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NFL legend Shannon Sharpe—3x Super Bowl champion and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame—sits down with the biggest athletes, celebrities and influencers to discuss their accomplishments, challenges, and everything in-between.
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Shannon Sharpe and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson react to the LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers dominating New Orleans Pelicans in the semifinal round of the NBA In-Season Tournament, the New England Patriots beating Pittsburgh Steelers 21-18 on Thursday Night Football, whether Marvin Harrison Jr. should go to the NFL Draft or stay at Ohio State, & much more!00:00 - Introduction03:00 -Lakers beat Pelicans24:00 - Patriots beat Steelers27:00 - Marvin's next move50:00 - Fast Food prison sentence59:00 - Ocho the Stripper1:17:00 - Unc's fancy dog bed1:30:00 - Much more Nightcap! #Volume #ClubSee for privacy information.
We’re back with Season 2, Episode 21 of Club 520 where Jeff Teague and the guys discuss the NBA In-Season Tournament where Tyrese Haliburton and the Indiana Pacers knocked out Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics. Jeff reacts to Haliburton becoming a superstar and how good he is for the city of Indianapolis. The guys then discuss the current state of the Golden State Warriors and how Jeff feels that this is officially the end of their dynasty. #Club #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Francis Ngannou Part 2

Francis Ngannou Part 2


But the real knockout is Francis Ngannou's incredible journey from Africa to Paris in 14 months – barbwire fences, inflatable boats, and more adversity - which displays why Francis isn’t afraid to go up against anyone. How about a culture lesson? Francis breaks down the true meaning of polygamy in Africa. Also, Francis shares the moment he knew he made it after traveling to the USA for the first time. Hold onto your gloves; this episode's a title bout of surprises. For example, you’ll never guess who Francis want to play him in a movie. Hint: it rhymes with “Skilled This Fella”. It's a heavyweight talk you won't want to miss! #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
Francis Ngannou Part 1

Francis Ngannou Part 1


Francis Ngannou delivers a knockout episode on Club Shay Shay, going toe-to-toe with Shannon Sharpe. The punches aren't just in the ring – Francis is throwing verbal jabs, expressing his desire to take on heavyweight giants Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua and rematch with Tyson Fury. He takes a swing at UFC contracts and Dana White, revealing some behind-the-octagon heat. Francis also says he would fight Jon Jones. #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
Shannon Sharpe and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson react to the Cincinnati Bengals upsetting Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars, Zach Wilson's drama with the New York Jets continues, the right way to act on a first date and much more! 00:00 - Introduction02:00 - Bengals beat Jaguars06:30 - Zach Wilson vs. Jets24:30 - Proper First date etiquette39:30 - Sheryl Lee Ralph moves for love53:00 - Chad & Shannon's million dollar bet #Club #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
We’re back with Season 2, Episode 20 of Club 520 where Jeff Teague and the guys are joined by rapper Sada Baby to discuss all things basketball, NBA, rap, music, and much more. Sada talks about meeting his favorite basketball player of all time in Carmelo Anthony, and yelling to LeBron James while sitting courtside. Sada then talks about how Damian Lillard is the best rapper in the NBA, and how he could see Jay-Z and Dame doing a song together. The guys tell basketball and music stories that you won’t want to miss! 00:00 - Introduction03:00 - Best rapper hoopers12:00 - Damian Lillard story14:30 - Meeting Carmelo Anthony19:30 - Best hooper rappers25:20 - Best players who got hurt39:00 - Why Sada Baby started to rap46:20 - Hooping in high school1:01:00 - Rod Wave #Club #VolumeSee for privacy information.
00:00 - Introduction02:30 - Packers upset Chiefs10:30 - 49ers beat Eagles27:00 - Dolphins beat Commanders47:00 - Alabama gets into College Football Playoff57:00 - LeBron and Ime Udoka exchange words1:04:00 - Is Brock Purdy the MVP?1:34:00 - Meeting Michael Jordan1:40:00 - Much more Nightcap #Club #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
This special episode recaps some of the best moments from Club Shay Shay during the month of October. 0:00 - DaBaby explains why he played rugby over football and basketball, talks the different advice of 50 Cent and Kanye West and dealing with his brother committing suicide & father's death 14:02 - Trevor Ariza spills the tea as James Harden’s former teammate On how Harden was in the locker room, talks James Harden being seen in strip clubs & popping bottles in Las Vegas and the Clippers’ early struggles with Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Harden 29:20 -  Ric Flair Ric Flair does NOT include The Rock on his wrestling Mt. Rushmore but says who is, shares insane Andre the Giant stories and tearfully shares the heartbreaking story of discovering his son after tragically dying from an overdose 45:45 - DJ Khaled talks Rick Ross And Lil Wayne didn’t hear Jay-Z’s "God Did" verse until the song was released, thanking Jay-Z for performing at the Grammys with Khaled and his secrecy after making music 1:03:44 - Cordae shares his message to Megan Thee Stallion after Tory Lanez incident, talks advice he received from J. Cole and explains living with his manager to save money #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Shannon Sharpe and Chad Ochocinco Johnson discuss the exciting Cowboys win over the Seahawks (2:00), Tyreek Hill's comments about Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs (10:30), Deion Sanders winning a surprising award (22:00), LeBron James skipping a Lakers game for his son's debut (24:30), a wild T.I. story (42:00), and the best receivers in NFL history (55:00).   #Club #VolumeSee for privacy information.
We’re back with Season 2, Episode 19 of Club 520 where Jeff Teague and the guys discuss how Tyrese Haliburton of the Indiana Pacers has been the BEST point guard in the NBA so far this season. He has been carrying the Pacers, and has been better than Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors and Damian Lillard of the Milwaukee Bucks. The guys then discuss how Anthony Edwards has become the best young player in the NBA as he’s quickly become a superstar for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Finally, the guys discuss their favorite wrestlers of all time as CM Punk made his return to the WWE. 00:00 - Introduction03:00 - Buying fake clothes09:30 - Jeff’s WORST Christmas gift19:00 - Best point guard in NBA25:00 - CM Punk back in WWE32:00 - Throwback phones #Club #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Trevor Ariza Part 2

