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Introducing Cocktails and Gossip, from the creators of the wildly popular @BravoandCocktails_ Instagram account and website. The podcast where cocktails are sipped, but you better believe tea will be spilled. Join co-hosts B and Amanda as they chat Reality TV, Celebrity Blind Items, and exclusive tea that’s only shared here on the podcast. Thank you to the Cocktailers community for 200,000+ downloads so far - that's what's helped us get to #1 on Apple Podcasts!
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First, a tribute to Shannen Doherty - we will miss her. She was unapologetically herself and we feel like we lost a friend this week. Tom Sandoval continues to villainize himself - he just filed a lawsuit against Ariana for "invading his right to privacy" through her "unauthorized and unpermitted access to, use of, and copying of the data on his cell phone and the distribution to Rachel Leviss". We have thoughts on that and his very strange 4am Instagram live with his girlfriend. We have breaking news on the Real Housewives of Orange County. And, a Cocktails and Gossip exclusive about the future of Real Housewives of New Jersey. We can't tell you all the details yet, but we share what we can and definitely encourage you to keep an eye on Cocktail Party next week for more.    This episode of Cocktails and Gossip is brought to you in part by OneSkin. Get 15% off Onekin with code GOSSIP at #oneskinpod
Amanda just had an evening out doing an activity that B does NOT approve of.  And we go on a bit of a tangent about boating. Our merch store is almost ready - we can't wait to share it with you! And while things were slow on Bravo this week during the holiday, there was a lot going on offscreen. True to B's prediction, Lindsay Hubbard announced her pregnancy. And we share a little about why we haven't and won't share specifics or pictures of the new man in her life. Summer House is filming, and we've got info on the newbies - and who is vibing. And Hannah Berner came out this week telling the story of why she and Kyle actually had beef - turns out it had nothing to do with Luke. We each have theories about why Hannah is now telling that story, four years later. And if you haven't watched Ryan Serhant's new show Owning Manhattan on Netflix, jump on it. We both loved it and share our thoughts on what makes it so good - and of course, we've got opinions on the agents.    This week's podcast is brought to you by our amazing sponsors, Jenni Kayne and LolaVie. Find your forever pieces @jennikayne and get 15% off with promo code GOSSIP15 at Get 15% off Jennifer Aniston-approved hair care products from LolaVie with code GOSSIP at  #lolaviepod
We are such big fans of Dana and are so excited to have her on the show this week. We get her real opinion on what procedures she thinks some of your favorite Bravo and Hollywood stars have gotten. She also answers our questions about getting facelifts in our 40s, and what kind of non-surgical beauty treatments give the best bang for their buck. And of course, we get her opinions on what's happening on shows like Real Housewives of New Jersey, Vandperpump Rules, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Check out Dana's amazing content at @igfamousbydana on Instagram.   Cocktailers, we love LolaVie's naturally-derived hair care products that really work and smell amazing. Get 15% off your entire order at when you use code GOSSIP.
We both had late it's only fitting we start with a tangent about rosé. And as expected, New Jersey is top of the list to discuss this week, and we untangle the hairdresser drama and talk about how charity events work. Amanda finds some interesting data about Jen Aydin's charitable history. LVP is going to be back on our Bravo screens. With Kenya out on Real Housewives of Atlanta, who is going to take her place? Could the timing of Peter Thomas's tax announcement be a coincidence? And a theory about Gina from RHOC that we put together with Cocktailers on our last Zoom. Dubai sparkles...but we have a bone to pick with the show.
So much to discuss about Real Housewives of New Jersey this week - on and off screen. First, a tangent about Dolores' boyfriend Paulie's 14 year separation in which he still isn't divorced. This week's episode was classic Housewives and we loved it. Rumors are swirling that Carl and Danielle from Summer House are dating - we'll share what we know. We do have an exclusive on an upcoming RHONJ scene - and more bad news on Teresa, her husband Luis, and Vinivia, a company they are associated with. And last but not least, B has another prediction.
Lots of smoke around Kyle and Amanda and their marriage this week. Is there fire? Why didn't Amanda go to Italy with Kyle for Andrea's wedding? We'll tell you what we're hearing plus more on the history of their relationship and how that could weigh into today's situation. Thoughts on the Summer House reunion, and where things could be headed for this summer's filming of Summer House. We've got an exclusive about the cast and filming of Bravo's new show, Making it Manhattan. Luis Ruelas, husband of Teresa from RHONJ is tied to another business scandal. We looked into the company at the center of the scandal and found some pretty interesting imo. Teresa launched her pod this week - and we're in shock about what she said about her past. On RHONJ, Jackie gives the ultimate "pick me girl" energy and we. are. over. it. We're hearing all kinds of wild rumors about Real Housewives of Atlanta filming - and we're reserving judgement for one very specific reason.    Have you been thinking about joining Cocktail Party? Cocktailers always know first - so don't miss out! Join Cocktail Party at - your membership gets you a ticket to all the exclusive gossip, past and present, the exclusive bonus podcast, access to our Discord and monthly Zooms. We'll see you in Cocktail Party!
