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Close Conversations w/ Nick Cannon

Author: Nick Cannon Mornings | POWER 106

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Power 106's Nick Cannon Mornings is LA’s #1 Hip Hop station with exclusive interviews, new music, hip hop news and good times.
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Dr. Bahiyyah Muhammad joined Nick Cannon to discuss criminology in light of everything going on with police brutality. They talked about a difficult concept of “criminology it the study of a black man” and explains the concept behind it along with the theory and data on which is crime concentrated in the lower class along with theories that are deadly and dehumanizing statics. See for privacy information.
Actor Danny Trejo shares his words of wisdom to the people regarding the protests in communities around the Nation on Nick Cannon Radio. When asked for his thoughts on the Malcolm X quote of “America only understands the language of violence”; Trejo says “We’ve come to the point where we are in a gang fight now… This is no longer about police brutality.” What are the solutions? Trejo says “now we got sit down – both sides – sit down and talk. We have got to get all them people that were protesting, get them (to) sign the petition…”  See for privacy information.
The one and only Snoop Dogg joins Nick Cannon and discusses the #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd moment sweeping the local communities, states, and the nation. Snoop says that this is the first time in his 48 years that he’s seen “Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Asians and all people of all walks of life come together for one particular cause”. See for privacy information.
#MaxineWaters joins the #NickCannon Morning show and speaks on people on the frontline during this most critical time in history for the black community. Maxine Waters talks about what we should be doing to implement change, how to lead by example, law enforcement, and more. See for privacy information.
LA's - Mayor #EricGarcetti joins #NickCannon and talks about the $3 Billion on law enforcement, changing the language from law enforcement to upholding the law, mental health trainings for officers, #GeorgeFloyd protests, Chief Moore and more. See for privacy information.
Herb Wesson joins #NickCannon on #GeorgeFloyd. Says these are rare moments in history where we can change the world + more. See for privacy information.
Brother Rizza Islam joins #NickCannon for a conversation on #GeorgeFloyd, Protests, Dealing with Law Enforcement, and more. See for privacy information.
Dr. Melina joins #NickCannon for talks on #GeorgeFloyd, police power, and talks on eliminating police officers to create peace officers + more. See for privacy information.
#LilJon joined #NickCannon and talked about his last Verzuz #TPain battle and doing some more things together. While discussing the #Verzuz Lil Jon would like to see a potential 36 Mafia v Bone Thugz considering it was a big rival in the streets. Lil Jon also talks about his new current hit SexBeat with JD, Usher, Ludacris on how it came together + video coming out soon and more. See for privacy information.
#GHerbo checks in with #NickCannon on Quarantine Life, the amazing things he's doing in the community, PTSD, and how he wishes #JuiceWRLD was here to enjoy the success and more. See for privacy information.
#NickCannonMornings: #Zonnique joins #NickCannon and talks about #quarantinelife, how she uses DM's and puts Nick on to the game, what other music to expect, and more. See for privacy information.
#Quarantine Check-In with #MITCH and #NickCannon on how he got his start to linking up and producing music with #YG. MITCH goes into detail and describes his sound and talks about new music and recent collaborations and more. See for privacy information.
#112 checks in with #NickCannon on their latest #Verzuz battle against #JaggedEdge, current tours, who they would like to see next on the #Verzuz battle and more. See for privacy information.
Ludacris checked in with #NickCannon on his early career, staying grounded, humble, and not forgetting where you come from. Coming off of the main event of the #SwizzBeatz and #Timbaland's Verzuz Luda discusses his presentation, and how some hits may not hit the same today and how some tracks still bang in the club. See for privacy information.
Wiz Khalifa joins the Nick Cannon Morning Show remotely during #covid19 #selfquarantining and has 'High Talk' on new social norms and his newly released project "The Saga of Wiz Khalifa".  See for privacy information.
Yea...Aight! Blueface pulled up to Nick Cannon Mornings for a Close Conversation where he dropped his expectations for his debut album 'Find The Beat', takes a sex test where he gets a little candid about his bedroom behavior, which leads to a hilarious debate over who's better in bed. Blueface also speaks on his 'Friday After Next'-inspired visual with DaBaby and his appearance on "Wild N Out"! See for privacy information.
Tammy Rivera came through to the Nick Cannon Mornings studios to chop it up with Teddy Mora and Melissa Rios about how she's staying busy as an entrepreneur, mother, and artist. With hit TV appearances on shows like 'Love & Hip Hop" under her belt, Rivera is now bringing her family life front and center for the new WeTV "Marriage Bootcamp" show with hubby Waka Flocka Flame. Speaking on their marriage, Tammy addresses the hate she's received for building her own brand behind the success of her husband, but it's definitely something she is not ashamed about. Tammy also shares that she has a new album expected to drop in April, updates on her daughter's gloss line, and what to expect from the new family show. See for privacy information.
Sean Paul has been in the game for four decades now and has put Dancehall on the map with every record he's dropped. Having gained international success with tracks like "Temperature", "Give It Up", "Like Glue", and many more, Paul comes through to Nick Cannon Mornings to discuss how the popular genre stills doesn't receive all its due recognition. Sean also talks to Teddy and Melissa about wanting to mentor new artists, the caution he takes with social media and his private life, and addresses some of the old rumors surrounding Beyonce and Jay-Z. See for privacy information.
Progressive Gospel singer, producer, and pastor Deitrick Haddon came through the Power 106 studios for a Close Conversation with Nick Cannon about his strong upbringing in church and non-secular music. Speaking on a range of topics surrounding religion and today's society, Haddon opens the discussion about rapper Kanye West and his role and impact with his Sunday Service and focus on now religious music releases. Deitrick also goes on to speak on his views of the passing of the late Kobe Bryant, why he walked away from his former label, and his latest musical project. See for privacy information.
Bria Murphy is on a mission to make art cool again and not just cool but in a way that sparks provocative conversation. Stopping through Nick Cannon Mornings, Bria might be the daughter of famed comedian Eddie Murphy but she has an impressive resume of her own when it comes to her passion. While her goal is to strike the interest of many who have never been exposed to the idea of art, Bria shares that she wants to bring more awareness to sustainability and for people to tap into their artistic abilities. Bria also talks about her biggest fear and shares that she loves pimple popping. See for privacy information.
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Porcha Givens

keep speaking your truth... A true king is what you are!!🙏🏽❤ keep your head up so they can see your crown 👑

Jul 31st

Aaron Chustz

Your muva

Jul 27th

Jordyn Peterson

👏👏👏👏 "Last time I checked they dont even police the animals!" So Much Truth!

Jul 18th

the Apache !

Fuck you , you racist asshole. we should. boycott you. you're cool with cancel culture so maybe it's time you get a taste of your own medicine.

Jul 16th
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