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NFL legend Shannon Sharpe—3x Super Bowl champion and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame—sits down with the biggest athletes, celebrities and influencers to discuss their accomplishments, challenges, and everything in-between.
291 Episodes
Shannon Sharpe & Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson react to the Chiefs getting an F- from the NFL, continued drama with the New York Jets and an ex-GM calling out Antonio Pierce 01:30 NFLPA hands out grades, including an F- to Chiefs for their facilities 06:00 Bengals receive F- for “Treatment of Families” and Food/cafeteria - Ocho disagrees 13:30 Ocho says he’s going to talk to Bengals players that commented on team facilities 32:00 NFL defines hip-drop tackles in latest rule change proposal 36:40 Jets have belief that Mecole Hardman leaked game plan to opponents 51:00 Michael Lombardi slams Antonio Pierce for not knowing “the Raider way” (Timestamps may vary based on advertisements.)      #Volume #ClubSee for privacy information.
Shannon Sharpe & Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson discuss their all time favorite albums and break down how OnlyFans is helping people all across the US. 3:00 KD says Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy” is his fav all-time album 8:00 Gator nearly chases golf cart into pond 12:00 Woman loses $800K disability case after being in tree throwing contest 01:12:30 Woman asks passenger in business class if she could switch seats with her husband who was in economy 25:00 - Kellogg CEO says struggling families should eat cereal for dinner - Ocho calls him tone deaf 32:00 -Drea de Matteo says onlyfans saved her life 50:00 Q and Ayeee 56:00 Much more Nightcap (Timestamps may vary based on advertisements.)      #Volume #ClubSee for privacy information.
We’re back with Season 2, Episode 45 of Club 520 where Jeff Teague and the guys are joined by former member of the Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Pistons, and New York Knicks Brandon Jennings to discuss all things high school, AAU, overseas, and NBA basketball. Jennings tells stories about guarding Chauncey Billups, going back and forth with Eric Gordon, signing to play overseas out of high school, trashing Ricky Rubio, and much more! 00:00 - Introduction01:30 - Playing against Chauncey Billups03:00 - Best Hoop Mixtapes05:23 - Going to Oak Hill10:00 - Best AAU memory13:00 - ABCD camp story16:10 - BEST High School basketball player in Cali19:30 - Brandon Jennings got Jeff Teague paid23:10 - Brandon Jennings going overseas25:40 - Signing with Under Armour28:50 - Playing in today's NBA29:55 - Scoring 55 in a game35:40 - Draft workouts #Club #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Shannon Sharpe and Gilbert Arenas react to LeBron's dominant 4th quarter giving the Lakers a win over the Clippers & Scottie Pippen switching sides on the GOAT debate. 0:00 Introduction03:45 Lakers overcome 21 point deficit to defeat Clippers 116-11213:50 Unc says Kendrick Perkins needs to stop the LeBron hate23:00 Unc says people shouldn’t expect LeBron to play back-to-backs - Gil says players today learned from players mistakes in the 2000s29:20 Scottie Pippen is back on MJ being the GOAT - Unc asking what he’s selling since he can’t make up his mind37:00 “Players then are resentful of the money and power of players today”44:00 The evolution of today’s youth and why kids today are ahead of their parents52:00 Haslem says LeBron can’t be his GOAT since they played around the same time - “Players always go back a generation before them” - Unc #Club #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Shannon Sharpe and Gilbert Arenas discuss Chris Paul saying he nearly got traded to the Miami Heat to join Dwyane Wade and why Damian Lillard is struggling to adapt in Milwaukee. 0:00 Chris Paul reveals he was almost traded to Miami but trade didn’t happen since Wade didn’t want to give up #3 jersey8:40 Donovan Mitchell says Kyrie’s jersey should be retired - Gil says Brad Daugherty and Mark Price’s jerseys are, so why not his?10:40 Dame Lillard says life in Milwaukee is lonely - Unc compares his days playing in Denver then moving to Baltimore22:25 Is the NBA too offensively advantageous now? - Gil talks hand checking and why it wouldn’t be relevant today29:20 Ja Rule and 50 Cent beef continues - Gil happy he’s not the only one still petty about the beefs he has35:30 Q and ayyeee50:00 Much more Nightcap #Club #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Donovan Mitchell drops in to chat with Jeff Teague and the Club 520 squad at Adidas in Indianapolis! Mitchell tells his crazy story of getting drafted and then getting his own signature shoe with Adidas just ONE YEAR into his NBA career. Spida Mitchell shares stories about some of his insane scoring performances this season, and ridiculous battles with Jamal Murray in the bubble. And Donovan Mitchell talks about going up against Anthony Edwards and James Harden, and why his Cleveland Cavaliers have gone under the radar. Plus don't miss Jeff Teague and Mitchell relive going up against Avery Bradley's defense. 0:00 - Intro0:50 - Donovan Mitchell's first signature shoe2:45 - Favorite Basketball shoes4:30 - Playing against guys wearing his kicks8:00 - Toughest matchups in the NBA10:00 - Jrue Holiday + Avery Bradley = Nightmares12:10 - Going CRAZY in the bubble13:10 - Three people he wants to wear his shoe #Club #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Terry Crews Part 2

