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We are all so proud of B, who along with some other amazing Bravo accounts were interviewed for an article in the LA Times. Sweet tea from Southern Charm on the new castmates filming next season. Tom and Katie from Vanderpump Rules are seen on her birthday having a friendly lunch. And Kim Zolciak Biermann’s house appears to be in pre-foreclosure, according to county records sent to us by a Cocktailer. Jacqueline, OG from NJ, is talking publicly on social media about Melissa Gorga. Lenny the Boob God has TWO girlfriends - who seem to know about each other. We’ve got some info on the second girlfriend. And last but not least, we crown all the Potomac ladies queens, as this last episode was one of the best hours of Housewives TV we’ve seen in a while. Fights, shocking revelations, resolutions, and oneliners, we love to see it.   Thanks for listening to Cocktails and Gossip! As always, send us tea at and follow B on Instagram at @bravoandcocktails_   And Cocktail Party Crew knows the tea is hottest on Cocktail Party, our membership site where our members get the hottest tea, exclusive bonus pods, and so much more. Join Cocktail Party here.   See for privacy information.
Southern Charm is filming. Without Naomie, and without Katherine, who is now on Only Fans. Amanda has a theory about why Shep is coming back after his rumored departure. Once again, our tea was hot and correct - Alex McCord is coming back to Bravo for Ultimate Girls Trip. We love the cast - and have some thoughts on who will get along, and who’s going to butt heads. And the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is getting firmed up - filming starts soon. Is Kathy coming back, who is going to be Erika’s ally? Who’s going to be the new castmate who can really shake things up?   Thanks for listening to Cocktails and Gossip! As always, send us tea at and follow B on Instagram at @bravoandcocktails_ Can't get enough? Join Cocktail Party, our membership website. Each week you'll get the weekly podcast ad-free, a bonus pod episode, access to the website ad-free, plus exclusive posts and access to our Cocktail Party community. Join here: See for privacy information.
Right when we started recording this episode, we got the surprising news that Lisa Rinna is not coming back to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - so you will hear our live reactions. Lenny Hochstein’s new girlfriend bad for business? Amanda shares some shocking nuggets from Jen Shah’s sentencing memo that we haven’t seen reported anywhere else. Is it just us, or is the most interesting SLC tea happening off-screen? Love our tangents? We’ve got lots of them this week, including New Year’s Resolutions, what we really think about Rinna’s exit, and whether or not we’re doing Dry January.   Thanks for listening to Cocktails and Gossip! Want more tea? Join our membership site at for less than what you’re paying for a latte at Starbucks. As always, please send us tea at and follow B on Instagram at @bravoandcocktails_ See for privacy information.
The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip tea we’ve been hearing and sharing is firming up. And, it looks like there will be an official RHUGT spin-off. We’ve got an update on the cast and the location. Instagram accounts are suggesting that there might be something fishy about the Christmas gifts Luis Ruelas gave to Teresa’s girls. Is Brandi getting a diamond? And we got an email about this season of the OC - could it be the last? Miami continues to bring the heat. Thanks for listening to Cocktails and Gossip! As always, send us tea at and follow B on Instagram at @bravoandcocktails_ See for privacy information.
We have Larry from @BravobyGays here to help us wrap up some of the wildest moments from this year. We hear some tea on B and Larry's adventures at Bravocon. We've got thoughts about Jen Shah, her sentencing memorandum, and of course some shade about her 70+ counterfeit items. Exclusive tea about Teresa and Melissa - B has some pretty strong opinions. Beverly Hills, Summer/Winter House and Southern Charm plus Real Housewives of Miami. Happy Holidays! We hope you have as much fun listening as we did chatting!   This episode is sponsored by/brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self.
We have some insider information about the now-infamous Real Housewives of Miami Hot Mic moment. And, we're hearing a lot of "tips" that Mary Cosby is coming back to Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. More emails over the last two weeks about two possible new Housewives or Bravo show cities. New Orleans and Las Vegas. Also: do you pronounce New Orleans  New OrLEANS or New OrLINS? And are people who live in New Orleans called New Orleanians? We need an expert to weigh in, please. We talk White Lotus - what we think was really happening on the show, and the key storyline that didn't get wrapped up, much to our disappointment. A quick Something Navy/Arielle Charnas update.    Thanks for listening to Cocktails and Gossip! As always, send us tea at and follow B on Instagram at @bravoandcocktails_   See for privacy information.
