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Citizen McCain by Meghan McCain is your new fave podcast for all things politics and pop culture. If you’re talking about it, she’s talking about it, and she isn’t afraid to get into it. We'll focus on trending news, celebrity gossip, Americana culture, and all the stuff in the weird corners of the internet. Meghan, an American icon, plans to tackle cancel culture, break down viral trends, and have conversations that you’re going to want to hear. A blend of entertainment and hard news with the Meghan McCain twist.
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Meghan and Miranda open the show reminiscing about their time at the 2016 Republican National Convention. They go through their experiences during one of the wildest and most chaotic events of the last decade including when Miranda was on the convention floor as Donald Trump accepted the party nomination for President. Then, Mary Katharine Ham joins Meghan in studio to talk about the turmoil surrounding the Biden campaign and her expectations for next weeks' RNC.
For the first time ever...Miranda is in Washington D.C. and in the studio with Meghan! They catch up and talk about how they spent their 4th of July. Then, Axios reporter Alex Thompson joins Meghan to talk about President Biden's health and the disturbing reports coming out of the White House. Finally, Meghan and Miranda play a really fun game to close out the show.
Meghan starts off hot... She is ready to set the record straight about her relationship with President Biden and address all the comments about how she's "betrayed" him. Then, Lunden Roberts, the mother of the President's seventh grandchild, joins Meghan in the studio. Lunden opens up about the heartbreaking story of how she fell for Hunter Biden only to be totally rejected.
Get ready to enter Meghan and Miranda's Chat for the hot gossip of the week! We start by talking about the Man vs. Bear argument again... except this time it's about the Presidential Debate on CNN vs 'The Bear' Season 3 being released on Hulu. They each give their three predictions about what they think will happen between Trump and Biden. They also talk about how unfair everyone is treating the police officer who arrested Justin Timberlake last week, our stranded astronauts, and how the other founder of OceanGate is planning a trip to the "Devil's Portal".
Meghan and Miranda get into a very touchy topic at the top of the show... and had to bring in our resident Swiftie, Producer Ashley to weigh in. Is Taylor Swift sabotaging Billie Eilish and Charlie XCX by releasing re-records at the same time they drop their new albums? Then, Meghan and Miranda argue over 'Game Of Thrones' and whether Kenya from 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' deserves to be fired for revenge porn. Are you ready for it?
Okay, first off -- Meghan and Miranda have to apologize because neither of them slept the night before the show... and they'll tell you why. They also caught up on their Father's Day celebrations. Then, legendary broadcaster Brit Hume joins Meghan to talk about everything from age limits in government to 'Family Guy' - seriously! It's a fun conversation with someone who knows literally EVERYBODY.
Happy Father's Day, everybody! Meghan and Miranda open the show talking about how they plan to celebrate their husbands this weekend as well as the rest of the fathers in their lives. Don't expect any last minute gift inspo, because we're not spilling what we got! Then, Meghan's first boss and good friend Ramin Setoodeh talks all about Donald Trump's time on 'The Apprentice.' Ramin literally wrote the book on this subject and he's not afraid to spill all the behind the scenes gossip and stories from his time spent with the former president.
There is a bunch of stuff to catch up on in the wild world of political news... including the verdict for Hunter Biden. But first, Meghan and Miranda catch up and talk about their plans for 4th of July. It's a few weeks away, but it's one of Meghan's favorite holidays and she's already getting super excited. They also talk about which summer movies look most exciting and agree this year doesn't look great. Then, iconic journalist Susan Page joins Meghan in studio to talk about political news and gossip, her brand new book profiling Barbara Walters, and how she thinks all these court cases for Donald Trump and Hunter Biden will impact the election in November. Buckle up.
Meghan and Miranda are depressed that the 'Real Housewives Of New Jersey' has gotten terrible. They're bored by it, Meghan is even falling asleep during the episodes. Luckily, our friend Carlos King is one of the original producers on the show and comes on to give his thoughts about why the Jersey girls are in their flop era... and how they can fix it.
As promised, we're doing our episode all about the Benjamins. Meghan asks the New York Post's financial correspondent Lydia Moynihan all the questions about the economy, housing market, and grocery prices that we've been talking about. Before that, Meghan and Miranda catch up after our week off and talk about the latest billionaire looking to check out the depths of the Atlantic in his own submersible.
Meghan and her longtime confidant Laurye Blackford have a conversation about legacy media's last gasps. Let's face it, most of us get our news from social media and podcasts... not newspapers and TV, right? Both Meghan and Laurye have worked in traditional and new media and talk about why they think cable news is dying.
We just can't keep Ted Cruz out of our studio! But today he's brought a special guest, Alabama Senator Katie Britt along with him to talk about their IVF Bill. Before getting into that, Meghan and Miranda get into the Diddy video. We also get a co-sleeping update to see if any of the changes Meghan made have been working.
Get ready to take a peek behind the curtain of one of Meghan's most intimate friendships. Tulsi Gabbard joined Meghan in the studio to talk about how they met, their public perception, and Tulsi's yearslong battle with infertility. Get your tissues ready because this episode is unlike anything we've ever done before.
Get ready to enter Meghan and her co-host Miranda's chats! They start with behind-the-scenes stuff from Meghan's trip to New York to be on Bravo and catch up on the biggest stories, including the shutdown of the NYC to Dublin Portal because everyone is insane. Stay all the way to see if we can fix the situation with Harry and Meghan Markle's weird charity news of the week.
We are so happy to be back! It was just Mother's Day, Meghan was on Bravo, Miranda has bronchitis, and former President Trump held a massive rally on the Jersey Shore. There is a ton of stuff to catch up on and Nikki Schwab from The Daily Mail is the perfect person to help us!
Wow, there is a ton of wild news, rumors, and tea in the Bravo world, and the only person who can help Meghan and her co-host, Miranda, sort it out is Carlos King. They go through it all, including 'VPR' needing CPR, why the Beverly Hills girls will finally have to start getting real, and 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' coming out of its pause phase. They also talk about Britney Spears and whether we're witnessing a repeat of her 2007 breakdown. Meghan and Miranda also give the final word on JLo, and how their JLo advice video was taken down from TikTok.
Everyone is getting "work" done, and presidential candidates are no different. Meghan talks to Dr. Anthony Youn, one of the country's most trusted plastic surgeons. They discuss the possible work President Biden and former President Donald Trump may have done ahead of the election. Just before that, Meghan's friend and pollster, Kristen Soltis Anderson joins us on set to go over the latest news, including Trump's rumored picks for VP.
Meghan and Miranda are getting excited about some very exciting stuff happening next week. Meghan will make her return to the Bravo Clubhouse and promises to return with some hot gossip. They also welcome the Zodiac Killer himself (ha!) Texas Senator Ted Cruz. He and Meghan dish about sucky experiences with late night hosts, election conspiracies, and bond over life on the campaign trail.
Meghan and her co-host Miranda are giving you the insider knowledge about The White House Correspondents' Dinner, dating advice, and a talk show host who needs to raise the bar. They also discuss a new low for Governor Kristi Noem and a new high for Mayor Pete.
Before Meghan welcomes her friend and genius political strategist Alex Castellanos in the studio, she and Miranda must go over the wild stuff blowing up their text chains all week. They talk about the protests on college campuses and even find out what trouble our old buddy George Santos has gotten into now. Then, Meghan and Alex get into some great political analysis, including whether Kamala Harris has ruined women holding high office for a while. Capping off the show, Meghan and Miranda introduce a really fun new segment...this one is all about JLo.
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