Trevor Ariza Part 2


Ever wondered what's going on with Anthony Davis? Trevor's knowledge as a former teammate allows him to rationalize what's going on with "The Brow". Trevor tells the story LeBron dropping 50 on him back in high school after Trevor's uncle declared him a better player. Ariza also has some bold predictions, betting against a Golden State ring for Chris Paul and declaring Damian Lillard the three-point king over Steph Curry. Just for kicks, Trevor crafts a dream team of former teammates and faces the heat on Dwight Howard criticism. It's a slam dunk of laughs, insights, and some real locker room talk. Grab a front-row seat on Club Shay Shay – where the game is on, and the banter is always in overtime! #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
Trevor Ariza Part 1

Trevor Ariza Part 1


Shannon Sharpe shoots the breeze with NBA champ Trevor Ariza at Club Shay Shay. Trevor Ariza talks about playing alongside legends Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Harden, and Chris Paul. He discusses the Clippers' star-studded experiment headlined by Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. Brace yourself – he's doing a reverse layup by picking Kobe over LeBron. #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
Shannon Sharpe and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson react to the Chicago Bears beating the Minnesota Vikings, the Carolina Panthers firing first-year head coach Frank Reich and what it means for Bryce Young, Shannon clears up his comments about Megan Thee Stallion, the guys debate whether they would start their franchise with Jalen Hurts or Lamar Jackson and much more! 00:00 - Introduction4:10 - Bears beat Vikings13:15 - Shaq Lawson apologizes20:00 - Frank Reich fired29:00 - Deebo Samuel vs. Eagles45:00 - Megan Thee Stallion Talk1:00:00 - Unc loves to brush his teeth1:25:00 - Hurts or Lamar?1:29:00 - Much more Nightcap! #Club #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
We’re back with Season 2, Episode 18 of Club 520 where Jeff Teague and the guys are joined by comedian Mojo Brookzz to discuss all things comedy and sports. Mojo tells stories about what made him become a comedian, some of his craziest shows, and the people who he looks up to the most in comedy. Mojo then talks about being a cast member of Wild ‘N Out, and discusses what his Chicago Bears should do with quarterback Justin Fields. 00:00 - Introduction04:00 - Mojo craziest show so far09:00 - Starting out doing comedy13:40 - Chuck E. Cheese story17:00 - Thanksgiving sides20:00 - Top 3 comics to go on tour with27:00 - Favorite artists to come out of Chicago31:00 - Learning social media37:00 - Chicago Bears #Club #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Shannon Sharpe and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson react to Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles beating Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills in overtime (12:00), the Chiefs handy win over the Raiders (44:00), T.I.’s public feud with his son (52:00), and so much more. #Club #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
Shannon Sharpe and Chad Ochocinco Johnson discuss the Dolphins walloping the Jets (2:00), Jerry Jones’ takes (20:00), The Athletic’s NFL player poll (36:00), NBA star Anthony Edwards claiming he could play in the NFL (56:00), raccoon soup (1:05:00), and so much more. #Club #Herd #VolumeSee for privacy information.
On a Thanksgiving episode of Nightcap, Shannon Sharpe & Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson react to Brock Purdy & the San Francisco 49ers taking on Geno Smith and the Seattle Seahawks (6:15), Dak Prescott's monster game in the Dallas Cowboys win over the Washington Commanders (14:15), Jordan Love leading the Green Bay Packers over Jared Goff and the Detroit Lions (43:15), Jim Irsay's controversial comments (55:30), Teyana Taylor fling for divorce from Iman Shumpert (01:16:00) and much much more! (Timestamps may vary based on advertisements.) #Club #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
Ric Flair Part 2

