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Introducing Cocktails and Gossip, from the creators of the wildly popular @BravoandCocktails_ Instagram account and website. The podcast where cocktails are sipped, but you better believe tea will be spilled. Join co-hosts B and Amanda as they chat Reality TV, Celebrity Blind Items, and exclusive tea that’s only shared here on the podcast. Thank you to the Cocktailers community for 200,000+ downloads so far - that's what's helped us get to #1 on Apple Podcasts!
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Shannon Storms Beador was arrested for DUI and hit and run. With her dog. We discuss the fallout, videos, friends' statements and rumors surrounding the event. Are we ready for this season of Real Housewives of Orange County to wrap up? One of us is, one isn't. Is Tamra taking it too far by going after Jen's relationship in every scene? Spoiler alert - we think she needs to leave poor Jen alone. Traitors - whew! The casting rumors have been wild but we have a confirmed cast. Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was pure comedy gold this week. We've got a dramatic reading of Mary's amazing one-liners and of Meredith's rich drunk British woman cosplay...Speaking of Meredith's "YOU CAN LEAVE" moment, what are Angie and Meredith ACTUALLY fighting about? There's something more going on. There's so much awkwardness and very little charm on the Southern Charm premiere. And we dig some HOT tea out of the Cocktail Party vault from early last year.    PSA: Drinking and driving is the #1 cause of death on our roadways. It is NEVER OK to drink and drive. For more statistics and information on how this tragedy can be stopped, go to
The Summer House breakup continues to be messy. Carl's email to wedding guests is "leaked" to People Magazine, and we break it down. Is he accepting fault for calling the wedding off? Then, Lindsay shares a statement on Instagram...saying she is "humiliated" and has "no answers or closure on why". Ouch. Southern Charm is premiering this week, and is there a couple in trouble in Charleston? Plus we have an update on Naomie Olindo's court case. Real Housewives of Salt Lake City continues to be a holy mess, in the best way. And we have some behind the scenes tea on Mauricio, Kyle and Dancing with the Stars, plus some theories on what the heck could actually be going on. This episode of Cocktails and Gossip was brought to you by HelloFresh. Go to and use code 50COCKTAILERS23 for 50% off your order plus 15% off for the next 2 months!  
We share alllll the details, all the tea, all the DMs that we have on Lindsay and Carl’s breakup. We have the timeline, plus what’s happened since the breakup was filmed. Salt Lake City’s divine premiere: Mary returns, New housewife Monica brings the mess, and are we really fighting over bathtub DNA?  
Hours before we sat down to record, we got some exclusive tea about Real Housewives of Atlanta and its future. We've been getting (and sharing) emails about this topic all summer, but today's tea is hot and straight from a source. The finale popped off and there's lots to discuss there. We have a theory about how some of the RHONY women might have been feeling during filming...and how that could affect their behavior. Brynn's life sounds like a movie. And Just Like That season 2 finale: pause at the end if you haven't watched. What we liked...and what we didn't.
We do a quick touch on Bethenny's "Post-Rachel update" pod as well as a few of the other reaction pods from Lala and Stassi. OC: Is John Jansen a fame sniffer? What is Shannon's motivation for protecting the relationship at seemingly all costs? Will there be repercussions from her latest rant about Gina? We love RHONY and now that we're getting to know the women a bit better, we've got fresh opinions. Justice for Jessel – why we think she's really giving Prime Housewife energy. The deep seated root to Brynn's flirting; is Sai really giving us everything, or is she setting the stage and keeping up her guard? And then, of course, we've got some good tangents for you this week on: breast exams, mistakes we made in our 20s, dating, and postpartum bodies.
We're back from vacation and ready to rant. Bethenny Frankel has Rachel Leviss, fresh out of treatment, on her podcast to tell her side of the story. We recap and react to parts 1 and 2. What do we think Bethenny's real motivation is with this Reality TV Reckoning? And we sprinkled in a few tangents on drug store makeup, RHOC and the RHONY reboot.
Mercedes Javid from Shahs of Sunset is here to spill tea with us – and she's as unfiltered and genuine as always. Who is she still in touch with? What are her thoughts on Scandoval when she knows all of the cast so well? What show does she currently love most on Bravo? And we get an interesting perspective from her about the possible reality show unionization.    Her husband, Tommy Feight, wrote a children's book called The Best Hug In The World. Buy it now at