Terry Crews Part 2


Terry Crews talks about working on White Chicks with the Wayans family and how it changed his life. The Hollywood tales continue from partying with Eddie Murphy to starring in Norbit with him. The episode takes a serious turn when Terry opens up about the traumatic experience of being sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive. The sincerity continues as Terry addresses his past controversies, like when he offered a heartfelt apology to Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade and running into them at a restaurant. As if there wasn't enough flip flopping between serious and silly, Shannon confronts Terry for boycotting Magic City. The episode concludes with a poignant exploration of Terry's personal life, touching on family struggles, racial identity and the challenges faced by his wife. Terry Crews' authenticity, perseverance, and humor make this Club Shay Shay episode a blockbuster of emotions and showcase the depth and diversity of Terry's life. Don't miss the laughter, the revelations, and the unfiltered honesty shared by the incomparable Terry Crews. #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Terry Crews Part 1

Terry Crews Part 1


Terry Crews comes to Club Shay Shay for a conversation with Shannon Sharpe covering the highs, lows and unexpected turns of his remarkable journey. From the heartbreak of getting cut from the NFL to working as a security guard for Ice Cube on the set of Next Friday, Terry's anecdotes are both hilarious, heartwarming and insightful. The experience of being an extra in Training Day with Denzel Washington adds another layer to his multifaceted career. The resilience that has defined Terry's career shines through as he recounts working on Friday After Next with a homeless Katt Williams. #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Shannon Sharpe and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson react to the Cardinals committing to Kyler Murray for the foreseeable future, discuss what parts of the NFL combine do and don't matter & find out they both got failing scores from scouts at their respective combines. 0:00 Introduction03:40 Cardinals reaffirm that Kyler Murray is their franchise QB -07:30 Unc doesn’t think Kyler studies enough - Ocho doesn’ think there’s anything wrong with him playing video games10:00 Ocho thinks study clause originally put in Kyler’s contract was BS22:10 CJ Stroud’s S2 tests leaked - Ocho doesn’t care about test scores “Turn on the tape”28:30 Why Tyreek Hill is special and how he’s able to control his speed34:20 Ocho talks about his combine experience41:00 Unc remembers his combine grades - both him and Ocho got Fs50:55 Ocho on why he trusts Joe Burrow for a game-winning drive over Lamar, Herbert, Stroud and Allen #Club #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Shannon Sharpe and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson discuss LeBron James defending his son on Twitter, Beyonce's new single going #1 on the country chart, & the pitfalls of dating an AI hologram. 0:00 LeBron tweets about Bronny James criticism10:30 Beyonce reaches top of charts with new country songs21:00 Wendy’s preparing to test surge pricing model24:30 Woman planning to marry AI hologram based off previous romantic partners - Unc and Ocho think she’s out of her mind30:00 Ocho is a fan of stretch marks aka “tiger stripes” and fupa35:15 Q and Ayeee1:00:00 Much more Nightcap #Club #VolumeSee for privacy information.
We’re back with Season 2, Episode 44 of Club 520 where Jeff Teague and the guys discuss Damian Lillard winning NBA All-Star weekend after winning the 3-Point Contest AND All-Star Game MVP. The guys discuss the beef between JJ Redick and Doc Rivers, most underrated NBA duos, and whether teams like the Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Clippers, or Dallas Mavericks can make deep playoff runs this season. 00:00 - Introduction02:00 - Most technical fouls in NBA05:00 - Best pick and roll ever08:00 - Most underrated NBA duo10:00 - Best NBA trios12:00 - Hating on The Last Dance16:45 - Vince McMahon vs. Karl Malone18:30 - NBA All-Star Weekend23:00 - JJ Redick vs. Doc Rivers26:20 - Kyle Korver vs. JJ Reddick30:00 - Best video game ever34:50 - NCAAF 202539:00 - NBA All-Star parties52:00 - Coming back from All-Star break53:45 - Bucks catching steam55:00 - Luka & Kyrie01:00:00 - Eastern Conference #Club #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Shannon Sharpe and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson discuss Alex Rodriguez's viral "tan", how they would handle their significant other going on stage at a concert, and their best memories from NFL and college locker rooms. 0:00 Alex Rodriguez talks about how he got his tan; tells everyone to calm down9:45 Omah Lay dances with female fan at concert, boyfriend not thrilled12:20 Unc never gets mad at a dude for hitting on his woman19:40 Ocho references Bobby Womack song22:30 Unc tells story about getting in a fight about a woman24:45 Ocho wouldn’t want Rell on stage with Usher32:00 DJ Khaled gets carried to keep Jordans clean - Ocho & Unc don’t care enough about shoes33:40 KFC introduces the “Chizza” - Neither Unc or Ocho interested in trying it36:00 Spell-O-Cinco42:50 Q and Ayeeee57:00 Much more Nightcap! #Club #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Shannon Sharpe and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson react to Eric Beiniemy getting passed up by the NFL, Cam Newton getting jumped ay a 7-on-7 tournament, and debate whether or not court storming should be banned in the future. 