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Schlatt's Dumbest Gift Yet

Schlatt's Dumbest Gift Yet


On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, we return to the podcast for the new year with stars in our eyes and beauty in our hearts. Talking about the possibility of selling Schlatt's cat's hair so people can clone it, drinking bugs, and Ted and Tucker's roadkill story. Enjoy. 
The Kurtis Conner Exclusive!

The Kurtis Conner Exclusive!


On the final episode of Chuckle Sandwich in 2022, we brought Kurtis Conner onto the podcast! We said some pretty goofy things this episode, and got into Kurtis's experience on his recent stand up tour he did around the USA!
On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, Ted and Schlatt receive a mysterious Christmas gift in the mail! It turns out that death is not real, and Charlie Slimecicle has returned to them, if only for a moment. Join the boys as they reflect on holiday memories, read holiday Chuckle Mail, and revel in the holiday spirit in this podcast special!
On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, we introduce a new section to the podcast: Chuckle Mail! During this episode, we took some of our viewers ridiculous and also genuine questions about our interests, as well as advice in their lives, and we did our best to answer them. Enjoy!
On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich we challenge ourselves to determine if we could defeat a series of popular (and also some really random) video game characters in a fight to the death. We probably believe in ourselves more than anyone else does.
On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, we sent Tucker to find us some ridiculous conspiracy theories that we could talk about. From Walt Disney's frozen head, to Bigfoot being a robot - we've got it all!
On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, we are joined by the hilarious Will Neff - We talk about his dyslexia, lying about knowing Spanish on his trip to Cuba, Ted getting in a China VS USA arm wrestling contest, Spicy messages over Telegraphing, our plans on getting absolutely shredded and people getting freckles tattooed on them! Enjoy, Chucklers!
The Danny Gonzalez Exclusive

The Danny Gonzalez Exclusive


On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, we get on a very special guest Danny Gonzalez. We talk about his recent Ghost Hunting video, his opinion on ramps in a Zombie Apocalypse, and Ted's questionable opinions on The Titanic
On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, Schlatt and Ted are tasked by our wonderful producer Tucker to decide what our best course of action would be in an apocalypse scenario, similar to an episode in the past! This was a very enjoyable episode, and we hope you enjoy it too!
On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich: Schlatt breaks his chair, the boys talk about the stress of content creation, why Schlatt makes so many TikTok reaction videos, Ted's insane strategy to wake up in the morning, and dodgeball
On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, SwaggerSouls returns to the podcast for his tertiary appearance! We talk about recent experiences at Twitchcon, what's new with Swagger, and have a shocking revelation about a certain monkey statue...
On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, we bring longtime huge fan of the podcast TommyInnit back to talk about his first experience in America, where he did a series attempting to complete a series of challenges in order to meet Schlatt - among other things, enjoy!
Use code CHUCKLE for $20 off your first SeatGeek order. are going to make you mad on this episode. We made a tier list of as many of the childhood TV shows / cartoons we could remember ( We know we missed some ) - our opinions are fact.
on this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, Ted talks about his first potentially paranormal moment that happened to him right before recording this episode, and the boys have a good chat. Plus, Tucker has returned! You all seemed to enjoy his presence last episode, so he's sticking around.
On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, Ted & Schlatt have a duo podcast for the first time! However, they've brought a friend to help fill the void. They talk about some interesting "Would You Rather" questions, ranging from being on the run from the FBI for 48 hours, to having to fight a bloodthirsty German shepherd in a cell with no way out. Enjoy!
Pure Unhinged Chaos ft. Minx

Pure Unhinged Chaos ft. Minx


On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, Minx returns as a guest on the podcast! We talk about her recent experience boxing in an arena of 10,000 people, how she managed to break her ankle, our scariest / weirdest moments in life, and a new "Would You Rather" question!
The Angriest Man on Tik Tok

The Angriest Man on Tik Tok


Joe Bartolozzi, popular Tik Tok personality and Twitch streamer comes on the Chuckle Sandwich podcast to talk about the time he lost $15,000 like a little baby to a scammer. What a loser!
The Scott The Woz Exclusive

The Scott The Woz Exclusive


Legendary creator Scott The Woz joins Ted Nivison & Schlatt to talk about pretty much exclusively rats on this episode of Chuckle Sandwich
We have returned after a long hiatus for a new episode of Chuckle Sandwich! Today we are joined by prolific musical Minecraft man Wilbur Soot, and we've learned some things about him that we surprise him with throughout the episode! Enjoy
On this episode we have a sit-down and talk about Charlie's departure from the podcast, and what it means for the future of Chuckle Sandwich. We love Charlie to death!
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Charlie slimecicle my boy the dough is the flow

Nov 27th


I thought they were joking.. we'll miss you Charlie ):

Jun 1st


My Favourite Episode Yet!

Oct 25th

Divit Kalmady

this is the most controversial episode I'm gonna say

Oct 17th

Divit Kalmady

pokemon will fuck up 1 billion lions

Oct 17th
Reply (1)

Muhammad Salam

Truly disgusting that some "people" would do this horrible thing

Feb 7th
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