Lenny of RHOM can now proudly say he has a wife and a fiance. We have theories about Lenny's proposal. Kyle and Mauricio (and Morgan Wade) continue to be very public, but very silent. Did Sam stand by her man and opt out of Summer House? Vicki is back to whoop it up - and we've got thoughts about her return.
We have the most fun chatting with Meghan King from The Real Housewives of Orange County on this week's pod! Meghan shares her behind the scenes perspective on her time from RHOC and we get to hear more about the Instagram beef that is happening with Jennifer Aydin. We were shocked to hear how and when Meghan first thought something was off about Brooks and his cancer story. And we get to hear about what Meghan is up to since filming plus the best advice about sex that she's heard from all the various experts on her podcast.    Don't miss Meghan's upcoming Daytreat on August 24 - get your tickets here:
The anxiously awaited RHONY Reboot is finally here, and we're here for it. We've got a little tea on the cast ready for you. And of course, Bethenny and Jill can't let them have the spotlight to themselves - but we do love the reunion. More celebrity divorces, but Cocktailers have known about them for a while. Vanderpump Rules is filming in Tahoe - we have some scoop on what's going on behind the scenes, plus something else is brewing with some of the OG Sur-vers. And what's in the water in Jersey? Lots happening there with casting - we've got tea.    Feeling a little FOMO about Cocktail Party? Well, if you're not a member yet, you're definitely missing out on our best tea. Summer is the perfect time to join - you can sit outside, enjoy the weather, and catch up on all the gossip you missed. Join us at  
It's an episode full of exclusives. First of all, we spend a little more time breaking down the Kyle and Mauricio separation - something just isn't adding up. And we've got exclusive tea from someone who is connected to them. Separately, is there a rift in Kyle and Dorit's friendship? We've got to wonder - here's why. B called it from day 1 about Kim and Kroy. And the timing can't be ignored - they get back together the day she is seen again on RHOA? Hmmmm. Amanda is happy we have some guys joining the cast of Summer House. Let's hope this means Couple House no more. We've got a few exclusives on the Summer House cast - a few of them are pretty surprising. We wrap with some exclusive Vanderpump Rules tea plus some speculation on how that's all going to work.    Love the tea? Join us at Cocktail Party where you can get OUR BEST  tea, a bonus podcast every week plus access to our monthly Zooms all for $7.50/month - that's less than the cost of a sandwich. Come Cocktail Party with us! Join here:
We're thrilled to have Ally from @Bravo_After_Thoughts on the pod this week! And what a week it's been. Literally right after we recorded last week, the whispers get louder and louder about Kyle and Mauricio until we get the People confirmation that they are separating, quickly followed by a "we aren't divorcing and ask for your privacy" statement on Instagram. So what's going on? Does our theory about why Bravo would make that announcement add up? We go through the Easter eggs and the tea we have been sent over the months, including some new tea that feeds into a theory we have about what comes next for Kyle. And we've got some exclusive Summer House tea, including who is on the full-time cast, and will there be some new men on the show? Thank you guys for listening to Cocktails and Gossip - we are so humbled and honored to be listed as Screenrant's #1 Reality TV Gossip podcast.
We all see something a Bravoleb wears on camera and wonder where to buy it. Thank goodness for Lauren from @BigBlondeHair - she does the WORK to figure it out and share with all of us! Today, we've got her on the pod and we'll be talking smash or pass when it comes to Housewife and Bravolebrity fashion, plus how she got her start with, her blog. Do the Housewives buy all those clothes, and what do they do with those clothes after they wear them? And we've got some tea on what we're hearing about what's going on with some of the Beverly Hills ladies...
We can't help ourselves with the orange pun. Because we're so glad Real Housewives of Orange County and Tamra are back! Now that we have a few episodes under our belts, we want to talk about our thoughts on the new housewife, Jen, plus our returning favorite orange holders. And of course, we've got Orange flavored tea for you - lots of it. We've got our ears to the ground in Beverly Hills and in New York...and some gossip you're not hearing anywhere else. Plus a tangent: B and Amanda talk Ben vs Matt, Ryan vs Ryan and you'll hear more about laminated lists...