We start out with a tangent about college hookups, going right into why Amanda is mad at Bravo. We need a reunion on the Valley! Here's why. We have an exclusive about Britney and Jax's house. B is vindicated now that Andy Cohen and People Magazine confirmed that there will be no RHONJ reunion. We've got some tea about where Jersey could possibly go next. And we are loving Real Housewives of Dubai. It's giving fashion, fun and the light housewife shade we all are craving. Our thoughts on the new housewife, Taleen, and the cast in general.    This week's podcast is sponsored by Lolavie, our new favorite way to care for our hair. Get 15% off your entire order at Lolavie with code GOSSIP at #lolaviepod
Who's surprised that Jax is out there dating Only Fans models? Not us. B has some exclusive Vanderpump Rules tea. Who do we think the VPR couple who temporarily rekindled was? We think there are some clues in the Peacock extended version. And our thoughts on the final installment of the VPR reunion. We feel like we got some clarity. Summer House: B has a theory on why Amanda is seemingly on Carl's side. And we have another theory about why Kyle called Craig a liar on WWHL. We have some exclusive RHONJ cast updates. And why is Teresa having lunch with the hairdresser who "exposed" her for allegedly having an affair when Joe was in prison a few years ago? We smell a setup and hope Danielle does too.    This episode of Cocktails and Gossip is sponsored by Nutrafol. Find out why over 4,500 healthcare professionals and stylists recommend Nutrafol for healthier hair. Cocktailers, get $10 off your first month's subscription and free shipping when you go to and use promo code GOSSIP.
The Atlanta cast is finally set. Why is Sheree out? And yet again, all roads lead to Bravo as we tie a Housewife to the Drake/Kendrick Lamar battle. Kim Z is clickbaiting again. We’ve got some insider tea on the new “Making it in Manhattan” show. Carl and Lindsay - luggagegate and whose side we’re on. Kyle’s fight with Ciara and Paige - we have slightly differing opinions on the situation but both agree he’s acting like a man baby about it. We have an update on the Naomie Olindo (formerly of Southern Charm) lawsuit - it’s still not over, and it’s not looking great for Naomie. B’s got some insider info on Austen and Craig’s spat. 
First, a genuine apology to Jen Armstrong, formerly of RHOC and to Jen Pedranti, currently on RHOC. We mixed up last names, and when we meant to refer to Jen Pedranti, we accidentally called her Jen Armstrong. No shade was meant. But just because we messed up Jen P's name, doesn't mean we're not going to share the latest on her fiance's involvement in the Ohtani theft/gambling scandal. @bravoandcocktails_ Instagram has been in the news - thanks to a pic we got from a Cocktailer that was then shared and credited to the B&C IG by TMZ - of Dorit and PK at dinner shortly after their separation announcement. We have a hot take on Jenn Fessler's convo with Teresa. B's question for Amanda - if *this one thing* changed about John Fuda, would we all have a different opinion about him? The VPR reunion aired, and we've got different opinions about the Lala vs. Katie convo.    Cocktailers, thank you for listening to Cocktails and Gossip! We might change our minds about shows and Bravolebs on the daily, but you know what we don't change our minds about? Gossip.
We've got two different sets of breaking news this week. We start out with the story about Ryan Boyajian, fiance to Jen Armstrong of the Real Housewives of Orange County. He has been named as an associate to the bookie in the gambling and theft case of Shohei Ohtani, the LA Dodger, and his interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara, who has been accused of stealing more than $16 million from Ohtani and wiring the money for his gambling to Ryan Boyajian. What did Tamra Judge say about this? You'll hear it here. Jersey is leaving us feeling a little dirty, now that we know about what's been going on behind the scenes (allegedly) with members of the RHONJ cast paying and giving gifts to fan accounts in return for the fan accounts trashing their cast rivals. Vanderpump Rules' season finale felt a little like a series finale. But we know it's not - the ratings are just too good to end the show. Did production give Sandoval a redemption arc? We have differing opinions. What should Lala do next? And, as we're discussing a poll that B put up on @bravoandcocktails_ , we get some breaking news from Dorit and PK.  This episode is sponsored by Nutrafol. Mother's Day is coming up and a subscription to Nutrafol makes a great gift. Get $10 off your first month's subscription and free shipping when you go to and use promo code GOSSIP. 