Sad news about a Summer House cast breakup. Suspect lineup: Who is Lindsay aiming her karma comment at? Jersey/RHUGT cast rumors are swirling. The Potomac mid-season trailer is bananas. We have some My Unorthodox Life tea. And, while we don’t usually cover influencer tea, we couldn’t ignore all the Something Navy emails - we have a deep dive for you.  If you haven’t joined Cocktail Party yet - don’t miss the live Zoom with us on Wednesday, December 14 at 8pm central. Join Cocktail Party here:
We’re getting a new four episode Miami drop for Christmas! Exclusive tea about someone not feeling so hospitable about Southern Hospitality. Teresa was not so namaste on the radio; Exclusive update on Naomie vs. ex partner Ginny Cox and their court case. Why aren’t more of us talking about Balenciaga? Bethenny invented the rewatch podcast? An update on the South Carolina Socialite and the Politician scandal - it just keeps getting weirder. And if you haven’t joined Cocktail Party yet, go to This week we’ve got three bonus pods plus the weekly pod ad-free.
JLo dropped a new album (but the Cocktail Party Crew knew it was coming). Our thoughts on the Wendy/Mia fight on Real Housewives of Potomac. A bit of a tangent about real vs. fake Christmas trees. Ronald Richards and the telenovela that is Erica’s life. Exclusive RHOBH tea about a possible returning castmember. An update on the actual value of the house in Carmel-by-the-Sea bought by Tom Girardi for his previous secretary. And this week we have two deep dives for you. One on Taylor Armstrong and her real name…and another about the Balenciaga ads. It’s so much worse than we realized; and the silence is deafening.
We share what know about the Lizzy Savetsky/RHONY Reboot situation and how it all went down. Madison’s legal wedding. The Pretty Mess’s ex-husband, Tom Girardi, has an even messier past than we thought. The Summer House spat continues between Lindsay Hubbard and Amanda Cooke. We’ve got more casting rumors about the next RHUGT trip. And, we’re excited to announce that the membership site, Cocktail Party is live as of today! Go to to join. Membership is $7.50/month, and included in the membership, you’ll get exclusive podcast and blog content, a chance to sound off with other Cocktailers in our Community, a monthly Zoom with B and Amanda, and so much more. And because we want to thank our loyal Cocktailers for being there with us every step of the way, we’re offering a discount code that gets you a discounted membership of $5 per month - this price will stay good for the life of your membership - so as long as you keep your membership, your price won't go up. Use code CHARTERMEMBER at   See you inside Cocktail Party!
We start with a short update on the Kim Zolciak Biermann foreclosure and with some thoughts from Cocktailers who are in the business and in the neighborhood. Juan Dixon from Real Housewives of Potomac has been accused in a sexual misconduct suit of having knowledge of the situation but not reporting it. Plus, we’re seeing a pattern emerging on RHOP that we’re not loving. We got a lot of emails about upcoming seasons of RHUGT - and one that’s so wild we don’t believe it. The former CFO of Girardi Keese has been arrested for wire fraud; and there’s some interesting timing coming to light from it. And Cocktailers asked us some hilarious questions - we might not have answers, but you bet we’re gonna talk about it.
Update on the Kim Zolciak Biermann house auction; Exclusive tea on what really happened at Lenny Hochstein’s Halloween party, and why Lisa was there, but his new girlfriend wasn’t; RHOSLC - info on the company that fired Whitney’s husband Justin; What we’re hearing about the NYC reboot, The WWHL drama with Amanda, Lindsey and Kyle from Summer House and Winter House; Bethenny has a new podcast. 