0:00 Introduction05:10 Eric Bieniemy joins UCLA as OC10:15 Ocho talks about EB’s coach style being “very harsh”17:05 Richard Sherman arrested for DUI26:05 Cam Newton involved in brawl35:40 “You never see kids being disrespectful to Peyton or Eli” - Unc42:50 Duke player Kyle Filipowski hurt after players storm court51:30 Unc on why women college basketball players make more money in college than in the WNBA58:40 Ocho says WNBA players need to be paid more01:02:00 Ocho talks about running for president, wants Unc as his VP #Club #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Shannon Sharpe & Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson discuss their favorite guility pleasure TV shows, Ocho meeting Messi Wednesday Night, and debate whether or not couples should fart in front of each other and much more! 02:45 - Bradley Cooper says Jay-Z was watching Judge Judy when he was at his house 08:00 - Shannon says he hasn’t watched anything outside of sports in years 12:45 - Ocho talks about meeting Messi and Will Smith at Inter Milan game 16:30 - Study says farts keep couples together long - Unc says it ain’t negotiable for him 25:00 - Ocho says a woman that likes you will do more than a woman that loves you 29:00 - Man catches his woman cheating in broad daylight 33:00 - Dunk on Unc 38:00 - Q and Ayeee 02:00:00 Much more Nightcap!   (Timestamps may vary based on advertisements.)      #Volume #ClubSee for privacy information.
Shannon Sharpe & Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson react to Justin Fields' defense of unfollowing the Bears on IG, Adrian Peterson denying he is selling his career memorabilia, EA finally paying college athletes and much more! 2:45 - Introduction 04:45 - Justin Fields on why he unfollowed the Bears “ Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” Ocho 14:45 - Unc says he hasn’t been on vacay since 1996 16:30 - Adrian Peterson says he hasn’t auctioned off awards 25:00 - Unc breaks down costs of AP’s bday party - Says he prob spent about 2 million 58:00 - Unc criticizes Ocho for saying the Vikings should loan AP money 01:03:00 - Caleb Williams doesn’t hire an agent - Ocho says it’s not a bad thing 01:05:30 - NCAA football offering college players $600 to be in video game (Timestamps may vary based on advertisements.)   #Volume #ClubSee for privacy information.
Jeff Teague and the Club 520 guys are joined by Draymond Green to talk about all things NBA and Golden State Warriors. Draymond tells stories about getting recruited to Michigan State, winning four NBA championships with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, playing alongside Kevin Durant, Klay dropping 60 in a game, and why the Warriors had the BEST team in NBA history. 00:00 - Introduction02:10 - Draymond AAU days03:50 - Why Draymond went to Michigan State07:25 - Draymond Green’s draft process10:00 - Best 2nd round picks all time12:15 - Draymond Paul Pierce story14:20 - Draymond Green best trash talkers19:10 - How Draymond changed basketball24:20 - Craziest game Draymond has played in26:30 - Draymond’s favorite championship team28:55 - When Klay dropped 6030:40 - Warriors had BEST team ever #Club #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Shannon Sharpe and Gilbert Arenas explain why Michael Jordan ruined the dunk contest and discuss if they are interested in what Scottie Pippen has to say on his "No Bull" tour critizing how he was portrayed in "The Last Dance" 0:00 Thoughts on Dunk contest12:00 Vince Carter says NBA offered 1 mil for guys to commit to dunk contest15:45 Blazer viewership has went down 60% this season - How important is star power?20:15 Former Bulls going on tour to discuss Last Dance26:00 What made MJ so special31:00 Unc on impact of Katt interview despite doing plenty of others1:00:00 - Much more Nightcap #Club #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Shannon Sharpe and Gilbert Arenas react to Kevin Durant reply to Charles Barkley's comments, debate who could be the next face of the NBA, and discuss if the NBA-All Star game can be fixed. 0:00 Introduction07:45 KD responds to Barkley saying he’s not a leader10:30 Gil calls Barkley a follower based on teams he went to during career14:30 Unc talks about different leadership styles of Bird & Magic27:20 Unc responds to critics - NBA wants face of NBA to be buttoned up/married32:20 Gil talks about having to go thru image consulting during time with Wizards36:00 Gil makes analogy of players needing to wear an off white suit instead of white one40:45 Jayson Tatum wants to be face of NBA46:00 Gil breaks down Ja Morant’s impact48:00 Unc talks about importance of stars “protecting the brand”49:20 NBA All-Star game interest52:45 Mamba mentality and why players don’t apply it at all-star game like Kobe did #Club #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Johnny Manziel Part 2