What happened to episode 103? And today, we had a whole different WTF... Michelle and Jesse from the Valley have both gone public with new love interests. We've got a lot of info on Jesse's new gf – and she has a fascinating back story that we get into. We disagree about Jax's real motivations for telling Brittany he doesn't want a child, but we agree that everyone's scapegoating on Kristen and she's getting all the blame for something most of the folks on The Valley are doing too. Did you guys catch the weird two refrigerator thing in Kristen's apartment? Ariana is playing chess and Brock is playing checkers - more on what greyrocking is. VPR is pausing production this summer - here's why (according to our sources) and who is spiraling?   Today's episode of Cocktails and Gossip is brought to you by Lolavie. Unlock Jennifer Aniston-approved hair at Cocktailers get 15% off their entire order with code GOSSIP. 
Monday was one of the wildest days in the Bravoverse that we can remember. Firings, divorce news, pregnancy announcements. Is Nneka actually not coming back to Potomac? B has an Atlanta casting update. The Valley is sending us. We love it. Kristen is an empath? Lol. We have the tea on who the rumored director that Michelle Lally was hanging out with. We have a lot more info on Raquel Chevremont, the new RHONY Reboot cast member. And of course, Cocktailers knew there was trouble in paradise for Alexia and Todd's marriage. Is it really all that shocking that he filed for divorce? Or could that have been a strategic move? James and Ally have an emotional chat - we've got a unique viewpoint about that chat. And would anyone, even Schwartz buy a house with Tom Sandoval? B's got a prediction about Scheana and Brock's marriage...   This week's episode of Cocktails and Gossip is brought to you by our sponsors, Lolavie and Nutrafol -Get 15% off your entire order at with code GOSSIP - we are LOVING Lolavie! -Mother's Day is coming up! A subscription to Nutrafol is a great gift. Get $10 off your first month's subscription and free shipping when you go to and use the promo code, GOSSIP.   
Larry from @Bravobygays on Instagram and the Bravo by Gays podcast is here! We get INTO it about Vanderpump Rules - starting with Jo. We read the transcript of her interview on Rachel's Gone Rogue - is she a victim of Tom Shwartz's gaslighting? Were they actually dating last summer? Larry's thoughts on the Katie/Tori/Schwartz love triangle. What is actually going on with this Lala/Ariana feud? We have theories. What show does Larry think is Must-See-TV? Thoughts on Jax and Brittany - are they broken up for good? Summer House: We discuss Danielle and Paige; Why we think Paige is setting a great example for people (not just women) in relationships everywhere; Our real opinions on the Summer House newbies; What's going on with Kyle and Amanda?  
We're getting tips and seeing video that Jax already has one foot out of his marriage. A complete 180 from where he was a year ago? On the Valley, Kristen drops a bomb about another castmate, but then seems shocked at the backlash. We have some thoughts and observations about VPR that we're not seeing anywhere else. What is B's beef with Tom Schwartz about? And, in honor of our 100th episode, we answer Cocktailer questions. We answer Cocktailer questions, such as: What's the craziest DM you have gotten? How did the account start? What is our favorite part of doing the podcast? THANK YOU Cocktailers for coming on this podcast journey with us! We wouldn't be here without you. Cheers to you!   This episode of Cocktails and Gossip is brought to you by AG1. Try AG1 by going to and get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D3K2 and 5 free AG1 travel packs with your first purchase. 
Another wild week in March. How much more can we take? Monday's news about P Diddy's homes being raided by Homeland Security and his sons being cuffed, while he was allegedly flying around the islands on a private jet. Real Housewives of Potomac has us talking - the finale was definitely worth watching. There's a physical fight at the GNA party. And Mia and Gordon are getting divorced: Mia's been having an affair, and she and Gordon aren't sure whether their son is Gordon's or Mia's on-and-off affair partner. So this is going to be *quite* the reunion. We have an interesting theory on what might actually be behind Simon Guobadia's recent call to the police. Miami filming is delayed - we've got some thoughts on why. Why are we finding out so much more about Kyle and Mauricio's separation on Buying Beverly Hills? Last but not least, congrats to Ariana from VPR on the purchase of her new house. A quick update on where things stand with her house battle with Tom.    This week's episode of Cocktails and Gossip is brought to you by our sponsors: - Get 20% off your entire order at Honeylove! Go to for bras so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing them.  - Take the first step to visibly thicker, healthier hair with Nutrafol - get your first month's subscription for $10 off and free shipping at - Get 15% off your first OneSkin purchase using the code GOSSIP when you checkout at - Head to and use code gossip50 to get 50% off.   
