! Follow Sally McRae on Instagram and YouTube! --- Support this podcast:
Sally McRae just crossed the finish line as the Moab 240 champion which also crowned her as the Triple Crown of 200s Champion and the Grand Slam of 200s Champion. For the last 5 months Sally has been on a quest to complete Cocodona 250, Tahoe 220, Bigfoot 200 and Moab 240 and she had her heart set on winning the final race. Listen in as Eddie and Sally break down the race; her strategy to win; and Sally's overall message about the pain we experience in a race compared to real life. Whether you're a runner or not, there's something for everyone in this episode that you can apply to your every day life. If you love Eddie and Sally's work, we ask you to consider downloading Sally's Strength App where you'll find workouts, racing plans, and mental strength sessions to help you in your every day life and in racing. We appreciate your support of Eddie and Sally's app as it helps them put out content weekly! SALLY MCRAE STRENGTH APP --- Support this podcast:
Curious about what it takes to train and race for a trail/ultra race? Join Sally & Eddie on this discussion about her first years as a rookie runner; and the journey she took to understanding how to train, eat, pick gear, and prepare for a race. Please consider supporting Eddie and Sally's work by downloading ⁠SALLY'S RUNNING AND STRENGTH APP⁠. --- Support this podcast:
Join Eddie and Sally in this casual, real conversation as they tackle listener's questions about alcohol, sleep, nutrition and other most commonly asked questions. Sally begins the conversation with a personal story about her recent travels and then deep dives into her personal views and lessons she's learned about every day topics. We guarantee you'll glean something from this discussion; and as always, Eddie will keep you laughing. THE TAHOE 200 FILM WILL BE RELEASED TONIGHT ON SALLY'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL; PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND WATCH HERE. *Note- They discuss an alternative topic for this podcast at the beginning which they have decided to save for another episode. Please consider supporting Eddie and Sally's work by downloading SALLY'S RUNNING AND STRENGTH APP. To watch this episode on YOUTUBE, please subscribe and watch here. --- Support this podcast:
Don't miss this powerful episode with world-renown Billy Yang; one of the most talented filmmakers in the endurance world. Please consider supporting Billy as he races New York City Marathon to raise money with Justin Grunewald for the BRAVE LIKE GABE FOUNDATION. Follow Billy Yang on all major social media platforms @billyyang and be sure to check out his inspiring films on his YOUTUBE channel. Consider supporting Eddie and Sally's work by downloading Sally's Strength and Running app or by purchasing her CHOOSE STRONG book. Thank you in advance for all your support! Brave Like Gabe Foundation: YouTube: Sally McRae Strength App: Choose Strong Book: --- Support this podcast:
A staple in the Choose Strong Podcast is listening to your questions and answering them here! We love to hear from you and often, many of you have the same questions! Join Eddie and Sally as they sift through a balance of both deep and light hearted questions. We know you'll enjoy this episode! Thank you for listening! Please consider supporting this podcast by downloading SALLY'S STRENGTH APP! You can also order her newly released book, CHOOSE STRONG. We appreciate the Choose Strong Community and hope this episode and ALL episodes fill you with strength and hope for YOUR journey! --- Support this podcast:
In part 2 of the Mental Game, Sally discusses three critical factors that destroy our mindset both in everyday life and racing. Grab a pen & paper for this one- you’ll want to take notes! Please consider supporting our show by downloading the Sally McRae Strength App! --- Support this podcast:
When challenges begin to compound, do you second guess your mission or personal abilities? When is it time to throw in the towel and when should we keep pushing forward? In this candid episode, Sally and Eddie break down the Bigfoot 200 race- an event that took place just 17 days after Sally crossed the finish line of Tahoe 220. Sally takes the listener into the mindset that's helped her overcome again and again while reminding us that's it's okay to feel weak. Sometimes the greatest lessons are learned when we relinquish our expectations and we do the best with what we have to give in the moment. Please consider supporting Eddie and Sally's work by downloading the SALLY MCRAE STRENGTH APP Get Sally's latest book: CHOOSE STRONG and be sure to leave a review! Subscribe to Sally's YouTube channel and be the first to know when the TAHOE 200 film premiers! Follow Sally on Instagram @yellowrunner Follow the CHOOSE STRONG PODCAST on Instagram --- Support this podcast:
Have you tapped into your powerful mind in difficult situations? Do you believe a strong mind is only for "some" people? Listen as Eddie and Sally break down Sally's grueling journey to finish Tahoe 200, the second race in the GRAND SLAM OF 200s SERIES. From illness to blacking out while alone on the trails, Sally encourages her listeners to believe in the strength we all possess despite the dark and painful challenges in racing, but most importantly, in life. THE YELLOW NIKE TRAIL CHOOSE STRONG HAT will be gifted to 8 people who leave a podcast review! Listen to hear the details and we thank you in advance for your kind and encouraging reviews! Please consider supporting our work by downloading the SALLY MCRAE STRENGTH app! Every download allows us to continue creating content, films, podcasts, etc and we thank you so much for the support! Podcast Photo by: Tyler McCain --- Support this podcast:
Mental toughness, fortitude, and overcoming. What & How you think has the power to crush you or strengthen you no matter the season/situation in life. Listen to the start of this multi-series episode and leave encouraged & inspired to work on your mental game. Choose Strong Book: Sally McRae Strength App: --- Support this podcast:
Hellah Sidibe aka HELLAHGOOD on social media is well known globally not only for his incredible run streak (since 2017) but for his relentless light and positivity. I was so honored to sit down with my good friend and listen to him share about his upbringing, his soccer career that ended up brining him to running; and his first experience running Western States 100. Follow Hellah on Instagram at @hellahgood9 Checkout Hellah's YouTube channel at HellahGood To support this podcast, please download Sally's Strength App! --- Support this podcast:
Sally answers your questions with candid responses and encouraging insight. Support the podcast and download Sally's Strength and Running app here Get Sally's New Book: CHOOSE STRONG and be sure to leave a review! Thank you again for supporting our show! Every download means so much to us! Keep Choosing Strong in ALL you do! --- Support this podcast:
We did it- Sally's first 200+ mile race is complete and we have a solid 3 hour episode to break it all down. You'll want to save this for your extra long run or to power you through the next few days as every segment is insightful and encouraging. As with all our episodes, we hope you find strength and encouragement for your own journey in what we have to share. You'll hear the background leading up to the race, the challenges Sally faced, why she chose to wear that green suit and sun hat with the mouth shield; and what it felt like to push through feet wounds for more than 80 hours. And....YES, you'll be entertained again by Eddie's presence and lighthearted insight on what it was like to crew his first 250 mile race! There's something for everyone in this episode and we thank you advance for the ratings and comments. To support our work, please download the SALLY MCRAE STRENGTH APP and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as the Cocodona 250 film will be released in two weeks on the @sallymcraestrength YT channel. To pre-order Sally's book: CHOOSE STRONG For Sally's sun hat- Follow Drew Darby and Tyler McCain (photographer/filmakers) We appreciate you for listening and being a part of the community! Feel free to send us a message at or leave us a review on Apple! Thank you! --- Support this podcast:
Get ready for an hour of entertainment & a whole lot of inspiration as Eddie and Sally talk about the build up to the first of 4, 200 mile races this year…building a team, crewing, and of course choosing strong! We want to thank YOU for your support and being a part of the community! If you loved this episode and want to help us continue to put out great content, please consider downloading Sally's Running and Strength app: SALLY'S APP Subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel and follow Sally's training journey to the COCODONA 250 in her latest series: Training for a 200+ Mile Race. Episodes are released every Friday! Want to WATCH the podcast? We have uploaded every episode onto the CHOOSE STRONG PODCAST YouTube channel. Check it out here! --- Support this podcast:
Today I sit down with Mac Jackson - a new runner in the ultra world who recently crushed his first 100 mile race in under 20 hours. Mac talks about juggling life as a husband, father, and career man while fitting in the training. Be sure to give Mac a follow @Maction17 on IG! We want to thank you for listening, sharing and supporting our channel. Be sure to check us out at the following media outlets: CHOOSE STRONG PODCAST YOUTUBE CHANNEL SALLY MCRAE STRENGTH APP SALLY MCRAE YOUTUBE CHANNEL- LATEST SERIES: TRAINING FOR A 200 MILE RACE SALLYMCRAE.COM --- Support this podcast:
Comments (2)

Missy Drees

Absolutely love this podcast, running, humor, life. Complete perfection!

Aug 7th

Richelle Rogers

Great podcast! So glad I found it. Loved the episode with Hellah. You would enjoy interviewing Raven (just st Google Run with Raven) - his running streak has gone on since 1975!

Jul 10th
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