Kim Zolciak-Biermann and husband Kroy’s home is under foreclosure and set to be auctioned off this week. A restraining order against Randall Emmett. Our unpopular opinions about the Beverly Hills/Kyle/Kathy/Rinna drama. Winter House/Summer House: We have tea. Amanda talks on WWHL about Lindsay being mean to fans. Naomie Olindo has filed a response and counterclaims of her own against former associate, Ginny Cox. Amanda got the court documents and does a deep dive. And we talk Tell Me Lies from Hulu - but pause it if you haven’t watched yet.   This episode of Cocktails and Gossip is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self.
B has been experiencing a little Instagram drama on @bravoandcocktails_ - here’s an update. We have a bit of a Bravocon hangover - but don’t worry, we’ve got more post-Bravocon tea. We’re outraged at a Housewife’s snub of Mama Joyce. A wild theory on who is angling to be the next housewife in SLC. RHONY legacy and reboot updates. Potomac and SLC messiness. And we wrap with a deep dive on the lawsuit against Naomie from Southern Charm. Amanda got the lawsuit documents and shares info you haven’t seen reported.   As always, don’t miss out on the daily tea posted on!
We share the funniest behind the scenes tea from people on the scene at the Gansevoort, where all the Bravolebs were staying. Who was overheard calling another Housewife a douche? And because, who doesn't love a tangent, we go on a little tangent playing Would You Rather. More tea about the rumored Real Housewives of Dallas reboot. B has exclusive podcast-only tea about the NFL divorce. We’ve got inside info on what actually happened with Crystal from RHOBH and the 14 friends - allegedly, of course. Salt Lake City - what’s going on with Whitney? And why we think Meredith makes a great housewife.
Bravocon Special Episode

Bravocon Special Episode


B went to Bravocon! She's got the good, the bad, and of course, the TEA for us!
When did Coach know about Jen Shah’s guilt? Plus, the RHOSLC social media drama is already ramping up. NFL Tea - everyone’s talking about a possible divorce for the GOAT. Tensions are high off screen for New Jersey, and the Bravo fans are the ones getting the short end of the stick. We’re getting tips about upcoming casting on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - including Britney? And is Lisa Rinna in or out? Exclusive podcast tea about a possible new Bravo show - in Houston, where we think Bravolebs are staying during Bravocon, and some insider tea on what really happened at the Southern Charm finale party.
Lots happening during Orange County filming and we have the juice. What is Vicky up to, filming with Tamra and Shannon? Is Teddi getting an orange? Why we don’t believe the fancy pants rumors plus some more OC tea that we won’t be sharing anywhere else. Thoughts on the Southern Charm finale, and Salt Lake City’s premiere. Can Lisa and Meredith come back from Lisa’s comments during the hot mic moment? Amanda’s latest rabbit hole looking at Utah state records to find out more about Lisa Barlow and her businesses. Plus, we can’t help ourselves when it comes to tangents, as usual - this week we tangent about a birthday present fail, Botox, the Bachelor, and rabbit holes of the past. From our sponsor, BetterHelp:  When you want to be a better problem solver, therapy can get you there. Visit today to get 10% off your first month.   See for privacy information.
Here comes another wild theory from Amanda about what’s actually happening behind the scenes on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that could make a few things we’ve heard on social media actually make sense. Tangents about our other non-Bravo tv-watching and why do we feel the need to lie about falling asleep watching tv? An update on our Congressman and the Socialite deep dive - this story keeps getting weirder! Exclusive Vanderpump Rules tea that you haven’t heard anywhere else. A call to arms for all Cocktailers attending Bravo. Laughing about LeJeans. And, it’s our 20th episode, so we tell some funny stories about our experiences so far as podcasters! See for privacy information.
Kicking off with tea from a reliable source on what really happened with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in Aspen. RHOBH, your alliances are showing: Is the show turning into Survivor, but with Birkins? We’ve got tea on who’s getting along during RHOC filming…and who’s not. We’re hearing a lot of rumbles about some of our favorite RHONY wives - Sonja and Luann’s new show, and legacy. Are the rumors true that the RHONY reboot isn’t going so well? The Winter House trailer came out - and we’ve got some info on the new cast members. And wait, do we like, LIKE Austen after the last episode of Southern Charm? Are Bravo shows the after school specials of today’s generation? And could RHOA be going the RHONY route with a legacy show and a reboot? See for privacy information.
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