Cocktailers won't be surprised to hear Marcus and Larsa are broken up (AGAIN). We've got some exclusive tea from a source on why. And – why can't Larsa just show some vulnerability for once? Watching Summer House, we're seeing the precursors to Carl and Lindsay's breakup. Cocktailers are seeing it play out much like the tea we shared - but we can't help but wonder, did Lindsay ever see the writing on the wall? Or was she so focused on winning each argument and on the wedding that she couldn't see what literally every other housemate saw regarding her relationship? And we've got a Cocktail Party exclusive on where Carl's head was at during the end of the summer when he approached Lindsay about the breakup. And last but not least, we both loved The Valley premiere and are hooked. Turns out one of the couples hasn't just broken up, but one of the new stars of the show has already moved on to a new relationship.  * Note * This podcast was recorded before the news of Princess Kate's cancer broke on 3/22/24, and we discussed theories regarding her whereabouts, so we have removed that section of the podcast.  If you haven't joined Cocktail Party yet, run to to join the party and get your first month for only $5 when you use code MARFLASH24. You get access to all the tea, our Discord, the bonus pod each week, and a monthly Zoom with all of us - plus so much more. Offer ends March 30.
Trishelle Cannatella from Traitors is here! We could have talked to her all day. She fills us in on her trip to NYC: WWHL and watching/meeting Ariana at Chicago on Broadway. Of course we have all the questions about Traitors - behind the scenes, her real thoughts on the cast, and her game strategy. We discuss five different theories on what's really happening with Princess Kate, and Trishelle weights in. Porsha and Simon's divorce keeps getting weirder - we share some exclusive tea.   This episode of Cocktails and Gossip is brought to you by our sponsors:  -AG1: Try AG1 and get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D3K2 AND 5 free AG1 Travel Packs with your first purchase at  -Nutrafol: Find out why over 4,500 healthcare professionals and hair stylists recommend Nutrafol for healthier hair. Get $10 and free shipping on your order at when you use promo code GOSSIP  -Mood: Go to and use promo code GOSSIP23 for 20% off your order and a FREE THCa pre-roll  
Brittany and Jax are separated. Here's why we don't think it's just a PR ploy to support their upcoming VPR spin-off, The Valley. Jax blames "communication issues", but of course we have some tea on what we're hearing could actually be the cause of the split. Did Luann bag herself a french billionaire? Erin Lichy's Hamptons home is renting for how much per month this summer? Summer House: We're watching the demise of Lindsay and Carl's relationship, and we've gotta say, Carl is being vindicated so far. Is Kyle an island among the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast? And is that why Kathy is at the reunion? The Real Housewives of New Jersey Trailer is out - and despite what we know about the divided cast, it looks like we're in for a good season.    This week's episode is brought to you by Lolavie. Unlock Jennifer Aniston – approved hair at and use code GOSSIP for 15% off. After you purchase, they’ll ask where you heard about them, so please support our show and tell them that we sent you.
Have things ever been this chaotic in the Bravoverse? Lawsuits. Multiple Breakups. Mortal enemies joining forces. There's so much to talk about. Rachel Leviss files a revenge porn lawsuit against Tom and Ariana. Then Jax and Brittany announce their separation - we have exclusive tea. Porsha files for divorce against her husband of one year, Simon Guobadia. B did a deep dive on his history of brushes with the law - let's just say there's a lot there. House of Villains theory. Teresa and Kim D have reunited and brokered peace - we've got thoughts on what could be going on behind the scenes. Leah McSweeney sues Bravo and also throws out some pretty crazy allegations. And the Wendy Williams documentary is causing a lot of talk. It's heartbreaking. Our thoughts are with her and we hope this documentary sheds light on her plight.    Have you joined Cocktail Party? For $7.50 per month (aka the cost of a Starbucks), you get access to the HOTTEST tea on Bravoandcocktails, the podcast ad-free, a bonus podcast every wednesday, access to our Discord server where we can all chat real-time on breaking news, and the opportunity to join B and Amanda on our monthly Zoom call - where we all chat, laugh, and raise a glass of whatever we're drinking together. And - new Cocktailers can read all of the past tea too. Don't miss out on the fun - join Cocktail Party by going to
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Sorry guys but hate the idea of a full reboot. Miami style would be better. Marlo absolutely needs to go back to friend of. Marlo will never be able to do fun shade, because of her childhood she will always go hard when she feels threatened. I may be in minority but beyond tired of infertility journeys and miscarriage stories.

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RHONJ has been about families from the very first episode.

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Amanda and B are awesome! best part of My week ladies!! love this podcastt

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