Ric Flair Part 2


The Nature Boy delves into the harrowing experience of surviving a plane crash, providing a vivid account of the life-altering event. Flair emotionally breaks down while discussing his son, offering a raw and intimate perspective on the challenges and heartbreaks he has faced in his personal life. The conversation shifts to his reflections on The Rock and John Cena, highlighting the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling. Flair proudly discusses his daughter's journey into wrestling, showcasing the legacy of flair in the family. The episode takes a philosophical turn as Flair explores the key ingredients for the longevity he shares with Tom Brady and LeBron James. He addresses the backlash he received from WWE for venturing into AEW and humbly reflects on being considered a wrestling GOAT. This episode is a compelling mix of personal revelations, wrestling insights, and reflections on an unparalleled legacy in sports entertainment. #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Ric Flair Part 1

Ric Flair Part 1


WOO! Wrestling legend Ric Flair enters the ring! In this episode of Club Shay Shay,  Flair lists his Mt. Rushmore of Trash Talkers, providing a history lesson on the verbal theatrics tin sports. He unveils his greatest catchphrase of all time, offering a glimpse into the mind of a master showman. The conversation takes a poignant turn as Flair gets emotional discussing his parents, being kidnapped then adopted, providing listeners with an honest insight into what truly lies behind the flamboyant persona. Additionally, he passionately defends LeBron James, adding a layer of contemporary sports discussion to the mix. Part 1 of this episode is a rollercoaster of emotion, charisma, and sports insight, making it a must-listen for fans of wrestling, sports, and captivating storytelling. #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Shannon Sharpe and Chad Ochocinco Johnson discuss the Eagles’ win over the Chiefs (3:00), Tom Brady’s criticism of the modern-day NFL (27:00), the Zach Wilson situation at the Jets (44:00), Ocho's destination wedding (57:00), and more. #Club #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
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Oct 18th

N Tomlin

she needs help

Sep 29th

Aakash Amanat

I've been a fan of Shannon Sharpe for years, so when I heard he was launching "Club Shay Shay," I knew I had to check it out. This man's charisma and knowledge of the game are off the charts, and it's great to see him bring his unique perspective to the world of sports commentary. I've already watched a few episodes, and I have to say, it's not just for sports enthusiasts. The way Shannon engages with his guests and delves into topics beyond the game is refreshing. It's like getting a peek into the lives of some of our favorite athletes and personalities.

Sep 20th


D.Wade always been my guy…I always wondering about his journey as a nba superstar father …he still my guy…good job Big Unk‼️

Jun 15th

Big Sexy 1914

Get a bar!

May 20th

J Giv

bruh this ep was funny af.. shout out My boy MWP.

Aug 21st

Dylan Flaim

neben n. mmm

Jun 14th

Darius Crawford


Apr 26th

Nealyiano Saprano

this is one of the best podcast out right now hands down

Jan 30th

Terry Coates

Do somethin before 2 somethin

Dec 15th

Steve Stone

man this lavar dude is a trip

Nov 23rd

Jahn Mathis

How many times it's Sterling gonna call Shannon ugly lmaoooo, love this can't wait for more episodes witcha unc!

Oct 3rd

Richard Seeley

Did sterling say Mike Macarthy? I swore Mike Holmgren was his coach

Oct 2nd
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Ladrante Hyder

So PROUD of you Unk so many people are FAKE but your the TRUTH and that's what's needed!!!!

Sep 29th

Jon I

drop that ish unc!!!!

Sep 19th
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