It's a great week, because have Larry of Bravo by Gays guesting on the show with us! He's got some news for us...And we talk about what we're hearing from the RHONY Legacy Ultimate Girls' Trip. Kim and Kroy's divorce is taking an even nastier turn - why we think things have hit the point of no return. What's going on with Real Housewives of Atlanta this season? The explosive, dark, and threaten-y final reunion episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey - whoa. What's in all those manila envelopes?
What's next for Summer House? Jersey's Jaqueline and Jackie exchange some pretty shocking text messages. Jersey finale - did Louie hire someone to call Teresa's castmate's family members? Danielle - is she all bark and no bite? The Vanderpump Rules bombshell revelation...what we really think was behind it and Raquel's "throuple" suggestion. A Cocktailer weighs in with her professional opinion on Raquel and what might be causing her to act the way she does. Schwartz just keeps digging himself a deeper hole and making some weird faces while he does it. We have word of a new VPR spinoff - and it's something we haven't discussed before. Real Housewives of Orange County is back and we're ready for some fun and sun.
This week, we go a little deeper on Bravolebrity relationships and divorces with Michelle Dempsey-Multack, a divorce and co-parenting expert. Michelle gives us some great insight into some of the big Bravolebrity divorces and relationships in the news, and stays to talk about the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion with us. Michelle spills the tea on which RHONJ husband is not her favorite, the new Housewives, and what she really thinks about Teresa and Louie and whether they’ll go the distance.
The conversation between Lindsay and Danielle…it was brutal, no other word for it. Our thoughts on Mya hiding her breakup… The RHONJ wedding special episode was very highly watched - but a little boring. B educates Amanda on the customs of NY and NJ weddings - Amanda has offered herself as a guest to experience a Venetian Hour. What we’re hearing about the RHONJ next season cast...there’s talk of demotions and of people being put on pause. The VPR reunion was great tv. We have started a list of James’ greatest hits. He had us cry laughing this week. Is Tom Schwartz almost as bad as Tom Sandoval? And what’s the big reveal in the reunion? We’ve got some tea for you. Last but not least, the WILD bank statement from Kroy’s divorce motion against Kim.  This episode brought to you by Cozy Earth. We are LOVING their temperature-regulating bamboo sheet sets. You can get them and anything else from Cozy Earth for 35% off at 
VPR - all we can say is wow. So many moments that were just jaw dropping. And what is the VPR producer talking about when he says there’s more to be revealed after watching all three parts of the reunion? We have tea. Will there be any castaways on the boat to Scary Island? We share what we know. And the Jersey finale - or should we say, brawl? And why did Louie say he hired a PI to get info on all the ladies…but then Teresa backed off?    This episode brought to you by Cozy Earth. We are LOVING their temperature-regulating bamboo sheet sets. You can get them and anything else from Cozy Earth for 35% off at
We've been following the sad news about Kim Zolciak Biermann and Kroy Biermann's foreclosure. Sadly the story gets worse, with a hefty IRS bill and now they've both filed for divorce. We ave some more details about Kim and Kroy's divorce–you've been hearing from us first on this topic.  We're so happy to see the peaches of Real Housewives of Atlanta back on our screens. We've got a feisty new Housewife and some ongoing drama between previous wives, plus some new men in the lives of two of our favorites. It's shaping up to be a good season. We are loving the Summer House Martha's Vineyard cast - we have a little tea on one of the castmates and her famous actor ex. Louie went off the deep end on this week's Real Housewives of New Jersey - this is feeling like more than just wedding stress. Are these Louie's true colors? And Louie has a brother? How come we never hear about him? And we're hearing from behind the scenes sources that there's drama within the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Alliances seem to be shifting yet again.  This episode brought to you by Cozy Earth. Go to to get 35% off sitewide with code GOSSIP
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Chantelle Stx

Sorry guys but hate the idea of a full reboot. Miami style would be better. Marlo absolutely needs to go back to friend of. Marlo will never be able to do fun shade, because of her childhood she will always go hard when she feels threatened. I may be in minority but beyond tired of infertility journeys and miscarriage stories.

Sep 2nd

Susan Raeder

RHONJ has been about families from the very first episode.

Mar 2nd

A Pray

Amanda and B are awesome! best part of My week ladies!! love this podcastt

Sep 9th
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