Johnny Manziel Part 2


Johnny Manziel continues the conversation with self-awareness of the spectacle that followed him in college and acknowledges the tens of millions of dollars he might have garnered in today's NIL era and passionately advocates for the NCAA to return Reggie Bush his Heisman Trophy. Johnny answers if the infamous "Drake Curse" is real, and Manziel explains why he couldn't have played for the Dallas Cowboys. Lastly, Money Manziel apologies to Skip Bayless, Drake, and LeBron for not reaching the heights they expected him to during his NFL career. This episode goes into overtime with the amount of sports anecdotes, reflections, and humorous confessions Johnny offers as signal caller. #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Johnny Manziel Part 1

Johnny Manziel Part 1


Club Shay Shay welcomes Johnny Manziel for a candid conversation with Shannon Sharpe. In this episode, the Texas legend boldly declares Kyler Murray as the best high school quarterback to ever come out of the state, even placing him above Patrick Mahomes and himself. He shares insights that his decision to not commit to Oregon had nothing to do with Marcus Mariota's presence, and then reminisces about beating Alabama as a true freshman at Texas A&M. The conversation takes a surprising turn as Manziel reflects on the Manti Te’o catfishing scandal and the historic Heisman race they were apart of, which Johnny Football inevitably won. #VolumeSee for privacy information.
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I've been a fan of Shannon Sharpe for years, so when I heard he was launching "Club Shay Shay," I knew I had to check it out. This man's charisma and knowledge of the game are off the charts, and it's great to see him bring his unique perspective to the world of sports commentary. I've already watched a few episodes, and I have to say, it's not just for sports enthusiasts. The way Shannon engages with his guests and delves into topics beyond the game is refreshing. It's like getting a peek into the lives of some of our favorite athletes and personalities.

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D.Wade always been my guy…I always wondering about his journey as a nba superstar father …he still my guy…good job Big Unk‼️

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